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Truths And Lies 01.21.14: WWE/TNA Week In Review
Posted by Justin Watry on 01.21.2014

What a week!

I love the NFL. Next week is the Pro Bowl (never watched it, never will). That does not count as football, but one week later? We get the Super Bowl on February 2nd for all the marbles! Come February 3rd, yet another season is over. It feels like just yesterday people were trying to convince to me the Texans were for real. Or that the Ravens would repeat as champions. Or that the Falcons would finally prove the doubters wrong. Classic! I stuck with my (incorrect) Broncos/49ers prediction through thick and thin...still have Denver winning it all over Seattle though.

Moving over to wrestling, I actually thought the past week was bittersweet. A legend passed away in Mae Young. A legend returned in Batista. Is he considered a legend? Yeah. Plus, a legend may have wrestled his last match in Sting. As noted many times, buckle up! This 2014 calendar is going to be extremely memorable for all sorts of reasons. What else is memorable? Social media plugs...

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Let's start like I do most weeks - taking a look at the best posts from the comment section without any cuss words or insults used. Trust me, there were a few out there!

Note: Next week, I will respond to some reader feedback from my recent WWE Network column.

Blodger42: I come here for your news back chat. I love seeing LOGICAL answers to the stupidity that gets spit at us on this website. Wish more people were as logical as you when it comes to "SPOILERS"

Thank you! The "Ask Yourself" section is not going anywhere and receives more positive feedback than negative. My guess is the people who hate it are the ones who gobble up the false rumors. Truth hurts sometimes.

Ice Dagger: Sin Cara Hunico is barely 3 years younger than Rey Mysterio. If you want Rey to put over his LU-CHA! LU-CHA! successor, just wait for Kalisto to get called up.

Hey, look at that! You can comment without an insult or cuss word. Congrats! My only fear is Rey Mysterio's health. He can NOT continue waiting for anybody to get called up. Mr. 619 is nearing retirement as is. Sin Cara already resides on the main roster and is a well known name these days. Just do the match already! Get the mask record or whatever and be done with it.

The TradeMark Experience: Good one. Alex Riley's entrance theme alone is more over than anything Curtis Axel has ever done.

Yep! Well said. Plus, Alex Riley beat up The Miz. That has to count for something...

truthhurts94: even though the point of sin cara vs rey mysterio is to break the mask attendance, i really have no interest in seeing it unless sin cara is played by mistico. Hunico may be more consistent, but he cant pull off that gracefulness Mistico had. I saw a lot of his Japan/Mexico matches, and man is it disappointing. he really was the next Rey Mysterio. too bad they called him up to early. really a shame, he could have been really big. the ONE bloody time they call up a person and hes NOT ready because he HASNT adjusted to the wwe style.

Honestly, whatever would deliver the best match is the best option. Despite who is behind the mask as Sin Cara, whoever can deliver with Rey Mysterio works for me. You do bring up a good point. When he signed with WWE in early 2011, the general consensus was bring him to the main roster right away. "How insulting to be trained in FCW! How stupid to be in NXT for awhile! Screw the WWE system of wrestling a match! Blah, blah, blah." Well, now you see why the company does this. Learn the WWE style! I do not care how long you spent wrestling in Japan, Mexico, or the indy scene. WWE is WWE. If you do not believe me, just ask Sin Cara.

RJ: Well Justin, my pre-season prediction was Seattle and Denver, I think that'll come to fruition. Either way as you said you can still be excited about the playoffs (even if both our teams lay in defeat).

BTW, too much of Dixie isn't a bad thing. You just mute when she talks, and she's a lot hotter for it lol.=)

Kudos on the Super Bowl pick. Two great teams that will be contenders for years! About Dixie? If I wanted that kind of program, it takes five seconds to find through Google. Wasting two hours watching her on Spike TV pretend to be a heel is not worth the effort. Segment after segment after segment. One way or another though, the woman will try to make herself a "TV star" and get those Twitter followers. Oh, and that precious action figure. Buy that too. Company in turmoil or not, it is her show now!

PrimetimeMvP: Is it just me or this whole bryan wyatt feud was completely useless in the first place. You make bryan look weak through the whole time he is in the wyatts and then end it abruptly before it could even build up steam. I felt like if you were going to pull the trigger on this, it needed to last for a decent amount of time, to show a complete story arc of the hero. Have bryan join the wyatts, be successful for a little to show a reason to join the group, slowly show dissection in the group that leads to a big climax of Bryan returning to the hero. This whole feud smells of 2 things, either a short need to spike ratings to combat the BCS Championship Game or the WWE realizing that Bryan was still getting cheered relentlessly and that the feud needed to be shorter. This feud did nothing but set a feud between Bray and Bryan that was already in place before bryan joined the wyatts. It did not help either of them in any way and you can argue it in fact did more harm then good to both, making Bryan seem weaker joining the Wyatt's at all and Bray ultimately losing this feud which it seems set up to do rather quickly.

On another point, I differ this from Cena joining the nexus because Cena was forced to through losing to Wade and if not would have been fired. Everything he did he did because he was forced. Bryan willing joined the Wyatts and did "heelish" things such as attack the Usos after a match and other attacks, without Bray telling him to do so. This is why I feel there is a difference and the Bryan/Wyatt story should have continued.

Finally forget the people who criticize the way you write. You are on a bunch of sites and while I disagree with a lot you say, you are entitled to your opinion and you do a good job expressing it.

I appreciate the kind words. Not to beat a dead horse, but after six years of doing this, nothing bothers me. Same ol', same ol'.

As for Daniel Bryan joining The Wyatt Family, it was never going to last long. He was never a heel. Never! He was never a part of the group. The full intention was to 'turn' him back face after awhile and make him an ever bigger star than before. The Dudleyz joined Right to Censor...only to put them through tables. John Cena joined (was forced admittedly) the Nexus...only to tear them down from within. Stone Cold wore a suit and tie to team up with Vince McMahon...only to not. Am I forgetting other examples? Bryan is far from hurt by this. The live crowd never left him for the past month and went WILD after the cage match on Raw when he kicked Bray Wyatt. I would have done this at the Royal Rumble instead (as outlined in a comment last week), but WWE knows what they are doing. Simply re-watch the Raw ending again for proof. If anybody really thought Bryan was heel and with The Wyatts, I have no idea what to say. They are either new wrestling fans or just not paying attention.

jmac: How awesome is it that the one thing I look forward to reading the most on 411 now is the one thing that almost undercuts 411 altogether.

I'm hoping that all of this misinformation informs the IWC the same way that the WWE itself seems to be somewhat informed by the changing of the tides by increasingly using LOGIC to set up their storylines as opposed to hopping from one random idea to another. It would be great if the IWC as a whole only becomes sharper and seeks out more concrete information as opposed to the usual speculation disguised as news.

Although, part of the fun of the business is not knowing what's real and what's not, but are we missing something in constantly trying to look behind the curtain? Are we not trying to engage in our own form of markdom by following these "stories" day in and day out? Is it possible that the real truth to many of these stories is not nearly as interesting? Do you think that the IWC would be better off with more honest reporting or does the nature of the current model fill the gap of old gossip hotlines and newsletters?

Lots of nice points. I will just tackle the last question though because it fits most. If you notice, the "main" websites do not get anywhere near the "copy and paste" websites. ProWrestling.net has their own sources and only reports what is factual. Are they incorrect at times? Of course, nobody is perfect. PWTorch has their own sources and never gets near any of the speculation nonsense. Case in point: The 50 different WrestleMania match possibilities! PWInsider has their own sources and is picky with what is stated on the main page. Bottom line, all of these places actually have sources. Yes, actual sources! The others do not. Thus, they go the opposite route and whatever works for clicks...not necessarily factual news. When you see something on one of the credible websites, you give it worth. When it appears elsewhere, read at your own risk.

Jason Andreas: I think the frantic dash to be first to the breaking news is what leads to things like the premature announcement of Mae's supposed death, etc.

Combine that with the fact that all it takes is for one person to say the wrong thing on Twitter and it spreads like wildfire.

As the old saying goes: A lie can run round the world while the truth is putting it's boots on.

Here's a question for you, though - do you get any 'heat' (for want of a better word) from your colleagues at 411 for the way in which you take apart the dirtsheet rumour stuff? After all, a lot of their names will be on those news articles. Just curious.

A local reporter here in Wisconsin said it best: "I would rather be fourth or fifth in breaking a story and be right than being the first and wrong." Thing is this guy has professional pride and a reputation to live up to. Online reporting on a barrage of dirt sheet garbage? No sweat one way or another. Be wrong 50 times in a row and face no punishment. Thus, who cares?

As for the question about 'heat,' I have no idea. I do not want to speak for others, so I will not. I just write columns here. That is it. If any colleague wants to comment below on the subject, please do so. Now, bring on TNA Impact Wrestling!

Truths: TNA Impact Wrestling (1/16/14)

1. A real new era is NOT here. - How many times have we heard this? TNA is turning a corner! This show is make or break! Their future hinges on Impact come Thursday! This or that will change the company forever! Yawn. After about the millionth time, it becomes laughable and fan hyperbole for some sort of rally amongst the diehards. Us against the world. What better way to kick off this NEW ERA than a 20 minute opening with Dixie Carter? Check out the quarter hour ratings to see the audience run away after that nonsense. Yay new era! Bobby Roode did nothing. Daniels and Kaz did nothing. The other goons all were background players as well. That champion, yeah Magnus (remember him?), he said a few words only to hand one of his title belts to Dixie. There you go - just make her champion! Most importantly though, Dixie Carter and Sting had to talk, and talk, and talk, and talk in January 2014. New era folks...

2. There is no difference between live/taped in TNA ratings nor online buzz. - This one never ceases to amaze me. For months (and years), TNA has been taped. Most of their recent episodes were filmed all well in advance back in December and drew decent numbers by their standards. Yet, the television ratings did not go down in any major way. In fact, some of their highest rated episodes through the years was taped. Just like the past 5 years. When they were drawing regular 1.2 and 1.3 ratings back in 2009, I did not read any excuses of them being taped. Suddenly, that became an excuse over the past year or two when numbers started to dip. Then they FINALLY have a live (almost live) show on Thursday for the first time in forever...and viewership drops. Yep, I am proven right once more. I can not stress this enough: Being taped vs. live means NOTHING anymore. Walking Dead is taped. Big Bang Theory is taped. COPS reruns from 20 years ago draw the same (sometimes better) numbers than TNA on Spike TV. Nearly every show on TV is taped and can deliver big numbers. If you want to avoid spoilers, you will. If you are a select few and go wild over the product, you will seek out spoilers. The reality is that number is so low it really does not even matter. The folks on Twitter and all the forums have next to no effect on ratings. Speaking of, you can trend 800 million times on Twitter during the show and not move TV numbers one bit. Again, none of that translates to ratings. I just laugh every time somebody points out all the social media activity and 'online buzz' over TNA...and then viewership drops. Minus Hogan signing with TNA and a few other shows, there is no such thing as LEGITIMATE buzz over Impact Wrestling. That was shown again on Thursday. NEW ERA! DAVEY RICHARDS AND EDDIE EDWARDS ARE COMING! LIVE EPISODE! TONS OF MATCHES! YAY TWITTER TRENDS...and viewership drops. None of that means a thing.

3. Sting needs to call WWE headquarters and never look back. - What garbage. No wonder TNA puts all of their pay-per-views on free television. Nobody pays for their stuff. Look online for pictures of their live event business over the weekend. The near empty arena was not enough proof. I guess we had to watch Ethan Carter III stumble through yet another "story" match instead of letting us see what he actually has in a "real" match. Fine. Continue that route and see where it gets him in terms of drawing a live gate, grabbing respectable television ratings, earning PPV buys, etc. You know, making money for the company? You know, important stuff. Not a worthless story about being the spoiled rich nephew just for the sake of giving even MORE screen time to Dixie Carter. Back to the main point, Sting faces Magnus next week for the TNA Title. Throw away the stipulation about The Stinger never being able to challenge for the belt again! I do not read spoilers, but hopefully, this goes as I expect next Thursday.

4. There was no reason for Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson. - Five minutes after it ended, I totally forgot it even took place. Too bad.

5. TNA loves their brawls! - Boy, oh boy. I find it real difficult to get myself pumped and excited to see a bunch of guys (and a few girls despite what Taz says) brawl all over the place. When you go to that well so often, the shine wears off in a hurry. Since Impact Wrestling has done it so many times over the past few years, this one was just yet another in the long line of brawls throughout their history. I remember writing in 2011 that they had too many brawls. Welcome to 2014 - remember it is a NEW ERA!

Lie: Making Genesis a two week event is a good idea. - I get it. TNA wants their ratings. I get it. Talking segments tend to draw more than wrestling segments. If that is their endgame here, just have Roode and Angle talk for two hours. You may laugh, but I really believe TNA is going to deliver a two hour show without any in-ring wrestling someday. Just watch! It is getting close. I understand, but the 'bait and switch' with creating a second week is a pretty lousy thing to do. Waters the whole concept down. Next week will feature the Kurt Angle/Bobby Roode steel cage match, which was postponed this week. Again, I get it. They want to drag viewers to watch more than just one week. However, this (again) just comes off as as TNA wanting to give Dixie as much TV time as possible. Take away the 20 minute opening, and you can fit in the steel cage match or whatever else. As noted, dragging Genesis into next week may work on some viewers. It will NOT with me.

*That is it. My commitment to covering this program is officially over. No doubt, I will pop back in every now and then. Maybe late February or early March before Lockdown. Besides the rare occasions during 2014, do not plan on seeing much TNA content throughout this column. These past few episodes have been bad. Too much Dixie. Next to no entertaining matches. More false hope and promises of new talent and new beginnings, and blah, blah blah. Madison Rayne defeated Gail Kim, but even that fell flat. Plus. the referee caught Tapa choking Rayne! Would that not be a DQ? Whatever. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards showed up in the most mundane manner possible. Predictably, TNA had to take their little dig at WWE in the same segment, something they still have not learned to stop doing. I do not watch ROH, so they do not mean much to me. A "new investor" was teased, but all that means is yet ANOTHER authority figure and MORE TV time for Dixie. Wrestling really needs to move away from that stuff. Do not forget: A real new era is here!*

Do YOU Want To Write About TNA?

There is an opening on 411mania.com to cover TNA Impact Wrestling every Thursday night. If you want to join the staff, ditch the fake usernames and avatars, now is the time! Tell us all how wonderful TNA is. Tell us how amazing their story lines are. Your opportunity is waiting...

Truths: WWE Smackdown (1/17/14)

1. WWE advertised the New Age Outlaws this time! - Credit to WWE for actually promoting something for Smackdown this week. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust was a nice start to the show. The entire match never got going though. Also of note, Gunn and Dogg were not exactly playing heels here. Seemed weird. The tag champs actually lost the non-title match after Vickie Guerrero distracted them. I liked this all when it started - not so much when it finished.

2. Naomi nearly broke her neck. - That was sick.

3. The Miz was NOT awesome on commentary. - This needs a little back story. When Main Event start in 2012 on ION and was treated as a big deal, The Miz was great. The entire feel and format fit Miz like a glove. He was really, really good on Main Event as a commentator and all around personality. That is why I was actually hopeful to see him sitting at ringside on commentary Friday night. Five minutes later...my hope was crushed. The trio of JBL, Michael Cole and The Miz was awwwwful. Just not fun to listen to at all. Miz, I know you are reading this. Whatever you did on Main Event back in 2012 when the show started, DO NOW! Here is the commentary during the Big E vs. Fandango match:

4. Big Show needs to be serious come Monday. - I am okay with seeing one final Big Show/Brock Lesnar clash. However, Show needs to be serious when he comes face to face with Lesnar on Raw. Him joking around with Paul Heyman and Zeb Colter is not money. Him being intense and brawling with Lesnar is money. I assume the goal for WWE is to make money at the Royal Rumble. Play time is over. Dancing in a diaper and crying is over. I want the seven foot giant and the beast going head to head...

5. I think CM Punk vs. Triple H is the plan for WMXXX. - Through all the rumors and news stories, it seems WWE has landed on Punk/HHH for Mania. Fine by me. I actually wanted that matchup LAST YEAR at WM 29, with Brock vs. Taker taking place. Waiting an extra 12 months should be worth the wait. Punk wanted to fight Kane, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns. After The Shield teased tension backstage (again), all of them came together to take out Punk to end the evening. Especially Kane. All of this is looking to hype up a showdown between CM Punk and Triple H. Good! Keep building up the confrontation.

Lie: Alberto Del Rio has a chance against Batista. - I fear for ADR come Monday night. If nothing happens then, I fear for ADR at the Royal Rumble. Batista is going to need a heel to crush upon his return. Del Rio will be that man. Batista will return to WWE and be looking for somebody to beat up. At Raw or the Rumble, I expect ADR to be demolished. Poor guy! Batista is going to rip his head off.

*Not much to see here. I liked the story with Punk all night. That was good. The Mae Young tribute video was very well done. Everything else seemed like filler match after filler match. Congrats to AJ Lee for being the longest reigning Divas champ in company history. On top of everything else, the commentary was bad. I usually enjoy JBL and Cole together, so Miz gets the blame here (save the jokes). Miz did great work on Main Event. He needs to channel THAT into his current day presence. Otherwise, all attention shifts to Raw and Batista's return with the Rumble coming up as well.*

Truths: WWE Raw (1/20/14)

1. I am not the fantasy booking type... - ...but was I the only person disappointed in Batista's first appearance? This entire opening was hard to follow with so many different things discussed. All the while, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon played faces. Huh? It just seemed so easy. WWE builds up Batista all night. Before every commercial, tell the audience he is coming. He is coming. He is coming. Then in the final segment, Alberto Del Rio comes out and runs down Batista - just as he has been doing for weeks. Then Batista's music hits! The live crowd cheers; he comes down to the ring, beats up ADR and promises to win the Royal Rumble to become WWE World Champion. If so, even have a giant brawl with everyone coming out as well. Instead, the company went right to the Evolution stuff concerning Randy Orton. Fine, but if that is the feud for Mania, just start it next Monday night. Not BEFORE the Royal Rumble.

2. CM Punk is probably not winning the Royal Rumble. - I like him as the #1 entrant. It was fairly predictable but also the next logical step. The Authority will do everything possible for him NOT to win on Sunday. He will get close, maybe final four. In the end, Punk will last 50 minutes or so...and lose. The only real contenders to win the Rumble are Batista and Daniel Bryan. One man is officially announced (Batista). The other man is not officially announced (Bryan).

3. Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio went too long. - Last week was Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton. This week was Del Rio/Rey. I know filling three hours is tough, but long matches for the sake of long matches does nobody any good. Hey, Alberto did get a Batista Bomb after his victory, so that makes up for my earlier comments a little bit. No reason for him to be in that opening segment.

4. Big Show was not 100 percent serious. - Shame too. I really was invested in seeing these two giants go at it one more time. Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar CAN be a great thing. While we almost got there, it still was not the intense and serious feud I hoped. Show was still joking around, and Heyman did not get to deliver a classic promo before the pay-per-view. WWE told a similar story with them back in 2002. Brock can not move Show. Brock can not lift him. Brock can not lift him up. Blah, blah, blah. Same story in 2002. Come the Rumble, Lesnar will easily win.

5. The final segment with Randy Orton and John Cena was okay. - However, I think the television viewing audience was long gone by then. That is just my guess. Raw viewership usually slowly decreases as the show happens. This week should follow that path with a Randy Orton/Kofi Kingston main event. Yawn! Once John Cena got involved, business picked up as JR would say. Should be a good title match between them on Sunday before both move on to other things...

Lie: Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt at the Rumble is a waste of time. - Eh. WWE is hedging their bets here. If Bryan does well in the single's match and is healthy for the 30 man Rumble, they will throw him into the mix. If he can only compete in a quick one on one match against Bray, the company will play it safe with his concussion. Safety comes first for Bryan, despite all the 'Yes!' chants. Either way, their feud was always going to be a short-term story line anyways, so it is okay to end this all Sunday.

*Not a bad show. Not very good either. I think my expectations were just too high going in. That is my fault. Batista should have a success run (for however long it is), but his initial return was disappointing. The Big Show/Brock Lesnar feud never hit a climax, and now it is too late. The Rumble build was pretty good but with only two possible winners (Bryan and Batista), it is hard to care about anybody else but possible "surprise" entrants. Legends. Debuts. Comebacks. Whatever. On that note, the "By The Numbers" video is cool, but showing it twice in one night was not needed at all. At all. I love the 30 man Royal Rumble main event. Weak promotion or strong promotion, nothing will change that.*

Ask Yourself

The next time you read an online report, ask yourself if the story actually makes sense...or is your typical gossip with no truth whatsoever. Just from the past week or so, let's take a look:

TNA released Jay Bradley and Wes Brisco. - Do not care about Wes Brisco - never did, likely never will. It is a shame that Jay Bradley was released. When I interviewed him a few months ago, it was pretty obvious TNA had nothing for him. Shame. He is worth a look, should WWE coming calling (again). Another unfortunate example of signing somebody and doing nothing with him...

TNA signs Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. - Speaking of! I do not watch ROH, so Davey and Eddie have no relevance to me as a wrestling fan. However, this comes off bad for TNA as usual. The company had YEARS to sign these two but never did. Years! Days after WWE reportedly turned them down, they get signed by TNA? Come on. For that reason (and others discussed last week), I am predicting disaster ahead.

Edit: Apparently, the deals are for only one year. Not a lot of confidence from either side it seems. TNA may not want them long-term, all the while Davey/Eddie are still eyeing WWE come 2015 and do not want to be tied down. Makes sense.

TNA going after ROH talent? - You need to be careful. Having a roster full of unknown ROH wrestlers would basically mean you...are ROH. There has to be the right blend of established stars and introducing new guys or gals. I know TNA wants young, inexpensive wrestlers right now, but do not forget about your current roster. You know, the entire X-Division? Manik? Kenny King? Austin Aries? Sam Shaw who has been on and off? Countless others sitting at home? As long as there is an actual plan for the new signing, go ahead and bring them in. However, history tells us the opposite will happen.

MVP heading to TNA soon? - I was a fan of his in WWE. Not a huge fan but a fan. Now at 40 years old? We shall see what he brings. Like I just said, TNA is going to need some kind of veteran core hanging around. It can not just be ROH and former NXT guys wrestling with zero star power.

Edit: MVP denies the rumor...which would mean something, except it does not. Wrestlers deny stuff all the time. There is a reason I follow no current wrestlers on Twitter (they are always working). Sorry, I put zero stock into a public denial. Of course, he is going to say that.

TNA may release Knux and Garett Bischoff next. - Well, there you go! Garett should have never been there to begin with. Remember when Hulk Hogan called him the future of wrestling? Yeah, welcome to TNA. Knux has shown potential in both WWE and TNA but never did anything of note.

Roddy Piper/WrestleMania XXX match - Is this for real?

WWE may induct the first WM main event match into their Hall of Fame. - I would have to see the presentation before judging. Obviously, WWE wants to use some legends come April. Instead of getting a big WMXXX match, this may be their second option.

Bill Goldberg may not face Ryback at WMXXX. - NO WAY! Really? I truly, truly, truly, truly, truly, truly thought he was going to return to wrestle Ryback. Oh wait.

Ryback has heat within WWE. - Hey, more made up junk to spread around the internet! Just another week.

WWE is talking to Sting...again. - Same story every year. I do put more trust into the rumors this time around more than past years, but it is still a 'wait and see' situation. Like every January.

Chris Jericho may return to WWE for WrestleMania XXX or may not. - Quality update there!

Dispute over a 1.0 or 1.1 rating for Impact last week - No offense, but does it really matter? Next week will be a 1.1 rating. The following month will be 1.0 mixed in with a rare 0.9 or 1.2 rating after that. There; I just saved you some reading material. Nothing has dramatically changed for years now.

Back story to Daniel Bryan turning on the Wyatt Family. - Wow, the online reports really tried to explain this. They really tried. WWE did this. WWE did that. It was done because of this. It was done because of that. So laughable.

A source says "Vince loves Daniel Bryan." - But...but...he has a goat face. But...but...Vince is a big poopy head who hates the indy wrestlers. But...but...WWE only pushes the BIG guys! But...but...the company wants to bury Bryan forever and ever for getting over. But...but...but...just stop. Just stop.

Bad numbers for TNA live event attendance - Google the pictures for yourself. They are out there. Outside of their one week UK Tour, does this company ever make money from house shows the other 51 weeks out of the year? I ask that seriously. It is very hard for me to believe they actually make a profit off their live events. Regardless, it just pains me that so many great, great, great talent are stuck in TNA wasting their prime years.

Have any more examples? Please share them below in the comment section. Until then, just remember the next time you click on an article to ask yourself first how much will be truth and how much will be fiction.

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