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Thoughts from the Top Rope 1.31.14: WrestleMania XXX Play-by-Play
Posted by Daniel Wilcox on 01.31.2014

Let's kick off by briefly discussing the current hot topic - CM Punk and his departure from WWE.

First and foremost, nobody is "in the wrong." Yes, CM Punk walked out and went home. It may have been because of creative frustration, it may have been because of feeling burnt out, it may have been a number of injuries, it may have been a financial issue. In reality, it's more likely that it was a combination of these and possibly other factors. However, I admire someone for being able to say "Actually, I don't like the situation I'm in, I don't like where my life is heading, I'm going to walk away." That takes balls. It's not a "fuck you" to your employer, it's about doing what's right for yourself at the time. If something's making you miserable you should walk away from it. If something is causing your body harm, you should walk away from it. If you're in a relationship that's causing you more pain than pleasure, you either fix the problems or you walk away because that's what's best for all parties. I've had jobs and relationships I knew I should've walked away from and I never did and lived to regret it, so credit to CM Punk for making the decision that was right for him at the time.

Secondly, let's look at some of the creative issues CM Punk may or may not take issue with. We've established that he's fine with Dave Batista returning because it's a long-term, full schedule contract (bar some live shows I believe), not a deal akin to The Rock's or Brock Lesnar's. What he has seemingly taken issue with is Daniel Bryan being looked over in favour of Batista. Being frustrated because former stars return in time for WrestleMania season is a genuine concern and shows a lack of long-term vision so I don't blame Punk for being annoyed about this, especially when he's proven he's as big of a draw as anyone in the company and moves as much merchandise as anyone not named John Cena. And it's not like Daniel Bryan has been given a fair go at a main event run to prove his own drawing credentials. Punk has a valid point here. Apparently he's also disinterested in a program with Triple H heading into WrestleMania. Now this I disagree with. Triple H doesn't work with just anybody. In the last few years the only guys Triple H has worked matches with would be The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. If you're in a program with Triple H, you're guaranteed as much screen time and promotion as anybody on the card so I can't quite understand Punk's issue here, unless he feels there was a better story to be told with someone else.

Here's what we know about CM Punk. He's known for having a bit of an attitude, a bit of a chip on his shoulder at times. At worst he can be a self-righteous prick. He can be unapproachable, he can behave childishly and he has a tendency to act like a bit of a know-it-all from time to time. He's also very self-confident, bordering on arrogant. But more often than not he backs up what he says. We also know that he's very dedicated to his craft and incredibly passionate about professional wrestling and that is something he shares in common with each and every one of us. From hearing Punk talk and reading what others say about him, he's one of the go-to guys in the locker-room and he's well-liked and garners a lot of respect. He has a great mind for this business. So when you're as passionate as a guy like Punk, and you have all these views and opinions that you're sure are great ideas and you can't do anything with them, it's going to be a frustrating time.

Regardless of where we go from here, I think we can all agree that CM Punk has produced some fantastic entertainment on WWE in the last seven years or so and for that we should all be grateful for his sacrifices. We should also all hope that whatever differences he may have with the creative process, the relevant parties can reach some form of compromise that suits them all so that we can get CM Punk back in WWE sooner rather than later.

Last Week's Feedback

We're going to kick things off talking about everyone's favourite 411 writer, Justin Watry. For those not aware, Watry's column features a segment called "Ask Yourself" where he posts news bits from the past week, and basically rubbishes their credibility, and condescendingly tells the readership that anyone who believes anything they read is a fool. Well last week a commenter asked Watry if he received any "heat" from his fellow writers because of the segment. He responded with the following;

"As for the question about 'heat,' I have no idea. I do not want to speak for others, so I will not. I just write columns here. That is it. If any colleague wants to comment below on the subject, please do so."

Thrilled at the opportunity to comment on the subject, but not looking to start a public spat, I privately messaged Watry on the Super Secret Staff Forum.

"Hey Justin, hope all is well, I was reading Truth and Lies yesterday and came across the bit where you were asked whether you receive "heat" from your 411 colleagues for the "Ask Yourself" section of your column. Like you, I don't wish to speak on behalf of anyone else but I figured I'd offer my two cents and by all means feel free to include this in your feedback section next week or whatever.

I think your "Ask Yourself" section makes 411Mania look unprofessional, which in turn reflects badly on the rest of the writing staff. 411 has never claimed to be the first to get breaking news stories, they've always posted sources and the like. 411 also never claims to be right 100% of the time. I think that part of being a wrestling fan on the internet is accepting that you're going to read a lot of fabricated at worst or ill-informed at best rumours or gossip. Nobody reads 411 or other sites thinking what they read is the gospel truth.

I'm quite capable of figuring out what news stories sound dodgy and which ones sound plausible without it needing to be pointed out to me, and I'm sure the majority of our readers are capable of the same thing. What your segment of the column does is point out to us in a way that is demeaning and sometimes condescending in tone what we already know - that most rumours are to be taken with a grain of salt. By bringing together all that information, some of which contradicts itself, you portray the very website you and I write for as bush league. There's already plenty of readers who do that in the comments section of the site. Furthermore, you question the ability of our readership to decipher between truth and lie, as it were.

As a writer on this site I have an opportunity to voice my opinion, which is fantastic. But I also appreciate that everything I put into a column is a reflection on the site, my fellow writers and indeed the readers and I think you would do well to bear that in mind every now and then. It's great that we all have our own independent opinions, but 411 gives us the forum to voice those opinions.

Hope all is well,
Daniel Wilcox

PS And if you like, we could always turn this into a worked-shoot to play the readership!


Let me go on record and state that I had no intention of conducting any sort of "worked-shoot" with Watry. It was a joke, hence the half-Chandler. Nor did I have any intention of including this in my column or making mention of it anywhere else. Then I got this in response;

Thanks for writing. Let me respond point by point:

1. I appreciate the feedback. This will not be posted in my next column. It is already running long as is, and that is without all the show reviews coming in the next few days. No room for anything else this week. We can keep this between us.

2. The 'Ask Yourself' section is not going anywhere and still has received more positive response than negative. It is an honor to write for 411, as well as every other website I do. I thank my lucky stars every day.

3. For YEARS now, other writers (on tons of websites) have wanted to work a 'story line' with me or some kind of shoot-internet deal. I decline every single time. Do not need it; do not want it. I just write columns. That is all.


What the hell is that? I've never seen anyone so effortlessly skirt round the main issue of a topic. He manages to get in not one, but TWO plugs for the plethora of other websites he writes for. There's the unmistakable condescending and sarcastic Watry tone. And he has the shameless arrogance to assume I'd actually be interested in running a storyline with him on this website.

As I say, I had no intention of including any of this, but I thought it was important to let our readers know that no, Watry's schtick is not an act. Or at least if it is an act, he's going to quite the lengths to keep kayfabe intact.

And with that out of the way, the best of the rest, ladies and gentlemen.

In last week's column I presented a predictive play-by-play highlighting how the Rumble match should've played out, and here's the selected feedback on that;

From Axl CDC; "Your fantasy Rumble is absolutely great and a lot better than what we will see on Sunday. Thank you very much for the great read, loved it. One minor detail is that I would not put Orton there: if Cena beats him, he still has a rematch clause, and it would be confusing to have him in the Rumble Match."

My Response: See, I figure they could get around that by simply saying their match at the Rumble was billed as the final showdown, the last one-on-one encounter in a straight up wrestling match. That was kind of hinted at when Stephanie McMahon announced the match. I figured you insert Orton into the Rumble, he eliminates Batista and that's set up a match for Mania. You couldn't have had Batista eliminated in a throwaway moment, he's got to look like a big deal. Hence the angle. Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

From guest; "God I hope the Rumble goes down this way. That would be amazing."

My Response: Nevermind. Thanks for the kind words anyway.

From RipStamp; "You've booked an awesome Rumble here my friend. I kinda hope it plays out this way."

My Response: Thank you muchly. I tried to give as many people in the Rumble a storyline, that's what makes for an eventful and creative Rumble match, and I feel that's where this Sunday's match fell over. Quibble about the outcome all you like but the journey to get there just wasn't that interesting.

And finally on the feedback, last week I presented you with a poll with eleven specific choices of matches you might like to see headline WrestleMania, as well as the "other" option and the results are quite telling.

The top vote-getter was Brock Lesnar defending against Daniel Bryan (28%), while the runner-up was Bryan challenging John Cena (19%). In third place was John Cena facing The Undertaker with the Streak up for grabs, with 18%. Daniel Bryan challenging Randy Orton was next up (15%), while the other seven options I presented, none of which included Daniel Bryan, garnered a total of 13%. All the matches Dave Batista was featured in added up to 5% of the vote. 8% selected "other."

So basically, everyone on the internet wants Daniel Bryan in the main event of WrestleMania. Shocking discovery.

Good job I didn't include a Punk/Bryan option, my poll would've broken!

This Week's Feature

So last week I presented play-by-play of the Royal Rumble match. It went down a treat with the reader's, or at least the ones who left a comment, so I thought I'd do it again, only this time, we're going big, I'm tackling WrestleMania XXX. There are, however, two issues with this. The first issue is that it's been five years since I last attempted to present a predictive play-by-play on this scale, and I forgot just how bloody long it would take me. It's also hard to creatively book a four-hour pay-per-view without repeating spots and the like. The second issue reared it's head on Tuesday when I was about two-thirds of the way through the piece CM Punk upped and left WWE, or so it would seem. So that mean the card needed a complete reshuffle and half the work I'd already laid out had to be scrapped. But I got it done. It's a mammoth piece, I only hope the quality didn't suffer. It does mean that there'll be no This Week's List nor This Week's Match, but I'm sure we'll all survive. I only have so many hours in my day, and I've already spent a lot of them writing this week. So here it is, my prediction and play-by-play for the WrestleMania XXX card. Enjoy!

WrestleMania XXX Play-By-Play

Lilian Garcia sings us the National Anthem from atop the stage. At the conclusion of her performance, Vince McMahon wanders out to the stage and says simply, "Welcome to WrestleMania!"

We go to a video package chronicling thirty years of WrestleMania. It then runs down the rivalries that lead us to tonight's main event matches.

We join Michael Cole, Jerry "the King" Lawler and JBL at ringside. They hype the show and throw us to our Spanish announce team of Carlos Cabrera and Marcelo Rodriguez.

Howard Finkel informs us that our opening match will be contested under elimination rules.

Match #1: Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship: The New Age Outlaws vs. The Usos vs. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. The Real Americans

Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger to start. Swagger overpowers Rey and looks to shove him around, but Rey comes back with kicks to the thighs and right hands. Rey ducks a clothesline, hits the ropes and catches Swagger with a head scissors takedown. Swagger out, Cesaro in, but he runs into a drop toehold. Rey hits a low dropkick to the face of Cesaro and covers for one. Cesaro reverses a whip and sends Rey into the corner. He follows up with a gut wrench throw. He looks for the Cesaro Swing early, but Rey counters and sends Cesaro into the middle rope. Rey goes for the 619 but Billy Gunn makes the blind tag. Rey doesn't like that so he hits Gunn with a right that sends him off the apron. Plancha by Rey! Mysterio rolls Gunn back in and Cesaro looks to capitalize but only gets a 1 count. Swagger in now and he goes to work on the leg of Gunn, dropping knees onto the ankle. He goes for the Ankle Lock but Gun rolls through sending Swagger into the Usos' corner. Jey tags himself in and takes down Gunn with a couple of clotheslines. He sends him into the corner only to run into a back elbow. Neckbreaker by Bill Gunn. Road Dogg in off the tag and we get a little Shake, Rattle and Knee Drop! Dogg covers for 2. Boots by Road Dogg. He drags Uso to the corner of the Real Americans and tags in Cesaro. Cesaro puts the boots to Uso in the corner then distracts the referee long enough for Swagger to choke Jey behind the referee's back. Uso looks to fight back with rights but he runs right into a tilt-a-whirl slam from Cesaro. That gets a 2 count. Back to the corner now and Cesaro hands Uso in the tree of woe and chokes him with his boot. Swagger in and he puts the boots to the exposed mid-section of Jey. Swagger blocks the official's view now as Cesaro slams Uso's leg against the ring-post! Swagger goes right to the ankle and gets the Ankle Lock synched in! Uso fights towards the ropes but he can't get there, and Swagger grapevines the leg. Jimmy Uso ascends to the top rope and comes off with a splash to break the hold! Jimmy goes back to the corner as Jey crawls toward Mysterio and Cara's corner. He's there, but the Outlaws yank Mysterio and Cara off the apron and brawl with them on the floor! Cesaro in, but Jey Uso catches him with a super kick! Tag to Jimmy! Clothesline to Cesaro. Then one for Swagger. Cesaro to the corner, Jimmy nails him with a splash and a Samoan Drop! One... two...Swagger breaks up the pin. Jey Uso clotheslines Swagger over the top. Cesaro looks for the Neautralizer, but Jimmy back drops out of it. Super kick to Cesaro! One... two... thr-NO! Cesaro kicks out. Zeb Colter is up on the apron and that distracts Jimmy long enough for Cesaro to hit a neckbreaker. He looks for the Swing, but Jey back in and they exchange rights. Cesaro takes Jey down and he's thinking about it he grabs both Usos' and there's the Double Giant Swing! Five rotations! Ten rotations! Fifteen rotations with two men! Cesaro's dizzy and Sin Cara gets the blind tag! He goes up top and nails Jey Uso with the senton, he covers but Jimmy's the legal man. As the referee tries to explain this, Jimmy Uso is tagged out by Road Dogg. Dogg drills Cara from behind, looks for the Pumphandle Slam, countered by Cara into a rana that sends Dogg into the ropes! Tag to Rey! 619 Connects! Mysterio drops the dime! One... two... three! The Outlaws are gone and we are guaranteed new tag champions @ 9:33!

Swagger in and tosses Rey to the floor under the bottom rope. Cesaro grabs Rey on the floor and swings him into the barricade! And again! Rey crashes into the barricade a half dozen times before Sin Cara can break it up. Cara helps Rey back in but Swagger punches. He covers for 2. Swagger begins to work Rey over with a leg scissors working the abdomen of Mysterio. Rey fights out but Swagger drops him with a forearm. Cesaro in and nails Mysterio with the double stomp to the gut. Quick tags now as Swagger comes back in and drives his shoulder into the mid-section of Mysterio in the corner. Swagger has Rey now and nails him with the Swagger Bomb! One... two... thr-NO! Cara in to break up the cover. Swagger puts Rey up on the top rope now. He's looking for a superplex, but Rey fights off and knocks Swagger to the mat. Cesaro comes over and gets a boot to the face. Rey flies off and hits the canvas, the distraction just enough to give Swagger time to roll out of the way. Both guys crawl to their corners... Cesaro in, Cara in! Springboard crossbody by Cara! That gets 2. Cara ducks a clothesline and snaps off a head scissors take down. Cesaro uses his strength to block a rana attempt, and powerbombs Cara into the top turnbuckle! Swagger in and they look for a double-team, but Rey makes the save and low bridges Swagger who goes to the floor! Cesaro gets tossed out as well! Mysterio stalks both men and nails a twisting plancha to the floor! The Usos come in the ring now, and both men nail stereo suicide dives to the Real Americans! All five men on the floor get to their feet, and here's Sin Cara with a no hands senton to the floor! All six men are down! Colter provides the distraction once more and that allows Cesaro to nail Cara from behind and toss him back. Mysterio grabs Colter though and tosses him in. The distraction allows Cara to counter Cesaro and drills him with a DDT! Cara sets Colter up for Mysterio... 619 to Colter! Mysterio with a seated senton to the floor taking out Swagger! Cesaro goes low behind the referee's back, he sets Cara up for the Neutralizer... hits it! One... two... three! Mysterio and Cara eliminated @ 14:55!

Jey Uso in and drills Cesaro with a super kick! One... two... thr-NO! Swagger in to break up the count. Jimmy Uso in now and he takes himself and Swagger out over the top. Jey Uso up top, Cesaro looks to cut him off and gets knocked down again. Uso comes off the top... right into a massive European Uppercut! That's it. One... two... thr-NO! Uso somehow kicks out. On the floor Swagger tosses Jimmy into the steel steps, then tags into the match. He nails the Swagger Bomb on Uso and positions him in the corner. He's looking for the Swagger Splash, but eats a foot to the face! Tag to Jimmy, he goes up top... Uso Splash connects! One... two... Cesaro pulls Uso off the cover. Jimmy runs off Cesaro, only for Swagger to pick his leg and lock in the Ankle Lock! Jimmy fights, tries to kick Swagger away but can't. Jimmy eventually rolls through sending Swagger to the corner. Blind tag by Cesaro as Uso drills Swagger with a super kick! Another uppercut from Cesaro! He sets Jimmy up for the Neutralizer... SUPER KICK out of nowhere from Jey Uso! Jimmy with a jackknife cover... one...two...three! The Usos win it @ 18:10!

Winners: And NEW WWE Tag Team Champions, The Usos via pinfall

The Usos celebrate with their newly won tag titles in amongst the front row.

As the Usos make their way to the back, Zebb Colter is in the ring with a mic. He berates the crowd and says his team have been robber half the competitors in the match are illegals and as such, the Usos should be stripped off their titles immediately, and those belts should be put around the waists of the Real American. Speaking of which, "Real American" hits! Here's your WrestleMania XXX host, Hulk Hogan. New Orleans goes nuts. Hogan gets in the ring and poses for the crowd. Zebb tries to interupt the Hulkster and gets the finger in his face. The crowd is riled, the Real Americans pull Colter out of harm's way and lead him up the ramp kicking and screaming. Hogan on the mic, he welcomes us all to WrestleMania. He runs down the card, brother, and asks "what you gonna do, when Hulkamania, and WrestleMania XXX, run wild on you!" We get more Hogan posing for the crowd.

We go to the back and see Shawn Michaels arriving. He is greeted by Triple H, who leads Shawn into his office.

Elsewhere Renee Young is with Dusty Rhodes. She asks him how he feels about seeing his two sons square off at WrestleMania. He is proud to be here and happy for his sons. But on the other hand, he doesn't want to see things get out of hand like they did on Raw. Up until that point it had been a friendly rivalry, and he just wants his family to still be intact when it's all said and done.

Michael Cole takes us back to Monday night when things got heated between Cody Rhodes and Goldust and the two had to be separated by referees as Dusty watched on.

Match #2: Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust

Dusty is seated at ringside for this one. Cody offers a handshake to start and Goldust tentatively accepts. Collar and elbow tie up and Goldust forces Cody back into the corner. He does his signature pose to Cody's annoyance. Back to the centre and they lock up, this time Cody forcing Goldust into the corner and they break. Cody mocks the pose so Goldust cracks him in the mouth! Cody didn't like that. He aggressively grabs a side headlock and takes Goldust over. Cody drops a knee to the head of Goldust and covers for 1. Boots by Cody now. He whips Goldust, lowers his head, Goldust drops to his knees and Cody, knowing what's coming, backs off. Goldust is in the head of Rhodes here. They lock up for a third time, only this time Cody drills Goldust with a knee to the gut. Scoop slam by Cody and he covers for 2. Cody viciously drives his forearm into the face of his brother. Cody has Goldust's paint on his arm, and smirks on seeing this. He whips Goldust to the corner and beats him down with kicks. Cody mounts the turnbuckles and fires off ten punches with the crowd counting in unison. He takes a second to poses though, and Goldust carries him to the middle of the ring and nails an inverted atomic drop. Clothesline by Goldust! He covers and gets 2. Goldust stalks his brother now, who backs off into the corner, then boots Goldust in the knee as he hesitates. Cody plants Goldust with a DDT! That gets him a 2 count. Cody in the mount position now and fires off with right hands. He drags his brother up and tosses him shoulder-first into the ringpost! Schoolboy cover gets a 2 count. Cody goes to the second rope and comes off with a big knee drop. Another near-fall for Rhodes. Cody looks to his dad and tells him Goldust asked for this. Rhodes looks for Cross Rhodes, Goldust turns into a counter with a Northern Lights suplex! One... two... kick out by Cody! Goldust whips Rhodes and catches him with a snap powerslam! The cover gets a 2 count. Goldust looks to set him up for the cutter, Rhodes shoves him off, whips him, lowers the head and Goldust drops to his knees again, only this time Cody is ready and plants Goldust with a DDT! One... two... thr-NO! Frustration is building in Rhodes now. He waits for Goldust to get to his feet... sets up for the Disaster Kick... Goldust catches him and plants him with a powerslam! One... two... thr-kick out! Goldust whips Rhodes into the corner now, charges in but gets caught with an elbow. Rhodes climbs to the top, looking for the moonsault, but Goldust crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Goldust follows his brother up, hooks him, and hits a back suplex from the second rope! Both men are down and Dusty is on his feet now. Goldust gets an arm across eventually but Cody kicks out. Cody is first to his feet and puts the boots to Goldust. Rhodes goes up top now... now he connects with the moonsault press! One... two... thr-NO! Cody yells at his brother to stay down. Rhodes waits for Goldust to get to his feet again... DISASTER KICK! One... two... thre-NO! Rhodes is pissed. Goldust fights to his feet with right hands, a knee by Cody and he whips Goldust to the corner. He pummels him with rights, but Goldust fights back. His rights have Cody reeling, the crowd is hot for Goldust. Goldust beats Cody and backs him into the opposite corner. Goldust goes up and hits ten punches of his own! Goldust has something in mind... he sets Cody up for SHATTERED DREAMS! Goldust backs off, he's goes for it, but Dusty is on the apron and begs his son not to do it! Goldust stops and asks Dusty to get down, he needs to do this. Dusty pleads with Goldust. Goldust is conflicted. Cody from behind, CROSS RHODES! That gets 3 @ 7:55!

Winner: Cody Rhodes via pinfall

Dusty gets in the ring and hugs Cody briefly before going over to Goldust. He helps his son up as Cody celebrates. Dusty wants his sons to shake hands. Both men seem reluctant but eventually they do. Dusty hugs Cody, then hugs Goldust. LOW BLOW TO GOLDUST! Goldust falls at his father's feet as Dusty laughs! Cody's laughing! Cody and Dusty embrace and leave the ring together as Goldust is left laying.

Cole and Lawler can't believe what they've just seen. JBL approves. We get replays of the end of the match and the aftermath as Goldust leaves the ring dejected.

We switch gears now and get highlights from the pre-show Battle Royal to determine the final entrant in the following match. Fandango won the whole thing, last eliminating The Miz.

Match #3: Ladder Match for the Unified Intercontinental Championship: Big E Langston vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto del Rio vs. Fandango vs. Christian vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Big Show and Mark Henry find themselves the victim of triple-teaming from the opening bell. Both guys find themselves in a 3-on-1 situation, but both power out of it. Henry tosses del Rio and Christian out of the ring! Show tosses Langston and Van Dam. World's Strongest Slam to Kingston! WMD to Fandango! Show and Henry stand off and they go blow for blow! Alberto del Rio sets up a ladder between the barricade and the ring apron. Langston and Christian pull Big Show to the floor and gang up on him, del Rio joins in too. Van Dam back in and fires off with kicks to Henry. Del Rio works Show over on the floor with a trio of chair shots to the back. In the ring Van Dam avoids a splash and hits Mark Henry with a heel kick that knocks him to the floor. Del Rio and Langston work Show over and lay him out on the ladder set up outside. Van Dam and Kingston climb the turnbuckles, Show is set up. FROG SPLASH BY VAN DAM! LEG DROP FROM KINGSTON! Show is wiped out! The ladder breaks in half! Del Rio sneaks a ladder into the ring and begins to climb but he's quickly pulled off by Christian, who rams del Rio's head into the ladder and tosses him out. Plancha by Christian! Langston in now on his own and he looks to go up, but Henry pulls him down and they stare down. Rights by Langston, he explodes with a vertical splash that barely staggers Henry. Henry picks him up for the World's Strongest Slam, Langston slides off the back and pushes Henry over the top rope. Langston goes up again, Christian back in and cuts him off. Langston looks to get him up for the Big Ending, Christian slides off the back and hits the inverted DDT. He goes up, del Rio in and looks to topple the ladder, Christian lands on his feet and spears del Rio. He goes back up, Kingston in and goes up the other side, they exchange blows. Henry back in and topples the ladder, both guys get hung up on the top rope!

Henry is all alone now. He surveys the damage, positions the ladder and tentatively begins to climb. Here's Langston, he begins to push the ladder, Henry lands on his feet and Big E levels him with a vertical splash! Straps are down, he wants the Big Ending. Fandango from behind! Goes to work on Langston and tosses him into the ladder. Fandango goes up, Van Dam is back up and on the top turnbuckle, he knocks Fandango off with a thrust kick! Van Dam lies a ladder on top of Fandango... ROLLING THUNDER! Van Dam is hurt too, he stumbles to his feet and sets up a ladder once more. Big Show's back up! He grabs Van Dam by throat, yanks him off the ladder, and shoves him out of the ring. Henry back up and stares down Show, he tries for the World's Strongest Slam but collapses under the weight, with Show falling on top of him! Christian off the top and hits a frog splash onto both men! Christian goes up once more, del Rio in with a chair and drills Christian in the arm! He pulls Christian off the ladder and applies the cross armbreaker! He eventually releases the hold and heads up top. Kingston springboards in and onto the ladder, both guys go up! Kingston is scurrying in. Fandango sets up a second ladder, and he goes up now. Van Dam joins him. Langston brings a third ladder into the fray and he goes up! Christian drags himself up opposite Langston! Six men vying for the title! Del Rio grabs hold of Christian... DIVORCE COURT OFF THE LADDER TO CHRISTIAN! Fandango drills Van Dam head-first into the top rung of the ladder... SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB TO VAN DAM! We have just Langston and Kingston left on the ladder. Langston looks like he'll get there, Kofi fires off with right hand after right hand, Langston is fading and he falls. Kofi is all alone! He's there, touches it the title. Show and Henry are up. They pick up the ladder between them, carry Kofi to the edge of the ring and toss him to the floor!

Show and Henry to the floor now, they go under the ring and pull out the gigantic reinforced ladder! They slide it into the ring together and stare down. Both men try to toss the other to the floor but can't get it done so they both climb! Both at the top of the ladder, Henry with the headbutts and Show is fading. Henry is there... KNOCK OUT PUNCH! Henry falls! Big Show at the top of the ladder. Alberto del Rio comes off the top rope with a dropkick to the back, but Show barely wobbles! Van Dam up now, diving thrust kick to Show, he still doesn't fall. Christian to the top rope... SPEAR TAKES DOWN BIG SHOW! Christian is on his own, he goes up, del Rio from behind with a low blow! BACKSTABBER FROM THE LADDER! Del Rio up, Big E in... BIG ENDING! Langston goes up, Fandango in and scurries up the opposite side. Langston with rights, he's got this. Summer Rae in and grabs the leg! Fandango drills Langston with the title! Langston falls, Fandango unhooks the title and we have a new champion @ 13:44!

Winner: And NEW Intercontinental Champion, Fandango via belt retrieval

Fandango and Summer Rae celebrate there big win as Langston looks on.

We cut to the back and see Triple H and Stephanie McMahon talking. There's no audio but The Game is getting taped up for his match. Elsewhere Renee Young is with Daniel Bryan. Bryan says it's been far too long since he's been WWE Champion and after tonight he is setting his eyes on that goal but first he has one final obstacle to overcome. Triple H has always been a thorn in his side and tonight Bryan knows Triple H will have a plan. But this is WrestleMania XXX, it's No Holds Barred and anything can happen. Tonight, Daniel Bryan does what he does best, he will defy the odds one more time. Hulk Hogan enters and wishes Bryan good luck.

We get a brief video package highlighting the friction between the Shield in recent weeks, including Seth Rollins inadvertently costing Ambrose the title unification match with Langston. We cut to Dean Ambrose watching the footage in the back where Seth Rollins approaches him. They go back and forth about who will win tonight's triple threat match. Roman Reigns comes in and reinforces there agreement. Tonight, they settle who's the best, and then they go back to being The Shield. They're all in agreement, "believe in the Shield."

Match #4: Triple Threat Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

At the bell both Ambrose and Rollins go after Reigns. He fends them both off pretty quickly and tosses Ambrose to the floor. Reigns sends Rollins off the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle. And another. He tosses him over the top now and to the floor. Ambrose in from behind with right hands to Reigns, but he gets sent flying with a back body drop. Reigns clotheslines Ambrose over the top, and now Rollins back in and goes on the attack from behind. He gets splashed in the corner and Reigns is dominant. Ambrose runs in and eats a big boot. Rollins springboards in and catches Reigns with a knee! He covers and gets a near fall, and then immediately goes on the attack and with a flurry of rights. Ambrose over now and puts the boots to Reigns. Ambrose and Rollins have a staredown. They grab Reigns and send him shoulder first into the ringpost. They toss him to the floor now. Ambrose sends Reigns into the steel steps. They pick him up and nail a double suplex on the floor. Ambrose tosses Reigns back into the ring, and Rollins grabs Ambrose and tosses him over the top of the announce table! Rollins up top and hits a crossbody that gets 2. More rights by Rollins, he comes off the ropes and Reigns drills him with a clothesline. Rollins counters a whip and sends Reigns into the corner and hits a running forearm smash. That gets another 2 count. Ambrose back in with a running knee lift to Rollins. Cover gets 2. Ambrose grabs Reigns now and plants him with a DDT but he powers out at 2. Ambrose stalks Rollins now but gets planted with a reverse STO in to the turnbuckle! Reigns sets for the spear, misses both men and goes into the turnbuckle. Jumping enzuiguri staggers Reigns but he won't go down. Rollins runs into a big boot. Ambrose gets the same. He scoops Ambrose up and nails a powerslam. Rollins up top... SUPERMAN PUNCH by Reigns! That sends Rollins to the floor. Reigns runs into a spine buster from Ambrose! That gets 2. More rights by Ambrose. Ambrose takes a moment to taunt the crowd then turns right around into a Samoan Drop! Rollins in and hits Reigns with the Blackout! One... two... thr-NO! Rollins pounds the mat in frustration. He goes back up top, Ambrose up with rights to the gut, Ambrose up, he's looking for a superplex. Reigns over now and gets Ambrose in an electric chair! SPUPERPLEX/ELECTRIC CHAIR COMBO! Reigns covers Ambrose and gets 2! He covers Rollins now and gets 2 more. Reigns up and he's fired up. Ambrose crawls to the apron, Reigns looks for the Superman Punch but Ambrose counters with a forearm. Ambrose in and drops Reigns with a dropkick. Ambrose looks for the headlock driver to Rollins, Rollins pushes him off... SPEAR TO AMBROSE! One... two... Rollins intercepts! More rights by Rollins, and he tosses Reigns out. He covers Ambrose and gets a near fall! Rollins back up top, waits for Ambrose to get up, comes off but Ambrose rolls out the way, Rollins rolls through, Ambrose has him, HEADLOCK DRIVER! A SECOND SPEAR BY REIGNS! One... two... three! Reigns wins @ 12:15!

Winner: Roman Reigns via pinfall

Reigns celebrates. Rollins staggers to his feet and stares down Reigns. They shake hands and embrace. Both men help Ambrose up and he eventually shakes both hands with both. AMBROSE AND ROLLINS ATTACK REIGNS! They beat him down with punches and put the boots to him. Reigns starts to fight back with right hands. He takes down Rollins and tosses Ambrose. He sets for a Spear, but another man in black attacks from behind. THAT'S RYBACK! He drills Reigns with the Meathook! Ambrose and Rollins put the boots to Reigns, they pick him up and with Ryback they deliver the Triple Powerbomb! Reigns is out. They fist-bump, BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!

We're back in the COO's office with Triple H and Kane. Triple H tells Kane to make short work of Sheamus tonight, he has a big part to play later tonight.

Match #5: Sheamus vs. Kane

They lock up, testing each other's strength. Kane shoves Sheamus down. Lock up again and this time Sheamus shoves Kane down. They go to lock up one more time but Kane just slogs Sheamus with a right and backs him up to the corner and overpowers him with right hands. The referee tries to get some separation, backs Kane off to the middle of the ring and gets an ear full. BROGUE KICK! One... two... three! Sheamus picks up the quick win @ 1:20!

Winner: Sheamus via pinfall

Triple H is watching in the back and he's not happy. He tells Stephanie McMahon to go get the others.

Renee Young is with Paul Heyman. Tonight, his client does the unthinkable. He came back to WWE to claim the ultimate prize. But they realised that that wasn't the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As prestigious as that championship is, when it comes to WrestleMania, the ultimate goal is to put an end to the Streak, and that's exactly what happens tonight.

We get a video package highlighting the Taker/Lesnar feud.

The Hall of Fame panel of Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and Bret Hart think the Streak is in more danger than ever. Flair says he's the only one of the three who's faced Taker at Mania, he's unbeatable. The others pick Lesnar.

Match #6: The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

We have quite the staredown to begin. Incredible atmosphere at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Heyman all of a sudden is on the apron and the momentary distraction allows Lesnar to strike. Double leg pick up and he charges Taker back into the corner and drives a shoulder continually into the mid-section of the Phenom. Taker's having none of that, grabs Lesnar by the neck and throws him into the corner and fires off with big right hands. Taker looks for a running boot in the corner but Lesnar ducks out of the way and hits a German suplex to Undertaker! Front facelock by Lesnar and he drives the knees into the skull of Taker. Again and again! He beats him with rights to the rib section. More rights by Lesnar, Taker climbs to his feet and Lesnar launches him with a belly to belly throw! Lesnar just punts Taker in the mid-section. The Deadman rolls to the floor but Lesnar is in pursuit. He drives Taker back-first into the ring apron, and then into the barricade. He picks him up and drives him back-first into the ring post. Heyman is egging Taker on at this point. Lesnar looks to whip Taker into the steps but the Deadman reverses and Lesnar eats the steel. Heyman looks to get involved but gets stared down by Taker. Lesnar looks to attack from behind but Taker catches him with right hands. Lesnar eats a big boot on the floor. The referee is lax with his count but Taker rolls into to break it, and upon rolling back out Lesnar gets in his face with forearms. He rolls Taker onto the ring apron, and looks to mimic Taker's leg drop and hits it! Back in, Lesnar stalks Taker from behind, and applies the Dragon Sleeper! Taker fights but he's in the middle of the ring, Lesnar opts to relinquish the hold. Lesnar's laughing it up to the fury of the crowd. Lesnar scoops Taker up, hits him with Snake Eyes! Lesnar hits the ropes and hits a big boot. Lesnar is mocking The Undertaker at WrestleMania. He wrenches the arm of Taker now and goes up top for Old School... Lesnar leaps off the top rope... goozle! CHOKESLAM TO LESNAR! Both men down, Taker rolls into the cover and gets a long 2 count. Both men up, boot to the gut by Taker, sends Lesnar to the corner, big corner clothesline by Taker. Scoops him, up, SNAKE EYES! Big boot! Taker calls for Old School. He goes up, walks the rope and jumps right into a belly to belly suplex! Lesnar's cocky, he calls for a Last Ride! He gets Taker up, but Taker slides off the back, spins and throws on a Dragon Sleeper of his own! Lesnar fights and powers Taker up onto his shoulder! Looks for the F5 countered into the KIMURA LOCK! Taker has the Kimura on Lesnar! Lesnar fights, he powers up Taker. Lesnar stands up with Taker wrapped around him and drives him into the corner. Taker has to let go of the hold. Thrusts by Lesnar in the corner. He fires off with right hands. Lesnar to the second rope and continues the onslaught. Taker counters with the LAST RIDE! Nails it! One... two... thr-NO! Lesnar kicks out, barely. Paul Heyman is back up on the ring apron. Taker drills him with a right! New Orleans loves that. Taker goes to the floor and strips the announce table. He has Heyman in his sights... goozle! Lesnar from behind saves Heyman. F5 THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Lesnar catches his breath sat on the steel steps. Heyman screams at Lesnar to "take the count out!" Lesnar shakes his head. He picks up a limp Undertaker and tosses him in the ring. Taker eventually stirs, it takes him an age to get to his feet. Lesnar's stalking... gets him up on his shoulders, Taker reverses and powers Lesnar up and into a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! One... two... thr-NO! Mammoth "Undertaker" chants ring out around the Superdome. Taker staggers to his feet, cut throat gesture, he wants another tombstone... Heyman in... goozle... TOMBSTONE TO PAUL HEYMAN! Taker kicks Heyman to the floor... Lesnar up, scoops up Taker... TOMBSTONE TO UNDERTAKER! One... two... thre-NO! Taker just barely lifts a shoulder up. Lesnar is pissed but undeterred. He pulls Taker up, but he's dead weight. He hoists him onto his shoulders and hits a second thunderous F5! One... two... LESNAR PULLS TAKER'S SHOULDER UP! Lesnar had Taker beat! Lesnar is laughing! He holds Taker's limp arm in his hand and yells "I'm going to break his arm and make him tap!" TAKER LOCKS ON HELL'S GATE! He rose from the dead and he's got Lesnar trapped! Lesnar tries to fight out with forearms to the face but Taker won't relinquish the hold. Lesnar's going to tap! He gets to his feet though and pulls Taker up and drops him in powerbomb-like fashion to break the hold! Taker is cut from those forearms. Both guys pull themselves up on the ropes. They staggering to the centre of the ring, Lesnar jumps on Taker and there's the KIMURA LOCK! He powers Taker down and he has it synched in. Taker is fading. The referee checks the arm, once, twice, Taker survives! He looks to have some fight left in him but Lesnar applies the pressure. Taker will not tap! LESNAR BREAKS THE ARM! Lesnar releases the hold and admires his work as Taker writhes in agony. Lesnar draws his thumb across the throat and stalks Taker. He grabs him, looks for third F5, Taker lands on his feet, powers Lesnar up with one arm! TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! ONE... TWO... THREE!! Taker is 22-0 @ 20:47!

Winner: The Undertaker via pinfall

Both men lay motionless in the ring. Fans are on their feet applauding. Lesnar is first to stir, the referee looks to help Lesnar up but he pushes him away. Lesnar gets to his feet and gets a standing ovation. He looks at a motionless Undertaker and shakes his head in disbelief as he leaves the ring and heads up the aisle. LIGHTS OUT! The arena is plunged into darkness! Lights up and STING IS HERE! He looks at the fallen Undertaker, who slowly sits up! Taker looks at Sting, who extends his bat to the Deadman. Taker uses it to pull himself to his feet and we have the stare down to end all stare downs! The lights go out once more and it's pitch black. Lights back on a few seconds later and both men are gone.

We cut to an extended highlight package of the week's events from WrestleMania Axxess, including the golf and reading challenges, the WWE 2K14 challenge, the Be A Star events and much more. There's a hoard of Superstar and celebrity interviews hyping WrestleMania.

Video package for Cena/Wyatt.

Match #7: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt w/ Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

The New Orleans crowd is predominantly pro-Cena at the get-go, seemingly. Bryan has his arms outstretched and tells John Cena "he had his chance." Cena is done talking and throws some right hands. Wyatt comes back with some of his own and we have an all out brawl. They take each other down and fall to the floor. Bray gets some separation but eats a stiff clothesline. Cena stares down Harper and Rowan who back off. Cena picks Wyatt up and hits a suplex on the floor. Cena rolls in the ring and back out, and asks Harper and Rowan if they want some. Cena tosses Wyatt up the aisle and into his own rocking chair. Cena with a suplex on the ramp this time! He trots back to the ring to break the count once more. Back to the floor, Cena tosses the rocking chair and smashes it to pieces. He drops Wyatt with another clothesline. Cena heads back to the ring, but this time Harper blocks his path. Cena's having none of that and tackles Harper! He lays him out with rights then tosses him in the ring. Rowan steps toward Cena but thinks twice when Cena stares him down. Cena in, stalks Harper and hits the Attitude Adjustment! Rowan pulls Harper to the floor, looks to climb into the ring but Wyatt stops him. "This is my fight!" Wyatt tells Rowan to go, he helps Harper and they go to the back. Wyatt tentatively climbs up on the apron, Cena slides out and pulls him to the floor and tosses him over the guardrail! Cena poses to the crowd, heads over to the barricade and gets drilled with a stiff right hand. Wyatt locks up Cena and suplexes him over onto the concrete floor! Wyatt is cackling hysterically as he comes back over the rail and rolls into the ring. Back out and he has to drag Cena back over the barricade and roll him into the ring. Back splash by Wyatt connects and a cover gets 2. Right hands by Bray now. Wyatt picks him up and hits a scoop slam before another back splash. That gets another near fall. Wyatt works over Cena in the corner, putting a beating on him with choke holds and flurries of strikes. Wyatt hits a delayed vertical suplex. He gets a series of near falls. Cena looks to mount a comeback but Wyatt hits him with a STO into the turnbuckle. That gets another near fall. Wyatt looks to end in and sets Cena up for Sister Abigail, Cena with a drop toehold though and he locks on the STF. Wyatt quickly scurries to the ropes. Both men up, Cena avoids a clothesline and hits a shoulder tackle! Goes for a second but gets ANNIHILATED by a Wyatt crossbody! One... two... thr-NO! Wyatt goes to the corner and we get the weird Exorcist walk. Wyatt charges at Cena in the corner but he avoids the contact. Shoulder tackle, another one, side slam. "You Can't See Me!" Five Knuckle Shuffle! Cena wants the Attitude Adjustment, gets Bray up and hits it! Cena covers but only gets a 2 count! Cena, bewildered, opts to go to the top rope. Wyatt is up though and meets him up there. Wyatt looks for a superplex. Cena fights back though. SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! Cena pulls Wyatt to the centre, one... two... thr-NO! Wyatt kicked out again. Cena pulls Wyatt up now and sets him up on the top rope. Cena goes up, he wants a Super AA, can't get it, Wyatt shoves him off. Wyatt looks for a splash but he crashes and burns! STF! Cena has it locked in! Wyatt fights but can't get anywhere near the ropes. Wyatt bites the hands of Cena! Cena has to break the hold. Both men up, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! One... two... three! Cena wins! No! Wyatt had a foot on the rope! Cena thinks he's won, the referee has to explain it. The bell never rang, the match will continue. Wyatt charges and hits an avalanche in the corner, but he catches the referee as well. SISTER ABIGAIL TO CENA! Wyatt covers, there's no referee. Wyatt tries to shake the referee, does so. Wyatt picks Cena up, sets him up for a second Sister Abigail, Cena with the school boy roll up, one... two... three! Cena pins Wyatt @ 14:49!

Winner: John Cena via pinfall

Thankfully Wyatt sees the funny side as he walks up the aisle screaming "this has only just begun!" Cena celebrates.

Backstage, Triple H tells the New Age Outlaws that we've already had enough screw ups tonight and they can't afford any more. They no what to do. Enter Shawn Michaels. Triple H asks if he's onside, Shawn says they need to talk.

Howard Finkle introduces the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014: Ultimate Warrior, Jake "the Snake" Roberts, Demolition, Ivan Koloff, Paul Bearer, Sable and Mr. T.

We get a video package highlighting Batista's return and journey to WrestleMania XXX.

Match #8: WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Randy Orton vs. Batista

Bell rings and here we go. Batista gets the better of a collar and elbow tie-up, so Orton opts for a test of strength. Batista finds this amusing, he wins that too. Orton goes to the eye! Rights by Orton firing off on Batista, shoots him off and buries a knee in the sternum. More rights by Orton. He's vicious in the early going, attacking Batista in a flurry, Batista comes back with big right hands but Orton ducks out before the Animal can build any momentum. Orton takes his time coming back. He fakes for another lock up, goes behind and tries to take Batista over but he can't manage it, so he drills him in the back of the head, then hits a neck breaker. Orton stalks his prey and puts the boots to Batista, attacking every appendage. Orton drops a big knee to the skull of Batista and gets a one count. Orton with a body scissors now, and with his free arms he clubs away and the face and chest of Batista. He pounds away then foes for a cover and gets just another one count. Orton takes a second to remonstrate with the official, Batista up and fires off with right hands. He sends Orton to the corner and charges in with a shoulder to the gut. Sends Orton to the other side, looks for the same move but this time goes straight into the ring post. Orton stacks him up and gets a near fall. Orton with another neckbreaker, cover gets 2. Orton slides to the floor, drags Batista to the apron and looks for the DDT, but Batista steps down and back drops Orton on the floor. Orton scurries away from Batista, but the Animal catches him with a SPEAR THROUGH THE BARRICADE! Both men are down. The referee is up to 4 on his count already. 5! 6! Batista begins to stir. He's up at 7. He drags Orton up, we're at 8. Batista can't win the title on a count out! 9! Batista drags Orton to the ring , 10! Both men are counted out! Batista slides in and pleads with the official, he's having none of it and Orton is announced as still the champion. Orton grabs his belt, but "Real American" hits and Hulk Hogan is out. We're not going out like that, brother! In the ring, Hulk declares there must be a winner and to restart the match. Orton is pissed and gets in Hulk's face. The bell rings and Orton turns around into a SPINEBUSTER! One... two... thr-NO! Batista sets Orton up for the Bomb, but he pops up and hits a T-bone suplex! Orton covers for 2. Orton is pissed and fires off right hand after right hand reigning down on Batista. He looks to send Batista to the corner, Batista reverses, charges but eats a perfect dropkick from Orton. Orton gets another near fall. He puts the boots to Batista in the corner. He straddles the second rope and fires off more right hands, Batista wants the Bomb! He carries Orton to the center of the ring, Orton hops off the back and hits his backbreaker! One... two... thr-NO! Orton tosses Batista to the apron, sets him up and nails the DDT! Orton covers and gets another near fall! Orton tosses Batista back to apron and hits a second rope-assisted DDT! He doesn't go for the cover this time, he backs off to the corner, he wants the punt! Orton charges, massive clothesline by Batista! Both men down. They struggle up, trade right hands, Batista scoops Orton up and hits a massive powerslam. Batista recovers in the corner, stalks Orton, he wants the Spear... charges, snap slam by Orton! One... two... thr-NO! Frustration is building in Orton now. He sets up for the RKO! He's pounding the mat. Batista up, RKO attempt, Batista shoves Orton over the top and to the floor. Batista waits for Orton. Orton's up on the floor, the count is at 8, Orton's resting by the apron and not coming in, Batista grabs him but Orton hangs Dave up on the top rope! Orton slides in... RKO-NO... Dave shoves Orton off... SPINEBUSTER! Batista's feeling it, he shakes the ropes, crowd is going crazy. Thumbs up... thumbs down! RKO! Out of nowhere! One... two... thr-NO! Batista kicks out yet again and Orton can't believe it. Orton is apoplectic. Orton stalks Batista, he's looking for the punt once again. Goes for it... SPEAR! Batista hits it. He wastes no time... BATISTA BOMB CONNECTS! Batista pins Orton and takes the title @ 19:33!

Winner: And NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Batista via pinfall

Batista celebrates with his newly won WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He gets some pyro for his big win.

WrestleMania XXXI will be held at Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara California on March 29th 2015.

We get more highlights from the pre-show where AJ Lee successfully defended her Diva's Championship against the debuting Emma.

Our Legend's panel of Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and Bret Hart put over Batista, Bray Wyatt and the debut of Sting. Flair and Piper pick Triple H to win the main event. Hart thinks Bryan will win, but the match will be 4/10 at best.

We have one final highlight reel, featuring the Bryan/Triple H rivalry.

Match #9: No Holds Barred Match: Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon vs. Daniel Bryan
If Triple H wins, Daniel Bryan can never challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship again. If Daniel Bryan wins, The Authority must step down

We get super special ring announcing for our main event. Triple H gets a good luck kiss from Stephanie on the apron, and turns into a RUNNING KNEE! One... two... thre-NO! The Game just barely kicked out! Bryan ignites a "Yes!" chant. Triple H crawls to the outside where Stephanie tends to him. The Game waves someone out from the back and here come the New Age Outlaws. Bryan fights them off at first but the numbers game soon catches up to him. Bryan looks to battle back. The music of Kane hits! Triple H tells Kane to "get on him," Kane slides in the ring... GOOZLE TO ROAD DOGG! Big boot to Billy Gunn! Chokeslam to Road Dogg! Kane clotheslines Gunn to the floor. He and Bryan stare down, and they both do the "Yes!" chant! Bryan wants a hug! He gets it! Kane goes to the floor and throws Gunn over the guardrail. Road Dogg attacks Kane but he fights him off. Kane and the Outlaws brawl into the crowd.

Triple H is fuming, he drills Bryan from behind and goes to work with right hands and stomps him down in the corner. Hard Irish whip into the opposite turnbuckle. Back-breaker by Triple H, covers for 2. More rights to Bryan. He throws him to the floor and follows him out. He drives Bryan into the barricade, and then into the steel steps. Stephanie hands Triple H a chair, and he nails Bryan in the back with it. Back in, Triple H covers for 2. More right hands. Triple H goes out and gets the chair, back inside and drills Bryan in the back with it again. He covers for 2 more. Triple H now drives the chair into the knee of Bryan, twice. The Game drops a couple of elbows to the knee of Bryan. He goes for the figure four, but Bryan kicks him off and sends him to the floor! Triple H is seething now. Bryan uses the ropes to pull himself back up, but Triple H back in with a chop-block. Shin-breaker now by the Game. Triple H applies the Indian deathlock! Bryan is fighting, he gets to the ropes but it's no good. Stephanie is screaming in his face. Bryan connects with a couple of rights and Triple H breaks the hold. He lets Bryan pull himself up, then hits another chop-block. He goes back to the figure four, gets it! Bryan fights again, he can't reach Triple H to strike him. The referee asks Bryan if he wants to give up, Bryan if he wants to give up, Bryan starts a "No!" chant! This infuriates Triple H, he breaks the hold and drills Bryan with another flurry of right hands. Triple H tells the crowd to "suck it." He goes back to the steel chair, but turns into a running dropkick! Bryan can't capitalise though. He tries to pull himself up on the ropes, Stephanie slaps him! Triple H grabs Bryan, shoots him off, lowers his head, Bryan rolls over the back but buckles on landing Pedigree-NO! Bryan back drops Triple H, then clotheslines him to the floor! Bryan looks to hit the ropes but he can't run. He goes to the rope, looks for a plancha but Stephanie steps in front of Triple H, so Bryan lands on the apron. Triple H trips Bryan on the apron. He drags him to the floor and tosses him into the barricade. The Game strips the Spanish Announce Table. Bryan climbs the barricade and dives off with a knee to the face! Both men down. Triple H is up first and throws Bryan back in, follows in and gets drilled with Bryan's running clothesline. Triple H to his knees, Bryan with kicks to the chest. Stephanie in and grabs Bryan by the hair! He breaks free and stares her down. Triple H from behind, looks for the Pedigree, countered again and Bryan back drops Triple H to the floor! Low blow by Stephanie! Brie Bella is here! She spears Stephanie! CATFIGHT! Massive "Yes!" chant for that! Stephanie gets some separation and scurries up the ramp. Brie goes chasing after Stephanie.

Bryan goes to the floor and hammers away on Triple H. The Game counters though and tosses Bryan over the announce table. He climbs on the table and sets for the Pedigree... BRYAN BACK DROPS TRIPLE H THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Both men down again and we have yet another "Yes!" chant. Bryan up first. He rolls Triple H back in the ring and covers for 2! Bryan gingerly climbs to the top rope, DIVING HEADBUTT MISSES! Both men crawl to opposite corners and pull themselves to their feet. Running dropkick by Bryan! And another! Goes for a third and hits it! Pulls Triple H to the centre, covers for a near fall! Bryan with more kicks to the chest, goes for the big one to head, misses it and a low blow by Triple H! He stacks Bryan up and gets 2! Triple H up and argues with the referee. Bryan reverses a whip, lowers his head and gets caught with the facebuster. Spinebuster to Bryan! One... two... thr-NO! More rights by the Game, and now he chokes Bryan. Triple H is pissed. He limply goes to the floor, goes under the ring... pulls out the sledgehammer... SUICIDE DIVE BY BRYAN! More "Yes! Chants. Bryan rolls The Game back in, waits from him to get to his feet... YES LOCK! He's got it locked in! Triple H fights, he tries biting the hands but Bryan won't break! He rolls through into a pinning combination... one... two... NO! Bryan kicks out but has to break the hold. PEDIGREE! He hits it! One... two... thr-NO! Bryan kicks out at 2 and the Game is livid! He remonstrates with the referee. Triple H goes back to the cover, Bryan kicks out again! And a third time! Triple H shoves the referee, and cowers over him in the corner. Running dropkick by Bryan to the back! YES LOCK! He's got it in once again! Triple H fights, can't break it! He taps! But the referee is down! Bryan goes over to pull the referee to his feet. Triple H crawls to the apron and brings the sledgehammer in. Bryan turns and catches him with it. Triple H crawls back to the corner as Bryan advances... kick to the bad knee of Bryan! PEDIGREE! Referee over, oooone... twoooooo... thr-NO! Bryan kicks out again!

Triple H is paralytic. He goes back to the sledgehammer, he stalks Bryan, waits for him to get to his knees, raises the hammer... Bryan picks the Game up onto his shoulders... GO 2 SLEEP! Both men down again! Triple H crawls back to the corner and pulls himself up. Bryan goes for the running dropkick, Triple H ducks out of the way clutching his knee and Bryan crashes and burns! Triple H is writhing in pain clutching his knee. He starts to remove his knee bad and waves for the referee's assistance. The ref throws the 'X' up and calls for medical personnel. Bryan is pulling himself up in the corner. A trainer looks at The Game's knee. Bryan puts the boots to Triple H! The referee pulls him away but Bryan forces his way over and kicks the hell out of Triple H, so the ref waves for help. A swarm of referees surround Bryan so the trainer can look at The Game. The crowd is shitting all over this. Bryan starts a "No!" chant. The trainer calls for a stretcher. Shawn Michaels is out. He's in the ring asking Triple H if he's hurt, and Bryan stares him down. Bryan spins Shawn around and tells him to get out. Shawn tries to talk him down but Bryan shoves him! Right hand by Shawn! Bryan fights back and decks Michaels. Referees get involved, Bryan decks two or three referees! SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Triple H scurries over into the cover! The referee doesn't have a clue what's happening, Triple H tells him to count! One... two... thr-NO! Michaels pulls Triple H off the cover! Triple H is stunned. Shawn says "not this way, not again." Triple H to his feet and goes nose to nose with Shawn. Triple H shoves Michaels! SWEET CHIN MUSIC! The crowd goes batshit crazy! Michaels leaves the ring and walks out. We have a MASSIVE "Yes!" chant. Bryan stirs... drapes an arm across... one... two... thr-NO! Both men slowly crawl to the ropes... Triple H has his sledgehammer... both men up... The Game swings the hammer, Bryan ducks, hits the ropes... RUNNING KNEE! ONE... TWO... THR-NO! TRIPLE H KICKS OUT! Both men are down once again. Triple H stirs first, Bryan is spent. They use each other to pull themselves up. Right by Triple H. "Boo!" Right by Bryan! "Yeah!" "Boo!" "Yeah!" "Boo!" "Yeah!" KICK WHAM PEDIGREE BRYAN SPINS OUT OF IT, INTO THE YES LOCK! Middle of the ring, Triple H has nowhere to go! He's fading! He taps! HE TAPS! Triple H submits @ 24:47!

Winner: Daniel Bryan via submission

Bryan celebrates with a massive "Yes!" chant! The locker room empties and gets in the ring. Brie Bella is there first and she gives Bryan a massive kiss. The locker room lift him up on their shoulders and we have 75,000 people screaming "Yes!" Confetti drops, we have fireworks and the biggest celebration on earth.

Fade to black.


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