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411 Interviews: ACH of Absolute Intense Wrestling
Posted by TJ Hawke on 02.27.2012

ACH is without a doubt, one of the best pro-wrestling prospects in the business today. He would fit in perfectly in Dragon Gate (Japan and USA), ROH, PWG, TNA, Chikara, wherever. You name a promotion, and I will tell you that they should be booking this kid. Luckily for wrestling fans, companies like Beyond Wrestling and AIW have recognized his talent and have started to give him excellent opportunities. ACH was also just recently announced to be making his CZW debut where he will be competing in their annual Best of the Best tournament. On Friday, March 2nd in Cleveland, Ohio, ACH will be competing for Absolute Intense Wrestling against Uhaa Nation, Façade, and Rickey Shane Page in a 4-way match. This show will also feauture Colt Cabana, Luke Gallows, and Cliff "Domino" Compton filming material for Wrestling Road Diaries 2. Get tickets for this stacked AIW show HERE . Check out the full card HERE

TJ: You are scheduled to compete at the upcoming Absolute Intense Wrestling show, Gauntlet for the Gold 7, in a 4-way match with Uhaa Nation, Façade, and Rickey Shane Page. Having seen all you guys before, I have no doubt that this match will be absolutely insane. How do you feel about this match? Have you gotten to work with any of these guys much before?

No, this is a first time match up with these competitors for me. When the match got announced, I instantly knew that I had to bring every element of my craft to this match. Uhaa Nation has been killing it everywhere he goes, Ricky Shane is a very well established threw out the Cleveland area, and Façade has a style that I can't seem to put my finger on. So my feelings towards the match are to set everyone's soul on fire, leave it all in the ring at any COST!!! #SupLadies #GymMouse #Ahhhhh (Sorry got caught up in the moment.)

TJ: I believe this will be your third appearance for AIW. What have your past experiences been like? What are your goals going forward in AIW?

I love it! I debuted last year in May at the "Todd Pettengill Invitational". On my debut during my entrance a fan shouted: "Who the F**k is that?", after my name got introduce. Ever since that day I made sure to leave every bit of my name in that ring every time I step in it. The cliché answer would be: "Oh, I want to hold titles". Honestly, I want to create memories that will never be forgotten. Don't get me wrong the Intense championship is in my view, but overall I just want to give the AIW fans something that they can go home with. And that's the feeling that they got their money's worth. #BelieveThat

TJ Hawke: So, I just read you were announced for CZW's 2012 Best of the Best Tournament. What are your thoughts on being invited to this annual tournament?

It's like being in the NFL's pro bowl or the NBA's All Star game. Words cannot describe the way I feel right now. This tournament will have the hottest upcoming stars of wrestling today, and for me to be mention in the same list is a dream itself. I just want all my friends, family back home to know that, I'm going to hook'em like the longhorns baby!!

TJ: You got a lot of exposure recently for your performance in Beyond Wrestling's Tournament for Tomorrow. The story of you coming to Beyond was really cool, as the fans of Beyond Wrestling donated money to pay for your flight so as to not break the budget of Beyond. What did it mean to you that fans donated their money just for the opportunity to see you perform?

Till this day, I'm still speechless! The fact that people would pay just to see me perform is a very humbling experience. When I was in the 7th grade, I sat on the bench every game and watch as my school won a football state title. Undefeated! Big Vic (My mother), & my sisters went to one game that year, only to watch me keep the bench warm. It played with my self-confidence a lot, it made me feel like no one was there to cheer for me, no one cared, and I felt like I let my family down. But here I am now the same kid that felt like no one wanted to see him, or give him a chance to play, is now getting the blessings from wrestling fans all over the state. #KeepsMeHumble

TJ: You competed in the some very well regarded matches in the tournament. Many people (like myself), thought that your matches were some of the best matches in Beyond's history. If you could, I was hoping that you could share some thoughts on each of the matches:

Quarterfinals vs. AR Fox:

ACH: AR is a tremendous athlete. The moment the bell rung, I got that "this could be history" feeling. And well, I believe it was.

Semi-finals vs. Pinkie Sanchez:

ACH: P.S. has a really good mind for wrestling. A lot of my fans enjoyed our match because it was different from all my other matches.

Finals vs. Aaron Epic:

ACH: Aaron and I were both looking at this tournament the same way. We were the only under dogs going in to the tournament in my eyes. We were fighting for a spot in the future. But when you think about it, the future is big enough for the both of us. We talked for a while after our match and both agreed that in the end we both won. Exposure was the key in this tournament to open the door for tomorrow.

Note from the Author: Hey, go watch the entire Tournament for Tomorrow for free, right here . It's one of the best wrestling tournaments from 2011 and it is free.

TJ: I believe you recently got the opportunity to compete in a Dragon Gate USA Fray match in Chicago in September 2011. How did that come about and what was the experience like?

The right time and the right place. Being around some the best in the world give me a new sense of desire, ambition, and a whole new outlook on my career. Life is like driving a car, you can't drive without gas, or the proper tune up. So being there fueled my motivation car, give me the proper tune up that I needed to continue on my drive to "Success-Ville". I'm fully aware that my car may break down at times, but I can't get discouraged on my path. I can only pop the hood, work on what needs to be worked on and keep driving. #ILoveMetaphors

TJ: You are possibly most known for your extensive work in Anarchy Championship Wrestling out of Texas and its partner, St. Louis Anarchy. What have been some of your favorite memories in those promotions? What was it like to work with some top independent stars like Chris Hero, Colt Cabana and Akira Tozawa?

Akira Tozawa & Chris Hero maybe my top two memories overall! I was told that Tozawa & I had one of the best matches in ACW at the Mohawk (The venues name). The Hero match up was the match that made me realize that I had to leave everything I love to be able to continue my climb of Mt. Wrestling! Standing across the ring from guys like, Chris Hero, Colt Cabana, Akira Tozawa, Davey Richards, & T.J Perkins gives you that believing feeling. Because once it's all said and done, the people, you, and others that doubt you will believe in your ability to keep up with some of the best between the ropes. #1LoVe!...

TJ: When and where did you first get your training as a professional wrestler? Based on your experiences so far, what would be the most important things you want to tell an aspiring pro wrestler about the profession?

I started in Austin, TX at Quest for Champions. Like a month or two in my training I moved to San Antonio to further my training at Texas Wolverines Academy with Jerry Reyes. Unfortunately, due to some timing issues, I was alone at practice working on my craft by myself. I used local shows as my class room. I would go 5hrs before a show would start and train with anyone that was early to a show. I don't regret my up comings in the business because it has made me desire more, and also keeps me wanting to improve. I love everyone that has shown me anything threw out my career. It gives me completeness within my heart, because I feel like they wrestle with me every time I'm in the ring. My advice to guys is to make sure you have the correct training, keep your eyes open, ears open, and mouth closed. Make sure this is something you want to do. You wouldn't marry a woman that you don't love? Keep in mind that wrestling owes you nothing, stay true to yourself, and respect the women within the wrestling industry.

TJ: Thanks ACH for taking the time to do the interview. Is there anything you would like to plug (Facebook, Twitter, merch, youtube page, how to be booked, etc)?

Thank you for supporting me. It's fans like you that let me know everything I'm doing is worth it. The fans and my mother have made me the man you guys see before you. And that's humble, kind, happy, and respectful. I stand here today before you ready to take on the world, but not alone. I plan on doing it with all of you.

This is my MySpace page . Yeah, I still use it! I plan on saving it too! So join me on my saga to #SaveMySpace. This is my Facebook fan page . You can also have my personal Facebook page as well. Stalk me on my twitter as well! Ask me anything on my Formspring . For booking info and merchandise please contact me at ProWrestlerACH@yahoo.com

Beyond Wrestling
Anarchy Championship Wrestling
St. Louis Anarchy
Combat Zone Wrestling

For more information on Absolute Intense Wrestling, check out their:
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