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The Wrestling 5&1 4.21.12: Maria Menounos vs. Eve Torres
Posted by Greg De Marco on 04.21.2012

Busy week. But first, I need to remind everyone of what April 16 means (outside of the wrestling event listed below).

April 16, 2007 was the date of the Virginia Tech Massacre, where 32 were killed and 17 injured by a shooter on the campus where I got my undergrad degree. Five years later, Hokies from all over gathered around to remember...

Wrestling is nothing compared to something like this. That campus in Blacksburg, Virginia is where I met my wife, and created so many memories with family and friends that will never be lost. The shooter took 32 lives on that day, but he couldn't remove he spirit of a community that will be strong forever.

For more information, please visit We Remember.

Want to listen while reading?

Last Week: Buggy Nova should have captured her second win, over current WWE Divas champion Beth Phoenix! Can Buggy add herself to this elite group? Nope. There was some obvious spamming going on in the end--and the spammer tried to cover it up, and did a decent job of it. Alas, we will have a REMATCH next week—with new pictures for both women, and possibly with a modified voting format.

This Week: Due to popular demand, Maria Menounos will continue her own Versus journey. Can she pick up win #2 this week? Her opponent might look familiar to her...




Maria Menounos vs. Eve Torres. Take your pick!
Stay tuned as next week as I'll reveal the winner!

The graphic above says it all...The New GLOW was a complete and total disaster. The show went down on April 16, and most of you likely didn't know anything about it. It was supposed to be used to introduce GLOW's Season 5 stars, including our own Buggy Nova as "Donna Dead," and even promised television at one point. What happened was an event that no one can be proud of, and the promoter alone is to blame.

Yours truly has the inside scoop—I have multiple sources that were at the event and were able to provide me with the details, including the unfortunate treatment of several talents on the show.

Here are the issues...

Pay: Several wrestlers, including OVW talent Taeler Hendrix, Buggy Nova and Kitana Vera, weren't paid for their appearances on the show. Making matters worse was the fact that the promoter was caught fleeing the building without paying the talent. Seeing the timeline is even more interesting: the show ended at 10:00 PM, and the talent was still at the venue at 1:00 AM being told he would be there but "couldn't pay them yet."

After the wrestlers had to leave he venue—presumably so it could close—the promoter said he would pay them in the morning. The next morning, he was nowhere to be found.

Accommodations: The promoter had included overnight accommodations at The Gold Coast Hotel for the night of the event, and the night before for a few of the talents as well. However, on the night of the show, the wrestlers were informed that the promoter was "screwed out of the rooms," and had to make other arrangements. Those arrangements were a $39/night motel that wasn't cleaned before any of the women arrived. Making these matters worse was the fact that only one hotel room key was provided—and no one knew where the motel was. Once they found the motel, they watched a prostitute being picked up in the parking lot. After seeing the room, the talent decided to make their own hotel accommodations, at their own expense.

Travel/Transportation: According to one of my sources, OVW star Taeler Hendrix actually paid her own way to Las Vegas and back to Louisville, Kentucky. Even if you get a good deal, that flight can run over $300 easy. Taeler was reportedly told that her travel wasn't able to be covered, yet the travel for Sara Del Rey reportedly was. Outside of travel was the transportation. The promoter promised limousine service for all transfers. Now, having traveled for business I am well aware that "limousine transportation" can sometimes mean a town car or other type of upscale vehicle. Instead, I heard about transportation being provided by the promoter and his business partner—men arriving alone to pick up young women they had never met before…when those women had been sold on private, purchased transportation. When the talent finally had to leave the venue on Monday night, they were taken to the motel in a van—driven by a stranger. More on that stranger in a moment. The final transportation story comes the next morning. Remember that Taeler Hendrix flew herself to the show? Well no one was to be found on Tuesday, so no one was there to take her back to the airport. So she reportedly missed her flight, incurring more personal expense. The charge to change that flight? $75, reported to me as also being the booking fee for her appearance—which was never paid, either.

Event Management: "Event management" is apparently an oxymoron here, since there wasn't any. The talent was promised catering as part of their deal, by Kraft Food. Now, I don't know if his meant packages of instant Mac-N-Cheese or what, but it didn't matter. No food was provided. They were also promised a professional hairdresser and make-up artist. If you watch any of the original GLOW, you'll see that this is a necessity to achieve each character's originality. The "professional" hair and make-up artists were Roxy Astor, the promoter's girlfriend, and her daughter. The "professional" photographer? Roxy's daughter's boyfriend. The "professional" sound technician? Roxy's son. The promoter wasn't alone—he had at least one business partner. That business partner also happened to be the mystery man driving the van that I mentioned earlier. Well the business partner didn't get the hotel room he was promised either, and also didn't get paid.

Advertising/Draw: This event took place on Monday, April 16 in Las Vegas, NV. This is important to know because the Cauliflower Alley Convention was in session in the very same Las Vegas. Vendetta Pro Wrestling also ran a show—on the same night. So with a built in audience of several hundred conference attendees, what the promoter draw? Nineteen people. 1-9. And some of those were friends and family, likely lowering the paid total. Advertising was limited to a Facebook page—that has since been deleted.

I want to elaborate on just how bad it is to draw 19 people to this show. In Las Vegas--during a wrestling convention—I could draw 19 people to watch Patrick O'Dowd take a crap.

Note: When using this news, please credit Greg DeMarco, 411Mania.com, and RingBellesOnline.com. I didn't use any info from their report, but they did report it as well, and had some of the same sources. So if you're using news from his report, you're likely using news that can be seen there as well. I just feel like it's the fair thing to do.

Now, to a person, everyone that I have talked to has told me that anyone associated with the original GLOW was great. Even the promoter's business partners were great to deal with. But all of those people got screwed, too—by the promoter, his girlfriend and his family.

So who is this winner? I'm so glad you asked!

Eric Rolphe Nyenhuis, or Eric "Danger" Nyenhuis as his alternative moniker on Facebook suggests, is the swell guy who promoted this event. Now, it's hard to believe things would go wrong, I mean when he "acquired" GLOW back in November, he made this earth shattering press release...

I know it's hard to read, so here is the actual text courtesy of "Eric Danger's" Facebook page.

Geogous Ladie of Wrestling...Something that was a part of television history for 4 Years..

I have now aquired the rights to GLOW and have now layed a business plan to bring it back !!! There will be new charcters and the Old School ones story lines vignettes and YES we will be back on TV sanctioned under the NWA Hollywood.

I am naming a GM a former WWE Female superstar to handle the daily operration and there will be a NEW GLOW Champion and sorry it wont be a crown but an actual title belt...

I am putting a lot into this and I hope you embrace tyhis as I do.

Eric Danger Nyenhuis/CEO
GLOW entertainment

The only danger related to Eric "Danger" Nyenhuis is towards anyone who works with this guy.

To date, talent is still trying to get this guy to make it right. The ball is in his court, so to speak. I think we all know how that's going to end...

You Decide: I don't even have the words for this guy...

You know what, that's actually not true. I do have words...

Eric Rolphe Nyenhuis is the lowest form of low. Forty-seven year old uncles living in family member's basements look to this guy to feel better about themselves (when they're not busy commenting on my column!). I've said before that Dave Marquez was once hard to work with. But he gets things done, and I've never seen nor heard of him stiffing anyone. Hell, he paid me $75 to be a ring announcer at his event in Phoenix's historic The Celebrity Theatre in 2007, and I wasn't even promised a payday! I personally watched Johnny Kennedy run a great promotion in Rising Phoenix Wrestling into the ground because he couldn't keep his personal insecurities out of his business practices—but he always paid his talent. Now while I don't get along with Johnny to this day (something about me being successful in this business and him being known for giving up a minimum of three times and blaming everyone else for his own failures), I've grown to really respect Dave Marquez. So much that he now has his own graphic! But those two are McMahon and Crockett compared to Eric Rolphe Nyenhuis!

So many people have destroyed this guy on Facebook and elsewhere as well. I wish I could say no one would ever work for him again, but this is wrestling. I'm sure if he pays his talent in full 10-15 days before the scheduled event and provides then with a hotel food per-diem up front they'd be willing to do business. But c'mon, the guy was probably depending on the (non-existent) gate to pay the $75 booking fees of his mid-carders!

So please spread the word: this guy is a complete and total piece of trash. Which is an insult to actual pieces of trash.

Last week I used the phrase "I remember Bound for Glory" in my preview for TNA's annual steel cage extravaganza titled Lockdown. Even my haters have to admit it—I was right.

Let's have a look at the card and results, shall we?

Lethal Lockdown: Team Garett (Garett Bischoff, Austin Aries, Mr. Anderson, AJ Styles & Rob Van Dam) vs. Team Eric (Gunner, Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian & Eric Bischoff)
This ended up being the opening match, and was a great choice at that. The actual talent in the match—you know, anyone not named Bischoff—worked hard and delivered. The most telling moment of the entire night came here, as the crowd was rabid in cheering for and demanding the fourth man entering the match be on Austin Aries. He was the most over guy on the show. After a barrage of finishers, all of the talent laid around waiting for the Bischoff's to finish their business, as Garett smacked Eric wih a guitar overfilled with baby powder. That ended the match.
My Prediction: Team Eric – WAS WRONG

World Tag Team Championship: Samoa Joe & Magnus (champions) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns
While Lethal Lockdown was the perfect choice for an opener, this was the worst possible match for this spot on the card. The crowd was dead, even for the MCMG's entrance, which was botched when the wrong music was originally played. The match itself was good, but the flat crowd hurt it big time. Joe & Magnus won, which was the right call.
My Prediction: The Motor City Machine Guns win the TNA World Tag Team Championships – WAS WRONG

Television Championship: Devon (champion) vs. Robbie E
One of the highlights of the night came when Robbie E delivered an amazing backstage promo on Devon. The kid has real talent, and could really make an impact (pun intended) if they allowed him to. That said, he lost short match to Devon after bumping his ass off for the ring veteran.
My Prediction: Devon retains – WAS RIGHT

Knockouts Championship: Gail Kim (champion) vs. Velvet Sky
Velvet wasn't as bad as I had predicted here. But this match was too short to be anything memorable. Velvet's singles career has peaked, whereas Gail is a great heel champion. The right Knockout won.
My Prediction: Gail Kim retains – WAS RIGHT

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson
Unlike almost anyone I've heard from, I enjoyed this match. The work was good, the story hey told made sense, and the manner in which Crimson won was perfect. I think so many of us were turned by the thought of these two going at it again that the match wasn't given a fair shake. I liked it.
My Prediction: Matt Morgan unceremoniously ends "the streak." – WAS WRONG

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy
Reports are that they were going for a Triple H-Undertaker feel here. I can't say they captured that magic one bit. But they did put on one hell of a match, and once again the right guy went over. I'd call this the match of the night, easily.
My Prediction: Jeff Hardy wins after two huge highspots – WAS RIGHT

Knockouts Tag Team Championships: Eric Young & ODB (champions vs. Sarita & Rosita
This was announced during the pre-show, so there was no prediction. This was a throw away match that was only good for the shot—from behind—of Rosia & Sarita walking to the ring.

World Heavyweight Championship: Bobby Roode (champion) vs. James Storm
This was the big one. The match that the company had built towards since two weeks after Bound for Glory, if not subtly building to before. It was James Storm's night. It's his hometown, the crowd was going to be insane for him. No way Storm doesn't win the title here. Right? Yeah...I remember Bound For Glory. James Storm did land the Last Call Superkick—and a second that sent Bobby Roode out the door and to the floor—win by escaping the cage.
My Prediction: Bobby Roode wins…clean – WAS RIGHT

Overall: This was a good show. But the crowd was bad. They were hot for the opener, cold in the middle, and hot for the opener again. I liked the set-up of the arena, and the type of stage they used. The whole thing felt like a mix of ECW and ROH. The talent all worked really hard.

But the finish, as usual, negated the good that was done all night prior.

The match order was odd as well. Why would you cart out that tag team title match right after Lethal Lockdown, when you could have wedged the Knockouts or Morgan-Crimson in there. And given how over Devon is (you can't deny that), his match should have been involved in the spacing as well.

So I'll call it a solid outing by TNA that—once again—fell short of its potential.

You Decide: What are your thoughts on Lockdown?

And I'd love to see more Scarlett Bordeaux!
Posted By: SilentOx (Guest)

Working on that, bro. Working on that!

Yes Maria should get a shot in VS since she beat Rima.
Posted By: Still Guest#8287

See, I listen to my readers!

I'm voting for Beth just to spite you and your obsession with Buggly...
Posted By: Guest#0109

I'm done explaining this...

Beth is like that girl you met on vacation in the summer before your first year in high school.

You were stuck with your parents and little brother at a lake house. It was nothing but parents and little kids at the beach and then you saw her.

She was lifting canoes out of the water, so you went over to help, but really you just wanted an excuse to talk to her.

She had little problem lifting the massive steel nautical behemoths over her head and placing each gently on the trailer, while the best you could manage was to drag them onto the beach, but she never mentioned it, choosing to spare your ego.

You spent two weeks together and she became your first real girlfriend. It was perfect. You didn't drink, do drugs, or have fun like all the other kids your age, and she never made you feel like a pussy for being...well..a pussy.

When you finally got back home, you told all your buddies about her. How beautiful and fun she was, how she liked Pepsi just like you and was intrigued by your high-minded sanctimony.

Then at lunch on the very first day of high school, you saw her. You were shocked to say the least, seeing as how she never mentioned she would be going there as well, but you were too excited to care.

As you approached the table, your eager anticipation began to dissipate. With each step, you felt slightly more nauseous.

Had you not noticed her jaw shared the same dimensions as the grill of a 1957 Chevy?

Or that she seemed to not have forearms, but rather her stubby arms were just giant biceps, abutted only by equally large triceps?

Or that when she laughed it sounded just like Andre the Giant?

Then you recognized some of the girls at the table and it finally clicked.

She wasn't a girl you had just met over the summer. Although you'd never spoken to her, you had in fact gone to school with her since 4th grade.

Later you realized that you had suffered from "Acute Illusory Sensory Deprivation", a condition commonly found in prison inmates and men trapped on a deserted island.

Due to the absence of girls your own age for a sustained period of time, you will quickly project beauty onto the first such girl who "breaks" the sensory deprivation, thereby creating the illusion of being attractive.

Suffice it to say you continued walking right past her table and when she called out your name, you quickened your pace.

Buggy...definitely Buggy.

Posted By: Frisco Kid

Good job, bro.

Also what happened to Terra Calaway, she used to have a column on 411 where she would pretty much bash the Divas and sometimes the Knockouts, then 411 posted a match that she was involved in which wasn't very good and it got bashed in the comment section. I haven't seen her put out a column since then, I guess she can bash other women wrestlers but couldn't take it when it was happening to her.
Posted By: Guest#1649

You know, as a card carrying DeMarcette (I just had to throw that in there) she's not that hard to find. Why don't you ask her yourself?

This week I'm going to apply the "face" test to versus. As in, which girl would you rather have sitting on your face?
Definitely Buggy.
Scarlett Bordeaux: Nice ass. Can she wrestle?
Posted By: the ghost of Buddy Rogers

I see what you did with that first one, and I like it! As for Scarlett wrestling…does it matter?

And I'd just like to nominate Scarlett Bordeaux to the Hall of Bang. She's easily in their class.
Posted By: Guest#5503 (Guest)

No one gets an automatic trip, but she could easily compete.

Sure Velvet Sky can't wrestle and is iffy on the promo (she did make the Knockout's Lockbox Challenge almost seem reasonable), but there was no way VKM saw Ultimate Warrior as a good wrestler or promo guy. Velvet gets a relatively strong reaction for a KO, so so gets a push.
Posted By: Guest#8264

You make a good point. And since the fans pay the bills, maybe that method isn't all wrong...

And I see what you are doing with Buggy vs Beth giving your girl Buggy a easy 1st round win,but she IS very pretty,don't understand the people who have said otherwise or base the fact of she isn't "well-known" therefor they vote for the other girl because she IS "well-known".
Posted By: DisgruntledTNAfan

I gave away my Versus "booking strategy" on my radio show once. I book like in the manner that the UFC builds a fighter. This was Buggy's second win, though. She has much tougher competition as she goes for #3.

I just two minutes ago got finished talking to a couple of legitimate (nee, non-illiterate and knowledgable) wrestling writers who are pretty well known, and 95% of the conversation was laughing at you and making fun of you and laughing at how "making a demarco" has become an actual, popular term on wrestling sites when describing a mistake. I...I mean, I guess it is a good thing that you are so well known. Though I am guessing that WHY you are well known isn't something you would want to brag to your kids about. LOL at you!
Posted By: Guest#4785

Murphy Landis, is that you?

Your obsession with Buggy is creepy. And you claim you're a married man? Yeah right. Unless they made it legal to marry your hand.
Posted By: Guest#2683

See above.

I can tell you that I'd vote for Scarlett, based on these pictures alone, over every woman in your hall of bang. ... Also, I'm looking forward to Lockdown on the same level I was Wrestlemania. I know many reflexively hate TNA and I was largely with you for much of the last 10 years, but I'm telling you, TNA has been excellent for the last 9 months or so. ... If you're even the slightest bit open-minded, check out Lockdown, I think you will be pleasantly surprised and get more than your money's worth.
Posted By: Barry O

Barry makes a good point. Lockdown was a good show, it was hurt by the ending.

GOOD GAWN DAYUMN!!!! That Scarlett is one FINE ass "redhead". Any chance of adopting HER? =)
Posted By: CottonMouthWolf

So, are you REALLY excited about Scarlett?

But I'll tell you what, I can't say that I haven't considered that idea. Here's one to hold you over...

Photo Credit: George Mario

I'm voting Beth just because I don't like how your giving Buggy an easy path to the HoB.
Posted By: Guest#8729

Wait until next week...there will be a lot of conflicted voters out there.

I mean, not hating or anything, but the Frisco Kid's posts aren't THAT funny. Not enough to dedicate a weekly spot to anyway
Posted By: Guest#3289

Good thing it's not your column.

The douchebag contingent on 411mania is expansive and can't resist turning on something popular/good just to prove how cool they are.
Posted By: Guest#9378

Frisco knew it was coming, trust me.

Have you considered that DeMarco has given him the "That was uncalled for" section in order to encourage others to at least try and be amusing...even if it's just a guffaw?

By all means humor is all about individual tastes, but if Frisco Kid is Louis CK, can't somebody try to be Adam Sandler or Chris Rock? This is supposed to be for fun and entertainment.
Posted By: Ronnie

Ronnie doesn't always post…but when he does…he's...

Beth. Although I doubt the fairness in this vote. You're going to give Buggy the win, regardless, aren't you?
Posted By: Minnie Sota

Nope, I'd never rig the vote. Buggy knew that going in, too.

I agree 100%. How many chances does Velvet get? TNA broke up TBO and gave her an opportunity to shine on her own and all it did was expose her. (BTW - Winter/Angelina had SO much potential but that was wasted too. But that is another story.) They need to put Velvet in a team to hide her weaknesses or make her a valet for a team like the MCMG's because a a singles wrestler she sucks. Ms. Tessmacher surpasses her in every area (including having a better ass.)
Posted By: #I'mjustsayin'...

Velvet Machine Gun could be like Stacy Dudley? I'd be down for that. And judging by Thursday's Impact, TNA read your comment!

First off, I don't like writing this, but this is something serious that I feel I must comment on. Greg, I am a big fan of your columns, I think you are funny. Maybe not the best writer, or most knowledgable when it comes to wrestling, but you seem like a talented, good guy. Certainly someone who has worked hard to overcome any troubles in life that you had, and that is something to be admired for. But this is kind of an issue that I don't agree with, and it is as much as for your safety as everyone elses. ... Greg, I know about the trouble you had in your life, everyone does. I assume you paid your debt and you received help with your issues to help you control certain....urges. I know you, like everyone else knows what I am talking about. And I have no reason to believe that you aren't better.
However, if your wife left her children alone with you, a registered, convicted child sex offender, then that is something you all may want to reconsider. For starters, what kind of mother would do that?
Listen, Greg, I know the past is the past, and I am glad your wife can forgive you and look past what you did to those poor children. And I don't judge, that's for God. But for everyone's safety, especially the children, maybe next time you should look into a babysitter. And maybe suggest to your wife that she make an appointment with a counselor herself. Again, what kind of a mother leaves her young children alone with a convicted child sex offender? That isn't right. ... Take my advice or don't. But I wish you and your family the best of luck in the future. And if you really are cured of your demons, then God bless you and your family, and I will pray for you and pray that God continues to keep you strong each day and helps you to be strong enough to fight of those "urges" everytime you walk past a playground or an elementary school. ... God Bless you, to the whole De Marco family.
Posted By: Guest#0925


If you saw my Murphy Landis comment above, you might be wondering what that's about. Well, this moron e-mailed me...and he's a coward, despite e-mailing me.

So, as you can see, my response was simple. I asked him for the "list" he's compiling. And he's a pussy, so he stopped responding.

So I ask you, my loyal readers...have fun with this guy! Murphy Landis: murphl86@yahoo.com

I want to bring another great indy promotion to your attention, and that's Alpha 1 Wrestling. They've been doing a lot of good lately, and they have a huge event this weekend.

Here is the card, courtesy of their site:

This event will feature one of the biggest main events in the history of Alpha-1 Wrestling. With the events that have transpired at Immortal Kombat we found our new #1 Contender & Main Event 2011 RPI Winner Cheech vs. Current Zero Gravity & Alpha Male Champion "The Ronin" Josh Alexander April 22nd, 2012. In a Ladder Match for BOTH Titles!

Also "All Ego" Ethan Page, Johnny Wave, Scotty O'Shea & Alessandro Del Bruno vs. the tandem of Jimmy Jacobs, Ashley Sixx, & Dysfunction Lead by Kyle Davenport in a heated
4 - on - 4 Elimination Tag Team grudge match!

Plus a Co-Main Event:
Strong Style Showdown
Joey Kings vs. Eddie Kingston

Maybe you haven't heard of most of the talent? All the more reason to check it out on Saturday! If you've seen Cheech before, he's grown into a great competitor. And Josh Alexander has been a great champ. Plus, they have Jimmy Jacobs, regularly feature Michael Elgin, and have rising star "All Ego" Ethan Page (coming to a Greg DeMarco Show near you!).

Check them out at Alpha-1Wrestling.com

This weekend, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents DDT4. This annual tournament has become known for some amazing tag team action, and usually a storyline twist or turn along the way. PWG compiled another great field for the 2012 addition. Take a look at this year's event, as well as some of the history behind this yearly tag team extravaganza. This year's event also includes PWG World Champion Kevin Steen defending his world title in an "open challenge"—the results of which should provide on surprise for the night's card.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents DDT4
Saturday, April 21, 2012, 8:00PM, American Legion Post #308, Reseda, CA

DDT4 Tournament First Round Matches:
Sami Callihan & Roderick Strong vs. El Generico & Willie Mack
Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly) vs. The Dynasty (Joey Ryan & Scorpio Sky)
RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma) vs. Fightin' Taylor Boys (Ryan Taylor & Brian Cage-Taylor)
The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) vs. Super Smash Bros (Player Uno & Stupefied)

Kevin Steen defends the PWG World Championship in an open challenge.

History of the Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament:
This is an annual tag team tournament hosted by PWG in Southern California. From 2007-2010 the event was contested for the PWG World Tag Team Championships, but in 2011 and 2012 the titles were not on the line.

Past winners:
2007 – El Generico & PAC (defeated Jay & Mark Briscoe in the finals)
2008 – Jack Evans & Roderick Strong (defeated El Generico & Kevin Steen in the finals)
2009 – The Young Bucks (defeated Bryan Danielson & Roderick Strong in the finals)
2010 – El Generico & Paul London (defeated The Young Bucks in the finals)
2011 – The Young Bucks (defeated Kevin Steen & Akira Tozawa in the finals)

For more information, visit ProWrestlingGuerrilla.com.

You Decide: Would you order an event like this on PPV or iPPV?

The Greg DeMarco Show, presented by 411Mania.com/Wrestling, comes to you each Tuesday night at 10:30 PM eastern and airs all weekend at VOCNation.com. Greg and Patrick O'Dowd are joined by regular contributors Steve Cook, Tony Acero, Justin Freemyer and Buggy Nova! Plus, you never know who might call in or stop by "The Snake Pit" (chatroom). The call-in number is (310) 807-5103, and "The Snake Pit" generally opens 5 minutes before the show starts.

This week: Australian sensation Niki Nitro joins The Greg DeMarco Show. Hear Niki discuss her career wrestling in the "Land Down Under," as well as her other projects in modeling and magic! Plus, Buggy Nova returns, and we'll talk RAW and TNA Lockdown!

Click here to listen, or listen here:

The Greg DeMarco Show with Greg DeMarco & Patrick O'Dowd, presented by 411Mania and streaming worldwide through the Voice of Choice Nation—airs live every Tuesday at 10:30 PM eastern time and is heard by over 10,000 listeners throughout each week. Discussing current events in professional wrestling—including RAW, Smackdown, TNA, Ring of Honor and many US independent promotions and regularly features guests from Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve and countless other promotions, Greg and Patrick present opinionated analysis on the wrestling world that remains rooted in a love, passion and respect for the business. The show is presented live on Tuesday nights by 411Mania at http://www.411mania.com/wrestling and streams worldwide each Saturday through Monday via Bruce Wirt's Voice of Choice Nation at http://www.vocnation.com. You can reach the show via e-mail at gregdemarcoshow@gmail.com, Facebook by searching for "Greg DeMarco Show" or Twitter @gregdemarcoshow.

And Mick Foley appeared on the mothership VOCNation.com show!

And Mick Foley was LIVE in the VOC Nation to talk about his comedy tour, his wrestling career, and more. Join the Voice of Choice, Nemar Wells, AC Smooth, and Wrestlingmarx Erik for 2 hours of fun in the VOC Nation. Listen here!

We're going old school OVW this week, with this random gem...

Ohio Valley Wrestling
Mark Magnus (Muhammed Hassan) & Nikita vs. Alexis Laree (Mickie James) & Johnny Jeter
Ohio Valley Wrestling, November 11, 2003

Hit up the ‘Mania on the TWITTER (so Ashish will like me, okay?)

http://www.twitter.com/gregdemarcoshow - that's me!

I know, you want more Scarlett. Patience, young Jedi. For now, I bring back an old favorite of mine, definitely before the PG Era. It's Ken Shamrock's "sister" Ryan Shamrock!

Get reading!

Randle's Wrestling News Experience!
The News from Cook's Corner!
Marsico presents The Wednesday Wire!
Kelly's Sports Entertainment News Report!
Napier's Handicapping the News!
Your's Truly in Fact or Fiction!

Tony Acero presents The Low End Theory!

Plenty to talk about in the comments!

So I'll help you...

Versus: Maria or Eve?
What do you think of the story behind GLOW?
What did you think of Lockdown?
Would you check out PWG or A1 Wrestling?

Until next time...

Find me:

Listen to the show!


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