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411 TNA Impact Ranking 2.16.214
Posted by Dan Wojcik on 02.16.2014

Welcome to the 411 TNA Impact Rankings! I am still Dan Wojcik and I am coming to you from a semi-undisclosed location somewhere inside the heart of Iowa. There are many different ranking systems out there. The WWE Power rankings. The Wrestler of the Week rankings. And whatever other ranking systems you may want to find. This is the TNA Impact Ranking though, were I get to rank the current movers and shakers in TNA. This column is similar to the MP Schroeder's WWE RPI Rankings. I want to have some fun with this…

My Criteria Base:
  • Wins and Losses
  • Momentum
  • Overall Strength of Booking
  • Only TV and PPV Count Towards This (One Night Only PPV's are NOT included)
  • If You Hold a Title, Your Chances of Appearing Are Good, but not Guaranteed!

    RANKINGS 1. Gunner: This past week Gunner stepped it up and challenged Magnus for the World Title, but gave him 7 days to sweat it out. In an effort to cause Gunner to lose the briefcase, Dixie put him in a match with his briefcase on the line against EC3. After some high jinx during the match, we got a tag team match with EC3's Tag team briefcase on the line. In the end, Gunner got the win for his team by retrieving both briefcases!

    RANKINGS 2. James Storm: This past week James Storm made the run in to help out Gunner during his match against EC3. As a result of his assist, the match was restarted as a tag team ladder match. In the end, it was Storms' selflessness to assist Gunner in getting the win, which helped him to acquire the briefcase with the tag team title shot. For this reason, Storm gained the number 2 spot this past week.

    RANKINGS 3. Mr. Anderson: Mr. Anderson went head to head against Bully ray in a Casket Match this past week in an effort to finally put an end to their long running feud. After a series of chair shots and table spots, Mr. Anderson hit the Mic Check on Ray inside of the casket and slammed the lid down on Ray for the win in the main event.

    RANKINGS 4. Samoa Joe: The number one contender joined the Wolves in a 6-man tag team match against the Tag Champs, the Bromans and Zema Ion. Joe dominated the opposition every time that he got into the ring. In the end, Joe killed Zema Ion and earned the number 4 spot by continuing his momentum towards Lockdown.

    RANKINGSRANKINGS 5. The Wolves: The Wolves had their debut match this past week on Impact wrestling with the Samoan Submission Machine as their tag team member. They went up against the TNA Tag Team Champions, the Bromans. The Wolves gave as good as they took against the champions this past week.

    RANKINGS 6. MVP: Rockstar Spud opened his mouth and challenged MVP to a match. As a result, MVP got to beat the tar out of Spud with a stiff boot to the head. For his debut match in TNA and the momentum he managed to build at the end of the show leading into Lockdown, MVP sits at the Number 6 spot.

    RANKINGS 7. Chris Sabin: Chris Sabin managed to prove himself to be the unbridled master of douche baggery this past week by challenging Velvet Sky to a match. He made her feel worthless and offered her a free shot on him. Fortunately for him, he planned ahead and had protection. I'm not just talking about the protective cup that he was wearing, but about the introduction of the woman that the fans were calling Claudette. While ending his feud with Sky, Sabin seems poised to continue moving forward.

    RANKINGSRANKINGS 8. Abyss/Joseph Park: This last week, Abyss came to the ring and called out Eric Young. Young made his way out and stood face to face with the Monster Abyss. Chris Park did a phenomenal job acting this past week as he had to seamlessly transition from Abyss to Joseph Park and back to Abyss. In the end, he said he was done with EY and that he was going to find someone to help him once and for all. Could this mean the return of Jim Mitchell? Could we get a third face for Chris Park to play. I don't know but I am definitely tuning in as this was one of the best segments this past week.

    RANKINGS 9. Bobby Roode: The It Factor made himself known this past week by directly confronting Dixie Carter in regards to his World Title shot. Having previously lost it to Samoa Joe did not matter to the It Factor. In the end, Roode may have stepped a little too far over the line. In the end, he was doubting himself and willing was escorted out of the building by security.

    RANKINGS 10. Samuel Shaw: Shaw continues to be the sleeper in TNA. Sure they stole his new gimmick from a former Gutcheck Contestant who never made the cut, but Shaw is making it work for him. We are given the opportunity to get to know that Shaw is a creepy psycho with every appearance. His story with Christy Hemme is far from over.

  • That's it folks!
  • Those on the Outside looking in include all of the Champions!
  • Your Scape Goats of the Week are…

    RANKINGS Rockstar Spud: Spud opened his mouth and ate the boot of MVP this past week in one of his few matches on Impact.

  • And that is the list for this week!



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