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Thoughts from the Top Rope 4.05.14: Alternative WrestleMania Play-by-Play
Posted by Daniel Wilcox on 04.05.2014

Welcome to Thoughts from the Top Rope, with Daniel Wilcox.

It's WrestleMania Weekend and if you weren't already hyped, you will be by he time you've read this.


Days after the Royal Rumble, in this very column, I offered up my predicted WrestleMania XXX card complete with fantasy-booking play-by-play (you don't have to google it, it's here).

For those who can't be bothered to go back and read all that lot, here's a summary from my much-appreciated readers;

"Only Wilcox can be this good." - Blodger42
"Deserving of clicks." - Screening before clicking
"Awesome card/booking." - BD
"Outstanding... fantastic" - theburningfire
"Great read!" - Csonkamania III
"Amazing booking." - Gingaman
"AWESOME. Please do more." - Iced Coffee
"Holy awesome Mania, dude!" - RipStamps
"Please tell me [Wilcox] is a part of WWE creative." - big ron
"Jesus Fucking Christ that was an amazing read. [Wilcox] deserves a standing ovation." - Robert
"'A' for effort." - CDN
"I honestly believed that Lesnar could get the job done!" - AXL CDC
"That is how it is done!" - 5050
"WWE, sign him up." - Maccydee
"Well played again, Wilcox" - luckystrutter
"[Wilcox] clearly "gets" how to make matches mean something and knows
how to book them in a manner that immediately has interesting follow-up." - Ice Dagger
"Didn't hate that WrestleMania XXX at all..." - Mark Satrang

And my favourite...

"Wilcox is a tool." - AllEnglishMenAreFat

The feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that I promised the week prior to the actual event I would offer up another healthy does of fantasy booking using the real WrestleMania card. And here we are.

So yes, this entire column is fantasy booking and I appreciate that is not for everyone. We will return to normality next week. But the vast majority seemed to enjoy my musings and I did promise.

I need to forewarn readers on a couple of issues. First and foremost, what you're about to read is likely going to be more exciting than what you will witness at WrestleMania, or at least that's the general consensus of my regular readers. So if you don't want to get your hopes up for something mind-blowing come Sunday evening, skip this column for your own mental health. I will also admit that I have re-used some of the material from my fantasy card for a couple of the matches here, but even thats's been tweaked and hopefully improved upon. The vast majority is new material. Secondly, I think WrestleMania XXX is likely to be somewhat predictable so I've thrown some curveballs in, including a couple of IWC wet dream cliches. I didn't necessarily want to do this, but I didn't want to bore myself writing the piece either. I'd like to think I've presented my ideas in a way that is at least somewhat original and not typical of a whiney Internet douchebag troll. Furthermore, if you come back next week I will provide a brief summary of where I would go from there in terms of angles and key characters. And finally, due to timing and space restrictions, I have had to omit the play-by-play for the pre-show match. Blame WWE if they'd have put it on the main card, I would have found a way to get it in.

And if you enjoy the read, do me a favour and hit me up on social media.

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WrestleMania XXX Play-By-Play

Lilian Garcia sings us the National Anthem from atop the stage. At the conclusion of her performance, Vince McMahon wanders out to the stage and says simply, "Welcome to WrestleMania!"

We go to a video package chronicling thirty years of WrestleMania. It then runs down the rivalries that lead us to tonight's main event matches.

We join Michael Cole, Jerry "the King" Lawler and JBL at ringside. They hype the show and throw us to our Spanish announce team of Carlos Cabrera and Marcelo Rodriguez.

Howard Finkel informs us that our opening match will determine the third participant in the main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Match #1: Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon vs. Daniel Bryan
Winner Enters the Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Triple H announces prior to the match that this contest will be contested under No Disqualification rules. Triple H gets a good luck kiss from Stephanie on the apron, and turns into a RUNNING KNEE! One... two... thre-NO! The Game just barely kicked out! Bryan ignites a "Yes!" chant. Triple H crawls to the outside where Stephanie tends to him. Triple H is fuming. After a distraction by Stephanie, The Game drills Bryan from behind and goes to work with right hands and stomps him down in the corner. Hard Irish whip into the opposite turnbuckle. Back-breaker by Triple H, covers for 2. More rights to Bryan. He throws him to the floor and follows him out. He drives Bryan into the barricade, and then into the steel steps. Stephanie hands Triple H a chair, and he nails Bryan in the back with it. Back in, Triple H covers for 2. More right hands. Triple H goes out and gets the chair, back inside and drills Bryan in the back with it again. He covers for 2 more. Triple H now drives the chair into the knee of Bryan, twice. The Game drops a couple of elbows to the knee of Bryan. He goes for the figure four, but Bryan kicks him off and sends him to the floor! Triple H is seething now. Bryan uses the ropes to pull himself back up, but Triple H back in with a chop-block. Shin-breaker now by the Game. Triple H applies the Indian deathlock! Bryan is fighting, he gets to the ropes but it's no good. Stephanie is screaming in his face. Bryan connects with a couple of rights and Triple H breaks the hold. He lets Bryan pull himself up, then hits another chop-block. He goes back to the figure four, gets it! Bryan fights again, he can't reach Triple H to strike him. The referee asks Bryan if he wants to give up, Bryan if he wants to give up, Bryan starts a "No!" chant! This infuriates Triple H, he breaks the hold and drills Bryan with another flurry of right hands. Triple H tells the crowd to "suck it." He goes back to the steel chair, but turns into a running dropkick! Bryan can't capitalise though. He tries to pull himself up on the ropes, Stephanie slaps him! Triple H grabs Bryan, shoots him off, lowers his head, Bryan rolls over the back but buckles on landing Pedigree-NO! Bryan back drops Triple H, then clotheslines him to the floor! Bryan looks to hit the ropes but he can't run. He goes to the rope, looks for a plancha but Stephanie steps in front of Triple H, so Bryan lands on the apron. Triple H trips Bryan on the apron. He drags him to the floor and tosses him into the barricade. The Game strips the Spanish Announce Table. Bryan climbs the barricade and dives off with a knee to the face! Both men down. Triple H is up first and throws Bryan back in, follows in and gets drilled with Bryan's running clothesline. Triple H to his knees, Bryan with kicks to the chest. Stephanie in and grabs Bryan by the hair! He breaks free and stares her down. Triple H from behind, looks for the Pedigree, countered again and Bryan back drops Triple H to the floor! Low blow by Stephanie! Brie Bella is here! She spears Stephanie! CATFIGHT! Massive "Yes!" chant for that! Stephanie gets some separation and scurries up the ramp. Brie goes chasing after Stephanie.

Bryan goes to the floor and hammers away on Triple H. The Game counters though and tosses Bryan over the announce table. He climbs on the table and sets for the Pedigree... BRYAN BACK DROPS TRIPLE H ONTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Both men down again and we have yet another "Yes!" chant. Bryan up first. He rolls Triple H back in the ring and covers for 2! Bryan gingerly climbs to the top rope, DIVING HEADBUTT MISSES! Both men crawl to opposite corners and pull themselves to their feet. Running dropkick by Bryan! And another! Goes for a third and hits it! Pulls Triple H to the centre, covers for a near fall! Bryan with more kicks to the chest, goes for the big one to head, misses it and a low blow by Triple H! He stacks Bryan up and gets 2! Triple H up and argues with the referee. Bryan reverses a whip, lowers his head and gets caught with the facebuster. Spinebuster to Bryan! One... two... thr-NO! More rights by the Game, and now he chokes Bryan. Triple H is pissed. He limply goes to the floor, goes under the ring... pulls out the sledgehammer... SUICIDE DIVE BY BRYAN! More "Yes! Chants. Bryan rolls The Game back in, waits from him to get to his feet... YES LOCK! He's got it locked in! Triple H fights, he tries biting the hands but Bryan won't break! He rolls through into a pinning combination... one... two... NO! Bryan kicks out but has to break the hold. PEDIGREE! He hits it! One... two... thr-NO! Bryan kicks out at 2 and the Game is livid! He remonstrates with the referee. Triple H goes back to the cover, Bryan kicks out again! And a third time! Triple H shoves the referee, and cowers over him in the corner. Running dropkick by Bryan to the back! YES LOCK! He's got it in once again! But the referee is down! Bryan goes over to pull the referee to his feet. Triple H crawls to the apron and brings the sledgehammer in. Bryan turns and catches him with it. Triple H crawls back to the corner as Bryan advances... kick to the bad knee of Bryan! PEDIGREE! Referee over, oooone... twoooooo... thr-NO! Bryan kicks out again!

Triple H is paralytic. He goes back to the sledgehammer, he stalks Bryan, waits for him to get to his knees, raises the hammer... Bryan picks the Game up onto his shoulders... GO 2 SLEEP! Bryan crawls into the cover... one... two... thr-NO! Now Triple H is the one to just barely lift a shoulder off the canvas. Both men down. Triple H crawls to the corner. Bryan uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Triple H has his sledgehammer... both men up... The Game swings the hammer, Bryan ducks, hits the ropes... RUNNING KNEE! ONE... TWO... THR-NO! TRIPLE H KICKS OUT! Both men are down once again. Triple H stirs first, Bryan is spent. They use each other to pull themselves up. Right by Triple H. "Boo!" Right by Bryan! "Yeah!" "Boo!" "Yeah!" "Boo!" "Yeah!" KICK WHAM PEDIGREE BRYAN SPINS OUT OF IT, INTO THE YES LOCK! Triple H has nowhere to go! He's fading! He taps! HE TAPS! Triple H submits @ 18:47!

Winner: Daniel Bryan via submission

Bryan leads a mammoth "Yes" chant as Triple H rolls out of the ring.

We get a video package highlighting Batista's return and journey to WrestleMania XXX.

Bray Wyatt appears on the titantron. He talks once again about doing the Devil's bidding. Sister Abigail set him on the right path. For months he has bowed to the Devil, not realising that he has surpassed that very same Devil. Tonight, the Devil bows to him. Follow the buzzards.

Our expert panel of Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Shawn Michaels, Edge and Bret Hart congratulate Daniel Bryan on his victory. Then they pick a winner in the Wyatt/Cena match before putting over Andre the Giant.

Hulk Hogan is out. He puts over Andre the Giant and the Battle Royal. He will raise the hand of the winner.

Match #2: 30-Man Over-the-Top Rope Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Participants: Alberto del Rio, Alexander Rusev, Big E, Big Show, Brad Maddox, Brodus Clay, Chris Jericho, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Darren Young, Dolph Ziggler, Fandango, Drew McIntyre, Goldust, the Great Khali, Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, R-Truth, Rob Van Dam, Santino Marella, Sin Cara, Titus O'Neil and Zack Ryder

The 27 announced participants enter first, followed by... Alexander Rusev! Rob Van Dam! He's back. Lights out. "BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!" Chris Jericho is the final entrant. He slides in and it all kicks off as you'd expect, bodies everywhere. It's never easy to do play-by-play for a battle royal, but 30 guys is impossible. Darren Young is the first out, at the hands of Big Show. Big E tosses Heath Slater. Brad Maddox crawls around the ring holding onto the bottom rope. Show press slams R-Truth to the floor. Sin Cara attempts some high-flying and gets tossed by del Rio. Christian and Sheamus go at it in the corner, Christian ducks out and rolls to the floor. Sheamus follows and flatens him with a Brogue Kick! Back inside, Show squares off with Khali, and Show pushes Khali to the floor with ease! Henry and Show go at it now before everyone gangs up on the two of them. Typical battle royal shenanigans ensue as they clear house. Rey Mysterio ranas Mahal and McIntyre to the floor. Big Show tosses Henry! Big E dumps Clay. Sheamus throws Justin Gabriel over. Fandango goes up to the top rope for reasons unknown, but Santino's Cobra sends him to the floor! Rusev boots Santino out though. Van Dam's quick feet allow him to get the better of Titus O'Neil and he's gone. Jericho looks to toss he Miz, he lands on the apron so Jericho hits his springboard dropkick to send him packing. Big Show tosses Kofi Kingston! Big elimination there. Cody and Goldust seem to be working together. Ziggler tosses Zack Ryder. Sandow from behind and tosses Ziggler! Big boos for that one. Cody throws out Goldust! Cody apologises to his brother but gets tossed by Jericho! Cody and Goldust argue on the floor as they head to the back.

Del Rio, Rusev, Big E, Show, Maddox, Sandow, Mysterio, Sheamus, Van Dam and Marella remain. Show chokeslams Rusev, Big E and Mysterio! He spots Maddox hanging onto the bottom rope for dear life, picks him up and puts him down on the top turnbuckle. KO PUNCH! Maddox is out and he's dead. BROGUE KICK TO SHOW! Christian scurries back in and dumps Sheamus out! Christian was never eliminated! Sheamus is pissed, comes back in and tosses Christian to the floor. He follows him out and they brawl. Rob Van Dam is feeling froggy... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH TO BIG SHOW! Del Rio from behind and tosses Van Dam! Crowd is not happy. Jericho hits Rusev with a bulldog, goes for the Lionsault, del Rio catches him on the ropes and dumps him over! Crowd hates del Rio right now! Rey hits del Rio with a rana, sends him into the ropes and sets for a 619... hits it! Rey springboards... caught by Rusev! Tossed out by Rusev!

Your final six are Alberto del Rio, Alexander Rusev, Big E, Big Show, Damien Sandow and Santino Marella. Sandow attempts to make a deal with Rusev, before attempting to double cross him, that earns him a boot to the face. Big E hits the Big Ending to Sandow! Rusev and Langston brawl. Big Show is up, Santino looks for the Cobra and Show no sells it. Show just palms Marella over with ease. Del Rio from behind tries to toss Show but can't do it. Rusev and Sandow try to help. Big E from behind, tosses Sandow and del Rio! Rusev lands on the apron. Show and Big E square off now and E points out that he saved Show's ass. They exchange blows, Show eventually goes for the chokeslam, Big E blocks I and breaks Show's grip. Big E comes off the ropes and explodes with a vertical splash that topples Show. Straps down, Show up, SCOOP SLAM TO THE BIG SHOW! Crowd goes nuts. Show up, Big E clotheslines Big Show to the floor! Rusev from behind and dumps Big E! Alexander Rusev is the last man standing @ 12:58!

Winner: Alexander Rusev

Post match, Hogan raises Rusev's hand but Rusev gets all confrontational. Big E slides back in and hits Rusev with the Big Ending. Pose down ensues.

Backstage, Renee Young tries to get an interview with Brock Lesnar, but Paul Heyman won't allow Lesnar to come out of his locker-room for an interview. Lesnar is getting focused, because tonight he breaks the Streak. Heyman stops mid-sentenced and looks shocked as he sees someone off camera. "You? What the hell are you doing here?" The camera pans round and it's... Tommy Dreamer. He was just smoking a joint with Van Dam and wants to reminisce about ECW. Paul Heyman says ECW was his creation, and the only star to come from that company was him. His new client , the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar, is tougher than anyone to ever come out of ECW. Heyman turns around and there's Stone Cold Steve Austin. "What?" Hilarity ensues.

Match #3: The Shield vs. Kane and the New Age Outlaws

The New Age Outlaws look to go into their usual routine, but Director of Operations Kane cuts them off suggesting it might not be appropriate for a PG audience. The Outlaws do it anyway and here come the Shield. Kane and the Outlaws go to meet them in the crowd and we have chaos! Reigns has paired off with Kane, Rollins with Gunn and Ambrose battles Road Dogg. Scores of referees hit the ringside area to try and get this match underway. Eventually The Shield back off and allow the Outlaws and Kane to regroup. Rollins and Kane are going to start us off officially by the looks of things. Rollins goes right on the attack only to get squatted away by Kane on a couple of occasions. Kane tosses Rollins to he corner and drills him with an uppercut. Kane charges into a boot, Rollins hops up to the second rope and comes flying off with a knee to the skull hat rocks Kane. Reigns in and flattens Kane with a big shoulder tackle. Quick tags now by the Shield. Ambrose winds up the legal man and puts the boots to Kane, but he gets cocky and eats a big boot himself. Kane tags in Road Dogg who tries a little shake rattle and roll, but Ambrose is having none of that and flattens him with a clothesline. More quick tags, Rollins and then Reigns take it in turns picking apart Dogg. A Kane distraction from the apron allows Dogg to go low on Rollins though, and the Outlaws work a succession of double teams. Kane in now, and drills Rollins with a pavement slam. Kane works Rollins over whilst mocking Reigns. Gunn adds to bog standard offence. Kane bag in, he goes up top, comes off for the clothesline but eats a dropkick! Hot tag to Reigns! Short heat sequence there. Reigns takes down all three opponents with a succession of clotheslines, and we end up with all six men in the ring. Kane's having none of this and tosses Ambrose and Reigns to the floor. Chokeslam to Rollins! One... two... thr-NO! Rollins kicks out! Kane drags him up and sets for another chokeslam, SPEAR by Reigns! Fameasser to Reigns! Headlock driver to Gunn! Dogg in, looks for a Pumphandle on Ambrose, he floats over and shoves Road Dogg into Rollins! Dogg low bridges Ambrose and sends him to the floor. Dogg grabs Rollins, Rollins nails him with a leaping kick though. Rollins nails Road Dogg with the Blackout! He covers but neither man is legal. Rollins looks for Reigns but turns into another chokeslam attempt. Kane gets him up but Rollins jumps out. Spear attempt by Reigns, Kane dodges and Reigns has to put on the breaks to avoid hitting Rollins. Goozle to Reigns, springboard knee connects from Rollins to Kane! SUPERMAN PUNCH TO KANE! Reigns is feeling it, Ambrose in, they st Kane up and nail the triple powerbomb! That's enough for the decisive win @ 8:09! Relatively short but served it's purpose and had the correct outcome.

Winners: The Shield

The Shield stand tall and are clearly a united unit.

Another video package airs, this time highlighting Daniel Bryan's struggle to get his shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. Triple H is shown backstage watching the vignette. He tells Stephanie McMahon that "this isn't over." Randy Orton enters and asks what Triple H is going to do about Daniel Bryan. Triple H says nothing, Orton will have to take care of it himself.

We get a recap of the John Cena/Bray Wyatt rivalry.

Match #4: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt w/ Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

The New Orleans crowd is predominantly pro-Cena at the get-go, seemingly. Bray has his arms outstretched and tells John Cena "he had his chance." Cena is done talking and throws some right hands. Wyatt comes back with some of his own and we have an all out brawl. They take each other down and fall to the floor. Bray gets some separation but eats a stiff clothesline. Cena stares down Harper and Rowan who back off. Cena picks Wyatt up and hits a suplex on the floor. Cena rolls in the ring and back out, and asks Harper and Rowan if they want some. Cena tosses Wyatt up the aisle and into his own rocking chair. Cena with a suplex on the ramp this time! He trots back to the ring to break the count once more. Back to the floor, Cena tosses the rocking chair and smashes it to pieces. He drops Wyatt with another clothesline. Cena heads back to the ring, but this time Harper blocks his path. Cena's having none of that and tackles Harper! He lays him out with rights then tosses him in the ring. Rowan steps toward Cena but thinks twice when Cena stares him down. Cena in, stalks Harper and hits the Attitude Adjustment! Rowan pulls Harper to the floor, looks to climb into the ring but Wyatt stops him. "This is my fight!" Wyatt tells Rowan to go, he helps Harper and they go to the back. Wyatt tentatively climbs up on the apron, Cena slides out and pulls him to the floor and tosses him over the guardrail! Cena poses to the crowd, heads over to the barricade and gets drilled with a stiff right hand. Wyatt locks up Cena and suplexes him over onto the concrete floor! Wyatt is cackling hysterically as he comes back over the rail and rolls into the ring. Back out and he has to drag Cena back over the barricade and roll him into the ring. Back splash by Wyatt connects and a cover gets 2. Right hands by Bray now. Wyatt picks him up and hits a scoop slam before another back splash. That gets another near fall. Wyatt works over Cena in the corner, putting a beating on him with choke holds and flurries of strikes. Wyatt hits a delayed vertical suplex. He gets a series of near falls. Cena looks to mount a comeback but Wyatt hits him with a STO into the turnbuckle. That gets another near fall. Wyatt looks to end it and sets Cena up for Sister Abigail, Cena with a drop toehold though and he locks on the STF. Wyatt quickly scurries to the ropes. Both men up, Cena avoids a clothesline and hits a shoulder tackle! Goes for a second but gets ANNIHILATED by a Wyatt crossbody! One... two... thr-NO! Wyatt goes to the corner and we get the weird Exorcist walk. Wyatt charges at Cena in the corner but he avoids the contact. Shoulder tackle, another one, side slam. "You Can't See Me!" Five Knuckle Shuffle! Cena wants the Attitude Adjustment, gets Bray up and hits it! Cena covers but only gets a 2 count! Cena, bewildered, opts to go to the top rope. Wyatt is up though and meets him up there. Wyatt looks for a superplex. Cena fights back though. SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! Cena pulls Wyatt to the centre, one... two... thr-NO! Wyatt kicked out again. Cena pulls Wyatt up now and sets him up on the top rope. Cena goes up, he wants a Super AA, can't get it, Wyatt shoves him off. Wyatt looks for a splash but he crashes and burns! STF! Cena has it locked in! Wyatt fights but can't get anywhere near the ropes. Wyatt bites the hands of Cena! Cena has to break the hold. Both men up, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! One... two... three! Cena wins! No! Wyatt had a foot on the rope! Cena thinks he's won, the referee has to explain it. The bell never rang, the match will continue. Wyatt charges and hits an avalanche in the corner, but he catches the referee as well. SISTER ABIGAIL TO CENA! Wyatt covers, there's no referee. Wyatt tries to shake the referee, does so. Wyatt picks Cena up, sets him up for a second Sister Abigail, Cena with the school boy roll up, one... two... three! Cena pins Wyatt @ 14:49!

Winner: John Cena via pinfall

Post-match, as Cena gets to his feet he turns into another massive crossbody from Wyatt. Wyatt goes to work with right hands as Harper and Rowan return to ringside. The three of them decimate Cena. Harper hits his discus clothesline. They drag Cena out to the floor where he attempts briefly to fight back, but Bray kills his comeback with Sister Abigail on the floor. Harper and Rowan carry Cena on their shoulders and Bray leads them to the back.

Backstage, AJ Lee tells Tamina Snuka she's a victim of a hate campaign. But the people are slowly starting to realise that she is the real hero and so tonight she is going to dedicate her victory to the people. AJ looks shocked all of a sudden at someone she sees in the background. The camera pans round to show... The Rock! He talks about the people, makes some inneundo-laden jokes at AJ's expense before sending her packing and hyping WrestleMania. Hulk Hogan shows up, there's initially tension then they shoot the shit. Hogan leaves, Rock continues with his catchphrases, and here's Mick Foley to try and steal The Rock's thunder. Rock's having none of it and boots Foley out. Rock continues with his schtick before Brock Lesnar enters. He goes goes face to face with The Rock. "Cute." Heyman and Lesnar walk on before Rock whispers, "if you smell what the Rock is cooking."

Match #5: Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational
Participants: AJ Lee , Aksana, Alicia Fox, Brie Bella, Cameron, Emma, Eva Marie, Layla, Naomi, Natalya, Nikki Bella, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae, Tamina Snuka and Vickie Guerrero

Vickie announces herself as the 15th participant so everyone gangs up on her, forcing her to scurry up the ramp to safety. Then they turn their attention to AJ Lee. Tamina steps in front of AJ, so the rest of the Divas kick her ass. AJ goes to the floor but gets caught in a Funkadactyl sandwich. Worse places to be. They take turns kicking her ass. In the ring there's near falls galore and the formerly united Divas end up turning on each other rather quickly. Much like the battle royal, there's too many bodies to give this a thorough play-by-play, but there's lots of punching and kicking. The Bellas end up cleaning house before Nikki rolls up Brie for a near fall, Brie is pissed. Before they can go at it they get tossed by Summer Rae and Eva Marie, who celebrate their success before being taken down by Natalya. She goes for the Sharpshooter on Summer, but Layla puts a stop to that. To the surprise of nobody, Aksana botches on a rana and nearly kills Naomi again, so Naomi beats the shit out of her. Cameron rolls up Naomi! Naomi's not happy, but Tamina pulls her to the floor and tosses her into the barricade. That allows AJ Lee to roll up Cameron for 2. AJ fights off the Bellas and Cameron and eats a Superkick from Tamina! One... two... thr-NO! Emma in to break that up now. She goes for the EmmaLock, Summer Rae breaks that up and tosses Emma to the floor. Summer goes up, and dives out onto a pile of Divas! Not a bad landing. Nikki gets her backbreaker on Rosa but Brie pulls her off the cover. BELLA IMPLOSION! Emma comes off the top and takes out both with a crossbody. Covers both for 2. Natalya grabs Emma now and puts her in the Sharpshooter, Emma fights, Tamina with another Superkick to Natalya! Tamina's conflicted about going for the cover, instead she tries to help AJ up, AJ goes batshit crazy(er) attacking Tamina, slaps on the Black Widow and Tamina submits to the champion @ 9:05!

Winner: And STILL Diva's Champion, AJ Lee

AJ grabs a microphone after the match and she's pissed. "How many times do I have to prove that there isn't a single Diva in this company that can take this title from me?! I've defeated this entire division time after time and I'm still your..." Lita's music hits! The 2014 Hall of Fame inductee makes her way to the ring. Lita gets in the ring and AJ talks shit, Lita takes it. AJ Lee just starts screaming, so Lita Twists her Fate and stands tall.

Randy Orton's WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign is highlighted in a video package.

Backstage, Triple H talks with The Shield. He congratulates them on their victory but says now, everybody needs to be on the same page. Ambrose says the last few weeks and especially tonight, it's become apparent that Triple H has lost control. Rollins points out that The Shield will not fight alongside Kane and the Outlaws, and that they no longer fights for him. Reigns says things are going back to the way they were the Shield fights for one thing and one thing only: justice.

Our expert panel of Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Shawn Michaels, Edge and Bret Hart pick Brock Lesnar to break the Streak 3-2. Michaels knows how close he came on two occasions and thinks that Lesnar is better positioned to do so than Shawn ever was.

Match #6: The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

We have quite the staredown to begin. Incredible atmosphere at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Heyman all of a sudden is on the apron and the momentary distraction allows Lesnar to strike. Double leg pick up and he charges Taker back into the corner and drives a shoulder continually into the mid-section of the Phenom. Taker's having none of that, grabs Lesnar by the neck and throws him into the corner and fires off with big right hands. Taker looks for a running boot in the corner but Lesnar ducks out of the way and hits a German suplex to Undertaker! Front facelock by Lesnar and he drives the knees into the skull of Taker. Again and again! He beats him with rights to the rib section. More rights by Lesnar, Taker climbs to his feet and Lesnar launches him with a belly to belly throw! Lesnar just punts Taker in the mid-section. The Deadman rolls to the floor but Lesnar is in pursuit. He drives Taker back-first into the ring apron, and then into the barricade. He picks him up and drives him back-first into the ring post. Heyman is egging Taker on at this point. Lesnar looks to whip Taker into the steps but the Deadman reverses and Lesnar eats the steel. Heyman looks to get involved but gets stared down by Taker. Lesnar looks to attack from behind but Taker catches him with right hands. Lesnar eats a big boot on the floor. The referee is lax with his count but Taker rolls into to break it, and upon rolling back out Lesnar gets in his face with forearms. He rolls Taker onto the ring apron, and looks to mimic Taker's leg drop and hits it! Back in, Lesnar stalks Taker from behind, and applies the Dragon Sleeper! Taker fights but he's in the middle of the ring, Lesnar opts to relinquish the hold. Lesnar's laughing it up to the fury of the crowd. Lesnar scoops Taker up, hits him with Snake Eyes! Lesnar hits the ropes and hits a big boot. Lesnar is mocking The Undertaker at WrestleMania. He wrenches the arm of Taker now and goes up top for Old School... Lesnar leaps off the top rope... goozle! CHOKESLAM TO LESNAR! Both men down, Taker rolls into the cover and gets a long 2 count. Both men up, boot to the gut by Taker, sends Lesnar to the corner, big corner clothesline by Taker. Scoops him, up, SNAKE EYES! Big boot! Taker calls for Old School. He goes up, walks the rope and jumps right into a belly to belly suplex! Lesnar's cocky, he calls for a Last Ride! He gets Taker up, but Taker slides off the back, spins and throws on a Dragon Sleeper of his own! Lesnar fights and powers Taker up onto his shoulder! Looks for the F5 countered into the KIMURA LOCK! Taker has the Kimura on Lesnar! Lesnar fights, he powers up Taker. Lesnar stands up with Taker wrapped around him and drives him into the corner. Taker has to let go of the hold. Thrusts by Lesnar in the corner. He fires off with right hands. Lesnar to the second rope and continues the onslaught. Taker counters with the LAST RIDE! Nails it! One... two... thr-NO! Lesnar kicks out, barely. Paul Heyman is back up on the ring apron. Taker drills him with a right! New Orleans loves that. Taker goes to the floor and strips the announce table. He has Heyman in his sights... goozle! Lesnar from behind saves Heyman. F5 ONTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! It didn't break and Taker's body just bounces off. Lesnar catches his breath sat on the steel steps. Heyman screams at Lesnar to "take the count out!" Lesnar shakes his head. He picks up a limp Undertaker and tosses him in the ring. Taker eventually stirs, it takes him an age to get to his feet. Lesnar's stalking... gets him up on his shoulders, Taker reverses and powers Lesnar up and into a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! One... two... thr-NO! Mammoth "Undertaker" chants ring out around the Superdome. Taker staggers to his feet, cut throat gesture, he wants another tombstone... Heyman in... goozle... TOMBSTONE TO PAUL HEYMAN! Taker kicks Heyman to the floor... Lesnar up, scoops up Taker... TOMBSTONE TO UNDERTAKER! One... two... thre-NO! Taker just barely lifts a shoulder up. Lesnar is pissed but undeterred. He pulls Taker up, but he's dead weight. He hoists him onto his shoulders and hits a second thunderous F5! One... two... LESNAR PULLS TAKER'S SHOULDER UP! Lesnar had Taker beat! Lesnar is laughing! He holds Taker's limp arm in his hand and yells "I'm going to break his arm and make him tap!" TAKER LOCKS ON HELL'S GATE! He rose from the dead and he's got Lesnar trapped! Lesnar tries to fight out with forearms to the face but Taker won't relinquish the hold. Lesnar's going to tap! He gets to his feet though and pulls Taker up and drops him in powerbomb-like fashion to break the hold! Taker is cut from those forearms. Both guys pull themselves up on the ropes. They stagger to the centre of the ring, Lesnar jumps on Taker and there's the KIMURA LOCK! He powers Taker down and he has it synched in. Taker is fading. The referee checks the arm, once, twice, Taker survives! He looks to have some fight left in him but Lesnar applies the pressure. Taker will not tap! LESNAR BREAKS THE ARM! Lesnar releases the hold and admires his work as Taker writhes in agony. Lesnar draws his thumb across the throat and stalks Taker. He grabs him, looks for third F5, Taker lands on his feet, powers Lesnar up with one arm! TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! ONE... TWO... THREE!! Taker is 22-0 @ 20:47!

Winner: The Undertaker via pinfall

Both men are motionless in the middle of the ring as Taker's music plays out. Lesnar eventually rolls to the floor and stumbles towards the back as Taker stirs to rousing chants of "Undertaker." Lights out! STING IS HERE! He looks at the fallen Undertaker, who slowly sits up! Taker looks at Sting, who extends his bat to the Deadman. Taker uses it to pull himself to his feet and we have the stare down to end all stare downs! The lights go out once more and it's pitch black. Lights back on a few seconds later and both men are gone.

We cut to a clip announcing WrestleMania XXXI will be held at Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara California on March 29th 2015.

Howard Finkle introduces the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014: Ultimate Warrior, Jake "the Snake" Roberts, Lita, Paul Bearer represented by his family, Carlos Colon, Razor Ramon and Mr. T.

Our expert panel of Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Shawn Michaels, Edge and Bret Hart ask what the hell we just witnessed in regards to Sting and Undertaker and earlier the Wyatts leaving with John Cena. They then give their predictions for the main event.

Stephanie McMahon is out at the top of the stage. It has been brought to her attention that there was a controversial finish to the night's opening match between Triple H and Daniel Bryan. She shows the footage of Daniel Bryan locking Triple H in the Yes Lock and The Game submitting. She points out Triple H had one hand on the ring apron, underneath the bottom rope and thus a rope break should have been called. Due to time restrictions, there isn't time to restart that match, but instead, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be contested under Fatal Four Way rules! She announces the fourth participant, Triple H! Triple H looks smug as hell but he's greeted with a "You tapped out!" Daniel Bryan enters next and seems undeterred by these proceedings. Batista and finally the champion enter and neither look pleased.

Match #7: Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H

We get the super special ring introductions for this one. Triple H tries to negotiate with Orton and Batista, both of whom leave the ring, encouraging Triple H to finally take out Bryan. As The Game remonstrates with Orton, Bryan attacks from behind and lights Triple H up with kicks. Triple H shoots him off, misses a clothesline and Bryan hits a suicide dive out onto Orton! Back in and Bryan ducks another clothesline and hits a suicide dive on Batista on the other side! Triple H jumps on Bryan as he slides back in and goes to work but Bryan comes back with chops. The music of Kane hits! He marches down the ring with the New Age Outlaws in tow! All three slide in and target Bryan. Triple H joins in the assault. Batista and Orton back in now and Triple H tells them they will end this and then settle it between the three of them. Bryan takes a kicking at the hands of the Outlaws as the others circle like vultures. The Shield is here! They hit the ring through the crowd and brawl with the Outlaws. Kane goes to the floor and gets drilled by a Spear from Reigns! The Outlaws take cover running out through the crowd. The Shield up on the ring apron now and square off with Orton, Batista and The Game. Triple H backs out of the ring as the Shield enters and we have ourselves a brawl! Triple H ducks out into the crowd as the Shield put the boots to Orton and Batista. Triple H up to the apron and smiles at the Shield who smiles back. Triple H in, he's all smiles. The Shield beat him down! They kick the ever-loving crap out of him before hoisting him up and hitting the triple powerbomb! The Shield leave carnage in their wake!

Everyone is laid out in the ring but Daniel Bryan pulls himself to his feet to huge "Yes!" chants. He goes up to the top rope and hits diving headbutt to Orton! One... two... Batista breaks the cover. Batista tosses Bryan to the floor and launches him into the steel steps. Bryan fights with forearms, up to the apron and hits a dive onto Batista, only to be caught and driven into the ringpost. Randy Orton out now and hammers away on Batista and tosses him into the guardrail. Orton and Bryan back in, inverted backbreaker to Bryan gets 2. Orton with the Garvin stomps now and gets another near fall. He tosses Bryan to the apron and looks for the DDT, Bryan scampers back in, double leg to Orton and applies a modified figure four! Orton fights but Batista in now and grabs Orton's hands, preventing him from tapping out. Triple H breaks the whole thing up. He tosses Bryan to the floor. Batista tries to make a deal, Triple H tells him to "suck it!" Kick to the gut, Pedigree attempt, back drop by Batista and then a spear to Triple H! Batista covers, Orton breaks it up. He nails Batista with a picture perfect dropkick. Cover gets 2 more. Orton heads up to the top rope, Triple H cuts him off and goes to meet him. The Game looks for a superplex, Batista from behind now and grabs Triple H in an electric chair and we have a Tower of Doom spot. Bryan scurries in and tries a pin attempt on each man with no success. Kicks to the chest of Triple H now, and one to the head. He covers for 2. Batista over and goes for the Batista Bomb, Bryan rolls through and gets a near fall off a sunset flip only for Batista to boot Bryan square in the face. Orton up now and he and Batista take turns kicking Bryan. Triple H up and he wants to end Bryan. The three seem to come to a deal yet again, but Batista pulls Triple H into a spinebuster! Orton stalks Triple H... RKO! Batista tosses Orton out and pins the Game... one... two... thr-Bryan breaks it up! Batista charges at Bryan and gets dumped to the floor. Orton in now and tosses Bryan to the apron. He grabs Bryan... and pulls Triple H up... hangman's DDT to both men! Orton senses it and sets up for the RKO... He targets Bryan, Bryan counters, powers Orton down into the Yes Lock! Orton fights and crawls but can't get to the ropes. Bryan applies the pressure, Orton has nowhere to go! Triple H pulls Bryan off, looks for the Pedigree, back drop by Bryan to counter... RKO TO BRYAN! One... two... thr-NO! Batista pulls Orton out of the ring! The two brawl on the floor and Batista strips the announce table. Triple H over now and pounds on Batista, tosses him into the steps. Orton catches the Game with a big European uppercut, looks for the RKO, Triple H pushes him away and BATISTA SPEARS ORTON THROUGH THE BARRICADE! Both men are out.

Triple H sees his opportunity and re-enters the ring where Daniel Bryan hasn't moved since taking the RKO. Triple H has a huge smile now. He picks Bryan up and sets for the Pedigree... SMALL PACKAGE BY BRYAN! One... two... thr-NO! Triple H barely kicks out! Both men up and clothesline each other. Batista back in now and tosses Triple H. He pulls Bryan up and whips him into the corner, misses a charge and goes into the ringpost! Running corner dropkick by Bryan! And another! And a third! Bryan is feeling it now, crowd is going nuts. Bryan goes to the top, waits for Batista to get to his feet... looks for a missile dropkick... BATISTA BOMB! Batista caught him in mid-air! Both men down! Batista eventually crawls into the cover... one... two... NO! Triple H breaks it up! Triple H and Batista brawl, avoid each other's finisher and both get clotheslined by Randy Orton! Orton drags Batista to the apron and looks for the DDT, Batista blocks, drags Orton to the apron and they exchange right hands. Orton with a thumb to the eye! RKO TO BATISTA OFF THE APRON! Both men are out! Triple H grabs Bryan now, looks for a Pedigree, countered into the Yes Lock! Shades of earlier tonight! Triple H is trapped once more! He's got nowhere to go! Triple H is fading, but refuses to tap! Bryan wrenches on the hold and Triple H taps again! But there's no referee! Orton's pulled the referee out! Orton slithers in, looks for the punt on Bryan, misses, Bryan hits the ropes, ducks a clothesline and scores with the Knee Plus! But Orton falls to the floor! Bryan can't believe his bad luck. LOW BLOW BY THE GAME! Triple H drags Bryan to the middle of the ring... PEDIGREE! One... two... thr-NO! Bryan kicked out! Bryan kicked out!

Triple H is absolutely livid. He yells at the referee but it does him no good. He grabs Bryan again, pulls the dead weight up... Bryan scoops the Game onto his shoulders! Go2Sleep attempt blocked! PEDIGREE! One... two... thr-NO! Triple H is pulled off the cover from the outside by... a fan? It's CM PUNK! New Orleans erupts! Punk slides in and tackles The Game! Fists are flailing! Both men up, roundhouse kick by Punk! Batista back in, looks for a Spear and hits Orton! Roundhouse kick to Batista! Orton and Batista fall to the floor. Triple H up, Punk has him... GO 2 SLEEEEEEP! Triple H staggers into the KNEE PLUS! ONE... TWO... THREE! Bryan wins the title @ 28:10!

Winner: And NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan

CM Punk hands Bryan the title belts with a nod. Bryan kicks off the "Yes!" chants all around the ring as 70,000 plus join in. Punk is laughing it up, applauding and enjoying the moment as confetti begins to rain down. Fireworks go over all around the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Bryan celebrates on all four turnbuckles before meeting Punk in the middle of the ring. Bryan offers his hand to Punk... who responds with a blank stare. Punk gives a nod and embraces Bryan with a hug! Punk leaves the ring as the celebration continues. Bryan goes to the floor and does the "Yes!" chant around ringside with his two new title belts. Bryan rolls back in and stands tall... LIGHTS OUT! The Wyatt Family are here! Bray and co. are standing on the ring apron! Bryan drops is belts and is ready for a fight. Bray outstretches his arms and screams "BOW TO ME, DEVIL!" Bryan is spun around and hoisted up... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! JOHN CENA hits Daniel Bryan with the AA! John Cena's face is emotionless as he stands over Bryan and New Orleans piss all over what we've just seen. Wyatt laughs on the ring apron, arms still outstretched. John Cena stares down Wyatt, still no expression, and drops to his knees, head bowed. Our closing image of WrestleMania is Bray Wyatt's crazed expression as a solemn John Cena kneels before him, your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan, laid out.

Fade to black.


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