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Sports Entertainment 720 News Report 02.13.14
Posted by Jarrod Atkinson on 02.13.2014

Welcome once again to another edition of Sports Entertainment 720, I'm your favorite independent blogger and host Jarrod Atkinson. I always mention my undefeated status in MMA Fact or Fiction, and this week I'm representing the Wrestling section once again against my toughest opponent to date, Alex Watt. So do your boy a favor and go check out Fact or Fiction and give me your vote. I need want this win people. Click hereto check it out. Let's talk wrestling.

The latest member of the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2014 is Lita. Mixed emotions about her inclusion in the HOF, as she was an active wrestler less than 10 years and while she was very popular, there are plenty of wrestlers that deserve an induction before her. And I guess we're going to gloss over the last few years when she was Edge's arm candy and the crowd chanted about how much of a slut she was? Lita is one of my favorite women's wrestlers, but I don't know that she add what we consider a Hall of Fame career.

In WWEish news, there's always that rumor that Kurt Angle might be ready to come back to the WWE to finish out his career. If you look at Twitter lately, Kurt has been retweeting every fan that mentions anything about his tenure in WWE. So does Kurt have some contract negotiations coming up or is he just feeling nostalgic? In the age of social media, one can read into many things that may or may not be the intention of the user. I think Kurt should come back, and actually told him that on Twitter a few years ago. He replied that TNA was a good company and that he was happy, but we all know how things can change in a few years. If Kurt was offered that sweet part time schedule all the former superstars are getting, I think it would be a good fit for him when the time comes to make that decision.

Antonio Cesaro will now be known as simply Cesaro. I don't know why this change has occurred, and it reminds me of when Christopher Daniels made his 15th return to TNA and went by Daniels for the 4 months he was there before they let him go again. We can now add Big E Langston to the list as well, as his wwe.com and twitter profiles have been changed to simply Big E. WWE is keeping it simple I guess. How long until we have Cena, Bryan, and RKO?

Stone ColdSteve Austin's return to the ring is as popular a story on news sites as Hulk Hogan and Sting coming to WWE. Apparently there was a story about Austin realizing during Tough Enough that he couldn't handle one last match because his brief time in the ring on the show messed him up badly and was a "wakeup call" to which Austin replied, and I quote: "Jesus Christ. Come on guys. Total. Bullshit. Story. You're better than this. I think.." Let the man be people. He had a run on top at the peak of the Attitude Era, probably made a ton of money, and screwed his neck up more than we'll ever realize. Let his last match be the one he had with The Rock. Let the past go.

Before I jump into the Impact preview, I have to mention that the absolute highlight of the last week's show was Chris Sabin going full on heel with his proposal to Velvet Sky to get out of his life. Then he challenged her to a match today, which will either lead to him getting his ass kicked by Austin Aries or it will be a typical swerve and he will get the upper hand on Aries with Velvet's help. Either way, here it is:

This week on Impact, not live from England, we get the casket match between Mr Anderson and Bully Ray, the in ring debut of The Wolves, Chris Sabin vs Velvet Sky, and 50% more Dixie Carter. Speaking of Dixie, this was the quote at my house last week while I was watching Impact: "She's a really bad actress. Is she supposed to be that bad?" But she speaks kayfabe? She's hip and with it.

How bad do you think Abyss feels now that he has to go back to the hardcore matches that he was known for? After 18 months of being wrestling rookie Joseph Park, Abyss has to go back to getting powerbombed into thumbtacks and bleeding more than usual. I admit that when the storyline first started, I thought it was ridiculous, but I like how it progressed and they stopped treating us like idiots. It also gave Eric Young a reason to be on TV every week, and that's a good thing.

Each week I filter through all the self promotion, Q and A's, retweets, and TV references to bring you the best of Twitter in the Sports Entertainment world.

As always, follow 411mania on Twitter and follow me if you want to hear about wrestling, MMA, vegan stuff, and the crap that goes on in Oklahoma. Click the links below.

That's all for this week, don't forget to check out MMA Fact or Fiction and give me a vote. On the way out, in keeping with last week's WWE shout out to Ring of Honor, enjoy this match with Cesaro and Daniel Bryan, back when they had different names. Ring the damn bell.


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