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The Wrestling 5 & 1 1.11.14: Layla El vs Eve Torres
Posted by Tony Acero on 01.11.2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! You guys gave me a great 2013, especially with the transition of DeMarco to Acero, and I thank you for your continued support. The wrestling pot is coming to a boil as the Rumble comes up, and I'm super excited. The ending of RAW saw Bryan join the Goat Squad and left the wrestling world divided. What do I think? Hell, let's find out!

The WWE Network Blows Minds!

Earlier in the week, the WWE promised a huge announcement on Wednesday, and come that day, we got our huge announcement. Speculation was abundant, particularly in the respect of one Hulk Hogan, but alas, no red and yellow blaze was to be had. Instead, we had something that – from pretty much all accounts – blew the minds of wrestling fans everywhere, yours truly included. The announcement was guessed correctly by a few to be about the WWE Network, but I don't think even the smartest of fans knew just what they were going to get. This, of course, brings up the question: What ARE we going to get?

For starters, a whole hell of a lot. While I'm no expert on the Network quite yet, here's the skinny of it all:

It's essentially, Netflix for the WWE. It's a huge as library of shit at our fingertips that we can watch at our leisure for $9.99 a month. Moreoever – and perhaps more importantly – it comes with some PPV fun! Basically, all 12 PPV's, including Wrestlemania for $120. That's roughly two PPVs worth at the current price. I mean, guys…everyone is saying it: this is a no-brainer!

There's tons more to talk about, such as original content and the library that they'll be streaming – and maybe it won't be as cool as we think it is. Just like Netflix has its doldrums of "never should have been here," there is sure to be a few sections where we may never turn our heads to in the vast library that WWE has. Another thing I'm worried about is just what the WWE considers funny. I've never saw them as a company that has a firm grasp on humor and topical moments, so I'm sure there are going to be a few of these "original content" programs that have little to no interest garnered from me. But even so, does that matter?! In the Watry-age of illegal streaming, a $10 price tag is, essentially, a $40 discount if ALL you use the Network for is PPVs. That's just amazing. Far too amazing to pass up.

I know the poll is rather pointless, but I'm curious, so I'll ask…

Over on the Yes! Yes! Yes! Facebook page, I posted this pic for all to comment on...

And the commenter with the most "likes"???

Bret Stuart: " Look guys, I'm Steven Seagal playing the piano!"

Think you have what it takes to win the Caption Contest? Head on over to the Yes! Yes! Yes! Facebook group and join today to see what Tony, myself and the gang post next!

Want to enter? Caption this picture:

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So, Layla pretty much demolished Michelle McCool last week, and is now one win away from tryin to regain her spot within the HOB. In the interest of fairness, and to try to put Layla against a fellow brunette, I pulled out a lady we haven't seen here in a while but seemed to always do well against others…EVE

And now…..

Voting ends Wednesday night and you can vote once every hour!

Batista Tweets Himself Into Heat

In a story that actually left the IWC a bit divided, Batista has already begun making waves in the locker room – or at least with one person. After Del Rio beat Sin Cara on RAW, he proclaimed that he'd be winning the Royal Rumble. While no one believed him, Batista took to Twitter to question the notoriety of Del Rio's existence in short, yet hilarious fashion. Batista tweeted: "Who is Alberto Del Rio?"

On its own, that tweet should simply be seen as Batista being the heelish "Bigger than WWE" star that he left the company as, but apparently Del Rio wasn't too much a fan of such a brute and responded: "I'm the one wining all the major titles while u were getting ur ass kick by your plumber (Vince lucero) See u at the rumble."

Del Rio's retort was quickly reciprocated with Batista telling Del Rio to calm his tits, but while saying as much, it appears he may have offended some others in the process. "Seems 2 me that some C level stars in a B level star era have bought into their own hype. Don't turn a work into a shoot. #realitycheck"

Del Rio didn't really like this response, and his final word on the situation was simply: "Like we say in #Mexico U can buy muscles but U can't buy Huevos cabron"

Now, what do we make of all this? If I were to pick who was "wrong" in this situation, I'd have to point out that Del Rio may have taken Batista's tweet just a bit too seriously. After all, Batista was simply being "Batista," and considering Del Rio's MMA career wasn't all that great, the last thing he should be critiquing is just that. Still, where Batista screwed the pooch was his comment regarding the current era being a "B level star era" which, essentially, is putting down the entire locker room, according to some (even if it's true). He could have ended the debate with "Don't turn a work into a shoot" but had to get that last jab in, and although I don't think there will be any repercussions for Batista at all, it's funny to see how wound up we all get over less than 140 characters.

And don't take this as me insulting any of you, readers, because I'm giving this issue – which is so non-news, it's not even funny – a spot in the column. I simply find it interesting how quickly things can escalate into nothingness and, how our beloved sport can still contain nothing but children in mens' bodies.

Your Turn: Was anyone ‘right' in this situation? Will it matter in a week?

Ryback Concussin People N Shit

Let me tell ya something bout Ryback – I don't like the guy. I don't know him – he could be the nicest soul on the planet – but he bores me to tears and I feel, for some reason, that he believes in his own hype just a tad bit much. BUT, judging by the fact that he's a heel, and his thing is that he's a bully, I shouldn't like the dude. I think what bugs me the most is his tweets, which don't particularly seem in character at all, but judging a man off of his 140 character jabs at a fan who may very well be as basement dwelling as we are is about as nonsensical as a roided 40 year old getting mad at a Mexican aristocrat---oh wait.

Anywho, Ryback is in the news again, and not just for calling making a horse reference directed in Lillian Garcia's direction. Which, if we are to believe is simply Ryback being a bully, then should be considered an outdated and overused punchline of a woman who has probably heard it far too many times in her life. According to reports that report reports that hardly have any validity, but give us something to write about, Ryback is being accused as an unsafe worker, and his most recent victim is Dolph Ziggler. Comments are quick to point out, however, that Dolph bounces more than a Nicki Minaj buttcheek on a trampoline, as well as Dolph's head issues in the past.

Either way, whether it's the back of Ry's fault, or it's Dolph himself, this is a very scary situation where Dolph should assess his worth and what kind of stories he is trying to tell in that ring, because with as many head issues he has had just the past year alone, I'd be a bit more trepid within that ring. The dude is still considered fresh, regardless of how long he has been there, and has potential for so much more. It'd be a damned shame if he lost it all because of some lug head or because of his own miscare.

So, let's say it is Ryback's fault – what do we do with him? At first, there was a hint at an IC Title shot, but that seemed to dissipate faster than a fart underwater. Maybe it's my own personal feelings about the character, but seeing him disappear for a while would be just fine by me, and no reports of Ryback wanting to team with Brock Lesnar will cause me to even alter that decision. In fact, I doubt the WWE sees Ryback on the same level of Brock in the least. No, Ryback, let's just calm it down a bit.

Your Turn: Are you tired of Ryback?

Obsession With Obsession!

Hey all! It's another edition of whatever the hell this section is called, and I'd like to applaud Jack for calling out my obsession as it is – a sorry attempt to woo AJ into my loving arms with no regrets or remorse. Surely my weekly posting of her photos should be enough! Whatdoyouthink? wants to point out the fact that Kane was once a victim of the Wyatt's and now he's suited and tied. Can we see Bryan the same way? I don't think so, considering I feel they're going for the implosion of the Wyatt's. I don't think it's a good idea, but that's what it appears they are doing. SpankyMcHamm prefers non-blondes! It doesn't matter, but dude is like my 17th favorite commenter! JDawg like both dem honies, ya dig? manface points out something very telling in the matrix from last week that I noticed, too. Cause_I_Can and JDawg notices the bias towards blondes and I can't say I don't agree, but keep in mind that the HOB is in your guys' hands! Eugene Chung pulls a Eugene when he tells me not to put Summer Rae into the HOB, then calls her face "busted." Way to break the mold, Eugene! Geez!

Snow considers The Undertaker as The Devil, and although it's an intriguing idea, I just don't see them doing it…and ya know what, I'm not sure why! Anthony Tate wants the return of some brown sugar, and I can't say that I blame him. Layla is super hot, and one of those "better in person" type females. My boy Jonny Reed gets his relationship challenged because no one who reads 411 has a girlfriend!

As per usual, a mixed bag of greatness as this column continues to get the best comments/feedback overall. Keep em coming, y'all!

AJ Laughs at you!

About the author:

Tony Acero is currently a student at Cal State University of Long Beach. He is double-majoring as a Creative Writing and Literature major. His first book, Through The Looking Glass, was published in April, 2012. School's Out is a short story that found the author arrested due to the severity of its content. Both can be found on amazon.com.

Tony joined 411Mania in April 2010, and currently contributes in both music and wrestling. Tony is an avid drinker of Mountain Dew and Jack Daniels. He is a writer who hardly takes himself seriously, yet has an innate ability to create moments that are both human yet fearful in his writings.

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Greg DeMarco is a graduate of Virginia Tech (Bachelor's in Business Management) and Arizona State (Master's in Higher & Post-Secondary Education). He works in online higher education. Greg started in improv comedy in 2001, making his stand-up debut in 2004.

Greg first appeared as a ring announcer for Rising Phoenix Wrestling in Phoenix Arizona in 2006 and served many promotions in both on-stage and back-stage roles for over six years, most notably Ring of Honor in 2010. He began writing for 411Mania in October 2010, founded The Greg DeMarco Show in May 2011 and opened WrestlingSmash.com (and Wrestling Smash Radio) in January 2013.

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Until next week...


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