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Sports Entertainment 720 News Report 1.30.14
Posted by Jarrod Atkinson on 01.30.2014

I'll get to my Royal Rumble comments in a bit, but the big news of the day is CM Punk apparently on the outs with WWE. Or is he? Is this a Steve Austin taking his ball and going home moment or just another piece of internet reporting that will be outdated the second that this column posts? Let's take a look, shall we?

Is CM Punk Done With WWE?

Let's look at what we know. For what seems like almost a year, Punk has been wrestling hurt. He was off TV for awhile after Wrestlemania, he seems to always be wrestling banged up, and we know that he has given information on when his contract ends and how he is starting to feel burned out. His Twitter is often filled with cryptic or negative sounding tweets at times aimed at WWE.

Punk was apparently heading towards a match at Wrestlemania with Triple H, a match that literally nobody wants to see. If the rumors are indeed true and Punk has gone home to sit out his contract, it appears Daniel Bryan could be placed into Punk's spot. I can see Punk's frustration with having to feud with a part time Superstar while guys like Batista roll back in and win the Rumble and get a title shot. If you have a contract that is expiring and you know that you're aren't getting the push you deserve because a guy that walked away 4 years ago is coming back, and you're as banged up and burned out as Punk is, would you not do the same thing? This story will continue to develop into either a massive rumor or fact very soon. I for one wouldn't be upset if Punk did sit at home until his contract expired. He claims to have been on the way out the door in 2011, so 3 more years of this shit, and the added pressure of becoming the definitive number 2 guy in the company have probably taken their toll on him. As always, stay tuned to 411wrestling for the latest updates on what could potentially be the story of the year. Because if Punk is gone.....

Just because it feels like a similar situation, let's flashback to the Austin Took His Ball promo. (Jesus, remember the Attitude Era crowds?)

Why did you guys boo me? Walking alone and shit.

With the release of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy coming this year, we need to face the facts: Dave Batista will be WWE Champion very soon. Big Dave rolled into the Rumble and predictably won for the second time, much to the delight of the crowd, who booed the shit out of everyone and everything when Daniel Bryan didn't appear in the Rumble match. They even chanted for Roman Reigns when it came down to Reigns and Batista, which probably gave Vince a confusion hard on. The PPV ended with the usual pyrotechnic power of making the Wrestlemania sign explode, and Dave trying his best to not looked gased. My usual PPV purchase regret was absent because I enjoyed watching the crowd shit all over the big master plan that Vince expects us to accept. Speaking of, Randy Orton vs Batista is a match I've never liked, so I'm not looking forward to seeing it a the biggest event of the year. How do you feel about the potential matches that are lined up for Wrestlemania XXX? When I first heard about Bray Wyatt and John Cena, I was skeptical. Now, I'm ready to see what they can do to steal the show. I could also give two shits about anything to do with Hulk Hogan, but we all know he'll be involved somehow, brother.

I'll admit that I missed last week's episode of Impact, but I know that once again there was a shit outcome and Sting is off TV to field offers from WWE. This week TNA goes overseas and we have a tag team championship match between The Bro Mans and Eric Young and Abyss, and the mystery investor will be revealed. Here's WWE's favorite interns with a message:

Each week I filter through all the self promotion, Q and A's, retweets, and TV references to bring you the best of Twitter in the Sports Entertainment world.

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Look at the time folks, my deadline passed a minute ago and I'm running out of things to copy and paste. With the Road to Wrestlemania upon us, I look forward to discussing the next Hulk Hogan, Sting, and Ultimate Warrior rumors with you. And if Punk comes back, do we all look like idiots for believing the rumors? What else can happen before we get to New Orleans? Stay tuned, this is the best part of the year for wrestling fans. Let's end with a Kevin Steen video, shall we? Ring the damn bell...


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