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Sports Entertainment 720 News Report 12.12.13
Posted by Jarrod Atkinson on 12.12.2013

Welcome back to another edition of Sports Entertainment 720! I'm circling the world of wrestling twice to give you the best news and a dose of my wonderful opinion. Who am I? I'm your new favorite independent blogger Jarrod Atkinson. Not to be confused with Jarid Atkinson, the Oklahoma State University cheerleader who tried to trip an Oklahoma football player after last Saturday's Bedlam game.

I wouldn't have gone for the trip, I would've gone for the out of nowhere Roman Reigns spear.

Let's do this!

This is suppose to be a news column, but half the time it seems all we have to write about is speculation. I for one am getting sick of writing about what "insiders" say might be happening. Remember when Billy Corgan was going to buy TNA? Here we are a month later and nothing is going on. Hey, Hulk Hogan and John Cena are going to team up for a tag match at Wrestlemania 30! Or are they? Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards haven't signed a developmental contract, they have an "internship" with the WWE. What the hell is that? Unless Triple H is screwing with them because he hates indie wrestlers, have we ever seen an agreement like that? Seems like the news cycle stays the same, we get rumors from Rajah, Justin Credible throws in his two cents, Konnan talks some shit, and someone says something on a podcast. Then I have to come in and pick out the stuff that looks good and hope that I don't look like an idiot the next week.

TNA is still cutting costs and from the looks of things AJ Styles won't be coming back anytime soon. Add to that Hulk Hogan not coming back plus the potential of Sting and Jeff Hardy not renewing contracts, that seems like a lot of money being freed up to keep their remaining stars in the fold. Unless of course Hogan, Sting, and Hardy are being paid by Viacom, then throw that all out the window. Question of the day: If you were AJ Styles, would you take the initial low pay from WWE to get a shot at the big time?

The Four Person Power Trip?

How great was the ending to Raw this week? Not the Triple H pedigree to Orton, the end shot over Orton's shoulder. This ending gave us the hope for the incredible swerve that would never happen at TLC. Cena siding with Trips and Steph would be a great heel turn that is based on fact. Like it or not, Cena is the face of the WWE and has been for almost 10 years. But of course, heel Cena means less merchandise sales from kids and the youth are WWE's bread and butter. I still don't see this match ending with one undisputed champion. Who do you see winning the TLC main event?

I forgot to mention this last week, but it looks like WWE is moving forward with Hunico as the new Sin Cara while Mistico sits at home and finishes out his contract. This is definitely the right move as Hunico knows the WWE style and how to mix the luchador style into his matches but still match how Vince wants it to look. I think in the end everyone wins because Mistico is probably ready to go back to being the #1 guy and WWE can still have their masked man. I for one think WWE missed the boat when they didn't sign the greatest wrestler in all of Mexico...Dr. Wagner, Jr. Okay, not really, the guy's pushing 50 but he has charisma and an awesome catch phrase. Plus the best entrance music ever...

Ultimate Warrior is getting a new DVD set soon. In the never say never world of wrestling Warrior will finally be getting a compilation set based on his matches and not on how batshit crazy he was. The DVD will have over 7 hours of action, which means 7 hours of running the ropes, shaking said ropes, gorilla press, and the splash. I'll be skipping this one unless they release The Ultimate Warrior Promo Series, featuring 7 hours of this:

This week on Impact sees the return of Feast or Fired, featuring Samoa Joe, James Storm, Mr. Anderson, Gunner, Chavo Guerrero, Zema Ion, and more. (My money is on Chavo getting the fired case.) Also this week, Chris Saban defends the X Division Title against The Greatest Man That Ever Lived Austin Aries in what will probably be the highlight of the night, and once again Gail Kim issues an open challenge to anyone that isn't a member of the TNA Knockout Division roster.

The finals of the TNA World Championship Tournament is next week, so look for some trash talk between Magnus and Jeff Hardy this week, plus more on the AJ Styles/Dixie Carter storyline. Kudos to anyone that hasn't read the spoilers for all of this, because TNA taped everything for the next month and I'm a sucker for reading spoilers. It lets me know when I need to pay attention.

Each week I filter through all the self promotion, Q and A's, retweets, and TV references to bring you the best of Twitter in the Sports Entertainment world.

WWE is taping Tribute To The Troops and everyone else was self promoting, so I went to the 411mania Wrestling writer's bag of tricks and searched out for hot chicks. 2 funny tweets, 3 barely clothed women.

As always, follow 411mania on Twitter and follow me if you want to hear about wrestling, MMA, vegan stuff, and the crap the goes on in Oklahoma. Click the links below.

That's it for this week. Hopefully there will be an actual Undisputed Champion this weekend, and if not, please let Chris Jericho show up and throw a wrench into the plans. Until next time, I'm going to go check Hulu+ on the hour to see how badly WWE's newest interns got squashed on NXT. Kevin Steen's latest Weekend Escapade will take us out. Ring the bell!


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