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The DB Report 12.22.13: Fantasy Booking TNA Impact Wrestling (12.26.13)
Posted by Danny Bennett on 12.22.2013

 photo tnafantasy_zps840e78fa.jpg

The following column is a fantasy piece, and not a report of an actual show. It was also written for fun, so please enjoy…

  • We see Dixie Carter, Magnus, EC3 and Rockstar Spud sat on a private plane, Dixie congratulates Magnus as they sip champagne and says that tonight will see the official championship coronation in the ring and no expense will be spared. Magnus said he's well aware that everybody is going to be gunning for him and that he knows he will be shunned for his decision to join Team Dixie but he always said he will do whatever it takes to become World champion. Spud accidentally spills his drink as Dixie demands he cleans it up as she, Magnus and EC3 toast.

    Match 1: Non Title - Austin Aries defeated King King: Former champion Chris Sabin was sat with Velvet Sky on commentary and he said he was cashing in his title rematch next week. After a good competitive match Aries put King away with the brainbuster. After the match Aries pulled out a hotel key and gave it to Sky at ringside as Sabin fumed.

  • Backstage, Sting was seen walking to the ring wearing a Christmas hat and was noticeably wearing his Joker makeup.

  • At ringside, Taz and Tenay previewed what we have on tap for tonight's show:

    ~ Magnus' Official Championship Coronation
    ~ James Storm vs. Hernandez
    ~ Madison Rayne vs. Brooke Tessmacher
    ~ Monster's Ball - Joseph Park & Eric Young vs. Bad Influence

    Match 2:Bobby Roode defeated Curry Man: Roode made short work of Curry Man and defeated him using the crossface. Afterwards Roode took the mic and said Kurt Angle did what was good for him and that's stay home tonight in Pittsburgh with his family and lick his wounds. Roode said he wants Angle to make sure Angle knows he is the better man once and for all , Roode then applied the ankle lock on Curry Man with a sadistic look on his face

    Interview: Jeremy Borash interviewed Jeff Hardy as we see footage from Last week's Dixie Land match where he got screwed over. Hardy said that for the past two years he's worked hard to redeem himself in the eyes of the fans and the wrestlers in the locker room. Hardy said he knows it could probably cost him his job but last week what happened sucked and he's seen a lot of top names leave TNA because of Dixie Carter and he might just follow. Sting interrupted and told Hardy before he does anything he wants Hardy to hear what he says live next.

    In The Ring: Sting made his entrance to a huge ovation and took the mic and wished the crowd happy holidays before getting down to business. Sting said for weeks he's had a problem with entitlement and in particular EC3 but last week he saw a guy who he took under his wing and a man who he thought respected this business sell his soul to become world champion and it made him loose his mind just a tad. Sting said rather than complain he's decided to give back to the fans and tonight there will be a rather special Christmas present for Dixie, Magnus and her team , Ta Ta for now.

    Match 3:James Storm defeated Hernandez: Tenay noted that Hernandez is a little bit lost in the ranks following his partner Chavo Guerrero getting fired last week. Taz admitted Hernandez always has done better in tag teams and he doesn't see where he goes from here. Storm won using the last call superkick. Afterwards Storm took the mic and said he sees a new years resolution for him and that's to become the top guy in TNA and he's taking no prisoners, his ticket to the top is Gunner's Feast or Fired World title shot and he will go through him and anybody else to get it. Tenay noted a change in Storm's attitude and demeanor.

    Parking Lot: Team Dixie arrived in a limousine and entered the building as they were ass kissed by The Bromans and Bad Influence along the way who all shook Magnus' hand. Jeremy Borash came up and informed them about Sting's Christmas surprise, Dixie laughed it off and said if she wanted a gift she would go to Tiffany's. Magnus said he already has the greatest gift of all and held up the TNA world title and said screw Sting.

    Impact 365: Bully Ray cut a promo from outside the Green Bay packers stadium and announced that when he issues threats he doesn't lie or exaggerate, he's in green bay , Ken Anderson's home town and he can get to him where and when he wants. Ray said evil never sleeps and gods never rest, the darkness of defeat can only be extinguished by the light of retribution. He will see Ken soon.

    Match 4:Madison Rayne defeated Brooke Tessmacher: Rayne managed to get the pinfall in quick fashion using a tornado DDT. After the match Gail Kim came out alongside Tapa and said that Rayne keeps getting lucky every week and if she thinks she's the number one contender then she's wrong. Kim said she will give a title shot next week to the real number one contender Lai'D Tapa. Tapa looked at Kim as the announcers were perplexed.

    At Ringside: Taz and Tenay broke the news that on twitter there was a tweet from the official account of AJ Styles that he was on his way to Orlando and it has lead to speculation he will be here tonight. Taz said he doubts it and dismisses it saying he's probably visiting friends in the area over the holidays.

    Match 5: Monsters Ball- Joseph Park & Eric Young defeated Bad Influence: Daniels and Kazarian brought out trash cans full of weapons to use whereas Young brought out a gift wrapped box in the corner and then reached for Janice under the ring as Bad Influence fled the ring. The teams brawled around the ring using various items and Young got put through a table. Daniels and Kazarian double teamed Park but avoided hitting him in the face to prevent blood. Daniels grabbed Janice and attempted to use it but Park fought back with low blows. Park looked down at Janice in a trance like state until Kazarian hit him from behind and hit him across the back with Janice ripping his tracksuit. Park unzipped the jacket and looked down at his arms seeing very distinctive tattoos. Daniels managed to take him down from behind and hit the BME but instead of going for the pin went for the Gift wrapped box Young brought out with Tenay speculating it could be thumbtacks. Instead he opened it and inside was an Abyss Mask. Daniels looked at it as Park rose to his feet and underwent his transformation without blood!. Park hit the black hole slam and got the pin. Young managed to get back into the ring and gave Park the mask and he put it on and did the Abyss pose as Tenay declared we have finally solved the mystery of Joseph Park.

  • At ringside, Taz and Tenay gave viewers a chance to digest what they had just seen and hyped the upcoming Coronation.

    In The Ring: The ring was given the red carpet treatment and balloons were put in place as Rockstar Spud came out and introduced The most influential family in wrestling and also the greatest TNA champion this company has ever had Dixie and Ethan Carter , and Magnus. The three came out as confetti fell from the ceiling. The team was greeted by boos as EC3 took the mic and said the reason people boo them is because they know they need them and nobody can stop them. Dixie said that she handpicked Magnus from the entire roster and with a lot of hard work he became the leader of this company that it needed. Dixie showed a video package chronicling Magnus' TNA career and told the crowd to show some respect. The video feed was cut off as we saw a pickup truck arrive in the parking lot in front of the limo from earlier . Dixie yelled that " he can't be here and she doesn't need him anymore". Magnus and Carter flipped put at Spud asking what was going on . Magnus yelled on the mic it's his time nobody else's. Dixie ordered security to come out. A line of security came onto the stage blocking the entrance but then they were confronted by Jeff Hardy, Sting and Samoa Joe who took them out. Spud and EC3 went after them as Dixie and Magnus stayed in the ring. Sting and EC3 brawled to the back and a huge brawl continued on the ramp. AJ Styles emerged on the ramp carrying his TNA World title to a thunderous pop as Magnus took his jacket and tie off. Styles walked down to the ring as Tenay said we are running out of time on the broadcast. Styles got in the ring and ducked a shot from Magnus and laid him out with a belt shot to the face!. Dixie began screaming and slapped Styles and tried to push him but he moved and she fell to the mat. Styles held up the title and stood tall to end the show!

  • End scene…



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