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The Wrestling 5&1 4.29.12: Buggy Nova vs. Beth Phoenix II
Posted by Greg De Marco on 04.29.2012

Coming in way past deadline thanks to being sick. But I won't quit on you guys!

Listen while you read!

Last Week: Celebrity Diva Maria Menounos had her run cut off by Eve Torres, who will now chart her own course towards the Hall...

This Week: It's not necessarily the popular decision, but I'm not here to make the popular decision. We have a rematch between Buggy Nova and Beth Phoenix. The reason is the spam votes cast at the end of the contest two weeks ago. There have been three other weeks (in my 80 here) that have involved egregious acts of spam. One was during Lita's run, where a rematch was necessary as it appeared the spam changed the result. There were also two involving Stacy Keibler. One saw both women benefit from spam votes so the result was not changed. The other saw Stacy get an insane amount of spam votes at the end of the week—but she still lost. She just lost by less. This week begins a brand new process—that will only be used in the event of a rematch. I inquired about using this voting method for the prior rematch—at that time, the powers that be here at the ‘Mania were completely against using polls. Now, they're open to it. you guys also complained about changing the pics. So I won't.

Buggy Nova!

Beth Phoenix!


Maria Menounos vs. Eve Torres. Take your pick!
Vote below, results to be revealed next week!
Still share your votes/thoughts in the comments section!

This will be the new voting method only in the case of a needed rematch. I will provide the results of the poll, complete with a screenshot, next week. Votes are not unlimited, however you can vote once every 12 hours, or twice a day. So get voting!

The WWE presents its annual rematch extravaganza, Extreme Rules! Hey, call it Backlash, Extreme Rules or even In Your House—it's all about WrestleMania rematches. A few years ago I even posted to a message board stating this should just be names WrestleMania Revenge—because that's what it is!

Despite that, this looks like a good card on paper. Add in the fact that we're going to be in Chicago, and this night could be special. Let's take a look...

You-Tube Pre Show United States Championship Match
Santino (champion) vs. The Miz

Is this the big plan we had for The Miz after WrestleMania? The YouTube pre-show? Topping it off is the fact that Santino was in a comedy match and The Miz was nowhere to be found on Monday's RAW. So no build, no anything. Do you really think Miz is going over?
Prediction: Santino retains

Divas Championship Match
Nikki Bella (champion) vs. Beth Phoenix

Beth is likely to be selling the ankle injury, so I don't expect this to be pretty. Do you think Kharma returns here, or on RAW? I bet RAW.
Prediction: Nikki retains

Intercontinental Championship Match
The Big Show (champion) vs. Cody Rhodes

The first of our WrestleMania rematches, and this is the least intriguing of the bunch. As much as I love Cody Rhodes, I don't see what's accomplished here. That's why I wouldn't be shocked if the WWE has decided to let Cody's run with that title continue. With Daniel Bryan & Alberto Del Rio occupying Sheamus, what else is there for Cody to do? That said, I don't think it elevates him, so I'll go with Show.
Prediction: Big Show retains

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Randy Orton vs. Kane

Kane and Orton have delivered in their two most recent high profile matches, so I have no reason to believe they won't do it here. I didn't care so much about what they did on RAW—but I'm happy with what they're doing in the ring. I think this is the end of the feud—I think. I'm not totally sure what either man does next, unless Sheamus-Bryan continues and we get Orton-Del Rio. Or maybe Bryan-Orton? But thinking this is the end, I see the face going over.
Prediction: Randy Orton via a big RKO spot

World Heavyweight Championship Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match
Sheamus (champion) vs. Daniel Bryan

I love the best of three falls stipulation. Extreme Rules isn't really about being "extreme," it's about the different gimmick matches. This is old school, and both men should benefit. I fully expect we see a redo of their WrestleMania match—either with Sheamus taking the fall, or with Bryan avoiding the repeat of his fate. Sheamus is going to have a long run, so I fully expect him to go over. I do think DBry grabs a fall, though. A great side story will be the crowd's treatment of this match—I expect some role reversal for both men as Daniel Bryan is likely to be mega over in Chicago.
Prediction: Sheamus 2 falls to 1

WWE Championship Chicago Street Fight
CM Punk (champion) vs. Chris Jericho

I really like how things have kicked into high gear for this feud, and I think there's another gear yet to come. This is going to be a great match—and the crowd is going to be electric. As much as a Chicago crowd loves and appreciates Chris Jericho—this is CM Punk's town. I expect some fun spots some bottles of alcohol to be involved, and I expect the champion to retain.
Prediction: CM Punk retains

Extreme Rules Match
John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar

Not sure if you heard, but former UFC Heavyweight Champion (of the world) Brock Lesnar recently returned to the WWE. I know, it's been kept on the down low. But he's back, and he's apparently there to "legitimize the WWE." The crowd is going to 100% behind Brock—and 100% against Cena! This is Brock's return to the ring. I don't see him losing his match (and I don't think that's bad, either.).
Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Overall Show
For the most part, the WWE has succeeded in creating a PPV that doesn't simply feel like "WrestleMania Revenge 2012." Cena-Lesnar is obviously fresh, and both world title matches—while not fresh—all provide strong reasons to care. Those three matches are what is selling this PPV, and it's a buy for me!
Buy or No Buy: Buy

Be sure to check out 411's Roundtable Preview as well!

You Decide: What are your thoughts and predictions for Extreme Rules?

Last week we talked about GLOW, and the disastrous return the promotion saw on April 16. Since my writing last week, I've spoken to more people, and no one is defending this guy.

From a promoter who hired him in the past:
The guy was worthless, he did nothing of value.

From a production team member who worked for him in the past:
He screwed me over and didn't pay me, either!

From a wrestler in the northeast:
I never worked for him because of everything I've been told. He's a cancer on the business.

(Those are paraphrased to protect the sources.)

Now, some have said that it isn't fair that he hasn't shared his side of the story. I completely agree, so on last week's Greg DeMarco Show, we called him! To his credit, he answered and remained on the air. But he did nothing but lie, change his story and talk in circles. It's obvious that what everyone has said is true. Don't believe me? Hear it for yourself.

I replayed the comments from Buggy Nova and Tealer Hendrix for one reason: to confirm that what I reported from my sources was accurate.

A few notes that I've obtained since the Tuesday interview:

Hotel: He didn't pay for the hotel as he insists. The hotel was paid for by GLOW talent "Gremlina." Also, he says the women never used the room provided. What he doesn't share is the fact that when the talent decided that the hotel wasn't even a safe place to stay, his friends and family were still at the hotel—stranded. So the talent gave their room keys to Eric's friends and family. Thus, the rooms were used. By him. Also, make note of the fact that he put talent in a hotel he knew nothing about.

Food: He insists that Craft Services (Craft Services...C-R-A-F-T Services) was hired to cater the event at a cost of $300, but the talent wanted to eat after the event. Which is very typical of any wrestling event. But since they wanted to eat after the event, he didn't pay for food? So he was only willing to pay to have food provided before the event? What's the difference? Also, there was never any food present, so we have no proof that food was ever ordered.

Pay: In the beginning of his time on the program, he mentions that everyone has been paid. I did some digging, and this is true. The unpaid talent was in fact paid—and they were shorted. He reportedly told one talent they were shorted because they didn't use the hotel he paid for. Remember...he didn't actually pay for the hotel. Remember...the talent gave their hotel room keys to his friends and family. Also, note that in the interview he says that no one is paid at the venue. I've worked countless wrestling events, and been a paid performer and announcer as well. I was always paid at the venue. Sometimes before the event, and sometimes after. But I was always paid, normally cash in an envelope with my name on it. TV taping or not, I was paid at the venue.

Also, please read the statement from Michael Karr, who worked with Eric Nyenhuis on the GLOW project. He sheds a lot of light on the situation, and also confirms several aspects that I have reported. You can read it here. You'll notice that he links to Cook's column, which also discusses much of we've said in regards to this issue.

We'll probably wrap this issue up during next week's Greg DeMarco Show. After that, it's best to move on.

Photo Credit: Coons Photography

Larry Dallas is in Japan! The manager of The Scene—Caleb Conley and Scot Reed—has done such a great job in his role that he's been sent to Japan for a three month tour where he is the manager of Mad Blankey, the promotions top heel stable. And he deserves it, 100%.

Larry Dallas is a modern take on the classic heel manager. Two other managers have been sent for tours of Japan... Bobby Heenan and Freddie Blassie. Now Larry Dallas. That's amazing company, isn't it. I'm not saying he's at their level, but he does have the potential. Many have also brought up the late Larry Sweeney when trying to knock on Larry Dallas. Guess what? Larry Dallas actually lists Larry Sweeney as an inspiration!

What you need to know about Larry Dallas is he didn't just walk in off the street and start managing. He's a student of the game. While in Japan, he's training with the wrestlers, learning about crowd interactions and telling a story despite the language barrier. And from the sounds of it, he's already off to a roaring start.

His first event was April 28th's Gate of Passion at the Hiroshima Industrial Hall. Packed house, great crowd, and Mad Blankey members Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk and Cyber Kong—accompanied by Larry Dallas—beat CIMA, Don Fujii and Super Shisa in the main event.

Take a look at the schedule through May:

29th - Fukui, Sun Dome Fukui - 17:00
30th - Ishikawa, Kanezawa Distribution Hall - 17:00

May 2012
2nd - Hyogo, Dragon Gate Arena ~ NEX 90
3rd - Toyama, Toyama Techno Hall - 17:00
4th - Kyoto, KBS Hall - 18:00
5th - Shizuoka, Shimizu Marine Building - 17:30
6th - Aichi, Aichi Prefectural Gym ~DEAD or ALIVE 2012 - 16:00
10th - Tokyo, Korakuen Hall - 18:30
11th - Kanagawa, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse - 18:30
12th - Aichi, Tsushima Bunka Hall - 18:00
13th - Yamanashi, Kofu Ai Messe Yamanashi - 17:00
18th - Hyogo, Kobe Sambo Hall - 19:00
25th - Fukuoka, Kokurakita Gym - 18:30
27th - Saga, Morodomi Bunka Gym "Heartful" - 16:00

(24-hour time was used. Credit for the show results and schedule goes to I Heart DG.)

A reporter from one of the "insider" paysites (that I'm not allowed to mention) responded to Larry's trip to Japan with the phrase "blows my mind." Some expert.

You Decide: What are your thoughts on managers in today's wrestling landscape?

Eve reminds me of this chick I worked with at my first "real" job after graduation.

She was unbelievably sexy, just a beautiful face and an amazing body.

She did insist on wearing absurdly fake contact lenses to turn her eyes blue and her cleft chin did remind me of "Ravishing" Rick Rude and Jesse "The Body" Ventura, but these were mere minor imperfections that only made her more breathtaking.

I'd been biding my time, playing up the clueless newbie routine, so she'd constantly be at my desk to help. From there I launched into some innocent flirting and within a few weeks I was ready to take my shot at the company Christmas party.

We had rented out a hotel ballroom, with an open bar. I figured once I plied myself with enough liquid courage, I'd move in for the kill, all the while giving her enough social lubricant to ensure she would be open to my advances.

Much to my surprise, she was the one filling me with booze and before long we were out on the dance floor.

And then she began to dance...to Mystikal's "Shake Ya Ass"...it was horrific.

She was all knees and elbows, jerking back and forth, here and fore, with nothing remotely resembling rhythm. She kept doing this odd kick as her go to move.

What made it worse was the confidence she displayed. She genuinely believed she could dance. I was genuinely embarrassed for her.

But later that night, we drunkenly stumbled into a custodial closet, where she proceeded to bang my brains out, so I managed to forgive her lack of grace on the dance floor.

She quit less than two weeks later.

I've always believed that it was embarrassment over her dancing exploits in front of our colleagues and not the fact that half the office had stood by the door listening to us having sex, during which she said shit that would make a sailor blush, loud enough for people to here 2 blocks over...but I could be wrong.

Eve all the way.

Posted By: Frisco Kid

Working on that, bro. Working on that!

Good job, bro. That's all I got for this area this week. Being sick does that to a guy!

I have big news for The Greg DeMarco Show this week, separate from the show ad in the Bonus Coverage section. I recently agreed to host future guests from Extreme Reunion and CHIKARA Pro in support of their future shows. We already boast one of the best guest lists on the internet today, and it's only going to get better!

I'm now scheduling guests for the July shows, and my upcoming guest list includes ROH star Michael Elgin, former WWE developmental talent Alex Koslov, SHIMMER's Nikki Matthews, producer Ryan Katz, rising star Matt Taven, and the legendary Shane Douglas!

Plus, May 29 will be our one-year celebration for the show. On that date, I booked A1 Wrestling's Ethan Page. Why? Because Ethan is what our show is all about. We were a show that no one gave a shot (even people at this site) but we've grown thanks to the support of our listeners and fans here at 411Mania and on the VOC Nation. Ethan Page and A1 Wrestling are just like us. Plus, I've long said for our show to remain respected and successful, we can't forget what's important. And that's giving a platform to the stars of tomorrow, so you can get to know them today! So what better thing to do than host a rising star like Ethan Page on the date of our one-year anniversary?

On Tuesday May 1, we record our next episode live, with one of wrestling's fastest rising stars, Ring of Honor's Michael Elgin! He is on in support of ROH's Border Wars iPPV event that takes place on May 12 in Toronto. Also, new column favorite Scarlett Bordeaux joins the program!

Proto Credit: George Mario

Just because I know how much you all love when I do it, I am going to cover more indie wrestling! This Sunday, Apex Pro debuts in Southern California. They've booked DeMarcette Terra Calaway, recent Greg DeMarco Show guest Brandon Gatson and former WWE and TNA talent Brian Kendrick! This is a loaded debut card, so if you're in the area, check it out! (you'll also be able to say "Hi" to 411's Tony Acero, who will be in attendance!)

Here is the card, from Apex Pro's site:

Apex Pro Golden State Battle Royal
Our event will be kicked off with a battle royal, the winner receiving the first ever Apex Pro Golden State trophy! Some of the wrestlers you will be seeing in this inaugural event: Sam Knight, Darkside, Ricki De La Paz, Dragon Mask, Sindarin, Cyanide, Lucha Machine, and Lestat. Who else will be participating? Well you'll have to just come and see!

El Jefe & Terra Calaway vs Tyler Bateman & Raze
El Jefe and his little sis-in-law, Terra Calaway, are set to take on the deadly duo of Tyler Bateman and Raze. The energetic duo have one heck of a fight ahead of them. Who will come out victorious?

Ridiculously Bigg vs Sexy Chino & Gregory Sharpe
El Ridiculoso and Biggie Biggz have been seen all around SoCal, but they bring with them a whole new attitude to Apex Pro. These two are out to make an impression, taking out anyone they need to. Will the dancing fiend, Sexy Chino, and the feisty Gregory Sharpe be able to stop them?

Los Chivos Appreciation Ceremony
Los Chivos, Kayam and Enigma, have been around wrestling for 60 year between the both of them. These two veterans have not only given fans an amazing experience each and every show, but they are also true gentlemen. They help any young gun in the back that will listen and they have truly made a difference in this business in our region. We wish to recognize their hard work, dedication, and kindness.

Vintage Dragon vs Jarek Matthews vs Peter Avalon
We bring you an exciting triple threat as the fearless Vintage Dragon, the suplex-happy Jarek Matthews, and the flamboyant Peter Avalon meet head to head to head. Guaranteed to be one action packed match that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

SoCal Crazy vs Brandon Gatson
For the first time ever, the veteran luchador SoCal Crazy takes on the veteran professional wrestler Brandon Gatson. Two worlds collide as they bring their knowledge, skills, and years with them to see which will reign supreme... Lucha or Pro?

Brian Kendrick, Blood Eagle, & Labyrinth vs Thunderwolf, Freddy Bravo, & Sheik Khan Abadi
SoCal, NorCal, and WWE combine to bring you our main event. These two teams have never been seen before together which could either prove as a benefit or a downfall to either. Will these men be able to get along long enough to compete successfully, or will turmoil ensue?

Ticket prices are only $10 (adult) and $3 (kids), so this show is already a steal!

The Greg DeMarco Show, presented by 411Mania.com/Wrestling, comes to you each Tuesday night at 10:30 PM eastern and airs all weekend at VOCNation.com. Greg and Patrick O'Dowd are joined by regular contributors Steve Cook, Tony Acero, Justin Freemyer and Buggy Nova! Plus, you never know who might call in or stop by "The Snake Pit" (chatroom). The call-in number is (310) 807-5103, and "The Snake Pit" generally opens 5 minutes before the show starts.

This week: Brandon Gatson joins the program to discuss his legendary trainer Jesse Hernandez, his home promotion the Empire Wrestling Federation, his recent heel turn, his travels and even his music career. Plus, the gang talks about the recent GLOW disaster, previews Sunday's Extreme Rules pay-per-view and more!

Click here to go to the show's page, set a reminder or follow the program and receive weekly updates.

To listen, head on over to VOCNation.com or listen here:

The Greg DeMarco Show with Greg DeMarco & Patrick O'Dowd, presented by 411Mania and streaming worldwide through the Voice of Choice Nation—airs live every Tuesday at 10:30 PM eastern time and is heard by over 10,000 listeners throughout each week. Discussing current events in professional wrestling—including RAW, Smackdown, TNA, Ring of Honor and many US independent promotions and regularly features guests from Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve and countless other promotions, Greg and Patrick present opinionated analysis on the wrestling world that remains rooted in a love, passion and respect for the business. The show is presented live on Tuesday nights by 411Mania at http://www.411mania.com/wrestling and streams worldwide each Saturday through Monday via Bruce Wirt's Voice of Choice Nation at http://www.vocnation.com. You can reach the show via e-mail at gregdemarcoshow@gmail.com, Facebook by searching for "Greg DeMarco Show" or Twitter @gregdemarcoshow.

Also, check out this big announcement about the new Monday show at VOCNation.com!

As announced on the 4/25 edition of the VOC Wrestling Nation, Chaz Warrington aka Headbanger Mosh will be joining the VOC Nation team beginning Monday 4/30/2012.

The STD Podcast, or "Simply Tremendous Drivel", will stream every Monday WORLDWIDE exclusively on http://vocnation.com. Warrington will talk about life, his family, and the world of professional wrestling from his unique perspective. Look for lots of laughs, lots of insight, and of course, Simply Tremendous Drivel every week on the STD Podcast. On the debut episode airing Monday 4/30 on http://vocnation.com, Chaz is joined by his buddy Glen Ruth aka Headbanger Thrasher. Don't miss what this entertaining duo has to say!

Also, head here for the latest edition of the VOC Nation flagship show!

We talked to Las Vegas Piano Bar performer Shaun DeGraff about the positives and negatives of performing in Sin City, as well as the challenges of performing the same show for different people 4 nights a week. Former WWE/ECW star Danny Doring dropped by with some controversial words concerning Shane Douglas' upcoming Hardcore Reunion Show in Philadelphia. You don't want to miss this surprise appearance. The VOC aired some dirty laundry himself, and we also welcomed a new babe of the week. Don't miss a jammed packed edition of the VOC Wrestling Nation.

Our good buddy Michael Ornelas just released a new edition of Shenanigans. Check it out here!

Hit up the ‘Mania on the TWITTER (so Ashish will like me, okay?)

http://www.twitter.com/gregdemarcoshow - that's me!

This week, we get a return visit from former GDM Show guest and SHIMMER star, Australia's Jessie McKay!

Credit: PWA Australia

Also, if you want to support recent And1 girl Scarlett Bordeaux, you can vote for her to be in The Tilted Kilt's 2013 calendar!

Go here: apps.facebook.com/tkcalendargirls
Find "Elizabeth" from Chi Ridge and vote! You have to pick 12, so find some girls from your area, or some others you like. And share the app!

Remember, you're looking for this girl:

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The News from Cook's Corner!
Marsico presents The Wednesday Wire!
Kelly's Sports Entertainment News Report!
Napier's Handicapping the News!
Your's Truly in Fact or Fiction!

Tony Acero presents The Low End Theory!

Plenty to talk about in the comments!

So I'll help you...

Versus: Buggy or Beth?
What are your thoughts on Extreme Rules?
What do you think of the story behind GLOW?
How about Larry Dallas in Japan?

Until next time...

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