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Ask 411 04.23.02 – Booger Red, Marrianna, Albright, Superstar Billy Graham
Posted by Craig Letawsky on 04.23.2002

Welcome back to Ask 411. You know what’s weird? I saw an infomercial this weekend that feature two identical twin midgets in suits and it wasn’t the WWA PPV infomercial. It was for some get rich quick course. I’m kinda freaked out by that because I bet those little people were hired by the real real estate guru to pitch his products as if they were their own. Now, why does this infomercial guy think that people are more likely to mail order something from midgets? I’m just seriously confused by all this is all.

Anywho, where am I? Who are you? Where are my pants?

Jackie’s mom on Tough Enough is one nasty bitch…they should sign her to a contract. She makes Bob Holly look like Fred Rogers.

RAW was so-so again. Lesnar is incredible and I love Heyman’s role as well. The guy has Goldberg-style charisma but is twice the worker. He is scary and I’m waiting for his shooting star press. Of course years ago I heard Big Show was working on a moonsault and we never saw that.

With RVD stoned and Hennig drunk it made for one ugly match. Eddie stills rules though man. He’s gotta use the Latino Heat to gets hisself a little chiquitta though.

Ah, old stuff first and then some brand new Ask 411 Q&A.

Oh. By the way Grutman, people say nice things about me because I have many redeeming qualities and a somewhat under appreciated singing voice.

Jon Padilla remembers a few more “Main Events” airing in NBC primetime:
The Friday night Main Event, to my knowledge aired three times. It was an hour long, and used to set up Wrestlemania. This was only when there 4 PPV shows. In'88 it was Hogan losing the Andre and the ref mix-up. In '89 it was Hogan & Savage vs. Akeem (gag...) and Bossman. Savage bumped into Elizabeth, Hogan carried Liz out, Savage got pummeled by the fat guys which ended up in a DQ. Savage looked for Hogan in the back after and attacked him. When Hogan came to, he looked for Savage screaming "Randy...Randy..." up and down the halls. I remember Hogan shoving Shawn Michaels, then as a Rocker, against a concrete wall. Funny stuff.

Then in '90, It was Hogan Vs. Savage with James "Buster" Douglas as guest ref. Douglas had just KO'd Tyson for the championship. Hogan beat Savage, Savage picked a fight with Douglas, and Douglas knocked Savage out. A lame predecessor to Michaels/Tyson/Austin. Then the Warrior vs. Dino Bravo. Earthquake jumped in the match, did his fat man moves on W, then Hogan jumps in 'cuz he wanted to keep Warrior fresh for Wrestlemania. Gee....sound like an angle today?

Also, Arn Blevins clarifies a bit on Brian and my disagreement on Saturday Night Main Events end date: As always, look forward to your column most (Hell, it's about the only one I read regularly anymore), wanted to suggest a possible correction to the correction regarding SNME and what date it ended its run. You are both correct.

The last NBC broadcast was in 1991, but Fox picked it up for two airings. One around Feb 1992 to prepare for WM8, where the Roberts/Savage feud was wrapped up (and Undertaker's face turn was continued offscreen and shown on Superstars the next week, grabbing the chair away from Roberts before he could smack Elizabeth with it). The second was around Nov 1992, preparing for SSeries, where Michaels won his first singles titles, beating Bulldog for the IC belt he'd won from Hart, and leading into the overlooked Hart/Michaels match at SSeries that year. Yeah, tough to recall a snorefest like that when we had UT/Kamala, right?

Given the subsequent history involving Hart, Michaels and Smith, it almost seems like a preview for fall 1997, don't it? Keep it up - among my circle, you're the only guys who can blow me away with regards to all this picayune wrestling trivia crap ... :)

I received quite a bit of e-mail on the Mystery Mid-South Jacket. It is almost a certainty that the jacket belonged to Boyd Pierce, John Collins explains: I am almost (almost) embarrassed to admit how much I remember about Mid-South wrestling while growing up. In my opinion, it was the greatest territory ever.

I remember much about the time you and your readers were discussing, but I don't remember the exact taping or the jacket discussed. I can guarantee, however, that it was Boyd Pierce that wore the purple monstrosity. It was a running gag every week for Jim Cornette to humiliate Boyd and his taste for 1970's K-Mart off the rack suits. Jim would yank the mike from Boyd and start in, and Boyd would just stand there, with just the right blend of seething anger and genuine hurt feelings to perfectly sell Cornette's insults. Even my father, who felt professional wrestling was created solely to keep the most dangerous shut-in's entertained for an hour while the guards took a break, would pass by the TV and comment "Good God, what is that idiot wearing?" after seeing Boyd debut his weekly thrift shop liberation.

Bill, JR, and Joel stuck to the standard Monday Night Football generic suit look, keeping the dignity, but Boyd's fashion free spirit gave the show that little subtle hint of comedy.

Thanks John and thanks also to old-school Mid-South fans: Max Levy, Al Pollard, and Shewscan. I regret that I didn’t get Mid-South growing up and had only the Apter mags to follow along.

411’s Miss Galatea dropped by to point out my horrible omission of two NWO factions: In your answer to the question: "How many incarnations of the NWO have existed over the years?" I can't believe you neglected to mention two of my personal favorites: LWO (Latino World Order) headed up by Eddy Guerrero and the BWO (Blue World Order) from ECW, which consisted of Big Stevie Cool and Da Blue Guy. Sure, none of them were in any way connected to the original NWO, but they're still worth a mention. Stevie was the greatest. :)

You are right Miss. G. the LWO and BWO ruled! Others had some additions and omissions when it came to the different factions as well. It’s pretty subjective but thanks to : FavreSB31 and Brad Watson.

As you’ve noticed I have been using Brian Cole to proof-read and add to my column which is greatly appreciated. However, last week we disagreed on Misawa’s Emerald whatever move. We have it straightened out now thanks to help from many including Andrew Boucher: You're right, Misawa's Emerald Frosion (Frozen, Flowsion, Frozon, Frojon, Frojion... It all depends on romanization) is the move you describe, like an upside-down DDT from a powerslam position. Nova's Kryptonite Krunch (also used by Mike Modest) is actually Mariko Yoshida's Air Raid Crash (or Crush, depending on how you romanize it).

Mark that down as it is probably the only time I will beat Brian on a Puro question! Thanks also to: Dr. Zaius510, Will Geddes, Scott Gold, and Andrew Lee

And finally, you think your boss is bad? Here’s what happens when you accidentally forget to attach one of 411’s most read columns when e-mailing it to Widro to be posted: blank email you MORON.

Good thing they are paying me the big bucks or I would be “SO OUTTA HERE!”

Ahem…on to the new Q and A…

Oh and also, I was just kidding Widro…Iloveyoupleasedon’tfireme.

Ynae316 – Q: Great column. Ask 411's definitely one of my favorite features on 411. Here's my (easy to answer hopefully) contributions: 1. Please describe to me what the Shining Wizard is. Not catching puro out in my parts (I'm from Hawaii, we USED to get New Japan about 10 years ago) and not having any tapes I have no idea what Mutoh's move that everyone seems to cream themselves over looks like.

A: I covered the move a few weeks ago in Ask 411. The Shining Wizard is a knee kick to the head and showcased in the X-Box game DOA 3 as one of Tina’s running attacks.

Q2. What in the blue #$%? is a Booger Red???????? that J.R. referred to the Undertaker as a few times? I think when the King asked J.R. about it once, he tried to explain it to the King but I STILL don't have a clue what Booger Red means. Is it like a red-headed boogieman or something??? As Hurricane would say, "wazzupwitdat?????"

A: Booger Red is a definite Texas thing and usually has to do with having red hair and being damn tough and ugly. Bronco Busting Champion Samuel Privett bore the nickname and is the namesake of Booger Red’s Saloon in Fort Worth where their motto is “Red on the Head, Ugly as a booger.” Privett gained the name Red because of his hair. Then when he was 13 a homemade explosion blew up in his face. He had to have his eyes, nose and mouth cut open routinely to keep them from healing over. One of his neighbors dubbed him Booger Red because of the appearance of his destroyed face (Yeah, I know…classy right.) Privett became one of the most legendary rodeo performers in Texas, once having 86 bronco rides in one day. He would advertise his shows by saying “Come and see him ride! The ugliest cowboy dead or alive!” Privett would pay anyone $100 who could bring a horse he couldn’t ride. No one ever collected. He died in 1924.

Others have carried the name since including singer Willie Nelson, Hardin County Attorney Dick Allison and now Texan Mark Calloway (the Undertaker) but Privett was the first.

It’s kind of weird that Booger Red pretty much means exactly what you think it would. If I were JR I’d be a little hesitant in calling the 6’10” Undertaker “snot” but whatever.


Scardx – Q: I was just curious as to whatever became of Mary Ann (I think that was her name). She was the girlfriend of Chaz and the WWF did that whole Chaz beat his girlfriend plot and then she disappeared when it was over.

A: Marianna Komlos played Chaz’s girlfriend and also Mrs. Cleavage in the Beaver Cleavage disaster that was Chaz’s gimmick. Komlos was a fitness model and body builder that the WWF signed in 1998. After the Cleavage gimmick and the spousal abuse gimmick went south Komlos was released in February of 2000. She toured with her own modeling agency and still does some bit part acting in her native British Columbia.


Chrimson Ghost – Q: Really enjoy your column. I was just wondering if you knew why the WWF spent so much time hyping Superstar Billy Graham's return, then pulling the plug on it after a couple of matches.

A: Former WWF Champion Superstar Billy Graham (Wayne Coleman) returned to the WWF as an active competitor in August of 1987. Talks had been finalized between Graham and the WWF since the summer of 1986 but Graham needed his first hip surgery and the comeback was delayed. He was pushed as a huge fan favorite and shown hugging children and the like. His first match was a squash of Steve Lombardi (aka Brooklyn Brawler, Kim Chee, Doink, Knuckleball Schwartz etc etc). By this time Graham was so deteriorated physically by the years of steroid abuse that he had to retire and could not complete his comeback. Graham’s hip problems made it impossible to bump effectively. Graham was written out after an attack by Butch Reed and the One Man Gang. He was pulled from the upcoming Survivor Series and replaced with Don Muraco (who Graham became an advisor to in storylines). The Reed match in November of 1987 was his last as an active competitor.

Graham is fighting for his life and is gravely ill from the years of drug abuse that caused immense damage to his liver and bones. He has started some heavy drug treatments and seems to be responding well. He is even able to work out a few times a week. You can visit his site at Superstar Billy Graham.com .

BC - : Billy Graham's return: Graham was set to return in 1986, not sure on the time frame because I haven't watched the video in a while but I'm thinking summer or fall. Graham was cutting promos from the desert with Tarantulas crawling on his face. I know he shot resembling videos when he returned in 87 but as I said he also was being built for a return in 1986…but to my knowledge the return never did happen for nearly another year. Kind of like Glacier's Debut in WCW lol.


Raven BX – Q: Hey man, I just want to say that you're column is great, you really know your wrestling. I was checking out some wrestling sites and I saw a column that mentioned the death of a wrestler called Gary Albright, and I know I've heard of him before, just want to know if you could tell me who he was.

A: Albright started in 1988 in Stampede as Vokhan Singh, brother of Makhan Singh (Mike Shaw aka Bastion, Booger, Trucker Norm, Norman the Lunatic). In 1991 Albright went to Japan for UWFI which was a hard-hitting shoot-style worked fed. Albright used a German suplex to knock out his opponents. Albright became a major star for the fed but was pushed aside when Vader entered. By 1995 Albright was used to push the younger wrestlers to help build the UWFI. Albright was not happy to be used as a stepping stone and refused to co-operate in a match against Kiyoshi Tamura. Tamura won the match but came out looking very bad. Albright left the company for All Japan later that year and spent the next 4 years there, teaming with Stan Hansen and even getting a shot at Misawa’s Triple Crown. Albright was a big brawler but did develop a pretty grounded style in the UWFI. He never really adapted to the more pro-wrestling style of All Japan and his health began to deteriorate. He was scheduled to return to Japan in February of 2000 but Gary Albright died in the ring January 8, 2000 in an indy match in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. After taking an Ace Crusher Albright suffered a heart attack. Albright was married to Afa of the Wild Samoan’s daughter.


StARLlam – Q1: Hi, Joseph Allocca here. I tried your Google engine search, but nothing came up. So, here I go....where's Randy Savage these days? Has he fully retired, or wrestling independent?.

A: Savage is essentially retired as no one will meet his 7 figure price tag. Savage has priced himself out of the market. He does have a role as a pro-wrestler named “Bonecrusher” in the upcoming Spiderman Movie.

Q2) A while ago, my favorite heavy metal band Pantera had put on their website that they were going to appear on WWF Raw Is War for some kind of interview or something...I never saw this happening. Maybe I missed the show, or it was just a quick clip I missed on a bathroom break...but if not...do you know why the idea was scrapped?

A: Pantera was supposed to appear in March of 2000. Both the band’s website and WWF.com announced the appearance but they never did show. No idea what happened there.


Charlie – Q: Hey dude, great column. I have a couple of questions. 1. I was going through my baseball card collection and ran across a few WWF cards from around 1983-1984. I had Jesse the Body, Moolah, Mean Gene, and a couple of others. Was this like a one-time deal or have there been other wrestling cards? Do you think they are worth any significant cash?

A: There were many trading card series that featured WWF and WCW stars and Fleer still puts out WWF cards including a brand new set call All Access. Other sets throughout the years include: WCW "Main Event: World Championship Wrestling"(1995), "NWA Wrestling Supercards", O-Pee-Chee "Pro Wrestling Stars"(1985), Topps "Pro Wrestling Stars"( 1985), Monty "Super Wrestling Stars", Action Packed "WWF Trading Cards: Premiere Series"( 1994), Classic "WWF Wrestling Cards: Series I" (1989), Classic "WWF: The History of Wrestlemania, Series II" (1990), WCW "World Championship Wrestling"(1991), Classic "World Wrestling Federation Superstar Cards"(1991) and Topps "Wrestling"(1987).

My guess is that these are the cards you have WWF Superstars 1985. The complete set is there to view but I don’t think they are worth much as there’s also a complete set on e-bay for $5 US (on the plus side that’s like $37.50 Canadian).

Q2. I was a big fan of World Class Championship Wrestling out of Tex. and Mid-Atlantic Wrestling (division of old Crockett NWA) back in the mid 80's and was wondering what happened to some of the wrestlers: a. Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant (still alive??) b. Italian Stallion. c. What does Magnum T.A. do now? d. Iceman King Parsons e. An Asian wrestler who used the "Oriental Spike" as finisher, I think his name was Killer Khan. Thanks for any help you can give me.

A: Jimmy Valiant – I covered him in Ask 411 09.04.01.

Italian Stallion – Gary Sabough aka The Italian Stallion owned the PWF in North Carolina. It was the Stallion that gave the Hardy Boyz their first break and eventually got them some bookings with the WWF. Unfortunately he was skimming $100 of the $150 the boys er…boyz were making though and they ratted him out to the WWF. The fed severed the ties with the Stallion. That’s gratitude for ya.

Magnum TA – was covered in Ask 411 10.16.01.

Iceman King Parsons – Ask 411 06.18.01.

Killer Khan - Ask 411 8.14.01.


Niblock – Q: Not trying to be greedy here, but I've got more than 1 question.
1- I’m sure it's been answered over and over, but, when did the NWA convert to WCW?

A: I covered all the details in Ask 411 11.06.01.

Q2- when I first started watching wrestling, it was the NWA. I remember an angle involving a mystery heel that was dressed as JASON. (Friday the 13th) White jump suit and an old school goalie mask. Eventually his mask was removed. soooo,2- who was he? Thanks for doing this column and GO LEAFS!

A: It sounds more like the Stampede angle to me although there were tons of guys who put on a mask and called themselve3 Jason. In 1988 Bruce Hart had unknown giant Karl Moffat dress as Jason. They then hired WWF jobber Barry Orton as the Zodiak to do the talking. Moffat got over huge as Jason the Terrible and may have even made the WWF but was injured in a car crash. When they unmasked Jason he was now played by Barry Orton who nobody, including Ed Whalen, recognized killing the angle.

As I said many men have donned the mask but likely the most famous one was featured in the mid-90s W*ing promotion in Japan. This guy was the international federation WWA (not the current American one) booker Rafael Rodriguez Moreno Jr. (Aka Roberto Rodriguez) . He also appeared in ECW in 1995 and still wrestles for the IWA including stints in Canada with Can-Am and ECCW.


BionicPlatypus – Q: back in the mid-eighties, there was a wrestler on Mid South by the name of Mike Doggendorf (not sure if that's spelled right). he was a huge guy with an impressive physic. can you give me some insight into his somewhat short career and where he is now or was i just smoking some bad stuff and have him mistaken for someone else?

A: Mike Doggendorf was a fixture in Angelo Poffo’s ICW and held the US Tag Belts with Lanny Poffo. He owns a gym in Shively, Kentucky just outside Louisville called Mike Doggendorf’s Southside Barbell Club.


Ray - Side note - Great column! Keep up the great work! I've got a few small questions for you :

Q1 -> A couple of years ago on RAW, the HeadHunters (under the guidance of James E. Cornette) did a post-match attack on the HeadBangers. Their offense looked kind of cool for big men. However, after this attack, the angle never went anywhere more. Why is that? And also, where they featured in one of the Royal Rumbles (I think as the "Squat Team" or something) and why didn't the WWF do anything else with them?

A: Manny and Victor Santiago, The Headhunters, attacked Owen and Davey Boy as well as the Headbangers. They didn’t really impress and they were dropped like a bad habit. They continue to wrestle throughout the world.

Q2 -> I remember watching Worldwide and there were a couple of jobber tag teams. One of them was called "Men At Work" and was featuring Chris Kanyon and Mark Starr. Kanyon is I guess, current WWF wrestler "Kanyon", but what did Mark Starr do after his jobber stint on Worldwide? And is it possible that they had a short "jobber" feud against a team of Cubans called "The Barreo Brothers"? Who were the Barreo Brothers, and where are they now?

A: Mark Starr (Mark Ashford-Smith) is the brother of Chris Champion. He never really did a whole lot except job. Oh, one other thing that he did do though is expose the world to Lightning Foot Jerry Flynn. Thanks Mark.

As for the Barreo Brothers – they were Fidel Sierra (David Sierra, Cuba’s Top Gun, the Cuban Assassin) who I talked about last week and Ricky Santana. Santana is wrestling for the WWC in Puerto Rico and Sierra is working for IPW in Florida under both Fidel Sierra and the Cuban Assassin.

Q3 -> Watching WCW Worldwide back in 1992, I saw an angle during some kind of feud centered around Erik Watts and a manager (Paul E. Dangerously?) who was wanting to put a stop to this instoppable rookie. On that edition of the show, as a main event, he said he went to the darkest jungles of Africa and found a man to stop Watts : I think he was called "The Mombo Warrior" and he was a Kamala-look alike (was he Kamala?). Did they just do this one-shot with the Mombo-guy or was it something more elaborate? Why did they call him by that stupid name (or was it actually his name or just a twist of memory)?

A: In November of 1992 Heyman debuted his latest find the Mumbo Warrior. The character was played by Ben Peacock aka ECW’s Uganda, Kamala II, and the Botswana Beast. Supposedly, Mumbo Jumbo is the name of an African idol that is the censor of female morals and the scourge of women who will not cook for their men. The idol looks like the big mask worn by Kamala and the Warrior. The term is a Mandingo phrase from Western Africa and is involved in the ritualistic dances that some tribes would perform.

Around the time of the Second World War there was also a Mumbo Cult in Kenya. The followers disavowed Christianity and predicted the exodus of Europeans on the African continent. There are also Mumbo Islands in Africa. As far as wrestling goes, I think the name just sounded African and I don’t think there was much more than the one interview with the Mumbo Warrior…maybe he had some housewives to tend to.

Q4 -> Why did the WWF push heavily AAA import Hector Garza in interviews and magazines, but didn't back up that "hype" with matches and some kind of real push? I only remember him beating T.L. Hopper on Superstars, and in some AAA matches on the Rumble that year and maybe RAW? Or was it because WCW f*cked them and hired the guy (I remember him popping out on WCW a couple of weeks afterward). In the same vein, they had Pierroth and Cibernetico "scouting" the tag team champions Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith, but the angle was dropped shortly thereafter. Why is that?

A: The WWF has never been very good at promoting smaller wrestlers and have been exceptionally bad when said wrestlers don’t speak English. I believe the WWF gave the Hispanic wrestlers a half-assed try but abandoned the idea shortly after starting. Konnan was also instrumental in moving the AAA wrestlers from the WWF to WCW. In late 1996 Konnan jumped from AAA to start his own promotion called Promo Azteca and took most of the young AAA talent with him. Konnan’s relationship was with WCW and WCW was very committed to showcasing their Lucha style so many of the Mexican stars jumped to WCW.

Q5 -> What was the point with the character "Lance Cassidy"? I know he was supposed to be one of the "Southern Boys" or "Young Pistols" in WCW, but in the WWF when they hired him, they just did a big nothing with the guy, and he was only featured in jobbers matches (that I remember) on Superstars?

A: Lance Cassidy was Steve Armstrong of the Armstrong family that included The Road Dog Jesse James, Brad, Scott and Bullet Bob Armstrong. Steve was far more talented than The Roaddog but just never found a gimmick that would get him over. You know, I seemed to think Lance Cassidy was a singing cowboy sort of like what was used by Jeff Jarrett and to an extent by Roaddog Jesse James but Brian Cole has a much better recollection of him and says there was no singing:

BC - : Lance Cassidy: I actually have every match Lance Cassidy wrestled in as far as TV goes. His Debut on Prime Time, Superstars, Wrestling Challenge, his 15 minute Draw with "Terrific" Terry Taylor, his jobber squash when new Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter was looking on, etc... And I have to say Lance Cassidy's gimmick was indeed that of a "Southern Boy" all the way down to his Young Pistol trunks, but I have to 100% completely disagree with Craig on the singing part. Cassidy never had a guitar, never sang, hell he never even got to talk. He was there in October and gone by December. Cassidy however, never had a gimmick of singing, Craig must be confused some how, he just got in there and wrestled, come to think of it he did good too, I don't know why he was released but it wasn't because he couldn't sing.

Oh yeah, and for proof on this or the Billy Graham question check out WrestlinGods.com under WWF TV videos and check it out.

Thanks Brian…Maybe I was thinking of Toy Story?

Q6 -> Where is Buddy Lee Parker's State Patrol tag team partner Lt. James T. Earl now? Did he do anything besides that gimmick anyway?

A: Actually it was Lt. James Earl Wright (Dale Veazy) that made up the other half of the State Patrol and I don’t think he did much of anything before other than wrestling around the Georgia area under his real name. Wright is still around though on a very limited schedule – he wrestled in January of this year for Columbus Championship Wrestling in Georgia.

Q7 -> Why did the WWF not write any music for some of their wrestlers (beside Andre the Giant). I remember that some, like Irwin R. Schyster and Well Dunn entered to the sound of silence?

A: At that point every wrestler didn’t have to have music. It wasn’t until the last 5 years or so that every wrestler from jobber to superstar had an entrance complete with theme song and special effects.

Q8 -> A young wrestler named "P.J. Walker" got a victory over Ted DiBiase during the course of his feud against Razor Ramon (caused by the latter's loss to the 1-2-3 Kid). The WWF did not capitalize on Walker's victory afterward, so why was he singled out as the one to get the victory : he wasn't a longtime jobber like Barry Horowitz nor a future prospect like the Kid (his stint as Aldo Montoya only started a little while after, and he was repackaged anyway)?

A: Just in the right place at the right time. They simply needed a no name and PJ walker (aka Aldo Montoya, Justin Credible) was the no with the name.


Randy Lee - Great Article, it is always very cool to hear answers from people who know what they are talking about. Couple of quick question:

1) Above Chuck Ilconich Jr asked you about a couple of different wrestlers, one of the tag teams was Demolition. You didn't answer that part of the question, where are they now?

A: Actually I covered them in Ask 411 2.05.02.

Q2) By your comment on the last question, Can one assume that beefcake is headed back to the WWF?

A: Actually I got this one a few times due to my off the cuff comment last week. I don’t think Hogan’s greatly reduced power could get Beefcake back into the WWF. Beefcake has been washed up since he was Beefcake. Ditto I don’t think Jimmy Hart has a chance either. Hogan knows when to cut people loose for political reasons and Hart, Beefcake, the Nasty Boys and the rest of his crew are old news. There is no way Hogan will risk his renewed popularity by bringing in those dorks.

Q3) There has been much talk about Shawn Michaels coming back, I thought his neck injury was so severe that he risked permanent injury if he wrestled again. Has something changed with his situation, or would he come back as an announcer or manager? Thanks and keep up the great work,

A: Shawn Michaels seriously injured his back. However, it seems by all accounts that he could work a limited schedule. The problem is that Michaels hasn’t seemed to have grown up since he was the main event and the top dog. Today’s stars like Austin and the Rock party little and bust ass. Michaels also hasn’t aged particularly well and the Boy Toy’s receding hairline is a tribute to mid-life. The longer this all drags out the more I hope Michaels won’t return. I would love to see him in top form but as it is I get less and less confident that Michaels career isn’t best left behind. I would rather remember him as the best in the world rather than a decrepit, balding former champion. I mean who would cheer a decrepit, balding former cham…Oh gotta go, RAW is on and Hogan is might wrestle!


Thanks for reading and thanks for writing. Drop me a line at - Ask411now@hotmail.com.


P.S. There’s an easy way to check if your question has already been answered in the archives. Just cut and paste “Ask 411””the subject of your question” both in quotations into the Google.com search engine. It will give you all columns that I mentioned with the name of the wrestler you are wondering about. Saves me time and you don’t have to wait for an answer. You also might find your answer in the RSPW FAQ or The Classic RSPW FAQ.

P.P.S. If you see the initials BC beside some clarification that stands for Brian Cole. Brian has been so gracious as to act as my editor/proofreader and you can check out his latest column The 411 International Report to keep up on the latest stuff outside North America.

Thanks dudes.


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