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411 TNA Impact Ranking 2.23.14
Posted by Dan Wojcik on 02.23.2014

411 TNA Impact Ranking 2.23.2014

Welcome to the 411 TNA Impact Rankings! I am still Dan Wojcik and I am coming to you from a semi-undisclosed location somewhere inside the heart of Iowa. There are many different ranking systems out there. The WWE Power rankings. The Wrestler of the Week rankings. And whatever other ranking systems you may want to find. This is the TNA Impact Ranking though, were I get to rank the current movers and shakers in TNA. This column is similar to the MP Schroeder's WWE RPI Rankings. I want to have some fun with this…

My Criteria Base:
  • Wins and Losses
  • Momentum
  • Overall Strength of Booking
  • Only TV and PPV Count Towards This (One Night Only PPV's are NOT included)
  • If You Hold a Title, Your Chances of Appearing Are Good, but not Guaranteed!

    RANKINGS 1. Magnus: Magnus went up against Gunner this past week in a "Magnus Rules" match. You guessed it, No DQ, No Count outs. After a lot of interference, Magnus managed to get the win over Gunner, retain his title and is set to move on to face Samoa Joe at Lockdown.

    RANKINGS 2. Gail Kim: Kim got to compete in a Street Fight against the Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne this past week. Kim managed to get the win with the help of Lei'D Tapa. However, this marks a change in the winning ways for Kim, as she got a win over the champ.

    RANKINGS 3. Samoa Joe: Joe participated in a handicap match against the TNA Tag Team Champions, the Bromans and Zema Ion. In the end, Joe got to kill Ion by making him tap out like the bitch that he is being portrayed as, thus allowing the tag champs to save grace.

    RANKINGSRANKINGS 4. The Wolves: The Wolves continued their winning efforts this past week as they went head to head against the best team the Biz-a-Ness; Bad Influence. The Wolves amanged to pull off a win after hitting Daniels with the Alarm Clock and a Double-Foot Stomp by both Edwards and Richards.

    RANKINGS 5. Bobby Roode: The It Factor let us know that he was done. Done with wrestling and was ready to go home. Then Dixie Carter offered him 10% in the company if he agreed to head her team at Lockdown and won. Needless to say, Roode is still with TNA and is poised for something.

    RANKINGS 6. James Storm: Storm had quite the week. He got to talk with Bobby Roode about not being a bitch and stepping up Roode's game. He was given the Tag Team Title Briefcase by Gunner. How do you say thank you for such a gift, why how else other than by Superkicking your tag team partner in the mush during his World Title match and costing him his dream.

    RANKINGS 7. Samuel Shaw: Shaw has stepped it up on the storyline aspect. This past week he managed to attack a stagehand and acquire a mic that Hemme had used and then attacked Mr. Anderson and left with Christy Hemme in his arms.

    RANKINGS 8. Mr. Anderson: After finishing up his feud with Bully Ray last week, Mr. Anderson spent this week showing off photos of his twins to Christy Hemme. I mean what could be more fun than showing off photos of your kids to your co-worker? Answer! Getting jumped from behind by Samuel Shaw and starting up a brand new feud.

  • That's it folks!
  • Those on the Outside looking in include all of the other Champions!
  • Your Scape Goats of the Week is…

    RANKINGS Zema Ion: Ion participated in 3 on 1 handicap match against Samoa Joe and tapped out to Joe, causing his team to lose the match. For someone who has an X-Division title contract sitting in a briefcase, he sure tapped out.

  • And that is the list for this week!



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