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411 PPV Roundtable Preview: WWE Hell in a Cell 2013
Posted by Stephen Randle on 10.26.2013


This Sunday, it's time for WWE Hell in a Cell, which features two matches that will take place inside the most imposing structure in pro wrestling, the titular Cell. Finally, the fate of the WWE Title will be decided, as Daniel Bryan will take on Randy Orton in the Cell, with special referee Shawn Michaels guaranteeing that the match will not end without a new champion being crowned. In addition, CM Punk has his best chance ever to exact revenge on Paul Heyman, as he faces his former manager and Ryback, also in Hell in a Cell.

Meanwhile, John Cena will return from another major injury and jump right into the title picture, as he'll challenge Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title. Also, the Divas title, Tag Team Championships, and the Intercontinental title will all be defended on the card.

With that said, here's the 411 Staff to run down their thoughts on the upcoming PPV.

The Staff

James Wright, The Heel Report

Dino Zucconi, Smart Marks

Justin Watry, Ask 411 Wrestling

Michael Weyer, Shining A Spotlight

Aaron Frame, The Wrestling Framework

Curtis Axel © vs Big E Langston
WWE Intercontinental Championship
Pre-Show Warmup Match

James Wright: If this were to be the destruction of the Paul Heyman Guys tonight then what better way to solidify this than by having Axel drop the IC belt to Big E. At the same time this will help Big E. in his face turn and hopefully provide some interest for the belt which is floundering more than ever around the waist of Axel. The only problem here is that I don't see Axel lasting all that long against Langston, so the benefit of getting more time on the pre-show doesn't really apply here.

Winner: Big E. Langston (New Champion)

Dino Zucconi: Okay, so how legit is this "rocket" that WWE is planning on strapping to Big E? We'll find out on the pre-show. The case could be made that with Heyman possibly getting his comeuppance later in the night, that it would be nice to start the evening off with his charge losing some gold. Heyman may not even be ringside, which would give Axel some angry motivation if he is in fact trucked by Big E. It seems somewhat stupid to have this not be on the show if in fact it's Big E's time to rise. Ah well, WWE's done dumber stuff and it's worked out. I'm actually quite torn on this one, but I'll lean with the challenger taking this.

Winner: And NEW Intercontinental Champion, Big E Langston

Justin Watry: Probably the most difficult match to predict. Curtis Axel has lived up to everything I said he would be when he first walked down the ramp as a "Heyman Guy" months ago (not much). Thus, my pick is more from the heart. Big E is the latest pet project for WWE to carve into their own. While that is not a bad idea, does the company have to always throw the IC Title on guys? Just let the big man get some wins and go from there. If he deserves a belt after a few months of growing fan support, go for it. If things grow sour in a hurry, go back to the drawing board. Instead, here we are. A week into his face turn, and a IC Championship match is on his plate? Sigh...

Winner: Big E

Michael Weyer: Only the pre-show but expect them to try and kick things off right, a good fight with some interference. However, I'm going to buck the trend here and say WWE isn't going to put the title on Langston just yet. He still needs a bit more grooming and if they do a good job here, they may be able to get more time on the next PPV for sure and the IC belt really shouldn't just change on an Internet match. Big E gives it his best but at the end, Axel cheats to retain and hopefully give a rub to a new rising guy.

Winner and STILL IC Champion: Curtis Axel

Aaron Frame: Big E. needs a win here. I think WWE are wanting to get behind the guy and push him to new heights. I just don't see why they continually waste what could be good matches for a championship that the WWE say we are supposed to care about. Curtis Axel is floundering at the moment, he needs help. Will WWE give Langston a win on the pre-show? I don't think so.

Winner: Curtis Axel

Los Matadores vs The Real Americans

James Wright: Ah the match of gimmick vs. gimmick; the pint-sized human bull vs. the giant swing, which will win? Do any of us really care? Again this is a case of 'why the hell was this match not on the pre-show?', but at least this match does not involve Santino and the Great Khali. I think here the nod has to go to the faces since there is basically nothing on the line and Cesaro can pull off the big swing without actually achieving the victory.

Winner: Los Matadores

Dino Zucconi: Yowsa. This is a match, eh? Swagger and Cesaro have not been much of a factor in the tag division. I had assumed that they'd be the perfect team to run roughshod over everyone, so I've been disappointed. The Matadores, while wrapped in a ridiculous gimmick, are still good enough in the ring for this match to deliver, though I feel no one will give two craps. Come on, Real Americans.

Winner: Real Americans

Justin Watry: Big Swing. Fans cheer. Los Matadores win. There, happy?

Winner: Los Matadores

Your Name: Give Los Matadores credit, they're doing their best with a pretty ridiculous gimmick and the tag scene can use some fresh blood. The Americans have their own schitck down but I don't see WWE jobbing the new guys right off, especially as they might start to catch on. Hopefully, a good enough tag battle to give the Matadores the rub and remind us how fun a goofy tag team really can be.

Winners: Los Matadores

Aaron Frame: I like The Real Americans, they feel like a good ol' classic tag team-manager combination. Los Matadores, on the other hand, feel like an overly gimmicky tag team complete with midget in a bull suit, and I'm surprisingly okay with that. This match could go either way for me and I wouldn't care because I feel like I'm watching tag team wrestling from yesterday. In the interest of being the new push, Los Matadores make sense to win here.

Winner: Los Matadores

AJ Lee © vs Brie Bella
WWE Divas Championship

James Wright: Unfortunately I think that AJ Lee's number might be up, at least in terms of her first run with the Divas championship. Admittedly she is the best person to be champion right now, but if this is the big face payoff for Daniel Bryan then the same is likely to happen for his fiance Brie. I only fear just how crazy AJ will get in the process of chasing the title after her loss.

Winner: Brie Bella (New Champion)

Dino Zucconi: I know they really want to have Brie Bella be a champion in order to boost Total Divas or something like that, but I just have to believe that, at the end of the day, no one really wants to relive the great Bellas Diva Title reign. Let sanity prevail.

Winner: And STILL Divas Champion... AJ Lee

Justin Watry: My only hesitation is that Brie Bella is REALLY pushing the idea of her winning the title on Sunday. When faces makes those kinds of claims or promises, 99 times out of 100 they deliver. Hopefully, this is the exception. AJ Lee just teamed up with Tamina Snuka. Having her lose the belt now does nobody any good, even Brie.

Winner: AJ Lee

Michael Weyer: I know it's logical to have Brie win to boost the E! show but I just don't see it yet. AJ is doing a fun job as the champ and still a lot of potential of her facing others so I don't think WWE would kill that off just yet. Nope, another Bella sister goes down (no dirty joke intended) as AJ retains to remind us the Divas still have good life to them.

Winner and STILL Divas Champion: AJ Lee

Aaron Frame: Is it time for Brie to get the title for Total Divas yet? That's...all I really know about the divas...

Winner: Brie Bella

Cody Rhodes and Goldust © vs The Usos vs The Shield
Triple Threat Match
WWE Tag Team Championship

James Wright: To me this one is impossible to call as I could see the titles on all three teams. Whatever the case I am just glad to see another multi-team match for the titles since this type of thing is always enjoyable on PPV and one of the things I miss about the pre-Cena era. Somehow the Shield always seem to have the best tag team matches and get the audience invested, especially when they are against a face team that you can actually care about. What's more I am looking forward to them bringing their chaotic dynamic to this match as it could be a lot of fun, still in the end I can't see the Rhodes bros losing their belts so soon after winning them, so they'll be my pick this time.

Winner: Cody & Dustin Rhodes

Dino Zucconi: Now this match could be very interesting. While I feel that the Usos are only in this match to eat the pinfall, they could also very well be the red herrings who actually win this thing. I don't think we'll see the titles reverted back to the Shield so quickly, and I feel like the two face teams should do their damndest to make sure that doesn't happen. In the end, I'm rolling with Goldust and Cody to keep their belts in what should be a chaotic little encounter.

Winners: And STILL Tag Team Champions... Goldust and Cody Rhodes

Justin Watry: Cody Rhodes is doing just fine since coming back. Goldust has been holding up his end of the bargain since his return. Hopefully, this leads to a brother vs. brother match at WrestleMania XXX with Cody getting a nice big win and Goldy riding off into the sunset on the big stage. Until we get there, they have to be kept together and united. That will make the breakup mean that much more in early 2014. The Shield will be okay without the belts. The Usos are...the Usos. Good match coming here.

Winner: Cody & Dustin Rhodes

Michael Weyer: This is a toughie as all three have a shot at winning in this. The Usos have been deserving of a run for a while but the Shield are still strong contenders. Cody and Goldust click well, over with fans and doing a good job as champs. I hope we get some real decent time for a fun match as these three should do a great job trying to steal the show. I guess I'll go with the rest and pick the champs to retain.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Goldust and Cody

Aaron Frame: Unless Vince being upset with Cody (if true) plays in to the booking, I can't see anyone else but the Rhodeses walking out still champions. Any of these teams would make great champs, but right now Cody and Goldust are hot.

Winner: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Alberto Del Rio © vs John Cena
World Heavyweight Championship

James Wright: This must be a miracle because I swear this is the first time ever since he beat the Big Show for the US title that I have actually wanted Cena to win in a title match, even against Carlito and JBL in his first wins I was rooting for the other guy because by then Cena had already become an annoying parody. But when it comes to annoying parodies there is but one king in the WWE right now, and that is Alberto Del Rio. The man is a complete non-entity as champion, almost anyone would be better. What's more Cena winning here might actually do a lot of good towards building back up the world title as it will be seen as a legitimate main event title once again since you know Cena won't take being the first match on the card while holding the belt. It also lends to the notion that there will be a title unification match at Wrestlemania XXX, which might actually end up being a big deal with Cena on one end of the equation and at the very least Orton on the other, although I would certainly prefer Punk or Bryan, but all three have a story that could be told against Cena with the belts on the line. I never thought I would even consider these words, but if Cena doesn't win on Sunday, we riot.

Winner: John Cena (New Champion)

Dino Zucconi: I feel like I should have learned my lesson in 2008 when Cena returned and immediately beat Chris Jericho for the championship. Or even earlier that year when he returned and immediately won the Royal Rumble. I also know that WWE seems to panic if Cena's not holding some kind of World Title at all times. So, to ease their simple nerves, I think they take the easy way out.

Winner: And NEW World Champion... John Cena

Justin Watry: Where has Damien Sandow been lately? That has been my question during all of this. It appears WWE is purposely keeping him off TV in order for his cash-in to be even more 'shocking.' I think it either happens here...or next month. Alberto Del Rio will not be the World Champion past Survivor Series. John Cena also will NOT be World Champion past Survivor Series (maybe). Thus, no matter who wins here and carries the belt for now, it is going to Sandow eventually. In that case, the best option is Cena comes back, gets the title, holds it for a little bit, before Sandow surprises everybody with a cash-in.

Winner: John Cena

Michael Weyer: Bitch and whine all they want, the IWC has to admit that Cena brings an energy to WWE shows few others can. Some may sniff at him getting the belt right off but it's not like Del Rio sets the world on fire as champion. The question is, could Cena really put Sandow over by beating Del Rio but then losing to a MITB cash-in? It is possible and if it happens, can silence a lot of critics. At the very least, however, the Champ is here just in time to save us from the HHH-Bryan-Orton angle.

Winner and NEW World Champion: John Cena

Aaron Frame: It's a John Cena "return from injury title shot." Need I say more?

Winner: John Cena

CM Punk vs Paul Heyman and Ryback
Hell in a Cell Match

James Wright: If C.M. Punk can't get the job done here then when can he? Perhaps at Survivor Series, but with Heyman only having two guys right now who knows if he will be able to muster a team for then? What's more even if Punk does get his big revenge here it does not mean that the two still couldn't be the leaders for the Survivor Series match, for instance Punk could demand for Heyman to put his career on the line, attempting to once and for all get rid of the 'Paul-rus' from WWE, with Punk offering up something similar in return. I would like to see a clean win here from Punk after the shenanigans of the same match last year, let's just hope that Brad Maddox isn't recovered from his concussion in time to be the referee for the match once again.

Winner: C.M. Punk

Dino Zucconi: I hope Punk isn't overestimating how good he is. Paul Heyman's been in the cage before, against Rick Steiner and Madusa. Sure, he got murdered, but damn it- he's been there before! Much like DX was able to beat the McMahons and Big Show, the Law of WWE Handicap Matches says that CM Punk will win this when Ryback screws up somehow, and Punk's able to either put Heyman to sleep, or make him tap by gently hugging his arm in an awkward way with the Anaconda Vice (save it, those who want to tell me what the move actually does- it's a joke).

Winner: CM Punk

Justin Watry: I went back and forth on this one. This entire feud has lost steam. Once R-Truth was inserted into the picture, you had to know things were getting stale. On that same point, can we officially stop caring about PPV posters? Truth is doing nothing. Enough of the analyzing every time a poster is out for an event. They mean nothing. Since Punk won last month, have Paul Heyman weasel out of this beating...then get it for good next month at Survivor Series. End the feud there. Give Ryback a win. Have someone enter the Cell. Whatever. Even typing this out, my mind has gone back to Punk winning. Tough choice. Could go either way...

Winner: Ryback and Paul Heyman

Michael Weyer: After his utterly beautiful promo on RAW, I'm dying to see how Heyman brings the energy for this match. He'll probably hide out to let them battle it out but I see him taking a few lumps as well as we all know Punk can bring it big-time for this battle. Expect plenty of hard shots, maybe some blood and in the end, Heyman screaming like a bitch to Punk as he finally ends the feud and can move on but should be a great highlight to the battle.

Winner: CM Punk

Aaron Frame: As much as I am a fan of CM Punk, this story is getting stale. Here they are entering a hell in a cell, it should be a blowoff. Punk dispatches Ryback somehow then rapes Paul Heyman. With that said and done, Punk moves on to something else. Or they can just continue the feud by having Punk succumb to the numbers game, including interference from Axel, leading to another match where Punk tries to get his hands on Heyman probably involving Lesnar. That sounds more plausible.

Winner: Ryback and Paul Heyman

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton
Hell in a Cell Match
WWE Championship

James Wright: Here's the one that decides it all, especially after HHH's little speech on Monday night. If Bryan wins here he has a good chance to go on to have a substantial run as champion, with no rules there is no way for HHH to take the title away from Bryan, and I'm sure an impending return from Vince McMahon will somehow stop any attempt that the Game might make from doing such. If Bryan loses here however it will confirm that the company actually does view Bryan in this manner and really do not see him as a potential face of the WWE. Does this mean the end of Daniel Bryan's main event dreams? Far from it, but it could indicate what direction the company wants to go, at least up until Wrestlemania, I like to hope it is the right direction.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Dino Zucconi: I'm feeling like Daniel Bryan's winning the Rumble and getting the proverbial "WrestleMania Moment" this year. That doesn't happen if he beats Randy Orton. I expect a lot of shenanigans, and maybe even some tomfoolery, before it's all said and done. When it's over, the Corporation will reign supreme.

Winner: And NEW WWE Champion... Randy Orton.

Justin Watry: This is it. Originally, I assumed Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan would feud until Survivor Series. Now, the Heck on a Deck battle seems to be the conclusion. As with all things, it comes down to the finish. We know the actual in-ring action will deliver. I don't think Shawn Michaels gets involved. He was added for a boost in star power and put over his past relationship with Bryan. That's it. Thus, it is easy to assume he will be off television again after the show. Under those means, Bryan wins via tap out, HBK raises his arm, and the PPV ends. If Orton ended up getting the gold down the line, so be it. After everything that has happened, the face has to go over, right? Right? My only reservation is Triple H and Big Show interfering to muddy the waters some more. Let's go with an actual finish this time.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Michael Weyer: Could they wait until Survivor Series? I think they could, yes. But no, I think WWE realizes this is truly it, the deck is stacked, they've done all the set-ups and bait and switches they can, time to end it once and for all. Sure, they could have Michaels go heel and a HHH reunion to let Orton win but WWE has to know that this is what fans want, Bryan to go over at last and the perfect place to do it. So he finally gets the win in a wild battle to let everyone enjoy the payoff at long last.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

Aaron Frame: This is probably the only match I have an interest in. Will they pull the trigger on Bryan or has this all been just to fill time until the return of John Cena? I want Bryan to win here, I really do, but I am starting to think that there is little chance. Orton has been waiting patiently and it's his turn to shine again. Bryan, I guess, just doesn't fit the bill of WWE champion that the company wants. He seems like more of an experiment. WWE has invested a lot in smaller Indie names, so if they can make Bryan in to a star, can they do it with anyone else?

Winner: Randy Orton

Overall Thoughts

James Wright: When looking at it this card actually looks pretty good, and there could be a couple of significant wins here and entertaining matches. I would love to see Punk and Ryback somehow steal the show in a complete reversal of last year, and of course a Daniel Bryan win would be nice. For some reason the WWE seem to be going all out for this one so hopefully they deliver and this time it will actually be a PPV worth buying, if only due to the WWE trying to make up for the last two, which were basically just gussied up versions of Raw.

Buy/No Buy: Buy

Dino Zucconi: While seemingly a better card than Battleground, this event looks like it could really suck, or be amazingly entertaining. With two Hell in a Cell matches on tap, it's going to take some doing to deflate the crowd. However, ending the night with John Cena and Randy Orton on top might just be the way to do it.

Buy/No Buy: I personally will not be getting the show, but it's more due to other engagements than my belief that this show will suck. If I was free and had the money, I'd get it. There's always the chance you'll get to watch Daniel Bryan win and John Cena lose, and we'll dig that, right? I'm of the opinion that we'll begin setting up Royal Rumble programs, even though Survivor Series and TLC are still around the corner. We'll go with a BUY.

Justin Watry: Well, this pay-per-view actually has some sort of build. That is a change of pace already from other October shows. Now, is it enough to make up for Battleground and lure fans into plunking down $50 on Sunday? That will be revealed in a few weeks when the buy rate is released. For me, the Green Bay Packers game is on at the same time against the Minnesota Vikings. In Wisconsin, football takes precedence over everything. However, I could still order the show and watch it late (or catch the replay). As usual, my decision is left up to all of YOU! If everyone reading this is going to order the program for $50 this weekend, then I will as well. Fair is fair.

Buy/No Buy: Your choice...

Michael Weyer: The Cell is always a big deal and the show itself looks good with the return of Cena and the main event. Plus, it sets up Survivor Series pretty well and thus I think it's worth the money. It should be a good show and if they pay off the Bryan win, more than worth getting to see him on top at last.

Buy/No Buy: Buy

Aaron Frame: I'm only really intregued by the main event and the hell in a cell stipulations. Other than that, the card is rather lackluster and exhibiting more of the same thing we've been seeing the last two pay-per-views.

Buy/No Buy: No Buy.

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