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411 Interviews: UltraMantis Black of Chikara Pro
Posted by TJ Hawke on 10.03.2011

UltraMantis Black is one of the original members of the Chikara Pro roster. In the last year, he has been embroiled in very emotional feuds with Ares & the BDK, and against Kizarny (with his Dark Army).He has been competing in the 12 Large Summit to determine the first Chikara Grand Champion, where he has won 4 points so far in Group Play. This weekend, Black will have his two final 12 Large Summit Group Play matches, and he will have to win both of them to have a chance at winning the whole tournament

UltraMantis Black will be competing against Vin Gerard in Burlington, North Carolina on Friday, October 7th. The full card for the show can be found HERE

Black will then be competing against Jigsaw in Kingsport, Tennessee on Saturday, October 8th. The full card for the show can be found HERE

TJ Hawke: During CHIKARA's upcoming weekend of shows in the South East, you have two 12 Large: Summit matches scheduled. In Burlington, NC, you will be facing Vin Gerard on October 7th. On October 8th in Kingsport Tennessee, you will be facing Jigsaw. With Eddie Kingston already having 8 points in your block, these two matches are must-win for you to end up in the title picture. How do you feel about these match-ups? Do you have anything to say specifically to your opponents here?

UltraMantis Black: I would tell my opponents, both Vin Gerard and Jigsaw, that they had best be at the top of their game for these impending matches. As you say, they are both must-wins in order for me to advance to the final round of the 12 Large Summit and my ultimate goal of becoming the first ever CHIKARA Grand Champion.

TJ: The 12 Large: Summit has lead to a lot of dynamic matches that the crowds have enjoyed a lot. How do you feel the tournament has gone so far overall? Have you had a favorite match of your own from this tournament? Other than your matches, have you had a 12 Large: Summit match that you have seen, that has been your favorite?

I think the 12LS has given fans an opportunity to see some of the best one-on-one encounters between CHIKARA regulars in recent memory. I enjoyed my match with Fire Ant in Chicago. He is a solid competitor who is most worthy of sharing a ring with yours truly. I have only seen a few other matches in the tournament, ones on which I have provided commentary. Eddie Kingston's match with Jigsaw was quite a battle.

TJ: The 12 Large: Summit will come to a conclusion at the first CHIKARA iPPV, High Noon, which will air on GoFightLive.TV. As someone who has been with CHIKARA since the first show in 2002, what does it mean to you that company is going air a live PPV now?

It is certainly an accomplishment for the company and exemplary of the fact that CHIKARA continues to reach new plateaus every seasons. Although I myself have been at odds with CHIKARA at many times throughout its history, I feel a sense of pride being affiliated with this company for so many years.

TJ: You have been at war with the BDK for quite some time. You are already scheduled to face Ares at the High Noon iPPV. One of the tragedies of the BDK has been the treatment of Delirious. How do you plan on freeing on Delirious? If you conquer Ares, do you think Delirious will then join you and the Spectral Envoy?

I have a number of priorities both in-ring and out, but perhaps none more pressing than my ambition to liberate Delirious from the shackles of Ares and the BDK. However, defeating Ares and demolishing the ranks of the BDK will not be enough; there is much more work to be done before Delirious can be delivered his ultimate freedom.

TJ: While your war with Ares and the BDK was going on, you were simultaneously battling Sinn Bodhi and the Batiri. How did you feel about that feud now that it appears to be over? Is Cross Bones now back in the Spectral Envoy full time, or was that a one time thing?

I fear that I am unable to confirm whether my war with Sinn and his Dark Army has come to an end. Sinn has proven himself to be both untrustworthy and unyielding.

Crossbones is my eternal ally. He will return to my side whenever the need arises.

TJ: For this section, I was hoping you could share some thoughts on some prominent matches in your career:

The Renascence Dawns: Your first match in CHIKARA on the first show in company history

UB: Memories are hazy of this period. One thing is to be certain: the renaissance surely dawned.

The Dark Ciberknetico: The BDK vs. CHIKARA originals

UB: A pivotal match in my career without question. More the culmination of a war than merely a wrestling contest. Also the final time I shared a ring with my dear comrade, the late great "Sweet and Sour" Larry Sweeney.

King of Trios 2011: The Spectral Envoy vs. Team Dragon Gate

UB: Wonderful contest with a group of individuals I respect a great deal, especially the great Super Shiisa whose work I admired since the beginning of my career. Unfortunately the outcome was not one we had hoped for.

TJ: Thank you so much for taking the time to do the interview. If there is anything you want to plug (Twitter, facebook, merch, how to be booked, etc), feel free to do it here:

Thank you for the interview my friend! You can join the ranks of the Spectral Envoy of the Final Judgement by following the Great & Devious UltraMantis Black on Twitter @UltraMantis or by going to UltraMantisBlack.com

You can pre-order Chikara's first iPPV, High Noon, at GoFightLive.TV HERE

Thanks everybody for reading! You can send feedback to Twitter or at my email address: Shabang728@gmail.com. If you are a wrestling personality who would like to be interviewed by 411mania, you can also contact me in either of those ways.

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