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Sports Entertainment 720 News Report 12.26.13
Posted by Jarrod Atkinson on 12.26.2013

Welcome back to Sports Entertainment 720, and what a better way to get over that holiday hangover than to gather together and nitpick the thing we love to hate the most? Since it's the day after Christmas everything that is happening was taped last week, or in TNA's case, last year, so I'll focus on the two major stories from this week. And who in the bloody blue hell am I? I'm Jarrod Atkinson, your favorite independent blogger. Let's take a look at Dave Batista and Jeff Jarrett, shall we? Hit my music!

Walking alone and shit.

The rumors started flying last week that a venue had spoiled Dave Batista's return to the WWE. Being skeptical of everything, I blew it off, especially when the venue pulled the "Oops, never mind." card. But for whatever reason WWE decided to say the hell with it and announced Big Dave's return on Raw Monday. As we all know, Dave Batista is a 6 time world champion in WWE, the longest reigning WWE World Heavyweight champion ever, and he's been gone for 3 years. I'm sure this has everything to do with his role in this summer's Guardians of the Galaxy movie that made Trips and Vince decide to bring him back for a little cross promotion. You're going to see his return hype video everywhere on here a million times, so I'm going to show you the only two videos you need to see.

First, let's go back to that time that WWE decided to blur the lines between story and real life to give a little wink to his relationship with Melina. Y'know, that time she had sex with him so he wouldn't participate in a match with MNM. Obviously this is before the PG era.

Aaaaannnnnd his exit from the company the day after his loss in a brutal I Quit match against John Cena. This was my favorite Batista, the egotistic champion that required the spotlight.

Big Dave Batista (1-0-0 MMA) makes his return to your television screen on January 20th. Let the speculation begin on who he will be paired up against! Now let's shift gears from a return to a man leaving the company he created.

Thank you Jeff.

We all shit on TNA every week. It's the cool thing to do, right? But here's the thing, the wrestling world needs TNA and Jeff Jarrett is the man that made that possible. Jarrett founded TNA as the alternative to WWE shortly after the death of WCW. I remember the weekly pay per view era fondly and slowly over the last 11 years we've watched stars created, WWE wrestlers jumping ship, and the occasional WWE to TNA moment. If it weren't for Jeff Jarrett we wouldn't have Braden Walker. I've got a few videos to spotlight a few of the moments that Jeff had in TNA.

Jeff Jarrett is the King of the Mountain. He of course gave himself the nickname, but it's because he won 2 King of the Mountain matches. For those not familiar, the match is basically a reverse ladder match, but you have to be eligible to hang the belt by getting a pinfall or submission on someone first. Then they have to go to a....penalty box for 2 minutes. Anyway, here's a controversial Jeff Jarrett win.

Jarrett ran the company and for the better part of 5 years he was at or near the top of the card. Tragically, his first wife passed away from a battle with cancer and he took some time away from the ring. This video was played at Slammiversary 5.

Jarrett would be gone for some time, and would return to action and eventually would engage in a very personal feud with Kurt Angle, as once again wrestling blurs the lines and they focused on Jarrett ending up with Angle's ex wife Karen. Angle and Jarrett fought many times over the next 2 years. As the years progressed, Jeff was at the top of the card less, and his last time in the main storyline was his involvement in the 10/10/10 storyline, where he sided with Hulk Hogan and super heel Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Jarrett is a someone that doesn't get enough credit for his contributions to the wrestling business. He sometimes is known more for that time he caught Vince in a tough situation that time his contract ended the day before he was scheduled to drop the IC title and leave the company. Double J gave us the alternative to WWE and created a place for professional wrestlers to go if they didn't fit WWE's vision. While he still remains a minority owner in TNA, I hope he continues to contribute to the business in another way. Screw it, I'll say it: JEFF JARRETT FOR THE 2014 RUMBLE.

Each week I filter through all the self promotion, Q and A's, retweets, and TV references to bring you the best of Twitter in the Sports Entertainment world.

Damn, Dolph is stoked about Applebees. As always, follow 411mania on Twitter and follow me if you want to hear about wrestling, MMA, vegan stuff, and the crap the goes on in Oklahoma. Click the links below.

When we return next week I'll focus more on the news, and talk more about Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. So by that I mean back to normal. Happy Boxing Day to all the Canadian and UK fans out there. That's my time, have a good one people. Ring the bell!


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