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411 TNA Impact Ranking 12.15.13
Posted by Dan Wojcik on 12.15.2013

411 TNA Impact Ranking 12.15.2013

Welcome to the 411 TNA Impact Rankings! I am still Dan Wojcik and I am coming to you from a semi-undisclosed location somewhere inside the heart of the Midwest. There are many different ranking systems out there. The WWE Power rankings. The Wrestler of the Week rankings. And whatever other ranking systems you may want to find. This is the TNA Impact Ranking though, were I get to rank the current movers and shakers in TNA. This column is similar to the MP Schroeder's WWE RPI Rankings. I want to have some fun with this. Due to technical difficulties, the Rankings did not go up last week and I apologize for that. Last week's listing would have been as follows…

  • 1. Gail Kim
  • 2. Magnus
  • 3. Jeff Hardy
  • 4. Bromans
  • 5. Bobby Roode
  • 6. EC3
  • 7. Bad Influence
  • 8. Rockstar Spud and Sting
  • 9. Joseph Park and Eric Young
  • 10. AJ Styles

  • My Criteria Base:
  • Wins and Losses
  • Momentum
  • Overall Strength of Booking
  • Only TV and PPV Count Towards This (One Night Only PPV's are NOT included)
  • If You Hold a Title, Your Chances of Appearing Are Good, but not Guaranteed!

    RANKINGS 1. Austin Aries: Austin Aries is your number one for this week! He managed to defeat Chris Sabin and win the X-Division title. Afterwards he had some words with Sabin and decided to enter the Feast or Fired match, but came out empty handed. Yet he did seem to like Sabin's idea of stealing Velvet Sky. Let's see if the Greatest Man that Ever Lived can do it!

    RANKINGS 2. Ethan Carter III: EC3 entered the Feast or Fired match in an effort to get away from the Moderately Unsettled ICON Sting this past week. In doing so, he managed to grab the first briefcase and walk on out with the potential for greatness or one heck of a fall from grace.

    RANKINGS 3. Zema Ion: DJ Zema Ion is back from a series of health related issues. This week he stepped out of the shadow of the Bromans to grab the second hanging briefcase in the Feast or Fired match. Will Ion get an X-Division title match? Will it be a tag title match? Or will he be saying good bye to TNA and hello to PWG, ROH or Dragon Gate USA? Tune in next week to find out!

    RANKINGS 4. Chavo Guerrero: Chavo managed to retrieve the third briefcase in the Feast or Fired match. Did Chavo get a case that will help to reinvigorate his time in TNA or did he just sign his own walking papers?

    RANKINGS 5. Gunner: Gunner managed to get the Fourth and final briefcase in the Feast or Fired match; but that was just the sprinkles on the whip cream. What really helped to put Gunner over this week was the fact that he stabbed his tag team partner, James Storm in the back to do it! This feud has been brewing for the last number of weeks and it is now really starting to build up some momentum.

    RANKINGSRANKINGS 6. Eric Young and Joseph Park: EY and park had a match against Bad Influence of EGO and managed to get the win when EY bloodied his own partner in order to get him to rage out and score the win. After the match though, EY tells Park that he is Abyss!

    RANKINGS 7. Gail Kim: Gail Kim went out to once again await an opponent for her open challenge, when out walks ODB, who challenges Lei'D Tapa and shoves Kim aside. Kim will have none of that and jumps ODB and pumps the boots to her until a returning Madison Rayne gets involved. Title picture just got more interesting.

    RANKINGS 8. Madison Rayne: The beautiful Madison Rayne has returned from maternity leave to get right in the face of her former BFF and current Knock Out's Champion Gail Kim. That is one smokin' mama.

    RANKINGSRANKINGS 9. ODB and Lei'D Tapa: This should be just ODB, but I felt that Tapa deserved some love as well. ODB did one of my all time favorite bits. She got in Gail Kim's face and said, what makes you think I am here for you, then attacked Tapa! Booking on this is fabulous! Tapa held her own and quickly took the advantage with the help of Gail Kim.

    RANKINGS 10. Rockstar Spud: Rockstar Spud is here based on pure tv time this week. The guy had six segments of him trying to find Gainesville, GA and the house of AJ Styles. Along the way, we got to see him do some bad singing and interact with AJ Styles.

    RANKINGS 11. Bobby Roode: Roode got called out by Kurt Angle this week and Roode continues to show that he has gone from being an Arn Anderson to being a HHH in TNA. He continued to get in the head of Kurt Angle and got him to agree to a 2 out of 3 Falls match for next week. In the process, he got Angle to say that he would never lose to Roode again. Let's see if the "IT Factor" has dotted all of his "I's" and crossed all of his "T's".

    RANKINGS 12. Jeff Hardy: Hardy came out and said that he was going to be the World Champion again. However, that is not what has gotten him on to the ranking for this week. It is what he did at the end of the show. He took up Dixie Carter on her offer and sat down for a drink with her. Something a future Champion should do.

    RANKINGS 13. Bully Ray: Buyy Ray saw fit to attack Mr. Anderson from behind and deliver a piledriver. From there, he gave a wonderful little speech. You should check it out as this type of booking can only help to rebuild the former World Champion and potentially elevate Mr. Anderson in the process.

  • Those stuck in Limbo looking in include: James Storm, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin, Mr. Anderson, AJ Styles, Velvet Sky, Bad Influence, Kurt Angle and Sting.

  • New this week, I give you your Curtain Jerker of the Week!!!

    RANKINGS Knux: November 21 was the last that we saw of Knux. He did not even wrestle on the show. Bully Ray lost to Mr. Anderson and the Aces and 8's disbanded. Well it looks like since the brotherhood fell apart, Knux has taken the open position within TNA of Curtain Jerker!

  • And that is the list for this week!



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