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411 Interviews: Player Uno of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Inter Species Wrestling, and Beyond Wrestling
Posted by TJ Hawke on 01.24.2012

Player Uno is one half of the tag team, The Super Smash Bros. He and Stupefied (who has also gone by the name, Player Dos) have competed in almost every major independent promotion. They have been on ROH (including the HDNet show), Chikara, Evolve, ISW, Beyond Wrestling, and they finally made their way to PWG this past fall. The Super Smash Bros. will be appearing at the next Beyond Wrestling "open" show, Off the Grid. You can find out more information about this show, including how to get some of the exclusive 100 tickets, HERE . Inter Species Wrestling is having an iPPV this Friday. Learn how to order GANIMANIA

TJ Hawke: You and Stupefied are scheduled to compete at Beyond Wrestling's Off the Grid. This will be Beyond's 3rd "open" show, as the majority of their shows are closed to non-wrestlers. What have you thought of your times in Beyond Wrestling in the past? What has it been like to only wrestle in front of your peers?

Player Uno:
I think Beyond is a really unique experience. I treat it the same way I would any show, and I give all I have. Regardless of the crowd, both me and Dos will do our best to steal the show. The only real difference is that since the crowd is made almost solely of wrestlers, they're a little harder to impress. They all have that extra attention to detail that you have from having learned the basics and from wrestling. It's also great to hear feedback from other wrestlers with the type of feedback only a wrestler can give you. Not to mention, it's an all-around good time to be hanging with a large group of your peers.

TJ: The Super Smash Bros. recently debuted in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (after being a consistently requested act by the PWG fans for some time). During your first appearance at The Perils of Rock 'n' Roll Decadence, many fans said your match with the RockNES Monsters stole the show. What has it been like to finally start working for PWG?

It was amazing. Both me and Dos had always wanted to be in PWG. The first ever show I saw was their original tag tournament, Tango & Cash, and I was hooked. When we finally made our way down there, we were really nervous and that's always a good sign. I rarely get nervous with wrestling these days, so when it happens, you know it's big. We were scared we'd go out there and blow our only chance at coming back to PWG, and thank god, we didn't. I really liked our match with the RockNES. I think as far as characters, there was no better pairing and it was really a showcase of how we are different from other teams. I'm really happy with how everything turned out.

TJ: Despite being young performers, the Super Smash Bros. got an early taste of success in Chikara when you won the Campeonatos de Parejas from Delirious and Hallowicked at the show, Laying in the Gutter, Looking at the Stars (2008). What was it like to win such a prestigious tag title, relatively early in your career? Were you disappointed that you guys were booked to lose the titles so quickly after winning them?

We were thrilled that we were winning it. I had gone from literally the bottom of the card to the top, and it felt great. I think it really proved how we had evolved as a team. Obviously, it's disappointing that we had lost the titles the very next show, but we're not mad about it. This was definitely our first big break and being able to hold them once was more than we ever thought we'd do.

TJ: The Super Smash Bros. have also received some exposure in various appearances in Ring of Honor from 2009 through 2010. I know most fans I talk to are frustrated by the fact that Ring of Honor stopped bringing you guys in, especially after many strong performances at house shows and on HDnet. What did you think of SSB's time in ROH, and do you know why they stopped bringing you in?

I really enjoyed our time there. I will admit that when we first started there, I don't think we were on the same level as a lot of the guys there. Everyone was worlds ahead of us, but we paired off really well with almost everyone we worked with. We were more than happy being the lower card dudes, and unfortunately just when things were looking to pick up for, we were "let go". I don't blame them though. When [Adam] Pearce was replaced by the current management, they re-evaluated a lot of the talent and we were some of the fat cut out. We stuck out from the pack, and definitely didn't fit the look they were going for. I'm forever grateful that we got to get all that exposure and experience though.

TJ: Besides being in the Super Smash Bros., you have also had success as a singles wrestler, as you held the Inter Species Title in ISW for over a year. What's it like competing for ISW? Did you have a title defense that you were most proud of?

I really enjoy ISW. We're like a big family there. I'm friends with every single person there and anyone who is a part of it is looking to have a good time. I also liked that they gave me the platform to be a singles wrestler when I was mainly a tag wrestler everywhere else. As far as my title defenses, I'm pretty happy with all of them. While not title defenses, I really liked my recent singles matches with Eddie Kingston and Pinkie Sanchez. I also liked my matches with Kevin Steen while I was champion.

TJ: I was hoping Uno that for this section of the interview, you would be able to share some thoughts on some of your prominent matches in your career:

ROH Death Before Dishonor 2009: Super Smash Bros. vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico

PU: Anytime we wrestle Steen and Generico, it's been great. I really liked this match, and it sort of set up a mini feud with us on TV. Lead to a TV match and the Dos vs. Steen singles match (which is amazing, go check it out). I think this was one of our better matches at ROH and the fact that we won is something that really shocked people there and people who read the results at the time.

Chikara Hiding in Plain Sight 2009: Player Uno vs. Player Dos(c) (Young Lions Cup)

PU: Me and Dos have had a million singles matches with each other, and this is definitely one of my favourite ones. The crowd was red hot in New England and it really fuelled everything we were doing in there. It's one of my favourite singles matches in CHIKARA.

ROH on HDnet 2010: Super Smash Bros. vs. The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)

PU: All of the praise for this match should go towards the American Wolves. They demanded a competitive match with us and that's what they got. I think of all our ROH matches, this is the one people remember the most as it came as such a surprise just how good it was (Note: We didn't even get a proper entrance on the TV show, so people probably went in thinking we were gonna get crushed!)

Beyond Wrestling About Time 2011: Super Smash Bros. vs. Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon)

PU: The hottest building I've ever worked in, and I don't mean by crowd reaction. It was the end of July, one of the hottest days of the summer, in a non-air conditioned building with painted black walls and 70-80 fans in a place that could only really hold 120 standing. It was insannnnnnnnely hot. The match was a lot of fun though! First time ever working with the pair of them and I think the next one would be even better!

Evolve's Tribute to the Arena 2012: Super Smash Bros. vs. Ronin (Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann)

PU: I loved this match, but I somewhat think people were going TOO wild for it. Don't get me wrong, it's one of our better matches and it needs to be seen, but I think the people in the Arena were just waiting to go crazy for something! The Arena crowd has always been weird about what they like. I guess our mix of characters and overall tag craziness is what they were looking for! Plus, it really helps that Chuck Taylor is one of the best dudes on the indies right now and Rich Swann is probably the most charismatic dude around. People should go see it!

TJ: Thanks Uno for taking the time to do the interview. Is there anything you would like to plug (Facebook, Twitter, merch, youtube page, how to be booked, etc)?

You can find me pretty often on Twitter and Facebook . The SSB (or just myself!) are also available for bookings through 8bitplayeruno@live.ca or Facebook!

Also watch any and all wrestling you can! Support our industry! Doesn't have to be stuff the SSB are in, but if that's what you're looking for, check out:
C*4 Wrestling
Inter Species Wrestling , which has an iPPV, GANIMANIA , happening this Friday.

You can sign up for an account to order the Evolve replay to watch SSB vs. Ronin by clicking on the banner below

WWNLive.com iPPV

Check out the Super Smash Bros. compete in Beyond against The Runaways

Check out the Super Smash Bros. against The All Night Express in Ring of Honor

Thanks everybody for reading! You can send feedback to Twitter or at my email address: Shabang728@gmail.com. If you are a wrestling personality who would like to be interviewed by 411mania, you can also contact me in either of those ways.


I usually plug a bunch of my shit here, but instead this time I am going to take a moment to plug some other wrestling related stuff that I recommend you check out.

411's Kevin Ford also has two great Chikara resources that you should check out: The Chikara Special Blog and a Chikara Tumblr

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Finally, check out the website, Free Admission (For Real!) for great audio, all the major independent wrestling news, and much more.

Oh, what the hell, one plug for myself as well. Here is the Predictions Roundtable I organized for PWG's Kurt RussellReunion III show that is coming up this Sunday in LA at Wrestlereunion

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