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The Wrestling 5&1 3.17.12: Kaitlyn vs. Velvet vs. Brooke vs. Tiffany!
Posted by Greg De Marco on 03.17.2012

Another great edition of the Wrestling 5&1, in my own damned opinion. But hey, I'm biased!

As you read this, I am nowhere to be found. Actually, I'm in Northern Arizona, vacationing with the tall, beautiful, Lovely and Talented Mrs. DeMarco. Honestly, I'm not thinking about a single one of you, either. Just the way it should be, too!

Want to listen to The Greg DeMarco Show while you read? Click play here:

Last Week: With much fanfare throughout the Facebook and Twitter-verse, Buggy Nova opened up an early lead, only to see Christy Hemme mount a great comeback. However, Buggy took the lead once and for all, and will continue her own march to the Hall. Just not yet...

This Week: Buggy's second match-up will have to wait! This week kicks off a three week campaign that combines the Road to WrestleMania with the Road to the Final Four...WrestleMania Madness! And the week after WrestleMania we'll have one more special attraction match-up before Buggy's April 14 return to Versus.

This round, the entire bottom row of the Hall of Bang will compete in our first ever Versus Fatal Four Way! Pick your favorite in the comments section, and the winner faces Layla & Trish Stratus in a Versus Triple Threat Match next week. The winner of that Triple Threat will take on Maryse in the final match-up. And each week, placement in the Hall of Bang will be at stake. Will a new #1 be crowned?

#4 – Tiffany!

#5 – Brooke Tessmacher!

#6 – Velvet Sky!

#7 – Kaitlyn!


Tiffany vs. Brooke Tessmacher vs. Velvet Sky vs. Kaitlyn. Take your pick!
Stay tuned as next week as I'll reveal the winner...!

And don't forget...

Click on the picture to order all new 8x10's of Buggy!

Every week, the world of wrestling reminds us that we're just marks...

Earlier this week, more report surfaced of The Rock's backstage heat, especially the heat that emanates from one WWE Champion—CM Punk. Punk is upset that it's The Rock in the main event, and not him. Don't take my word for it, read what we reported about what PW Torch reported...

"CM Punk has been said to be among the people not happy about of the Rock's presence at WrestleMania 28. Punk has been vocal in media interviews as going on record that he thinks the main event slot should go to someone with the company full-time and that it hurts morale when Rock doesn't at least say hello to the talent backstage. A source who was backstage at Survivor Series says that Punk was openly resentful of Rock's presence at Survivor Series and is among those who think Rock has "gone Hollywood," has a big ego, wants to be treated as a big star and doesn't go out of his way to get to know the talent. Some were speculating that Punk was angling for a match with Rock at WrestleMania next year, but that is apparently not the case."

I used to want to be "the insider." I thought it would be great—I'd know so much about the inner workings of the world of wrestling. I'd have a"buddy" in the locker rooms who could give me "dirt" to report on my "sheets." Basement dwellers everywhere would look up to me! Well basement dwellers everywhere DO look up to me, and not because I'm an "insider." It's because I have the best job around—an opinion writer. You can't dispute that my opinions are in fact my opinions. I get to watch a show and share my thoughts. I get to read news reports, laugh, then provide my analysis. And not only that, but I get to host a radio show. Where I have weekly guests—people actually in the business—who come into a very laid back environment and just hang out. And in doing so, they provide an awesome interview for you basement dwelling trolls to listen to!

(Not all of you are basement dwelling trolls...but some of you...)

For those of you who read this report above and buy into the notion that CM Punk feels this large sense of resentment towards The Rock...just stop now. There is going to be some professional jealousy towards The Rock, but professional jealousy comes about when someone is simply achieving more than you. And The Rock trumps everyone in the WWE. Steve Austin has it right when he says The Rock can come and go as he pleases. The Rock's earned that. CM Punk is in the process of earning it now. but Punk himself is a great business man. Of all he "worked shoot" promos spewed about in 2011, the most true statement anyone shared was when Vince McMahon said that CM Punk's "walkout" was about money. Because the events that led up to that angle—Punk's contract negotiations behind the scenes—were likely about nothing but money. Because Colt Cabana isn't in the WWE, CM Punk isn't main eventing WrestleMania, and we still don't have a CM Punk WWE Ice Cream Bar.

I really hope that when the Dave Meltzer's and Wade Keller's of the world retire, they reveal their main "sources." Because then those sources can point at Meltzer, Keller and all of us and laugh—because we've all been worked. Over and over and over and over...

You Decide: Do you really think there is legit heat between CM Punk and The Rock?

We finally got John Cena vs. The Rock on RAW this week! In musical form... It was highly entertaining on both fronts. John Cena went full on Doctor of Thuganomics to open the show, and The Rock went into full concert mode to close it out. Let's take a look at what both men contributed to the show.

John Cena's Rap

The Rock's Concert

One man was more entertaining—and that man was The Rock. One man was more impactful—and that man was John Cena. As I suggested in the Monday Night RAW Report, I think the segments should have been reversed, with The Rock kicking things off and John Cena driving it home. It would have added to the magnitude of their WrestleMania match-up.

Both men were great, but it's easy to pick a winner. John Cena owned it, once again.

You Decide: Who do you think won the musical battle on RAW?

TNA presents Victory Road 2012 this Sunday, live from the Impact Zone in beautiful Orlando, Florida! The build to this card has been very good, considering it has me buying to at least one of the two heel-heel title matches on the show. Let's have a look at the card, shall we?

Non-Title, No Holds Barred
Sting vs. World Champion Bobby Roode

This match has been built over the last several months, coming to a head right after Genesis. And it's the most important match on the show. With Roode already set to defends against James Storm at Lockdown, there is no better opponent in the entire promotion for him to face than Sting. He's proven he can still go, especially for a 51 year old man. Plus, the no holds barred stipulation lends itself to some good ol' fashioned arena brawling, which will hide any deficiencies that the Stinger might have. But the real key to this match is the finish, and it can only go one way. Bobby Roode runs away with it, brutalizing Sting en route to a mercy killing pinfall. Roode needs to look strong heading into Lockdown. Very strong.
Prediction: Bobby Roode via pinfall

Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle
Angle attacked Hardy in the Impact Zone as The Charismatic Enigma was en route to winning the World Championship. That sets up this match. Hardy and Angle have crossed paths each week since, and it all comes to a head at Victory Road. We have two ring veterans, two multi-time world champs. And it should be a good, entertaining match. I expect them to go at it again at Lockdown, either one-on-one or on opposite sides of Lethal Lockdown. Thus, I have to pick the heel to win here.
Prediction: Kurt Angle, likely through nefarious means

Bully Ray vs. James Storm
Two of the best promo men in the company do battle in a place they both can also deliver—the ring. The announcement of the Lockdown main event hurts this match a little, as the finish is predictable. But I think we'll see a great match before that likely finish.
Prediction: James Storm via pinfall

World Tag Team Championship
Samoa Joe & Magnus (champions) vs. Matt Morgan & Crimson

On the last edition of The Greg DeMarco Show, I wondered out loud who the heels were. We got our answer on Thursday's Impact Wrestling, as Matt Morgan & Crimson ran interference and did everything possible to cheat to win. And for Crimson, this is the best character development turn possible. He has a streak to protect, and he has to cheat to do it. Crimson will sacrifice Matt Morgan here, losing the match but ensuring that his own streak stays intact.
Prediction: Samoa Joe & Magnus (Matt Morgan takes the fall)

AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian
The return of Mr. Anderson was a surprising development last week, and his explanation was lacking this week. But he went on to have a great match with Daniels, and it has me excited for both this match and Anderson's latest run. The tag team division needs new challengers and Lockdown needs a great match. So let's give the heels the win here, setting up a tag team title match for them and a Lockdown showdown for Anderson & Styles.
Prediction: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

X-Division Championship
Austin Aries (champion) vs. Zema Ion

The first of two heel-heel title matches on this card, and this match has grown on me. Austin Aries is being given significant promo time, and was even "elevated" to the main event three weeks ago. And as good as Aries has been during the build, Ion has been equally great—really coming into his own. The final set-up, Aries' celebration of breaking the record for longest X-Division reign, was highly effective in allowing both men to be heels and both men to shine. I think Zema Ion will continue to impress here, and the crowd will nearly turn Aries face out of support.
Prediction: Austin Aries via submission

Knockouts Championship
Gail Kim (champion) vs. Madison Rayne

At least Aries & Ion aren't aligned, because it appears that Gail Kim and Madison Rayne are still tag team partners who just happen to be a bickering couple who has to wrestle each other at Victory Road. Their arguments have been entertaining, and both can deliver in the ring. I think the money match is in Velvet Sky finally getting revenge against Gail at Lockdown. I see either that or a multi-woman match for the title in the cage. Either way, it makes more sense for Gail to retain.
Prediction: Gail Kim

Television Championship
Robbie E issues an open challenge

There are two trains of thought here. One that I really like, and one that really I hate. During our Victory Road preview (found on The Greg DeMarco Show!), we interviewed Christopher Mordetzky, who is currently campaigning for a spot on the Impact Wrestling roster. Could he answer the open challenge? If so, it makes more sense to do it at Lockdown. Thus, it would be a random roster member who cashes in. So if we're building to a blowoff at Lockdown, then I'll go with Alex Shelley here (simply for match quality). But then guest analyst Chad Perry dropped an idea on myself and Patrick O'Dowd that nearly lead to a legendary Greg DeMarco rant...Garett Bischoff. To which I say HELL NO! But if it is Garett Bischoff, there is one silver lining: it could lead to Robbie E, a man who really is loaded with talent and charisma, to be inserted into the Bischoff Family Saga that is likely to take over Lethal Lockdown this year. But I'm still sticking with your average roster member cashing in, with the real payoff coming at Lockdown.
Prediction: Robbie E

Overall, this show is loaded with potential, and the potential for a heel dominated evening. It will go a long way in setting the stage for Lock Down, and it's a likely sleeper candidate for TNA's best card of the year. It's worth throwing down a few bucks to see.

You Decide: Buy or No Buy for TNA's Victory Road 2012?

I don't think Beth will be on the Wrestlemania card. Natalya is a jobber, Kharma is still recovering, and Trish hasn't been on WWE's radar since Tough Enough. … Eve and Kelly looks like the safe bet, probably with Ryder involved somehow.
Posted By: Guest#5402

I wonder if, possibly, we could get Kelly Kelly & Zack Ryder vs. Eve Torres and...Dolph Ziggler?

You hold Buggy in such high regard that you put her up for your 8th grade 'hall of bang' gimmick? ...but it gets you hits and the lonely-hearts wait with baited breath on this ... stay classy, clowns.... and you bitch about a farting gimmick for someone you put up for voting in a 'Hall of Bang'... awesome. Bang up job, shit-bag...
Posted By: Oyster

So being associated with Maryse, Trish Stratus, Layla, Tiffany, Brooke Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, and Kaitlyn is a bad thing for Buggy? Really?

Buggy is like that weird girl you get stuck with in Saturday detention. It's just you, her, this popular girl, a nerdy underclassmen, and a rebel. ... There's just something about her you can't put your finger on and you're interested but you don't know why. ... Then everybody gets high and she doesn't hold it against you when you spaz out, do some awkward dance, and start screaming. ... Then the popular girl gives her a makeover and it turns out she's a fox. ... This actually happened to my Mexican pen pal.
Posted By: Frisco Kid

I need to create a graphic for this guy.

If Buggy loses, I'm sure you won't hear the end of it. But if she does win, you can throw it in everybody's faces, making you "Our Teacher". Heh.
Posted By: SteveyMac

I did tell you, 13 months ago now, that Buggy Nova would be huge someday. And she's on her way.

So yes, you all can look at me and say "There goes Greg DeMarco...


I paid $160 for ROH 10th Anny so I could show my girlfriend what wrestling (not WWE) looks like in person. She's coming around after a taste. It was worth every dollar.
Posted By: ButcherBedlam

You know, my wife doesn't like wrestling. And I think I like it that way.

If you pick up the lastest issue of WWE Magazine, they talk about the words to wrestlers music. One of them is Sheamus' theme. They totally ripped you off.
Posted By: #I'mjustsayin..

I would make that claim, but I'm not Larry T. Csonka...BANG!

I'd say Buggy Nova just because she has that kind of beauty that really gets to me. She's my taste much prettier then Christy.
Posted By: Mr. Alex

I am a big Christy fan, but Buggy is a more natural beauty.

I'll vote for Buggy even though she hates me. I'm nice like that.
Posted By: Steve Cook

Stop trying to get over in my column, Cook!

As far as Magnus goes you are spot on. I remember one of his early matches with Sabin on PPV and thinking to myself that I really liked this guy and could not wait to see him do more. I really hope they keep pushing him, when you look at his at his age you realize that the sky is the limit. TNA is in the middle of a youth movement with guys like Magnus, Ion, Aries and the future really looks bright for them.
Posted By: GOAT Chad

GOAT Chad is my boy, by the way. We're new friends, but we clicked right away. I like this guy's thinking.

As for that Magnus-Sabin match, here's a little bonus content for you...

It's not about the star ratings. That is all opinion, thus there is no right or wrong answer. ... The problem is you are clearly just over-rating TNA and ROH matches to "stick up for them," fans look at them in a different light. ... Basically, you are trying to be their hype team. "Hey look! This show had a bunch of **** matches. Give them a watch next time and support them!" ... That isn't going to happen Greg. Rate them fairly and not just blatantly try to be their spokesperson to get their name out there... (Look no further than this column. Plug for Buggy
Posted By: Guest#0603

I would answer, but GOAT Chad did it for me. And he did it well.

If he is hyping them then why do I usually agree with him and have the same rating? I have no motives and don't write for the site... most people (probably such as yourself) are just so against TNA and ROH that they sit there and TRY to hate it.
Posted By: GOAT Chad

And we heard from Randy Orton's uncle Barry once again as well.

Just so I'm clear:
Because in your OPINION, none of the ROH or TNA matches deserve the rating Greg gives them...it's your OPINION that he's only doing it to act as a cheerleader to get them viewers, which benefits him in absolutely no way...but your OK with any other star ratings because you recognize that it's simply the reviewers OPINION? ... I have a headache just trying to recount your comment, so I'm dumbfounded how your mind could so spectacularly circumvent logic in order to write it...without your head exploding.
Posted By: Barry O

Then you have La Raza joining in the fun...

So Greg is secretly elevating TNA and ROH through the specious, only-for-entertainment, and largely ignored star ratings in recaps? ... Seriously, I thought mental hospitals restricted internet access to specifically prevent these kinds of embarrassing outbursts...
Posted By: La Raza

Notice how they posted with names, as well. Sure, they're just monikers, but they damn sure ain't guest numbers!

So, Guest#0603—we'll call you Rodney. Hey Rodney...

Don't ever apologize for star ratings. It's just an opinion and people who piss and moan about other people's opinions are the type who can't handle their own opinion being challenged.
Posted By: Schmeric Schmifoff

I ain't apologizing. But I do recognize that I am taking a mechanism normally reserved for work-rate and using it for a different purpose—entertainment factor. That's why I have no problems coming up with a different scale. It's just too hard for some people to differentiate between how I come to my ratings and how someone like Dave Meltzer does. Some people are just slow.

A great idea for really elevating Magnus in the coming year is giving him and Joe a lengthy reign as champs (which will make sense with the shallow of challengers for the near future). At some point, have him win the TV title, which means he'll start seeing more television time and attention from the viewing audience. Joe will shrug this off at first, but after losing the tag belts and a subsequent rematch, he'll likely go "Angry Joe" on Magnus for the guy thinking he can use Joe as a stepping stone (Either can turn heel in this instance since both men should be super over with the crowds by this point). You elevate Magnus in the singles division by having him face a main-event veteran in Joe, Joe gets another shot at going back to being the Samoan badass we came to love and chant, and the TV Title becomes significant for really the first time since it's 2nd or 3rd re-naming.
Posted By: Hillraiser

Good idea, and I can all but guarantee you that TNA sees potential in Joe vs. Magnus. But one thing they've shown is that they're willing to give things enough time to build.

And nice stuff Greg, I've been high on Magnus for awhile...even when Russo saddled him and Doug with the generic-80's style, English blue blood gimmick, you could see they were both being wasted.
Posted By: La Raza

I did want to add this tidbit from La Raza. What's really funny about your comment is the promo that Magnus cuts before the match I posted above...

Clearly you're insane if you think DeMarco or Buggy gives a shit how this vote turns out either way...you really take this shit way too seriously. ... And just so you know I've seen better pics of Buggy...who unquestionably gets my vote.
Posted By: Guest#0725

Umm, yeah. About that. Actually, we both give a shit. For me, it's because I endorsed Buggy from day one. The first time she was in this column, I said she was going to be a bug (crazy) star. So I do care about that. As for Buggy herself? Winning means two things" even more legitimacy in the "IT" department, which is more important than looks, work-rate, etc. And winning means more exposure for Buggy. Christy has tons of exposure, 100x that of Buggy Nova. While Buggy isn't starved for attention by any means, she does benefit her to be included in something like Versus.

And you're dumb. Ciampa/Lethal was ****1/2, asshole.
Posted By: Michael Ornelas

All the single ladies…all the single ladies...

On another point when is wwe gonna give matches proper time? The hype for the elimination chamber ppv this year mad eme buy it however it only had 4 advertised matches going into the show and therefore i thought each match would get a decent length with no filler but also the quslity of the wrestling in these matches in my opinion was rather poor despite having CM Punk, Y2J, Daniel Bryan etc in them. I am buying Wrestlemania again this year as i do every year but i just feel it is going to be a packed card and big long elaborate entrances and short not wrestlemania worthy matches. Here's hoping the HIAC match gets the last hour of the show
Posted By: Mr Telling It Like It Is

Good points. But this reminds me of having a conversation with my son. Basically because you brought up something that NO ONE was talking about.

"Dude, it finally rained out here. We went 51 days with no rain, we really needed it." "Really? And the Lakers also won another playoff game, they're nearing another record." "..."

I'd take them both, because I'm hardcore.
Posted By: Tommy Dreamer

Welcome back, even if you did violate your own gimmick by placing a vote.

Magnus is the man! I met him when he was watching a Dragon Gate show here in the UK last year and he had a star aura about him.
He can talk and wrestle, can't help thinking he would be better used in WWE but time will tell. First English World Champ in 2012/2013? With Barrett and Magnus it is looking very likely. Wooooo!!
Posted By: It's about time!!

I could see either by 2013. I think Wade Barrett was penciled in for 2012 before the arm injury. I could see Magnus getting a run in 2013.

Not necessary to manipulate the presentation though. ... Loved the rant on the star ratings
Posted By: 555

How did I manipulate the presentation? Does it matter what pictures I use? You can't use Google? And the fact that I posted Buggy's commercial? It just came out this week—it was relevant! And talking about her commercial does not constitute a vote.

I think star ratings or any rating system really are worthwhile indications to see how 'in touch' (I guess) you are with how general mainstream wrestling is accepted. It's a good system, because it encourages discussion about the match, and the direction of future matches. I find myself agreeing more often that not with ratings, but disagreeing can obviously be a touchy subject with some people, because most people will strongly argue why they are right. Being completely opinionated leaves you open to backlash, but in the end its an internet forum where over half the content is opinion and speculation anyway.
Posted By: Banz

But if everyone used the exact same criteria, then we'd be arguing over the number of armdrags between Chris Jericho and CM Punk. I get paid to write opinions. And when I say paid, I mean "paid."

Christy, she is the only female wrestling personality that stands out. She's not a generic barbie and she always looks so sexy.
Posted By: u

I did feel the need to give Christy some love here. She's not generic, and that personality is why I rooted for her to win the Diva Search. I'm glad she's made a career for herself in wrestling.

De Marco: Your opinion regarding Elizabeth is a fair one. ... I absolutely detest Hemme, but you're dreaming if you think Buggy is getting into the Hall.
Posted By: Dr. Doctor

Dude, I make the graphic. I could put Patrick O'Dowd in the Hall if I really wanted to! (But I don't.)

I'm with you on Magnus and TNA's new direction. Talent with a future...rather than success a decade ago, should determine who works on top. Let Flair, Sting, Hogan, Jarrett, and Angle be complimentary players. ... And for the love of God, please don't respond to the WWE marks who think you're conspiring against the almighty Vince whenever you give TNA, ROH, and independent wrestlers their due. ... They're idiocy should be ignored like the ramblings of an incoherent child in the midst of a temper tantrum.
Posted By: Anonymous

But that's where the money is, my anonymous friend. And by money, I mean "money."

Christy is so close to the hall of bang I just gotta go with Christy.
Posted By: Ryan

And she probably deserves to be in. But she's not...yet.

Randy's Uncle Barry Orton, Cowboy Bob's Brother.
Posted By: me

A person named "me." Not the actual Me.

Uncle Barry like how Randy Orton has an Uncle Barry?
Posted By: That's How I Troll

I dig the name you picked, by the way.

So a grown man, father of two, who was supposedly going to be a pastor of some kind..runs a column dedicated to some juvenile "Hall of Bang" and pics of scantily clad females and runs a hack job podcast which spends most of it's time creepily fawning over no name female indy wrestlers. DeMarco you are a douchebag tool of the highest order..go be a family man, your wife should be embarrassed and ashamed of your behavior. 8th grade called, it wants it's gimmick back..loser.
Posted By: Truth Speaker

Get it right: Hack job podcast with over 10,000 listeners. I mean, if you claim to speak the truth...

Velvet, Number 1, Brooke, hock-tooey!
Posted By: Iron S

What you got against Brooke, pal?

Magnus is doing well but it's really Joe carrying their team. I'd rather see Magnus & Rob Terry in the British Invasion with Doug Williams in the lead.
Going to India definitely helped Magnus and he has potential in character but is still a couple years away from being considered solid in the ring.
Posted By: Dave805

See, I thought that when they were paired up. But they're an equal pairing in the ring, and Magnus is carrying the team on the mic. I am a huge Samoa Joe fan, but Magnus is the one shining here.

I fucked a girl who looked exactly like Buggy...
Posted By: Andis

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure you did.

I kind of like you Greg, but don't hate on snowflakes just because you don't understand how to use them.
Posted By: Christopher

That's actually a pretty accurate statement. I don't know how to look at a match from a pure work rate perspective. I just don't have that in me. I look at it for entertainment.

Hemme, Buggy looks like a skunk.
Posted By: Guest#6763

Christy Hemme by a mile. Buggy looks like she's been battling chlamidya for quite a while.
Posted By: cerebral_paulzie

I just put those two in here in the effort of fairness. Equal airtime.

You treat Buggy the same as you did a dead woman last week, and the countless pieces of ass the other weeks, yet you claim to be some high and moral man on women's wrestling. ... They are hot chics, and that is it. Stop acting above everybody, then treat them in a different light.
Posted By: Guest#3159

First off, you'll remember that she was the one demanding it on my show. And she got it—and she won. Second, you haven't been paying attention. I've been a supporter of women's wrestling by using every medium at my disposal to give them more exposure. I never said they weren't "hot chicks" or that I was above everybody. Much like with independent wrestling and TNA, I'm just trying to raise awareness.

christy x10!!
Posted By: Guest#6665

If I did count all ten, she'd just lose by nine less votes.

I think Magnus can be a star for Impact, but he's still a couple of years from the center of things. If they're smart, (I can hear the wisecracks now) they'll spend the next year or so cementing the main event around Roode, AJ, Storm, Joe, Angle, maybe Morgan. That gives them a solid core of their guys to build the promotion around. At that point, some newer guys, and Magnus would certainly be one, could move to the main event, see if he can carry the ball. I'd venture the remark that your reaction to him, and some of your readers' reactions, would indicate he's got a good shot. He certainly showed star power at the London shows. ... Do I give a damn how many asterisks some internet writer puts at the end of his review of the match? Nope, never have. I don't think there's really any set standards for what the things mean, and it's still just the writer's opinion. Which I probably can deduce from the way he (or she, it could happen) describes the match.
Posted By: the ghost of Buddy Rogers

I think TNA is doing exactly what you've described in your first point. As for your second point, it just shows how much smarter you are than the average reader.

The way you have a personal bias towards Buggy I don't think she should have been brought into a 3rd round or 4th round match up. My vote goes to Christy.
Posted By: Guest#8698

I guess you thought wrong? If I've been saying I believe in someone for the past 13 months, shouldn't I be willing to throw her into a tough match-up?

Buggy Nova, the completely 411 Mania-made girl.
Posted By: xtomx

No. One million times no. She made herself, I just put more eyes on her. In no way caused her success, I just might have accelerated it.

Star ratings for matches are ridiculous. People should only use them as a general idea of how good a match is because everyone has different taste. I like a good power match as much as a good high flying or technical match but other people may find two power guys boring. Look how Big Show and Mark Henry are ripped on. You can't expect them to have a fast match so don't get your hopes up just enjoy the show. I believe all styles have a place and people need to just have fun. Why watch if you can't enjoy it?
Posted By: Red Rex

And that's why I am going away from them. They're useless, but I still want a way to express—and quantify—my thoughts and feelings on a match.

I have no idea what a Buggy Nova is. ... Christy! ... who then should be joined by So Cal Val!
Posted By: Nick

It's a "Crazy Star," as has been pointed out before. And So Cal Val is a suggestion that I will make note of.

Just wanted to address those who are offended by the Hall of Bang. ... One of the often overlooked tenants of feminism is empowering women to own their sexuality. ... It's the idea that a woman can choose to go bra-less or have sex with whoever she wants, whenever she wants. ... In the US, a woman is free to choose any profession, even those that let her exploit her sexuality. Whether it's as an actress or a model or a wrestler or a dancer or a porn star, women in America are free to choose their own path. ... Buggy, Christy, and all the other women who are a part of wrestling are strong women. Women that are confident and comfortable with their sexuality. ... As a man, if a large group of women decided to hold a similar contest and put me up against another guy, I wouldn't be offended...I'd be flattered. ... If you're so prudish and backward that you genuinely feel offended by the Hall of Bang, then don't participate. ... But don't feign outrage on behalf of women, who clearly don't share your opinion. You may think you're defending these women, but really you're the one oppressing them by supplanting their choices with your own. ... You are merely camouflaging your paternalism, with political correctness.
Posted By: Ronnie

I believe Jersey Shore's Ronnie is famous for his "one shot" bit. Well, Ronnie knocked your ass out in one mutha-fuckin' shot right here!

Victory Road will be followed by week's worth of spoilers, leaving this weekend as my only chance at some Lockdown Fantasy Booking. So let's have some fun. And remember, each match will be held in a cage!

(Yes, I partially do this because it will piss some of you off!)

Main Event for the TNA World Championship
Bobby Roode (champion) vs. James Storm

This match is set, and one thing I try to avoid in Fantasy Booking is changing things that the promotion obviously has set.

Lethal Lockdown
Garett Bischoff, Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan & Abyss vs. Eric Bischoff, Gunner, Kurt Angle & Bully Ray

I definitely see the Bischoff Family Saga taking over Lethal Lockdown, and I am okay with that. It masks Garett's deficiencies, and is another step in the build to the eventual payoff—Garett Bischoff vs. Eric Bischoff. However, I think that happens at Bound for Glory.

Knockouts Championship
Gail Kim (champion) vs. Velvet Sky

This is the money match-up in the division. Set-up when Gail returned to take the title off of Velvet right after Bound For Glory, it's high time that Velvet got some revenge.

World Tag Team Championship
Samoa Joe & Magnus (champions) vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

This is the best match-up possible, unless you reunite Ray & Devon (which you don't). They'd have some work to do in the build, but the match itself would be awesome.

X-Division Championship
Austin Aries (champion) vs. Zema Ion vs. Alex Shelley

I could easily add more people to this match, but this is the best combination of talent available to TNA. I still see Aries going over, because I think he will drop the belt (or start that process) at Destination X.

Mr. Anderson vs. AJ Styles
I think Styles and Anderson are capable of putting on a great match, and it's likely the best use of both guys.

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson
i don't really want to see it, but I can't help but think this is what TNA will do. I am so confident that I won't even fantasy book around it.

Television Championship
Robbie E (champion) vs. open challenger

Lock Down is the big payoff, here. Who responds to the open challenge? My money (which I'd likely lose) is on Christopher "Adonis" Mordetzky.

So there you have it, my fantasy booked Lock Down!

Known Matches

Main Event
The Rock vs. John Cena

Hell in a Cell
The Undertaker vs. Triple H

WWE Championship
CM Punk (champion) vs. Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan (champion) vs. Sheamus

Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes (champion) vs. The Big Show

Randy Orton vs. Kane

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres vs. Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos

GM Laurinaitis vs. GM Long for full control
Captain Santino, R-Truth, ???, ???, ??? & ??? vs. Captain David Otunga, Mark Henry, ???, ???, ???, & ???

Analysis: Several changes this week, and suddenly the card is pretty much set. The only thing left to do is fill in the General Manager teams, which should happen over the next week. With Brodus Clay making his television return on RAW, could be end up on Team Long? Will Dolph Ziggler's major role at WrestleMania be...Team Johnny Ace? It does unfortunately feel that way.

Another big news item coming to us this week was the order of the WrestleMania 28 matches. The early rumor (speculation) is that CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho will open the show, Triple H vs. The Undertaker will occupy the middle show position and The Rock vs. John Cena will, of course, main event the show. Interesting to note that the focus is around those three matches, and no one is really worried when the World Heavyweight Championship match will go on. I'd imagine it goes on right before Rock vs. Cena, with the women's tag in between. We won't speculate the entire order just yet, as we still have a couple of weeks left.

You Decide: What do you think of WrestleMania 28 thus far?

I know I've said it before, but this was a Top 5 edition of The Greg DeMarco Show. Despite having no Buggy appearance and no Steve Cook, this show delivered in a big way. The main area of focus was our two interviews: Chris "Masters" Mordetzky and "The Handicap Hero" Gregory Iron. I can't say enough about each of those guys. Everyone knows the story of Gregory Iron, yet it still deserves to be heard. And Chris Mordetzky? If you've hated him in the past, you owe it to yourself to hear what he has to say. You'll become a fan by the end of his interview.

Listen to the latest episode of The Greg DeMarco Show, with Greg DeMarco and Patrick O'Dowd, powered by 411mania.com and streaming WORLDWIDE! on the Voice of Choice Wrestling Nation at VOCNation.com as Greg & Patrick welcome Christoipher Mortedzky and "The Handicap Hero" Gregory Iron!

Former WWE Superstar and WrestleMania performer Christopher "Chris Masters" Mordetzky joins the program! Watch for questions on Masters's training program (which includes such alumni as Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and John Cena), his time in the WWE, life traveling the indies, his latest run in Ring Ka King and his "Masters 2 Impact #MTI" campaign.

And joining in later in the program, hear independent superstar Gregory Iron as he discusses battling his condition and what it means for him as he prepares to enter the ECWA Super 8.

Plus, the results of Buggy Nova's foray into The Wrestling 5&1's Versus against Christy Hemme, discussion of the John Cena Rap vs. The Rock Concert, and new show correspondent Chad Perry joins in to preview TNA's Victory Road.

Click here for the show, or listen here:

The Greg DeMarco Show with Greg DeMarco & Patrick O'Dowd, presented by 411Mania and streaming worldwide through the Voice of Choice Nation—airs live every Tuesday at 10:30 PM eastern time and is heard by over 10,000 listeners throughout each week. Discussing current events in professional wrestling—including RAW, Smackdown, TNA, Ring of Honor and many US independent promotions and regularly features guests from Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve and countless other promotions, Greg and Patrick present opinionated analysis on the wrestling world that remains rooted in a love, passion and respect for the business. The show is presented live on Tuesday nights by 411Mania at http://www.411mania.com/wrestling and streams worldwide each Saturday through Monday via Bruce Wirt's Voice of Choice Nation at http://www.vocnation.com. You can reach the show via e-mail at gregdemarcoshow@gmail.com, Facebook by searching for "Greg DeMarco Show" or Twitter @gregdemarcoshow.

And finally, check out the write-up of this week's flagship VOCNation show, streaming at VOCNation.com and broadcasting on GFL.tv with Joey Styles!

The VOC Nation was LIVE on 1360 WNJC Philadelphia and WORLDWIDE at http://vocnation.com on 3/14/12. Joey Styles returned and didn't hold back. The full interview can be heard at http://vocnation.com. Among other things, Joey discussed:

On the closing of the ECW Arena: "It was sad to be there for the final show, but it was a chance to say goodbye and put that part of my career behind me and head back up the turnpike to my new career here at wwe.com. It was bittersweet."

On Eric Bischoff's Facebook Rant on Jeremy Borash: "When Eric was on the show last week, did he bury any of his co-workers while on the live show? Or does he only do that at night when he's at the bar? Jeremy works a lot harder than other people at TNA that make more money than him."

On Eric Bischoff's leadership position at TNA: "Eric is not in the same ballpark as (Vince McMahon or Triple H)…it would be like the equivalent of someone in mid-level management in our production crew."

On Ric Flair being at this year's WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony: "What is the downside for TNA? "

On whether WWE should give mention to TNA during Flair's appearance: "…we won't, that would make us morons. Fans who know, (Flair is in TNA) know; fans who don't know, don't know. There is no downside to Flair going, and if (TNA) doesn't let him, they come off as classless. It's a pretty good chess move by the WWE. I can't imagine why anyone at TNA would not want that to happen (for Ric Flair)."

On whether ECW should be represented in the WWE Hall of Fame: "My opinion…next year with Wrestlemania in New York…Paul Heyman should go into the WWE Hall of Fame. Verne Gagne is in, Mike Graham is in, and there is no reason not to incorporate Paul Heyman, and next year in NY is the time to do it."

On Brock Lesnar: "He should have never returned to MMA after his illness. If he had never gotten sick, he may still be the UFC Heavyweight champion."

On Journalists going into the Hall of Fame: "I think Bill Apter should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Before there was the Internet, the way to be made a star was to be on the cover of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazines. Bill was the one out in front who went to the shows and took the photos…people would argue that Lex Lugar was only made a start because of his presence on the cover of those magazines."

On his career path into wrestling: "I started at Pro Wrestling Illustrated and learned from Bill Apter, Craig Peters, and Stu Saks. I met Paul Heyman while working there…Paul gave me my break after meeting him while working for the magazine. Bill Apter gave me my break in wrestling, and I am incredibly thankful for him."

On who is the guy who will carry the WWE torch in the future: "Without getting into a long list, I think given the opportunity and handed the ball, Dolph Ziggler could score again and again and again. I see a lot of great performers in Dolph Ziggler."

On whether Jim Ross should call Wrestlemania: "Jim Ross should call the Undertaker/Triple H match, because it was the end of an era, and he was a big part of that era."

On Michael Cole: "Michael Cole is a great announcer when he is allowed to just be a lead announcer. I don't like Michael Cole doing what he is doing now."

On which ECW performer should have been given a bigger run in WWE: Taz should have had a better run as a wrester in the WWE. Especially after (his debut at MSG where he ended Angle's undefeated streak). "

On Twitter: "You can follow me on twitter @joeystyles where I will not run down my co-workers".

Hear the entire interview at http://www.vocnation.com. The VOC Nation is live every Wednesday on WNJC Philadelphia and streams WORLDWIDE on vocnation.com. Go inside the studio on Thursday nights as Go Fight Live brings you the videocast at 8PM ET on http://gfl.tv.

Follow us on Twitter @vocnation.

In addition, I'm pleased to present an all new photo of one of our world reknowned DeMarcettes!
Barbi Hayden!

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And finally...

The following is reprinted with permission from Adam Testa, Ring Posts blogger for the Baltimore Sun and official for All American Pro Wrestling, a promotion supported by The Greg DeMarco Show. All American Pro Wrestling returns to action this weekend in Marion, Illinois. For more details, be sure to visit aapwrestling.com. To watch episodes of "Collision," visit www.vimeopro.com/aapw/collision.

The original copy can be found at The Wrestling Press.

Tragedy and Triumph: A Personal Look at
All American Pro Wrestling's "Main Event"

The call came at 11 a.m. Saturday.

We had already been at work for three hours transforming the Black Diamond Harley-Davidson Warehouse in Marion, Ill., into the All American Pro Wrestling Arena. I was out picking up supplies from the store when my phone rang. I didn't need to look further than my caller ID to know what the call was about. My 91-year-old grandfather had just passed away, days after suffering a major stroke. The call wasn't unexpected, but I had hoped it wouldn't come Saturday. That night, AAPW was set to host the biggest event in company history, complete with guest stars PAC, El Generico, Colt Cabana and Matt Cross, who was making a surprise appearance. Being halfway across the country from where my parents and grandfather live, I didn't have many options. And, as they say, the show must go on.

I headed back to the arena, where I returned to work with my friends and colleagues on preparing for the show. I knew that's where my grandpa would want me to be, and I officially dedicated the night to him.

As the day went on, we finished setting up the arena and talent arrived. When the Cabana caravan arrived, I admittedly didn't know what to expect. For four guys with the recognition and status of those individuals, they could have easily come in, done their thing, got paid and left.

What we saw was the complete opposite. Each of our guests proved to be among the most down-to-earth and humble men I've met. From talking to everyone backstage to PAC showing a local talent stretching techniques in the ring, they went out of their way to acclimate themselves to the AAPW atmosphere.

With all the talent in the building, the time came to open the doors to fans. Pre-sales for tickets had been great, but we still didn't know what to expect. One thing is for certain: We didn't expect the record-breaking attendance of 405 that awaited outside the door.

With a crowd more than tripling average attendance at our television tapings, the stage was set for an outstanding night. Everyone knew the bar had been raised, and they'd have to step up to the challenge.

From the first of nine matches, pitting year-long rivals Heath Hatton and "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony against each other, to the final bout, a no-disqualification title match between AAPW Heavyweight Champion Edmund "Livewire" McGuire and "Old School Warrior" Ax Allwardt, each and every match brought something different and special to the show.

Our four guests gave it their all, too. PAC and El Generico put on a match rivaling any they've had in the past; Cabana meshed extremely well with third-generation star "3G" Eric Wayne; and Cross made a nice surprise answering the undefeated Pokerface's open challenge.

Left to right: Matt Cross, El Generico, Chris Hagstrom, Kevin Hunsperger, Adam Testa, PAC, and Colt Cabana

Many of the fans in attendance that night didn't know exactly who these guys were before the show, but by the time the closing bell rang, they had been exposed to an entirely new side of professional wrestling.

Following the PAC-Generico match, as the show headed into intermission, I walked to the commentary table where I was immediately greeted by Chris Hagstrom – AAPW promoter, color commentator and one of my closest friend – and we embraced in a hug. The only words I could mutter were "Thank you," and he replied, "This is for you know who." That is a moment I will never forget.

That night – Jan. 14, 2012 – proved to be something special. AAPW started five years ago to help raise money for a young girl burned in a fire. In the time since, it's become a staple of life in Southern Illinois.

"AAPW Main Event" took things to the next level. 2012 looks to be a breakout year for the promotion, as we continue our television show, entering our second season, and expand even more. Our guest stars all complimented us on our production, professionalism and other values, which meant the world to all of us in the front office. They all – even Japan-based PAC – expressed interest in returning.

But we'd like to think they aren't alone. We hope that each of the 405 fans in attendance all left pleased, impressed, entertained and desiring to return. But for me, personally, I hope most of all that my grandfather was watching from above, proud of even the smallest role I played in making that show a reality. This show was for him.

DVDs of "AAPW Main Event" are available now at aapwrestling.com. To watch episodes of "Collision," visit www.vimeopro.com/aapw/collision.

And now back to Greg DeMarco...

I want to talk to you about the "Main Event" DVD. If Adam's write-up above wasn't enough to convince you to check it out, I hope this is. Not because I get anything (I don't). But because this is a company worth supporting. Now, I am not a DVD review guy. We have plenty of people here that do that—and do an awesome job with it. if you want a full blown review, check out Ron Freeman's over at PWPonderings.com.

But here is what stood out for me:

Talent: The biggest "name" stars on this show are Colt Cabana, El Generico, PAC, and "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross (of WWE Tough Enough fame). And all four men were amazing on this show. El Generico and PAC literally tore it up in the first half's main event, Cross delivered big time against Poker Face, and Colt Cabana was in top form against "3G" Eric Wayne. But you know their credentials. The other talent on this show was great as well. Some of them are local workers that will stay local workers—but for local workers, they were top notch. Local workers are a staple of independent wrestling—hell, they are the life of independent wrestling. I doubt you'll see Greg Anthony, Bull Bronson, or Mike Masters on your TV. But when you see them live, you are guaranteed to be entertained. However, keep your eyes on "3G" Eric Wayne and Pokerface. Those two have really bright futures, so it's obvious why AAPW put them in there with Cabana and Cross, respectively.

Crowd: This crowd shattered AAPW's previous record attendance as 405 fans showed up for "Main Event." Remember, this was in Marion, Illinois, 90 minutes away from any big cities (St. Louis). But it's not just the size of the crowd, it's the activity. They were vocal for each match, be it a "big man" match or PAC vs. El Generico. They didn't treat any talent differently. They were loud, appreciative, and gave it their all as well.

El Generico flies in the awesome Black Diamond Harley Davidson Warehouse
Credit: Brian Kelley, Missouri Wrestling Revivial

Venue: Black Diamond Harley Davidson is seriously a cool venue. They had motorcycles up in the rafters and fans all over the place. I actually think they could do more with the motorcycles, like placing one on either side of the stage, or turning the lights on. Warehouses typically make great wrestling venues, but they're generic. This warehouse stood out in a good way.

Production Values: Production values are hit or miss on the indies. Even some of the best companies have problems (audio for ROH, lighting for PWG), and few get it 100% right (CHIKARA). AAPW got it right. In all honestly, I'd call them a step behind CHIKARA—and this is a compliment. Their values are actually above PWG and ROH—and those are my two favorite independent companies.

Value: This bad boy is only $15! You get nine great matches, and you get own a piece of history for this great company. You've all paid more for a far inferior product.

So, yes, I highly recommend you check it out at aaprowrestling.com.

Our good friend Michael Ornelas continues to work on Shenanigans—his Austin Texas based TV series that will one day be looked upon as the beginnings of a great television production career. For reals.

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What are your Victory Road predictions?
What do you want to see at Lock Down?
What are your thoughts on WrestleMania?

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