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Sports Entertainment 720 News Report 02.06.14
Posted by Jarrod Atkinson on 02.06.2014

Happy Thursday everyone, welcome to another edition of Sports Entertainment 720. I'm your favorite independent blogger and UNDEFEATED MMA Fact or Fiction participant Jarrod "The Southern Dandy" Atkinson. This week the stage has been set for Elimination Chamber, which will begin the 6 week run towards Wrestlemania XXX. We still haven't seen Hulk Hogan or Sting, the Hall of Fame is announcing members, Daniel Bryan is defeating the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and John Cena might not be in the main event this year, but the most popular subject in the news this week is about a guy who hasn't been on TV or said a word in public lately. Welcome to The CM Punk Show. Let's talk about some wrestling.

In a world of instant information, we get use to knowing everything the second it happens. When Brock Lesnar made his return a few years ago, we all knew it was coming because he was spotted in the area that weekend. MVP denied being involved with TNA until the second he walked out on the stage last week. We knew that he was in negotiations. CM Punk left Raw on the Monday after the Royal Rumble pay per view and we haven't heard from the man since. He hasn't said a word on Twitter since that day. Every day the reports speculate between this being a work or legit. Next to Daniel Bryan, the biggest reaction on Raw this last Monday was for CM Punk, who was probably sitting on his couch at home. We have a split reaction when it comes to how Punk has dealt with this situation. I sad it felt like the Austin took his ball and went home incident (speaking of to the commenter that said I was wrong in labeling that Attitude Era, in my mind the Attitude Era ended when Brock Lesnar pinned The Rock for the WWE Title. Let the debate begin.), others feel like he's doing the right thing in standing up for himself since he's so banged up. Is this all a work? Is Punk really going to sit at home until his contract expires? Do we know ANYTHING? The WWE will move on with or without Punk, but if he decides he wants to stay home, will the WWE acknowledge it and bury him or continue on like nothing ever happened? I for one would like some sort of hint of what's going on besides speculation, until then, the road to Wrestlemania continues on without CM Punk.

Another issue being reported within the WWE is the status of Alberto Del Rio. There is word of frustration on Del Rio's part about once being a main event level player who is now collecting paychecks to be fed to Batista on an almost weekly basis. Del Rio may be reluctant about signing a new contract with WWE if this is the way things are going to go. I can see his point of view, if it is his, having been champion on many occasions and now getting pushed out of the spotlight for a part time return of an old employee, also known as The Chris Jericho Effect. So once Del Rio gets pinned by Batista at Elimination Chamber, what is next for Del Rio? His 500th match with Rey? Or will he fade into the midcard until he signs a new contract?

Lightning Round:

Real quick, some news and opinons.

- Stacy Keibler is rumored to have met with Stephanie McMahon about a return to the company to act as a correspondent at Wrestlemania. So a one shot deal. The best part of that news article is the mention of inducting her into the Hall of Fame. Are you kidding me? I can let Koko B Ware being in there slide because of nostalgia reasons, but what in the hell has Stacy done to be worthy of a hall of fame that just put some of the longest reigning champions ever in it last year? Yes, she is hot. Yes, she deserves a medal for surviving the WCW creative team. But Hall of Fame worthy? Hell no.

- Mike Mondo may or may not be retiring. He posted a status on his Facebook hinting that his career in the ring may be coming to an end. In days past I might be more inclined to believe things like this, but the Ring of Honor took BJ Whitmer's neck injury and ran with it. Yeah, I bought it when he said he was retiring. If Mondo does retire, will he be remembered more for his post WWE run or for MIKEYYYYYYY?

- WWE posted an article on dot com about the influence of Ring of Honor on the current WWE product. While it's nice for WWE to acknowledge ROH in that way, and they have before in CM Punk's DVD set, it really speaks volumes about how WWE feels about ROH. This is like the NFL giving a shout out to Arena Football, or even worse, AFL2. Congratulations ROH, you're officially a WWE developmental territory.

This week on Impact there is exactly one match being advertised, that match being Abyss vs Eric Young in a Monster's Ball match. We will definitely hear more from the new TNA investor MVP, who was on screen for all of 1 minute last week, and Samoa Joe will do one of his trademark yelling promos at Magnus. We can only hope that Austin Aries, Bad Influence, and Chris Saban are on the show to give us a reason to watch. You know, wrestling. This must have been the slow part of the taping. Here's the preview for tonight's episode.

Each week I filter through all the self promotion, Q and A's, retweets, and TV references to bring you the best of Twitter in the Sports Entertainment world.

As always, follow 411mania on Twitter and follow me if you want to hear about wrestling, MMA, vegan stuff, and the crap that goes on in Oklahoma. Click the links below.

That's just a little bit of the week in wrestling so far. I'm looking forward to more of the Shield/Wyatt Family feud, hoping Christian actually gets to be in the Elimination Chamber match, and that Kevin Steen wrestles this week on ROH TV. I'm also looking forward to the end of all this winter weather here in Oklahoma. I think the entire USA is ready for Spring. That's it for SE720 this week, leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Until they fire me, that's all for now. I'm Jarrod Atkinson, ring the damn bell.


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