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Sports Entertainment 720 News Report 12.05.13
Posted by Jarrod Atkinson on 12.05.2013

Welcome back to Sports Entertainment 720, where I'm going around the Sports Entertainment world twice to bring you all the news and media, along with a dose of my highly respected opinion. I'm sure everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, as the resident vegan I rocked the Tofurky and answered a million questions about what I can and don't eat. I also ran into Jack Swagger on Black Friday, upping my Norman Oklahoma celebrity sightings to 2, with Barry Switzer being the other I've met, but still haven't met JR or Bob Stoops. I didn't go all fanboy on him, nor did I give his location away on Twitter. I kept cool about it because he's just a person. An incredibly giant person. I'm 6'1' and he made me look 3 feet tall. More importantly, Jack Swagger's wife Catalina was with him, which gives me an excuse to post this:

Let's Do This!

The constant rumor mill about Hulk Hogan and Wrestlemania now claims that there is talk of Hogan teaming with John Cena in a tag team match. A tag team match would be easier for Hogan because it would lessen the strain on his body, since I'm pretty sure he should never take a bump again ever. While stranger things have happened (Bret Hart "wrestling" in several matches a few years back), Hogan doesn't need to compete anymore. He can't do the leg drop, he shouldn't take a bump, and if you've seen any TNA live event, he has trouble getting in the ring. If Hogan wants to come back, there are a few options to involve him that don't include wrestling.

-Let him be the leader for the superstars that oppose The Authority. If we have to have a "The consortium was me!" moment for that to happen, so be it. Stephanie McMahon has been selling of stock like crazy lately, play it up on the show. He can be a minority owner that opposes the way things are being run. We still have Hogan on TV and WWE can sell that sweet sweet Hogan merch.

-How about Special Guest Referee for the main event? What better way to end Wrestlemania 30 than to have the man that was a huge part of 11 of them raising the champions hand in the end. If the strain of being a ref is too much, use the old Special Enforcer role so he can slide in and give the three count.

-There's always the role of General Manger of Raw. He likes to play the Hollywood heel role and nothing would make him more hated than to align with Vinnie Mac's heir to the throne. He has the experience, come out, say brother, dude, and brother again, make a 6 man tag, head to the back for night.

In my opinion Hogan should've retired after Wrestlemania 18 or after he lost the Undisputed Championship. Go out on top like a returning warrior that had one last run. Retire like a boss and sit back and be the Babe Ruth of WWE. Do the occasional live appearances and be a talking head on the video collections. So please brother, if you do come back realize that you're 60 years old and while we all appreciate what you've done in the past, the last thing we want is to see you taking someone's place on the Wrestlemania card for 3 punches and a boot.

And now the fake news...

For some reason today WWE promoted several executives to new roles, claiming it is to "lead future growth." Several people you don't care about had their titles adjusted to make it seem like a promotion, such as the Chief Marketing Officer becoming the NEEEEEWWWWWWW Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer. Kevin Dunn was promoted to Executive Producer of all WWE Programming, which is a job I swear he already had. The best "promotion" was Stephanie McMahon's move from Executive Vice President, Creative to Chief Brand Officer. She will oversee efforts to enhance the brand's reputation with advertisers, media, and investors. She will report directly to Vince. So she got pulled off of Creative to go do corporate stuff. Remember when JR said this?

The WWE really really appreciates your participation in the poll Monday on what to call the winner of the main event at TLC, but Unified Champion isn't what they wanted you to say, so they'll take it into consideration. Why aren't they discussing the brief period when there was an Undisputed WWE Champion and go with that? We all know that ugly ass class ring belt will be the one to survive if there is a definitive winner at TLC. I for one think that they won't give away a moment like unifying the titles on a secondary PPV, but it wouldn't be the first time. Look for a double DQ when Chris Jericho interferes and reminds us once again he was the first Undisputed Champion. (Not really.)

Davey "John Cahill" Richards continued his bridge burning tour to the point that Ring of Honor actually released a statement regarding his absence from the Final Battle card. What was to be the American Wolves farewell will now be Eddie Edwards and a mystery partner vs. Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal. I really hope you make the WWE main roster Davey, because at this point you're reaching Teddy Hart levels of reliability.

Cliff Compton is returning to Nigeria for the first time since he was stuck there with Luke Gallows in 2011. Mr. 1859 had a very rough time the last time he wrestled there on shows booked by The Great Power Uti. If you haven't heard Compton's story about this experience, seek out his episodes of Colt Cabana's podcast. This tour is being booked by The Barbarian and features Shane Douglas, Bobby Lashley, and Chris Masters. Hopefully Compton returns without having to pay out of pocket to leave the country.

First off, remember when I said the turkey suit would be put on a promising up and coming wrestler? You win some, you lose some. I'm mean me, Fernum and Barnes clearly lost. Hope it was a good pay day.

This week on Impact the World Title Tournament returns after a week off with the semifinals featuring Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode in a Tables Match, and Kurt Angle vs. Magnus in a Last Man Standing Match. If you've been watching this tournament you can see the finals coming a mile away. I'm calling it Magnus vs. Jeff Hardy in the finals. Elsewhere, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian continue to mess with Joseph about the whole Abyss thing. I find it funny that the two guys that were under the Suicide mask are giving someone crap for not being truthful about their identity. Rounding out the card is a tag match between Tag Team Champs The Bro Mans and the team of James Storm and Gunner, Gail Kim's Open Challenge, and Ethan Carter III challenging a Legend.

Question for the day: How do you feel about Kurt Angle's current role in TNA? I feel like his days as a main event talent each and every week are behind him. He has health problems, has 4 drunk driving incidents, and is fresh out of rehab. At this point I feel like Kurt should be the special attraction that gets used in a way that Shawn Michaels was used in his last year. Being a main event player every week isn't a spot Kurt needs anymore. I know TNA uses him for name recognition, but the man needs to pull back. How do you feel about Kurt Angle?

Each week I filter through all the self promotion, Q and A's, retweets, and TV references to bring you the best of Twitter in the Sports Entertainment world.

Interesting that WWE decides to acknowledge OVW again. I wish they would collect the old OVW episodes from when they had developmental there. I don't buy DVDs anymore, but I would definitely purchase that. We've reached the end of the road for this week, I appreciate all your comments and opinions on this column. Also, if you haven't done so, go read my fellow Mid Week Mafia member Chris Pilkington's column The Side Russian News Sweep. He's pretty damn funny and he has those sweet sweet banners. Follow me on Twitter for my wonderful commentary on life @JarrodAtkinson and follow @411wrestling for all the latest news and updates on this wonderful thing we call wrestling. Alright, that's it. Scotty Steiner, take us out!



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