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Ask 411 7.15.02: Raven’s Nest, Jack Veneno, Super Crazy, LWO, Rocky King
Posted by Craig Letawsky on 07.15.2002

Hey welcome back to Ask 411. Whatcha been up to? Really, that’s kind of creepy…you should have that looked at.

I got nothin’ to say about the state of wrestling and I have just been off work for 5 days and am a bit fried so let’s just jump right in and tackle some old business then get on to the new stuff. Oh first though, I am digging Knoble and Nidia’s Trailer Park gimmick. That there is some funny stuff.

A few updates on the title belt question from last time from Joe Bond:
As a fan of wrestling trivia, I thought I'd chime in on the question about the WWF title belts. As far as the World title goes, I can recall four styles that Hogan wore in his initial title reign. There was the one he won from the Iron Sheik. Then he wore the next style at the first two Wrestlemanias. The third style was worn at Wrestlemania 3 against Andre. Then the fourth style was unveiled right before he lost to Andre on Sat. Main Event. That was the same style that made it up to Austin beating Michaels at 'Mania 14. Austin cut his chin open on that style of belt and it was changed to the bigger, rounder style that was around until HHH beat Jericho this year.

As far as I-C and Tag Belts go, all you need to do is look back at Wrestlemania 1. The tag belts were quite different then, but by Wrestlemania 2 they were pretty much like they are now. The I-C belt was originally an awful looking green strap with silver plating. I remember Gorilla Monsoon actually saying that that belt was destroyed in a Tito Santana title defense because he wrestled while wearing the belt. But by the time Savage won it (before Wrestlemania 2), it looked like the belt Austin threw in the river.

So if you count Wrestlemania as the beginning of the modern era, the totals are as follows:

World belts: 6
I-C belts: 3
Tag Belts: 2

Thanks Joe and thanks also to Jon Padilla

J Talley dropped by with a Wrestling Doctor: In response to the question in your 06/28/02 column, Dr. Benjamin F. Roller was a light heavyweight wrestler around the turn of the century with a Ph.D. Great Column BTW

Thanks man, how could I miss that one? Har har.

Chris Schinke has another Penis Suplex incident…poor Al Snow: In addition to what Mick Foley had to say about the now infamous Penis Suplex, he wasn't the only one to notice that Al Snow wears nothing under his spandex. I was watching a late night talk show that had Triple H as a guest on it a year or so ago (maybe Craig Kilborn...not sure), and Triple H mentioned a match he once had with Al Snow in which he gave him a suplex and exposed him. He said that there wasn't much time during the suplex to tell Al that something was showing, so he simply said out loud what he could see before dropping Snow -- "Grub worm." Apparently, Snow isn't that impressive, nor does it seem like anyone else has been exposed during a match.

RK Cartwright mentioned that there is a problem with my “Google” search suggestion when looking for a previously answered question. The column comes up but the link doesn’t work. This is due to Widro’s fancy website update a few months back…just look for the date of the column Google gives you check the archives under the column for that date. Kind of fiddly but it works.

I also totally misread the question about Hulk Hogan and the IWGP Championship. I was thinking 1983 not ’93. David McCoy was first one in: I just wanted to post a clarification to your answer about Hogan and the IWGP title after Hogan beat Yokozuna for the belt at Wrestlemania in 1993, he did indeed travel to the Orient, wrestling a notable match against the Great Muta in that tour. At a press conference, Hogan stated that the IWGP title was the real World Heavyweight Title, a Rolls Royce, and that the WWF title was like a Volkswagon. Word at the time was there was indeed heat between him and Vinnie Mac, leading to his title drop at the KOTR to Yokozuna again. Hope this clears things up.

Thanks Dave and Skully316, Jason Bailey, Myshack33, Zac Binks, Jac734, Mr Bangkok, Ryan Owens, Complete Player, J Engel, Steve Towler and Jonathon Morris.

John Pascoe chipped in with the identity of ECW’s Young Dragons : Hey, great shit you write, a very, very smart man you are. I would like to give you a little assist on that ECW team the "Young Dragons" they were composed of Mikey Whipwreck and the "Giant Killer" Paul Lauria. They later un-masked and feuded in the early days of ECW. Peace,

Thanks also to C.D. Hauver and Brian Cole.

411’s own Carlos Mahuad dropped in from South of the border (actually South of two borders for me): Nice column as always dude. Just wanted to clear up the whole luchadore "akin to superheroes" thing here in Mexico. There was a time when that was true, but nowadays mainstream exposure is not quite as extensive. In fact, I would say it is just about equal to or less than wrestlers exposure in the US. No more wrestling movies are being made, and they are only on TV in wrestling shows and as occasional guests in other shows, but that is about it.

Bob Barren did the 411 review for the WCW card featuring the Foley/Funk Texas Death match from last column. Here’s the real story on the 30 second break : Okay- the deal was - You had to pin the guy for a three count. Once you did that there was a 30 second rest period. After THAT the person pinned had ten seconds to get up. I probably didn’t make that clear in my review. Awesome column- keep up the awesome work.

Thanks dude, you too. Nice to know we’re all reading each other’s stuff. I love that column Carlos did on…uh…you know the one that had the …um…Hey what the hell does Carlos do around here anyways. Wait a minute, I think he left at some point. Well at least we still have Flea.

Let’s do it…

Brendan Sinclair – Q: Ok, so I was watching Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo the other week and I got curious about one character they referred to as "the wrestler." He was a thug for one of the gangs, and he was huge compared to the rest of the actors. Given his height and strange facial features, I thought it might have been a young Giant Baba that played the role. Can you confirm that, and if it's not Baba, is it some other pro wrestler? Thanks.

A: Jerry Fujio played Roku The Giant in Yojimbo. He also appeared in Kurosawa’s Dodeskaden and a few other Japanese movies. He was not, to my knowledge, a professional wrestler.


Doug Smith – Q: Thanks for the wonderful trips down memory lane in your column. On Saturday morning at 6am, ESPN Classic runs a Golden Age of Wrestling show. This week, they had a wrestler named Sky High Lee in a match from 1952. He was very tall and looked a lot like Chuck Connors (actor, athlete) to me. Was it him? The opposing tag team had The Shiek (of Araby) and The Crusher which was pretty cool too.

A: Chuck Connors was not near the stature of Sky High Lee. Sky Hi Lee (Robert Leedy) stood well over 7 feet and weighed over 400 pounds. Lee enjoyed his booze and Stampede Wrestling’s Ed Whalen told a story of how Lee drank a 40 ouncer of Whiskey straight out of the jug during a car ride from Regina to Calgary (About a 6 hour trip). Lee, Like Andre, didn’t show his liquor though. Also, similar to Andre, Lee battled a boxer when he tangled with Joe Louis. Lee died in Paris.


Joel T. – Great column . . . truly a must read. I was watching an old ECW DVD the
other day and there was a match between The Eliminators and The Gangstas.
This sparked a couple of questions:

Q1: What ever happened to Mustafa? He seemed to have a good wrestler build.
Kind of reminded me of a younger Ron Simmons. Anyway, he left ECW before it
folded because I've seen a ton of New Jack's singles matches. Will we ever
see him again?

A1: Mustafa Saed (Jamal Mustafa) left ECW in August of 1997 vacating the ECW Tag Titles he held with New Jack. Saed wrestled on the independents and spent some time in Puerto Rico (winning the Puerto Rican Heavyweight Title) and in Japan with CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling out of New Jersey) in a bit of a promotional feud with Big Japan in 2000. He made some appearances in the UK in 2001 for British Wrestling Federation and again in Puerto Rico (where he won the Puerto Rico Tag Titles with Rastaman in June of 2001). Not real sure where he is at the moment.

Q2: Did John Kronus have some sort of personal problems? Why did he never
catch on outside of ECW and later XPW? While not the greatest of all time,
he had some great high-risk moves for a big guy. I heard he made some weird
semi-porno S&M movie through the XPW guy (Rob Black? John Black?), but it
seems he could at least be used to get Saturn over as part of the Eliminators. Thanks! Keep up the good work! I look forward to the next installment .

A2: Kronus battled with his weight and, while initially very agile, gained enough weight that he was not in the type of shape he would need to be for the WWF or WCW to take a look at him. He and Saturn did not get along and Saturn never even told him he was leaving for WCW. Saturn also complained that Kronus was lazy. Kronus also may have a screw or two loose but probably no more so than any of the other Hardcore maniacs roaming about.


Anthony Puccia - Hi Craig, I was wondering if you would be able to help my friend and I out with a question. On a random episode of Kids In The Hall on Comedy Central, there was this commercial skit for a perfume that was using the same theme music as Booker T's intro. We wanted to know if you could tell us if the name of that song.

A: WCW used a lot of stock music purchased from a production house. These sets contain hundreds of copyright free songs (to the purchaser) that can be used for TV shows, radio commercials and, in WCW, wrestling themes. That is why you will sometimes hear theme music from Goldberg or even the Nitro theme in commercial spots. I’m not sure what company sold WCW the stock music so I can’t tell you what the name of it is. Doesn’t really matter though as it wouldn’t relate to Booker. It’s probably like “Smooth Rumbling Smoke” or something. Many of WWE’s themes are original compositions so if you hear them on radio or TV spots for other products they are likely being used illegally.


Guillaume Le Francoy - I recently heard a Bret Hart interview (I believe it was from his movie, Wrestling With Shadows) in which he stated that his favorite wrestling character is Mankind. My question is: Have these two guys ever met in the ring? I don't recall any match between these two, whether it is Mankind, Dude Love or Cactus Jack. If there's ever been such a match, when did it occur, who won, and what kind of match was it?

A: The two have met a few times, but I think their only televised singles match was January 1, 1997 when they met on Shotgun Saturday Night. The finish saw Bret lock in the sharpshooter only to have Owen (who was on colour) interfere. They also headlined non-televised shows in England in late 1996. November 10, 1997 Bret, Owen and Davey Boy met Dude Love, Steve Austin and the Undertaker at RAW.


Kyle Craigo - I was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions for me? I was wondering about a few guys who used to wrestle in the Carolinas in the mid-80's. None were stars, I don't think. I think all of them were jobbers.

Q1: First, Rocky King, he was a skinny, black guy with an Afro.

A1: Rocky King (William Boulware Jr.) began wrestling at the age of 20 in 1979. Throughout the 80s he traveled the states but made South Carolina his home. He eventually was picked up by WCW and was a jobber into the 90s for the likes of Dudes with Attitudes, The Four Horsemen and the Freebirds. In 1998 he became a referee in WCW (you’d recognize him from Nitro if you saw a picture). In 1999 he left WCW to form the Boulware Wrestling Association indy fed that also helps to provide for the needy. The promotion is centered in Riverdale, Georgia and Rocky still wrestles.

Q2: Second, a guy named Laser-Tron, he used to wear a Laser-Tag gun and target. He wore a mask and teamed with Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant a lot of the time.

A2: Lasertron was Eddie Guerrero’s bro Hector. Hector was also unfortunately saddled with the Gobbledy Gooker abortion.

Q3: Also, there was a tag team me and my friends liked a lot. They were called The New Breed-they were supposed to be from the future or something. They used to wrestle the Rock-N-Roll and Midnight Expresses a lot. One of them had a cast on one of his arms and the cast had a computer chip in it or something.

A: I covered The New Breed in one of my first columns Ask 411 01.029.01


Jake Parkhill – Q: I was watching Survivor Series 1998 and JR made reference to an IC tournament in October of 1998, I was wondering if you could elaborate on this tournament and give results. Thank you.

A: The October 12, 1998 Raw is WAR featured a one night IC Title Tournament. In round one Ken Shamrock made Steve Blackman tap to the ankle lock in 2:30, Val Venis beat Marc Mero with the Perfectplex in 2:15, Mankind beat Mark Henry with Mr. Socko in 3:18 and X-Pac rolled up Jeff Jarrett in 3:09. Second round saw Shamrock beat Venis with the ankle lock in 4:36 and Shamrock interfered with a chairshot to Mankind’s ankle to give X-Pac the win in 3:16. Shamrock immediately jumped X-Pac and the final match was on. Shamrock eventually locked the anklelock on X-Pac and won the IC Title in 3:56. This is also the monumental show when Austin filled McMaon’s ‘vette with cement. The match information and times were blatantly stolen from CRZ. A bazillion visitors and zero ads - Slash Wrestling.


Chris Pleasants- Great column! I have 2 questions that I hope you can find time within your busy schedule to answer. Kurt Angle mentions in his book how the guys in the locker room are always trying to get he and Brock Lesnar to have an amateur style wrestling match.

Q1) Has Kurt and Brock ever had an amateur match "behind the scenes", and if so what was the outcome?

A1 – Word is that Angle challenged Lesnar to an amateur bout before the matches but he declined. Lesnar says that he could beat Angle but I have my doubts.

Q2) Does Triple H possibly have a son. In what may just be coincidence, one of my wife's students' last name is Levesqe (sp?), is from somewhere up north, NY I think, and his fathers name is John (not sure if his middle name is Paul). According to my wife, The child's father has absolutely nothing to do with him. Any idea?

A: I doubt there is any relation.


Brent Matson - Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me who sings and what is the name of the theme at the beginning of Raw. Thanks

A: The song is called Across the Nation by Union Underground.


RealityCheck – Q: I remember a bit before the end of WCW, that there was a wrestler by the name of Jason Jett. I thought he was one of best cruiserweights i've seen! Real great moves!! Except for his look, he had it all! Where is he now? Thanx

A: Jason Jett (Jason Broyles) is EZ Money. Money is wrestling for the WWE’s farm league the Heartland Wrestling Association. He was the HWA Heavyweight Champ earlier this year. Money started out at the age of 16 and worked his way up to ECW. He was then picked up by WCW as Jason B. and then Jason Jett. He was one of the guys signed by the WWF when they bought WCW. According to HWAonline (Heartland’s website) he makes his own tights and many of the ECW guys as well.


Cuth - I was wondering if you could tell me who the members of the original Minnesota wrecking crew were.

A: Gene Anderson and his “brother” Ole (Al Rogowski) formed the original Minnesota Wrecking Crew. Their “cousin” Arn Anderson (Marty Lunde) later formed the New Minnesota Wrecking Crew with Ole.


Julie Sanz -Hey man, great column, my personal favorite, I have two questions…
Q1: In ECW they had Cyberslam 2000 where Tommy Dreamer won the World Title for the first and only time, and I wanted to know if you could name all the matches that were on that card.

A1: The card took place April 22, 2000. Masato Tanaka beat Too Cold Scorpio with this Diamond Dust. Dawn Marie and Lance Storm beat Nova and Jazz when Justin Credible interfered by caning Jazz. Dawn Marie got the pin. Little Guido won a three way with Super Crazy and Kid Kash. The Dangerous Alliance beat Danny Doring and Roadkill. Steve Corino pinned Dusty Rhodes. Rhino beat Tajiri with a double piledriver. In the Main Event Dreamer Pinned Tazz to win the World Title. Justin Credible then challenged Dreamer to a title match and ended up winning the World Heavyweight Title.

Q2: Could you name every member that was ever in the Ravens’ Nest in ECW?

A: At varying times in ECW Raven’s Nest consisted of Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie, Johnny Hotbody, Tony Stetson, The Pitbulls, Dudley Dudley, Dances with Dudley, Buh Buh Ray Dudley, Big Dick Dudley, Chubby Dudley, Sign Guy Dudley, Little Snot Dudley, Super Nova, Beulah, Lori Fullington, Tyler Fullington, Lupus, Reggie Bennett (in possibly her only ECW appearance), Chastity, Cactus Jack, Brian Lee, Ron & Don Bruise, The Heavenly Bodies, Kimona Wanaleia and Luna Vachon, Hope I didn’t miss anyone.


FavreSB31 - In your last column, you referred to Tim White as Andre's handler. I have the A&E biography on tape and I noticed that it listed Tim White as Andre's handler under his name on the screen graphic. To quote Cliff Clavin (or the Hurricane)


I'm sorry, but when I hear handler, I think guys at a circus with electric shockers trying to contain the mighty elephant. My God, Andre was no circus Animal! He was a kind human being, or so I hear from endless stories about him. Is "handler" a term for some sort of assistant, of which I'm unaware, or does A&E really think the guy was a circus animal that needed to be tamed?

A: It does seem slightly strange, however, a boxer’s trainers and seconds are referred to as handlers. When you think about it in the respect of Andre being a fighter then it makes sense. Another definition is “One that handles or directs something or someone.” If Tim White made all the arrangements for cars, reservations etc (which I assume he did) then it also makes sense in that way.



A: Yep, he was Sandman.


A2: The match did happen and Veneno won the belt. During the match the crowd came to a fevered pitch and Flair worried that the crowd would riot. The match result was changed mid-stream and Veneno got the belt. The storyline went that he had to give the belt back to Flair because he would not defend it outside the Dominican Republic. The title switch was not recognized by the NWA. I believe the match happened in 1982 and not 1987. Flair had similar losses to Carlos Colon and Victor Jovica that were never recognized so I think they were using the belt to get over the hometown heroes. None of those title losses were recognized either. WCW did a similar thing by Swapping the US Title between Chris Benoit and Booker T on House shows but not mentioning the swaps on TV.


A: Hayabusa (Eiji Ezaki) was a major star for FMW and one of the most popular stars in Japan. Last October 22 the 43 year old Hayabusa slipped while attempting a lionsault and landed directly on his head. He was immediately paralyzed. He eventually regained feeling in the uppper part of his body but still struggles to move his lower body. He believes he will walk and wrestle again but it is a long road.

Super Crazy is currently wrestling in Puerto Rico for the WWA. I would love to see him in WWE but they don’t have great success with non-English speaking wrestlers. Still, the dude was both “Super” and “Crazy” how could he not get over?


Dyk - Q1) I was recently watching a wrestling match, with Tajiri. I noticed every time he kicks it makes a loud, sort of snapping noise. I figured when the wrestlers slap each other, it can be heard through the arena, but I mean come on, he isn't really kicking these guys is he? Do you know what he does to make such a loud noise? I think it involves his slapping his pants but I still can't catch it.

A: Just like for everyone else I’m pretty sure it involves slapping their leg. Test is very blatant about it. Val Venis tends to slap himself in the ass. We were front row for his match when he came to town and there was a hand shaped print on his ass from slapping it when he kicked. Tajiri seems to get the snapping sound from his pants but I think he still has to slap his leg to get that massive snap.

Q2) This one involves Hardcore weapons. The 'STEEEEEEL' steps that lead onto the ring, the garbage cans, the chairs and the tables. Have you any information on these being 'un altered' or are they the real thing? When you think of it. it's hard to fake a chairshot/powerbomb onto a real table.

A: For the most part hardcore plunder is exactly what it looks like. The lightweight garbage cans are lightweight garbage cans. The tables are tables and the sheet metal stairs are sheet metal stairs. The announcers may exaggerate about the weight of the items (like Michael Cole’s 100 pound ring steps) but for the most part they are what they look like. The only notable exception is the barbed wire in WWE. They have used rubber tipped wire in several matches.

Q3) And finally, this one involves the ever so popular Tag Team Titles..It seems everytime I watch a match now, The GAY Brigade is fighting 2 singles wrestlers that team up and get beaten by Interference on Rico's part. Does the WWE have any future plans with this belt? Or are they just going to drop it because it is getting boring! They split up the Dudleys, the Acolytes, Edge & Christian and maybe even the Hardy Boyz! Aren't Sean O'haire and Mark Jindrak under contract with the WWE and what about Kronik, weren't they around during the invasion? I would be happy to hear ANYTHING involving the future of the tag team division in the WWE.

A: Well, due to my laziness.. mean, EXTREME busyness, I didn’t get to this question before Hogan and Edge won the belts. I would love to see WWE let the tag belts be defended on both shows and by moving Hogan between RAW and Smackdown it could help the RAW star power. A Hogan/Edge – Guerrero/Benoit feud would sit nicely with me. Jindrak isn’t ready for primetime yet. O’haire was on Heat this week and Kronik were blown out after their disastrous debut. They do have enough new guys to form some tag teams though so hopefully they will.


Chris Pinheiro - In the old WCW, they had a group known as the Latino World Order. In the group was a tall man who wore sunglasses and never spoke. Who was this guy?

A: Eddy’s bodyguard was Art Flores. Other members of the LWO were Damian, Hector Garza, El Dandy, LA Parka, Pscosis, Juventud Guerrera, Rey Mysterio Jr, Silver King, Ciclope and Villano IV.


Nate – Q1: Hey! I was wondering if you could tell me what the rating for the last WCW Nitro was (March 27, 2001).

A: Nitro’s unopposed first hour did a 3.12 and second hour was a 2.94 for a composite of 3.03. This was up almost a full point from the week before’s 2.14 due to the WWF buying WCW and Vince and Shane appearing on Nitro. Just for reference sake RAW’s head to head first hour did a 4.21 and second unopposed hour was a 5.42 for a 4.71 composite. At the time the WWF was yipping about combining for a 7.7 rating. Compare that to RAW’s fully unopposed rating of 3.7 last Monday.

Q2: Also, speaking of WCW, do you think the WWF will ever have a seperate WCW show (I think I already know the answer, I just wanted to get your opinion)? Keep up the great work!

A: Nope, I think WCW is dead. Just my opinion but I’m not sure there is anything there so salvage.


Okay that’s it for another wee…er…another couple wee…uh…maybe a month. Or two.

Thanks tons for reading, I really appreciate it. Please drop me a line at Ask411now@hotmail.com



P.S. Make sure to check out Brian Cole’s site for thousands of wrestling videos from around the world at Wrestlingods.com. You can never watch too much wrestling I always say.

P.P.S. Remember, There’s an easy way to check if your question has already been answered in the archives. Just cut and paste “Ask 411””the subject of your question” both in quotations into the Google.com search engine. It will give you all columns that I mentioned with the name of the wrestler you are wondering about. You may not be able to link directly to the column from Google but just look at the date and then open the 411 archives and get that column from there.

You also might find your answer in the RSPW FAQ or The Classic RSPW FAQ.


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