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Ask 411 11.14.02: No Limit Soldiers, Barry O, Super Liger, Savinovich
Posted by Craig Letawsky on 11.14.2002

Mark from Milwaukee: Although nobody can begrudge you the well deserved time away. No questions this time, just a "hope all is well" and a hearty "by golly you're appreciated". Thank you for such a consistently well done column, and I can't wait until you're next one. All my best to you my brutha,

Hey thanks for the concern but I’m okay. It’s just that the wrestling scene has been so uninspired lately that I have trouble getting it together to write a column. I do apologize for the infrequency of columns though.

Now, let’s see…what’s been happenin’ since I was gone? Hyatte screwed over the Rick which is kinda funny. I’ve never been all that offended by the Rick and he did have one hell of a nice format of questions and answers that someone should steal someday. Har har. I do like to watch people fight though so it’s all good.

I don’t really want to talk about the bad stuff in wrestling so here’s what I like…Lesnar, Rey, the Testicles stuff, Angle, Benoit, Edge’s development, the Guerreros (minus Eddy’s backne - lay off the horse pills bro), the potential for Survivor Series including the Lesnar/Big Show match and Tough Enough 3.

Oh and also, I think Hyatte and Eric S. can write about whatever they want. The fact that I go into a diatribe later of military spending did not in any way influence my statement.

Other than that I got nothing to say so let’s move on to a bunch of old business and then get some new Q and A under our belt.

Danny aka Dr Zaius was first in on a couple of screw-ups: don’t mean to be a dick and correct the genius that you are but Edge defeated Kurt Angle for the US title and unified the US and IC titles at Survivor Series by beating Test. The loss caused Test to get involved in the Immunity Battle Royal -which he won. Also Rick Martel's comeback to WCW and TV title reign happened in 1998, not 2000. He injured his knee in a match against Booker T in one of the first two ppvs of the year, I think Superbrawl.

I’m no genius dude, I screw up more than most. Thanks also to Dave Sugarman, Dave Glow, Ryan Gleason and OneTrueJoe.

Nunya Business dropped by with a bit more on Perry Saturn’s finisher: I think the name of the hold was also a tribute of sorts to Chris Jericho. Back when Jericho was feuding with the Man of 1000 holds, Dean Malenko, Jericho revealed that he (Jericho) was the Man of 1004 holds. among the holds was the moss cover three handled family grudunzle.

Good catch, thanks also to Don Del Grande.

Had some good feedback on my Bret/Owen Hart comparison with Canada/US relations from Simon Wright: In regards to the Owen Hart/Canada metaphor... sniff... that was beautiful, man. Most concise and accurate portrayal of American-Canadian relations ever. I am *so* stealing that.

Christian liked it too: I know you don't really answer e-mails directly, but I just wanted to give you some kudos for the "Why Does Canada hate the US?" and "They Live" questions. You hit the nail directly on the head, and I've actually grabbed that answer to the Canada question for stuff that I'm
saving on the computer just cause it interests me...

I actually have no problem answering e-mails directly and thanks.

Atrabka did call me on my geography though: Unless you were just referring to the contiguous US, Canada doesn't really dwarf the US. Yes it is larger, but only by approximately 300,000 sq. miles (3.9 million-3.6 million). You probably didn't consider Alaska. Regardless, I've seen little brothers bigger than their older brothers before, so Canada will probably retain it's America Jr. title.

Nice use of the word “contiguous” there but Alaska also borders Canada so if I were referring to the contiguous US it would include Alaska. Semantics I know my friend. Regardless, according to statistics Canada, Canada is just under 10 million square kilometres (9,984,670 sq. km about 6.2 million square miles), about twice as large as you state. The US is also larger than you think as well at 9,372,610 square kilometres including DC and the 50 states. So, Canada is over 600,000 square kilometres bigger than the States which is about 5 New York Cities or just under the size of Texas. Now why would I think anyone would be interested in that? Good question my friend…gooood question.

Of course I knew I couldn’t totally get away without some negative feedback. Ned Moraghan interprets the situation like this: Just for the record Canada has only 55,000 people in their armed services. I think the reason that Canada can get away with that is that they are allied with and border the United States. If Canada is located anywhere else in the world, they would have to get their act together militarily or they wouldn't enjoy the freedom they currently have. Canada in inferior to the US, just deal with it.

Good point…Canada lets someone else spend billions on policing the world and then spends their taxpayer’s money on things like healthcare. The mighty military of the US also allows us to use our soldiers as peacekeepers to better the planet and develop a foreign policy that is one of the most respected in the world.

Now, don’t think I don’t appreciate the US’s military powers because, like I said last time, it’s sometimes good to have your big, drunken, loud-mouthed Uncle kick somebody’s ass for you. However…

Canada is 16th in the world in military spending ahead of such countries as Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and Greece who all seem to enjoy freedom without neighboring the United States. The UK is the 4th largest military spender and Canada is still very closely allied with the English so someone would have our back. Canada trails just behind Iran and Israel in military spending and those two countries are pretty involved in military operations wouldn’t you say?

So I guess the question isn’t the size of Canada’s military, it’s the excess of the US’s. The US budgeted 396 billion for it’s military in 2003, more than all other G7 nations combined. 6 times more than Russia (who is the second largest spender) and more than the combined military budgets of the next 25 highest spenders combined. Russia, China and the 7 rogue nations (Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria) combined spend just 30% of what the US does. Who are you looking to fight? Possibly there is an alien civilization that spends as much as you do and when they show up I’ll be damn happy for it but until then, in the immortal words of Shrek, “I think someone’s compensating for something.”

Whoo, that was fun…now on a happier note, one more from fellow prairie boy Quint Lange: Just a comment on the Canada vs US issue. The reason Canadians "hate" Americans is that we feel Americans are too self centered to care about Canada, the US's largest and friendliest neighbor. I know all the states and their capitals, but when I tell Americans I'm from Saskatoon, they have no idea where that is, despite the fact it's the biggest city in Saskatchewan (of course, they don't know where Saskatchewan is, either.)

Obviously, those are unfair generalizations. Not every Canadian knows all the states and capitals, and lots of Americans know where Saskatoon, or at least Saskatchewan, is. It's just fun for us to perceive that there is a rivalry between Canada and the US. Although we say stuff like "those dumb Americans think we all live in igloos", we are also very excited when we are mentioned or acknowledged in American pop culture, like when Saskatchewan got mentioned on the Sopranos. We don't actually hate Americans, we just have a friendly rivalry.

Those are just my feelings on this issue. By the way, I was in New York City this summer, and I found New Yorkers to be very nice people. I got into a conversation with a New Yorker on the subway, and he not only knew where Saskatoon was, we had a discussion about guys who played for the NY Rangers who were from Saskatoon. He was very friendly, welcomed me to his city, and bugged me a little about wearing an Oakland A's hat to Yankee stadium for an A's-Yankees game. I didn't meet any of the "typical" rude, unfriendly New Yorkers we always hear about.

I agree Quint, I was in New York in 2000 and the people were excellent. It’s strange but New York City people seem to be smaller than people in Canada. I’m 5’9” and while waiting in line at MSG I seemed taller than most while in Canada I am shorter than most in a crowd. My buddy is 6’4” and was one of the tallest there. Damn strange if you ask me.

Moving on, there’s some debate over how many titles are encompassed by the IC belt.

Chris Walker quotes Scott Keith: The IC title does actually contain the lineage of 6 titles, at least according to Scott Keith, here is an excerpt from one of his feedbags:

Okay, we'll do this backwards...
- Rob Van Dam, current champion, defeated Tommy Dreamer to unify the IC title with the Hardcore title last week on RAW.
- Before that, he beat Jeff Hardy in a ladder match to unify the IC title with the European title.
- At Survivor Series 2001, IC champion Test lost to US champion Edge, which marks the only time I can think of where the LOSER'S title ended up being the unified one.
- Previous to that, in 1999, there's a dubious claim that Scott Hall (while US champion) was also given the TV title, and then threw the TV title in the trash, which some say unified the titles. However, Jim Duggan pulled the title from the trash and started defending it again, so who knows.
- In 1986, US champion Nikita Koloff defeated National champion Wahoo MacDaniel to unify those titles.
- In 1981, Georgia National champion Masked Superstar defeated Georgia Heavyweight champion Tommy Rich to unify those titles into what became the NWA National title.

Dave Ingraham, Jed S., El Jefe, Matt Roberts, Tom Daniels and Jason Smith back him up.

411’s Ron Gamble checked in too:Just one note about Brian's call on the North American title. About three weeks after Patterson beat DiBiase for the belt, he came on tv and said he won the Intercontinental title in Rio. He then also said that because he won the title in a grueling tournament, it was much more prestigious that the worthless North American belt, and that he was simply dropping that belt. No one else was ever named NA champ, nor was there ever a tournament. I would say instead of being merged into the IC title, it was more like it was eliminated.

Sounds similar to what they just did to the IC belt itself. What goes around, comes around I guess. That should clear things up.

Brent Chittenden has a bit on the Sting/Crow deal: Thought I had something to add to your great column. James O'Barr may not have sued Warner Bros for a number of reasons over the Sting/Crow gimmick.

1) Your explanation of money is a very good portion of it and even guys who have movies made from their creations sometimes don't want to be bothered.

2) The make up was inspired in part by how Iggy Pop dressed in the 80's, O'Barr says so in several interviews and in one of the printings of the graphic novel. So hard to justify it.

3) Anyone else notice the make up changed after a month or two? I could be wrong but it may have been Starcade with the match with Hogan or shortly before. The theory was that O'Bar or Dimension films (who did the crow films) made some inquiries about it and the make up was changed as a result to avoid any real law suit threat.

Sid has more: I saw that question and I know why Sting was like that.On one of WCW's famous QVC shows one of the guys asked Sting why he looked like The Crow so much,and
Sting said its his fav. movie and is a fan of O'Barrs work.

Cameron Pershall has spotted Esse Rios: Someone probably sent this info along already, but just in case...I recently saw Essa on TV working for either CMLL or AAA. He used the Mr. Aguila name,
but was copying several WWE gimmicks. He came out to DX's music, was dressed like Raven and did Matt Hardy's pre-match poses. I wondered at the time if the WWE had given him permission to use the DX music or if they just didn't know about it (which seems unlikely).

Marlster31 had an eyewitness encounter with Andre the Giant: I met Andre outside the garden in 1983.I am 6-5.My brother was with me and he is 6-9.Andre was at least 7-2.

Okay, I heard different but at 6’5” you’re too frickin’ big for me to mess with.

Jason Howe: The WWE is looking for a play-by-play announcer. You should apply! And then we could do an angle where I'm a crazed fan, and every week I leap from the crowd and attack you, leaving you in a pool of your own blood. Yeah!, we could do that each and every week....even when you're on vacation. I would come at you while you're sipping your drink by the pool on vacation in Mexico, and you would end up floating face down in the pool, surrounded by your own blood. Aw man this is gold! Gold I tells you! GOLD! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Security! SECURITY! Hey wait a minute…in your little scenario I get to be a WWE Play by Play guy? Done and done.

On that note let’s let ‘er rip on new stuff…

Tyler Merriam – Q: I have a question dealing with the NWA on TBS. In early 1989 Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross hosted the NWA Saturday night program "World Championship Wrestling." When Schiavone left for the WWF, the NWA hired a bunch of people, like Chris Cruise to World Wide Wrestling and Lance Russell to Pro, but who assisted "Good 'Ol JR" until Schiavone returned in the middle of

A: Broadcasting Legend Gordon Solie assisted JR on the commentary for the TBS shows. He also worked on the syndicated shows as well. Solie stayed with WCW in some capacity until 1995.


Corey James – Q: Hey, I was just checking out the XWF homepage and noticed they've updated their roster with pictures. I was wondering if 'Kwik Kick' is indy sensation Low Ki? They look damn similar to the dot if it's not him. Also, could you give me any info on who the wrestler 'Vapor' is? Thanks a lot and keep up the great work.

A: Yes Kwik Kick is Low Ki. Not sure who Vapor is though, maybe a reader can enlighten us and I’ll update.


Chris Meyer – Q: Yes, you're a god, your column rocks, you are my hero and all that (it helps that I get in less trouble reading your column at work than looking at porn) Only suggestion would be more stories about big apes in yellow jackets in New York...

Anyway, easy question for you I hope. It's pretty recent. There was a period where I kinda gave up watching WCW near it's end. But I do remember they had a No Limit Soldiers group of some kind. I think Ray Mysterio was one of the members maybe? Just wondering who the other members were and if any of them were actually from the No Limit record label?

A: The No Limit Soldiers consisted of Rey Misterio, Konan, B.A. (Brad Armstrong), Chase Tatum, Swoll (Randy Thornton) and 4 x 4 (Ted Reade aka Cassius, Cash). They were fronted by Master P.

Rapper Master P is an actual recording artist for No Limit Records and Swoll was a legit bodyguard for him. The two had a falling out when Master P and WCW separated company less than two months into a one year contract but Swoll continued to wrestle in hopes of launching a full time career in the ring. That didn’t pan out. I think 4x4 was a friend of Master P but Chase Tatum was a power plant trainee. After leaving WCW, Tatum continued to wrestle on the independent circuit and rumor was he was signing a WWF contract but did not handle himself well in a meeting with Vince McMahon. He did face John Cena in a match in UPW but showed no charisma. 4x4 hung around as well and was introduced as Cassius into the New Harlem Heat angle with Stevie Ray and Big T (aka Ahmed Johnson). I think that Swoll and 4x4 had one year deals as well and that’s why they were used after Master P left.


Chris Fisher – Q: Great column. I bow to your unequaled wrestling knowledge. I have a couple of quick questions for you that I'd love to have answered.

Q1) In the latter part of the 90's, Shane McMahon had his own "mini-stable" of sorts, composed of his supposed buddies from upper-class Connecticut. They were two guys named Rodney and Pete Gas and did some of Shane O'Mac's dirty work for him. If I remember correctly, they also may have been involved at some point in a program for the hardcore title. I think this was when they introduced the "24-7" rule. Who were these guys? Were they actual workers or what? If they were, what ever happened to them. They disappeared off the face of the planet and were never re-packaged into anything new.

A: Rodney and Pete Gas were actual friends of Shane McMahon. Joey Abs was an indy wrestler who had the odd jobber match in the WWF. They were sent down to the developmental territories and eventually released. Pete Gas continues to wrestle the indys and has tagged with Bo Dupp. Joey Abs also still wrestles while Rodney changed his gimmick to Rodrageous and makes the odd indy appearance.

Q2) I pride myself on being a "smart" fan, but I have to admit ignorance as to what the booking situation is after the split. I know that before the "brand extension" the writing task was split between Paul Heyman and Stephanie McMahon, but now that there is two distinct wwf rosters, have the two been designated to each book their own show? I was under the impression that Heyman was writing Raw while Stephanie was writing Smackdown, but is that really the case or do both bookers write both shows?

A: Stephanie is the Creative head and oversees the creative for both shows. Paul Heyman is the primary writer for Smackdown and sitcom writer Brian Gerwitz handles RAW. There are several other writers involved as well as some agents and wrestlers and, as always, Vince McMahon has final say.


The Big Smudge – Great column, especially for Brits like me who spent some years without access to Pro Wrestling on TV.
Q: In the "modern era" (I know, subjective, let's say the last 20-25 years) are there any "top-line" wrestlers (I know, subjective again . . .) who have spent their entire careers as either a face who never turned heel, or a heel who never turned face? I can think of a couple of possibilities of heels who I never saw as faces – Sid Vicious/Justice and Big Van Vader spring to mind, but I can't recall any faces who stayed face their entire career. But like I say, I didn't see much wrestling in the early-mid 90s

A: Sid was a face several times including his friendship and eventual turn on Hulk Hogan. He was also the face in the Shawn Michael’s feud that saw him paste Jose Lothario with a TV camera.

Vader was turned face in 1995 as part of the Dungeon of Doom crap and saved Hulk Hogan from an attack.

Now for your question…Ricky Steamboat wrestled his entire career as a face. I don’t think The Ultimate Warrior ever turned heel (once he became the Ultimate Warrior anyway). Other than that I can’t really think of any others from the recent past.

Brian Cole: Just wanted to point out that Craig is right, Sid has turned face more times than I can count, both in WCW & the WWF. Vader was turned baby face in WCW as well as the WWF (and then soon there after he would be jobbed out). To my knowledge the only time Ricky Steamboat played a heel (that I can think of) was in Japan. The Ultimate Warrior was heel, but only as the Dingo Warrior, once he entered the WWF he never turned heel again. Jim Duggan had an extremely long stint as a baby face from Mid-South/UWF through 6 years in the WWF and then some close to 7 more year, most to which in WCW before joining “Team Canada”. But honestly I don’t acknowledge the existence of the last year and a half of WCW, it seemed like some welfare fantasy booking website on the net (no offense kids). I also wanna say the Von Erich’s, but they were heel in Florida. I have a few others like Tito Santana but you said Top Line so I’ll end it there.

In the light of heels never turning face, there’s plenty, but most were from the Territory days and you said the last 20-25 so I’m trying to think more modern. I don’t recall the Iron Sheik ever playing a baby face. The Honky Tonk Man also had an extremely long run as a heel under that specific gimmick. That’s all from the “Top Line guys” I’m sure there are others but I don’t have time to think right now. So, yeah that’s my sum on things.


Mark A – Q: Great Column. I look forward to your column every week. I do have some questions for you though. My first has to do with a tag-team and a country music band. Back in the 1980s there was a tag team In the old wrestling organization that Jerry Lawyer was in. I believe it was the "CWA " Anyway the
tag team played two police officers who were down and out on there luck. A country band came in to the picture and gave them financial backing. They later went on to win the tag team belts. The band from time to time even appeared on the show. I do remember Lance Russell and Dave Brown trying to get them over. What was the whole story line, who was the tag-team, and who was the country band? The only thing I remember about the band is they sang the song "Some Girls Do."

A: This just doesn’t ring a bell. Again, I bet a reader can fill us in. Sawyer Brown did a song called “Some Girls Do” and lead singer Mark Miller helped Brian Lee financially to get into wrestling. They also appeared in WWF as part of the Jeff Jarrett country angle so it may be them. Not sure though.

Brian Cole: I like to think I have a LOT of Memphis footage but nowhere do I have this police team. I do have some footage of Jerry Lawler being down and out though. Maybe it’s just my memory is starting to slip me BUT I can justify that even in the late 80’s Sawyer Brown was involved with Memphis Wrestling, they were playing a part somehow because I’ve seen the footage, and I do remember them backing someone, but I don’t remember it being Police Officers. So at least on the country band part I can say, YES it was Sawyer Brown you saw.

Q2 - I understand that "GoldBerg" is coming into the "WWE." I also understand "Jericho" does not like Goldberg. In my opinion I think "Jericho" has a valid reasons for not liking 'Goldberg." because of "GoldBerg" refusing to wrestle him when he was in "WCW." My question is, do you see "Jericho" when he gets the title again refusing to give "GoldBerg" a title shot?

A: There is no way that Jericho would refuse to work with Goldberg. Jericho doesn’t really have a say in who they match up with him and it was crap when Goldberg refused and Jericho knows it. Besides, today’s WWE is a whole lot different than WCW was and there is no way he would even get the chance to refuse.


JC Leach – I remember an angle WCW tried w/ Tank Abbott involved either a former body guard or friend named Big Al who would attack Abbott from the crowd during Nitro. Anyways, they had a pay-per-view match which I normally wouldn't give 2 left testicles about except at the end of the match, Abbott pulled out a knife and put it up against Big Al's throat! The announcers were obviously stunned and tried to play it off as scissors or something but even Ray Charles could see it was a knife

My questions are:

Q1. What pay-per-view was that?

A1: Superbrawl 2000.

Q2: Was the knife angle part of the original plan or did Abbott have permission to "ad-lib" his own part or maybe even fibbed to Russo and crew about what he was going to do?

A: Abbott did get permission from Kevin Sullivan to use weapons. Tank asked and Sullivan, thinking Tank meant wrestling weapons like chairs or the bell said “Yes.” Unfortunately, Tank had other ideas on weaponry and pulled a switchblade. Tank received serious heat for the incident and at that time the plan was to build him for a shot at Goldberg at Starrcade. The knife incident seemed to be the deciding factor between the faction that wanted to bury Tank and the one that wanted to push him to the top. He was buried.


Matt Castro – Q: Been reading the column for awhile now and have finally worked up the nerve to ask a dumber than dumb question. I have lived in Dallas, TX all my life and grew up with WCCW in the Sportatorium and Will Rogers Auditorium. As a kid, I remember Flair coming and wrestling every now and then. This provided many exciting matches between Kerry Von Erich and Flair. The culmination of these matches was at Texas Stadium where Kerry defeated Flair for the belt. I believe this was in May and the event was the David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions. However, I have heard that Von Erich dropped the title the next night so Flair could return home as the champ. I was just a kid and did not really understand wrestling politics back then, so could you clarify this for me. Did Flair actually get the belt back the next night? Also, I have checked Wrestlingods.com to try and find a copy of this great match (Texas Stadium) but cannot seem to find it there. Any other ideas or suggestions on where I might be able to find a copy? It was such a great and emotional match and one of my fondest memories of wrestling. Thanks for your time.

A: The event happened May 6, 1984. Kerry had several title defenses and held the belt until May the 24th when he lost it to Ric Flair in Japan. A short reign but not overnight.

You can get the match on the AWA & WCCW Misc. tape available Wrestlingods.com for ordering and contact info.


Jason Tostevin – Q: LoveYouLoveTheShow. I've searched the archives, but can find no mention of Reese, the erstwhile seven-footer who graced us with his presence as a member of Raven's Flock in WCW. He was also the beneficiary of some touting in Goldberg's book --apparently, Bill perfected the Jackhammer on Reese while they were in wrestling camp together. How quaint. What I want to know is: where did Reese come from? What's his real name? And, most of all, where is he now?

A: Ron Reis is a legit 7 foot monster who made an inauspicious appearance at Halloween Havoc ’95 as the Yeti and also portrayed the short lived and lame Super Ninja. He then moved on to Raven’s Flock as Reece. After being released in 1999 he moved on to Japan as Big Bomb Jones and finally to Dusty Rhodes Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling. His ring skills were pretty limited but the guy is said to have developed well. He was initially trained by Big John Studd and is back to using the name Big Ron Studd. Last I heard he was TCW Tag Champ with Ray Lloyd (aka Glacier).


J.D. Dunn – Q: I did have one question about Mid-Atlantic in the late 70's. I recently bought a compilation tape with four Ric Flair-Ricky Steamboat matches on it. They were feuding for the TV Title at the time. Most of them were pretty formulaic with Flair dominating until Ricky made a big
comeback only to fall to a foreign object hidden in Flair's tights. Well, in one of the matches Ricky seems to have finally solved the problem and he goes up to the top rope for the flying body
press and the TV Title, but the ref shoves Flair out of the way! Flair gets the pin and a near riot ensues. A 70-year old man rushes to the ring apron with a chair and someone jumps up on the apron before security finally pulls them down. Flair is given an escort out of the building as garbage rains in the ring. My question is: Who was the referee and what was the angle between he, Flair, and Steamboat?

A: I believe the referee in that match was Gene Anderson. The angle was exactly how you explained it…Flair would keep the belt by cheating and even getting special referee’s to help him cheat. Steamboat finally won the belt in June of 1977 as a terrific pay off to the feud. Those were the good old days when a face was chasing the heel for months only to finally win the belt and make it all worthwhile for the fans. Nowadays, people chase HHH for a week before he destroys them at PPV, embarrasses them on live TV, beats them again for good measure then burns down their house, nails their wife and shoots their dog in the shoulder before moving on to the next victim.


Steven Murrey – Q: Hey, I just now stumbled upon you column, I have a couple questions for you sense you know everything about wrestling.

Q1. Does WWE have any plans for a Christian and Edge Tag Team comeback? I think that would be awesome.

A1: Nope. Edge is set for a major main event push and I think he’s near ready for it. As for Christian I just pray to God they get those damn ugly tights of his changed. They do team on the odd house show.

Q2. When Matt and Jeff Hardy feuded, what was the excuse of bringing them back as a team once they

A2: They yanked them off TV for an extended period when their singles feud fizzled and just sort of re-debuted them as a team. There was a half-hearted explanation of reconciliation but they essentially just reset the clock.

Q3. How is the rock's career going to work? Is there a chance that he's going to get the WWE title sometime this summer?

A: Obviously this question is dated. Right now, Rock’s movie career is taking precedence and McMahon knows that the bigger the star Rock becomes the larger a draw he will be for the WWE when he does return. Filming is almost finished on Helldorado (or whatever they are going to call it) and he should return within the next couple of months. Of course he has more movies lined up so expect an off and on wrestling career from now on.

Q4. In your opinion what was the worst WM main event ever? I think that WM 11 was the worst (LT v Bam Bam Bigelow)

A4: Undertaker/Sid was pretty weak from WM 13. The ending of WM 9 where Bret drops the title and Hogan gets it sucks too in that there could have been a great Hart/Hogan match.


Sebastien Couture – Q: Love the column. I can't tell you the amount of trivia I've picked up since I started reading it. My only complaint is that it doesn't come out often enough for my tastes, but hey, you gotta have a life outside of this, right? Anyway, my questions concern Del Wilkes and his WWF
run as the Patriot. I was watching the A&E wrestling documentary Steve Allen narrated and it features a
clip of the Patriot coming down to the ring. I could have sworn his entrance music was the same "Medal"
music Kurt Angle uses. Am I wrong? My other question is what happened during Wilkes' run? I remember him coming out and immediately being pushed to the top of the card against Bret Hart, who was then the champ and bashing America. Then Wilkes just disappeared. It seems odd that he came and went so quickly. As the Hurricane would say, wassup wit dat?

A: You heard right, the Patriot’s music is indeed Kurt Angle’s. Wilke’s was set for a good feud with World Champ Bret Hart when he injured his bicep and was forced to retire. He lives in Lexington, South Carolina and recently sold the Patriot gimmick to Tom Brandi.


Jay McDougald – Q: I also have a question for you. Whatever happened to Joe Pedicino (sp?)? I think I remember him hosting a weekly wrestling news show in the 80s that I loved to watch.

A: He did host the Pro Wrestling Weekly show in conjunction with the Global Wrestling Federation show which also featured Scott Hudson and Pedicino’s wife Boni Blackstone. Pedicino and Blackstone hosted a radio show for Foxsports called Pro Wrestling This Week but it seems to have bit the dust. Pedicino also managed, and may still manage, an Alternative Rock station in Atlanta.


PenguinTom – Q: why did the wwe cut the real Tori (terri power) was it because of Tori Wilson or just saving$ thanks

A: Tori (Terri Poch) was cut between the end of Tough Enough 1 and the actual final live show. Tori was asked to go to OVW and refused stating that she didn’t need training. Her release had nothing to do with Torrie Wilson.


ShaneMcAngel777 – Q: Can u please send me the smackdown spoilers please?

A: Er….no.


The Zodiac – Q: Anyways, my question concerns one of the men who frequently sits at the infamous Spanish Announce Table: Hugo Savinevic (sp?). I always get a kick out of watching the WWE in spanish (much more entertaining than the stale JR and King) and have noticed that Hugo always talks about the time when he was a wrestler. As a wrestling fan from way back in the mid eighties, I can't for the life of me remember any Hugo Savinevic, so I would appreciate any info you might have on his career. I'm guessing he spent some time at a major federation because he always talks of his matches with Andre the Giant, Randy Savage, Big Show, etc.... He's also mentioned that 'back in the day' he used to party with the one and only Ric Flair.... so, is he just BS'ing the public, or was H.S. really a prolyfic grappler??

A: Hugo Savinovich was an excellent heel manager in WWC in Puerto Rico seconding Abdullah the Butcher in many wars against Carlos Colon. His wrestling career started in the late 70s when he teamed in Puerto Rico with an Indian gimmick. The team broke up and Hugo turned heel and became a very flamboyant character called El Munecazo. When Capitol Sports began to grow in Puerto Rico Hugo went from jobber to midcarder to heel manager. Hugo managed almost all of the heels and foreigners at the time and was hated by fans due to his annoying habit of starting interviews with his poetry. Hugo and Abdullah terrorized Puerto Rico for 10 years and Hugo was instrumental in building the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico and giving the promotion international attention. He left in the late 80s as the promotion began to go through difficulties including the Bruiser Brody murder. Savinovich turned up in the short lived AWF promotion before debuting in the WWF as “Ralph.” Eventually he turned to commentating and took over the Spanish announce table.


XxBluedog22xX – Q: What exactly is the job of an road agent? Aside from breaking up brawls on screen what do they do? Is it just a job to give to guys who have been in the business forever as a favor?

A: Road Agents are often described as handlers. They get the wrestlers where they are supposed to go and co-ordinate what the wrestlers are supposed to be doing. They also communicate the finishes and time that the wrestlers will get for their matches and often help with spots and finishes. It is not ussually (coughstevelombardihack) a favor as the guys that are in that position show a real aptitude for the business and are respected by the boys. The WWE has some pretty good agents in Dean Malenko, Fit Finlay and, the master of the false finish, Johnny Ace.


Erik Steven – Q: Whats up "Crazy" Craig Letawsky! Some friends of mine were sitting around talking about wrestling and a few words led to arguements. So I said, "Hault! Why don't we just e-mail everyone's favorite Ask 411 Canadian, Craig Letawsky, and he will settle this. Without further adue good sir...the questions:
Q1) Why aren't you ever featured on the Rasslin' Roundtable ppv prediction columns?

A1: Just don’t get the time to do it. PK does send them to me though so maybe I will give it a shot for Survivor Series.

Q2) Did Hogan ever try to bring some of his running buddies with him in his last stint with the WWE? Like, Beefcake, Jimmy Hart, or Hacksaw?

A2: There were rumours that Jimmy Hart was on the way in but that never happened. He did not try to get Beefcake and Hacksaw in as I’m sure Hogan was just happy to get himself one last payday. I saw Beefcake recently and he is not in any shape to perform at that level. He really looked like one of your dad’s friends, you know the guy that used to be an athlete but is paunchy now and who’s balding? Yeah that guy.

Q3) Why do Hogan and Savage have so much bad blood towards one another? Like Hogan being quoted on Bubba the Love Sponge saying, "I hate that son of a bitch." With that, how did they ever work together so well when behind the scenes they legitimately hated one another. Muck like HBK and Bret.

A3: They actually were very good friends back when Hogan thought he could ride on Savage’s star and make some money. As they aged they had an on again off again relationship. Savage blames Hogan for the break up of his marriage to Liz and possibly his break up with Gorgeous George as well. Savage also feels that Hogan sabotaged him in WCW and at different times during his career. Keep in mind Savage is an extremely paranoid individual. Hogan has no more use for Savage as he is no longer a draw and there’s no money to be made in a Hogan/Savage feud so he cut him loose. Keep in mind, Hogan is a shithead. My interpretation of course.


William Doughty – Q: Two of my favorite WWF performers in the 80s were perennial jobbers Barry O (he used to bring his arms together in a circle over his head whenever he was announced) and Iron Mike Sharpe (the guy with the loaded armpad who used to chase his opponents around the ring shouting "RRRAAAAHHHHHHGGGGHHHH!!!!"). Whatever happened to them? Are they even still in the business?

A: Barry O is actually Barry Orton, brother of Cowboy Bob Orton Jr and Uncle to Randy Orton. His dad, legend Bob Orton Sr., his brother and veterans like Tully Blanchard and Jack Brisco, trained him. He started in Florida in 1977 with a loss to Tully. Barry was a big draw in Stampede Wrestling as the Zodiac. Over the years he developed quite a nasty drug and alcohol addiction. Barry was an accuser in the WWF Sex scandal. He alleged on a national radio show that, after declining to provide Pat Patterson with sexual favours, his push was killed and he was buried in the lower cards. Orton appeared on Geraldo Rivera along with Bruno Sammartino and discussed his complaints. Patterson briefly left the WWF until the story cooled down then was quietly brought back. Orton was essentially blackballed from wrestling. He is now clean and sober and is taking classical acting training. He has appeared in a small independent movie called “Time Collapse” and is comfortable in life. He occasionally promotes indy wrestling shows and wants to start a website about his family. In a recent interview he stated that he is apologetic to everyone who his addictions hurt including…Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson. This leads me to believe his accusations may not be all they were built up to be.

I covered Mike Sharpe in Ask 411 02.05.02.


ShroudofFrost – Q: Hey, Craig. Hate to sound redundant, but great column. Very informative. Anywho, here are some things I've been pondering.

Q1. I often see match writeups describing the figure-four leglock being applied to the "wrong leg." What exactly is that all about? Is it supposed to look like a 4, meaning the right leg is always the bent one and the
pressure is on both legs? Or is the straight leg supposed to be where the pressure is? Or what?

A1: Often the recaps refer to the wrestler selling the injury to the wrong leg after they have been released. The hold applies pressure to straight leg as you’ll know if you’ve ever locked it on a buddy. I am not condoning this mind you…don’t go breaking your pals kneecap.

Brian Cole: Being a trained worker I can back Craig up, there is no wrong leg to put it on. Either the author of these write-ups is a mark who DOES NOT know it all or the worker must have been selling the wrong leg.

Q2. What is the deal with Japanese announcers calling vertical suplexes "brainbusters"? Isn't a brainbuster specifically when a wrestler drops his opponent straight down on his head from the vertical suplex position? I hear "brain-ah-bustah" for every vertical suplex, not just the brainbusters. Are the Japanese announcers mistaken or am I wrong about this?

A2: The Japanese seem to perform a more straight down drop on their suplexes that land the opponent on their shoulders instead of their back. They refer to this as a brain buster. A suplex has more of a pendulum like fall that puts the opponent flat down on their back.

Q3. I have a couple questions about Jushin "Thunder" Lyger. What was the deal with the Super Lyger angle, and was that really Chris Jericho under there? And how long did the angle last? Also, I seem to remember some angle with Jushin Lyger dressed in a black outfit. What was the significance of that?

A: In 1997 New Japan Pro Wrestling wanted to create an arch nemesis for Jushin Thunder Liger (Keiichi Yamada) so they slapped Jericho in a white Liger costume and set him loose. Super Liger’s one and only match came during the January 4, 1997 Tokyo Dome show with a win against Koji Kanemoto. Jericho just couldn’t move in the suit and botched several moves. He has said that it was like wrestling in a scuba suit. The concept was abandoned and Super Liger was retired. Riki Choshu was furious and lost all confidence in Jericho however he was already booked for the next tour. Jericho appeared as himself and after the match Choshu asked him if he was Super Liger. Jericho said, “Yes” and Choshu said, “You’re excellent, Super Liger was the shits.”

In January of 2000 NJPW debuted Black Liger, a meaner, nastier, edgier Liger. In an effort to move Liger up to the heavyweight division they had Liger destroy all of his previous Junior Heavyweight rivals like El Samurai and Shinjiro Ohtani and almost destroy the credibility of the Junior division in the process. By 2001 Liger had slowly morphed back into the original Red and White wearing Liger.


Kelvin Smith – Q: 1)what ever happened to barry and kendall windham?

Barry is working for Dusty Rhodes Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling and is said to look better than he has in years. I believe Kendall also makes appearances for TCW.

Q2)where is bad news brown?new jack?masato tanaka?sensational sherri ?madusa?tatanka?king kong bundy

Bad News Brown is working for Twin Towers Wrestling out of Toronto, at least on their western Canadian appearances anyway. He still makes appearances for Calgary indys as well.

New Jack is working indys including appearances for CZW on the west coast and TCW.

Masato Tanaka has been making appearances for UPW teaming with Shinjiro Ohtani . Earlier this year they were they NWA Intercontinental tag champs appearing as a team for Zero-One in Japan.

Brian Cole: Masato is still currently with ZERO-ONE and is teaming with Shinjiro Ohtani in this years AJPW Real World Tag League.

Earlier this year Sensational Sherri actually wrestled for Mid America Wrestling in Milwaukee. She wrestled in jeans and a tank top but it looks like she took some pretty good bumps and looked in all right shape.

Madusa is working on her biography and is actually a Monster Truck driver. She is doing modeling and appeared on the cover of an Italian fashion magazine. She drives for the USHRA circuit and owns her own Madusa truck. You can follow her at Madusa.com.

Tatanka still works indy dates and last I heard he was endorsing a herbal vitamin program on the internet. He is also one of a growing line of born again Christian wrestlers. Check his site at NativeTatanka.com.

King Kong Bundy is still working the indys all over Canada and the US. Recently he has appeared for Border City Wrestling and Twin Towers Wrestling based in Ontario. He no-showed the event here in Lethbridge in September and the excuse given by the promoters was that he had a stroke. There is no evidence to back that up at all. He also runs Devastation University, a wrestling school, in Glasboro, New Jersey.


Marquis Mitchell – Q: I got a few questions. I read an interview from Roddy Piper where he talked about a "coconut incident" with Jimmy Snuka in Piper's Pit. What happened? My next one is on the commercial the WWE shows warning fans not to try wrestling at home. They show clips of wrestlers being hurt. The last clip looks like it was Owen being carried out of the ring the night he died. Is this so, and will we eventually be able to see the actual footage of Owen falling?

A: A classic moment in WWF TV came when Snuka appeared in Piper’s Pit. Piper verbally assaulted Snuka then hit him with an ungimmicked coconut that shattered on Snuka’s skull. Snuka received a legit concussion that may have left permanent damage. Piper has since said that he is not proud of the incident. However it was the ignition switch on Piper’s heel explosion. Hyatte’s And Another Thing: The Coconut That Changed Everything is required reading on the subject.

The stretchered out wrestler pictured in the “Don’t Try This At Home” spots is Darren Drozdov who was paralyzed when a D-Lo Brown running powerbomb went wrong.


Roland Aiken – Q: 411 kicks ASS! Growing up, I loved watching Buck "Rock and Roll" Zumhaff (pardon the spelling), Jerry Blackwell (or was it "Fatwell"?) from Stone Mt Georgia, and a guy who's gimmick was "the Latin Lover" (can't remember his actual name). Where are they now?

A: Hey did you know that HHH’s first WWF match was against Buck Zumhoffe? It’s on HHH’s latest video. Buck still works the odd indy date in the Northeast Area and has teamed with Lenny Lane in the last couple of years.

Crusher Jerry Blackwell died in 1995 of pneumonia.

There are several Latin Lover’s but I believe that one is Victor Rasindez. He continues to wrestle in Mexico.

Brian Cole: Strange that you mentioned Territory, or more so AWA guys and followed it up with Latin Lover. Something tells me you do not mean the Luchadore. Could you possible mean the “Latin Heart Throb” Al Perez? If so let Craig know, maybe he can hook you up on what Al is doing these days.


Tim Blekicki – Q: Not sure if you'll be able to answer this one, as it is of a different nature. What happened to Al Issacs and "Scoops?" When I first started reading the sheets, Al was all I read. Its where I first remember reading Hyatte also. Any clue?

A: Al was one of the first web guys I read religiously and where I got my first exposure to Hyatte. I miss the red stripe man. Anyway, Josh Grutman mentioned Al in the wrestling news a while back and Mr. Grutman was able to fill me in on Al’s latest website and endeavor. Al has co-created a wrestling cartoon strip. Check out Smarks.TV. And while you’re hopping around read Joshua’s latest Wrestling Column. Ahem…Please.


Lontwan Washington – Q: why dont kane look taller in Undertaker when he really 6 8 and undertaker around 6 10?. why dont wwe come to Oamha Ne ? when we get are new arena would they come to Oamha? do Kane take off his mask why he in the back looker room ? or when they is rolling cameras in back he have it on but when they leave he take it off ? was the Undertaker going to retire from wresling at the age of 39? My name is Lontwan Washington and I live in Oamha nE

A: The hell? As you say, Kane is shorter than Undertaker so he doesn’t look..as…tall. Smackdown was taped in Omaha in October of 2001. They play the Omaha Civic Auditorium. They also ran in Lincoln, Nebraska this August so you could have driven the hour. My guess is they will be back in Summer-fall of 2003. Kane takes his mask off however, he would have it on if there were any chance he might be caught on camera. I’m sure the Undertaker has considered retiring but he is only 38. Hello Lontwan.


Okay on that note let’s leave it for this time. Keep sendin’ in questions. It may take a bit but I’ll get to ‘em.

Thanks tons for reading, I really appreciate it. Please drop me a line at Ask411now@hotmail.com



P.S. Brian Cole does a read over for me to fill in some of the blanks and proofread. Make sure to check out Brian’s site for thousands of wrestling videos from around the world at Wrestlingods.com. You can never watch too much wrestling I always say.

P.P.S. Remember, There’s an easy way to check if your question has already been answered in the archives. Just cut and paste “Ask 411””the subject of your question” both in quotations into the Google.com search engine. It will give you all columns that I mentioned with the name of the wrestler you are wondering about. You may not be able to link directly to the column from Google but just look at the date and then open the 411 archives and get that column from there.

You also might find your answer in the RSPW FAQ or The Classic RSPW FAQ.


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