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411 Interviews: Aaron Epic of Beyond Wrestling and Mid-West Wrestling
Posted by TJ Hawke on 01.16.2012

Aaron Epic is an independent wrestler who is about to face Johnny Gargano in the main event of the debut show for Mid-West Wrestling, "Best in the Mid-West." The show takes place in Niles, Ohio on January 20th. Epic wrote a blog about this match at the Mid-West website here . Epic is a much travelled wrestler who has competed in FIP, Modern Arts Grappling, and he is a full-time roster member of Beyond Wrestling. Epic will be debuting for Billy Corgan's Resistance Pro on February 17th in Chicago.

TJ Hawke: At the debut show for Mid-West Wrestling, you are scheduled to face the current Open the Freedom Gate Champion, Johnny Gargano, in the main event. While the circumstances of you getting into the main event were not ideal (the original Gargano opponent, Dustin Rayz, broke his leg), I assume you are still excited by this opportunity. What are your thoughts on this matchup, and what are your goals for Mid-West Wrestling going forward?

Aaron Epic:
When a chance to show that you are better than anyone will ever or has ever given you credit for, comes a long you not only jump at but you take it. I was speaking to Mid-West Wrestling about coming out to possibly their second show but after Dustin got hurt it was offered to me to go and wrestle Johnny Gargano and that is not an opportunity I was going to pass up.

When it comes to the matchup itself I am excited about being able to go out there and put on the match of my life. I am going to leave it all in the ring, I have been doing this for a very long time and a lot of fans still do not know who I am but after this match, and after I do what I know I am capable of, I hope that everyone will see me on more shows.

TJ: You have started to get more attention as of late for your work in Beyond Wrestling. How did you get hooked up with Beyond Wrestling at first? How do you like performing just in front of your peers for the majority of the events?

Beyond Wrestling has become my home promotion and has given me a lot of chances to show what I can do against top talent from around the wrestling world. I got hooked up with them by bugging Denver Colorado and lucking out and being friends with Sugar Dunkerton. Sugar wanted to do a Beyond show but did not want to ride alone so me and Eddie Graves jumped in a car with Sugar and went to PA for our first tapings. Since then I have been a full time member of the roster.

Everyone thinks that performing in front of your peers is something new and it really isn't because here's something for you....wrestlers are....wrestling fans. I have watched tape on everyone, I have sat at a monitor at a show, and I have sat in a crowd at a show. Also I have seen in Japan guys sitting by ringside supporting their teammates so what is the difference? People, I think keep their blinders up and just do not want to give Beyond a chance sometimes but it is an amazing show and everyone needs to check out any free videos online, DVD's they can buy, or go to any live shows if they can.

TJ: In Beyond, you, Sugar Dunkerton, and Pinkie Sanchez formed the stable known as #KOA. What were you guys hoping to achieve when you decided to work together? Do you guys have a match you want for the next Beyond Wrestling open (to the fans) show, Off the Grid?

Me, Sugar, and Pinkie formed the #KOA because we are all friends and also think that we have something to offer. We are a different crew and we are different then what everyone thinks of us when we are together: I'm known for being a bad guy, Sugar is mainly known for comedy, and well Pinkie is known for being DUF. Those things are all true about us but what people do not realize is that Sugar is a hard hitter that will take your head off, or the fact that Pinkie is controlled chaos and he will eat you up in a ring, or the fact that I can do anything from brawl to fly to work on the mat.

At "Off the Grid," Pinkie will be holding it down for the #KOA against Dave Cole in what might be the show stealer. Me and Sugar will be there for the tapings that weekend but have a prior engagement that does not allow us the chance to be at "Off the Grid".

TJ: At the most recent Beyond taping, the promotion ran the first Tournament for Tomorrow. At the tournament you defeated Drew Gulak, Jonny Mangue, and ACH to win the tournament. How did you think this tournament went overall and what did it mean to you to win the tournament?

TFT was hard as hell because I had three completely different matches. Me and Gulak had a very mat based match that was very back and forth and hold for hold, and I would love to work him again. Gulak is so good and the people who do not know it are idiots. Mangue and I beat the piss out of each other and I loved the match. It was the type of match that felt like I was on a roller coaster because I felt at any minute the match could end. When it comes to ACH, he can do things that no man should ever be able too. He is amazing in the ring and out of it. By the time he and I wrestled, I felt that I could barely stand and know he felt the same. I feel that match was my best performance because I stayed aggressive and was on the attack. But with that said, one day hope to be standing across the ring from ACH completely fresh and ready to fight.

TJ: You got your first big exposure during your time in FIP (Full Impact Pro) from 2003 till 2005. What was your first run with the company like? Why did you stop working for them?

I am very impressed you knew I was in FIP at this time because most people do not. I enjoyed my time there and did everything to try and get a regular spot but did not feel like at that time I was good enough. I stopped working there because of several personal issues and I almost quit wrestling completely at that time also.

TJ: You recently returned to FIP to compete in the 2011 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. How did the tournament go? What was it like to return to the promotion after all of these years?

2011 JPC was one of my proudest accomplishments. I have never been in the Cup and I was Jeff Peterson's last match before he passed. When I found out I was in it, I felt that I got to a point where I could raise my head and be proud. There has not been a lot of things that people remember from Florida wrestling but people always remember JPC and to be part of it was an honor.

For me, I felt the tournament was a success I did lose in the first round but my match with Jerrelle Clark was very good and on Day 2, I felt the 6 way was a great match for me.

Being back in FIP after all those years was different but still the same. Some talent had changed but a lot of things hadn't. Sal [Hamoui] and Lenny [Leonard] and the rest of the crew were all great and hope to be back again in the future.

TJ: Besides Beyond Wrestling, where else are you working right now? What events do you have coming up?

After Mid-West Wrestling, my next announced match is at GUILD Wrestling Jan 29 vs. Vordell Walker (these are the only dates I can post until certain promotions make announcements).

TJ: What have been some of your favorite moments/matches so far in your career? If you could point to one match to a fan to explain who Aaron Epic is, what match would it be?

Some of my favorite matches have been with Kyle Matthews, Eric Cooper, and Sam Shaw. My match with Kyle Matthews last year I feel shows what kind of wrestler I like to be, mat based and hard hitting.

Watch Epic vs. Kyle Matthews here

TJ: Thanks Aaron for taking the time to do the interview. Is there anything you would like to plug (Facebook, Twitter, merch, youtube page, how to be booked, etc)?

I accept bookings at aaronepic0725@yahoo.com. I can also be reached at my Facebook fan page , my Youtube Page , and my Twitter . Thank you for having me for this interview.

For more info on Beyond Wrestling, check out their:
Youtube Page with Weekly Free Matches
My review of Beyond Wrestling's Tournament for Tomorrow that will soon be put on Youtube for free here .

Information for Beyond Wrestling's next event, Off the Grid, is here.

For more information on FIP, check out their Website
The good people behind the wrestling site, Free Admission (For Real!) , were at the Jeff Peterson Cup this year, and they have started a Twitition to get this show released to the public, because of how good it was. That Twitition is available to be signed here .

Finally, you can get tickets to the Aaron Epic vs. Johnny Gargano main event at Mid-West Wrestling here .

Thanks everybody for reading! You can send feedback to Twitter or at my email address: Shabang728@gmail.com. If you are a wrestling personality who would like to be interviewed by 411mania, you can also contact me in either of those ways.


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