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411's Roundtable Preview: WWE Wrestlemania 30 (Part 2)
Posted by Sean Garmer on 04.05.2014

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411 continues with its roundtable preview of Wrestlemania 30 ! Check out Part One here first.

 photo JohnCenavsBrayWyatt_zpsfad41031.jpg

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt w/ The Wyatt Family
Singles Match

Wyatt Beougher: If this Wrestlemania is anything like last year's, it'll start off awesomely and then gradually get worse and worse. Depending on how this match goes and where it's at on the show, I think we'll have a pretty good idea by the time it's over as to whether this year's show is going to follow suit. I also think that the ending of this match will be pretty clearly telegraphed based on Rowan and Harper - if they interfere and get ejected again like they did at the Rumble, I think Bray's got a legitimate shot at winning; however, if they're only out there to interfere liberally and give John Cena insurmountable odds to NEVER GIVE UP, then Cena wins cleanly and ruins the past four or five months of character build for Wyatt. Cena's star power is unassailable and putting over a guy who could realistically become the next great heel of the company is the right choice to make, having him lose via Five Moves of Doom and either an AA or the world's least imposing STF is going to basically relegate the gimmick permanently to the midcard. Do the right thing, WWE.

Winner: My heart says Bray Wyatt, but my brain says SUPER CENA, soooooooo...BLEARP. "We're here."

Tzor Simovic: The build to this match has been one of the best I've seen recently. They have adjusted this feud perfectly for both John's and Bray's characters and every week it only gets better. Although i would love to see Wyatt going over Cena at Wrestlemania, unfortunately I don't see that happening. Since Cena won the WH Championship he lost at the unification match, the rematch as well as the Elimination Chamber match. I think that this will be a fast paced match, with the rest of the Wyatts interfering in some way but Superman Cena will find his way to victory putting himself over one of the most talented young Superstar in the roster.

Winner: John Cena

Dino Zucconi: Here's Bray's chance to look good in defeat against John Cena, so I hope he takes advantage of it. WWE has only really made one huge mistake with Wyatt thus far, and that was when they made him look like an ineffectual idiot against Kane at SummerSlam last year. Since then, he's not been one to mess with, even taking out Daniel Bryan at this year's Royal Rumble. Now with his eyes on the largest prize, Wyatt looks to take out the very soul of WWE, and to expose Cena as a fraud. Cena's looking to prove he's still relevant, and that no new kid is going to just come in and take his place. I think this is actually going to be a phenomenal match, but Wyatt's coming up short.

Winner: John Cena

Alex Crowder: This match should be really good if given time. I'm not the biggest John Cena fan (because of his promos especially the non serious joking ones) but I love watching his matches. John Cena seems to up his game in the biggest moments. In a way, I think Bray Wyatt is the same kind of worker. Wyatt and Cena don't seem to have a good to great match with every opponent, yet with the right opponent these two become great. I think they should have a great match together. I think Wyatt should win and will win the war, but sadly enough I just don't see John Cena losing this first match even though he should in this instance.

Winner: John Cena

Mike Chin: Wrestlemania 30 has a chance at more or less completing the changing of the guard started at SummerSlam. Make no mistake about it, Daniel Bryan--not John Cena--is the featured face of this 'Mania, and is, in all likelihood, going to be the the face in the main event of the show. WWE can really go full-tilt with that line of thinking by not just pushing Cena to the undercard, but having him put over Bray Wyatt. In all honesty, I feel this match is a toss up, but I think the far more interesting option is to keep Wyatt's momentum rolling with a big win here.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Mike Hammerlock: We've gotten some cool visuals in the build to this one. Cena in the lamb mask is super creepy. I think part of it is the notion that John Cena has always been hiding behind a mask. We've long suspected there's more there than the "hustle, loyalty, respect" autopilot Cena's been running on for most of his career. The possibility that Wyatt can unlock some of Cena's darker chambers is a tantalizing proposition. Fans are weary of Cena's schtick. The days of rabid boos and wild cheers greeting his entrance are rapidly fading. Instead the crowd increasingly greets him with a "meh." He's got to embellish on his character somehow. I'm not saying he must do a heel turn, but someone more grown up, dangerous and unpredictable would be a welcome change. One of these days Cena's going to whip out the "I'm a Bad Man" entrance. The good news with this match is that Cena has gotten real good at wrestling and he should mesh well with Wyatt's unique, bruising, high tempo style. They're definitely going to get the time to put together something special. If they tell story of how Bray Wyatt de-capes Super Cena, then we're in for a treat. This could be one of those matches that puts two guys on really interesting arcs for the next year. At least that's what I'm hoping we get.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Daniel Wilcox: I can confess to genuinely not knowing which way this match is going to go. It's a typical case of heart says Wyatt should get the win, head is screaming Cena. Regardless, I think this is the first of a series of pay-per-view matches between the two and as such the winner isn't really of that much importance. But looking up and down the remainder of the card you would have to think that this is a fairly predictable WrestleMania and thus somewhere in there, a spanner is going to be thrown in the face of conventional booking. What's more important is the way the match plays out. If you recall Bray Wyatt's "coming out party" against Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble, Harper and Rowan were non-factors and Wyatt beat Bryan by himself before winning clean as a sheet. If Bray takes the fight to Cena in similar fashion he's going to come out looking like a million bucks, win lose or draw. I think it's more beneficial for all involved for Wyatt to get the big win at WrestleMania, cementing him as a top tier talent for at least the rest of the year. Apart from anything else, the betting odds are with Bray and if you've been following the odds for pay-per-view lately, they're a safe indicator.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Michael Weyer: The build to this has been good, the Cena promos great and new buzz building over whether Cena really does job here. That's the key question, if Bray gets the rub here and Cena willing to do it. Cena is not HHH or Hogan, he's a company man, not in it for himself and such, smart enough to know he's okay in the lower card. Wyatt is on the rise and a win over the biggest star of the company solidifies it. I believe that'll happen, that Cena silences his critics by allowing a loss and do it in a well-worked match, maybe one of the best of the night and a win here really puts Wyatt on a new push that gives WWE a great heel they can use.

Winner Bray Wyatt

Nick Sellers: There should be a cracking atmosphere for this one, and in many respects it typifies John Cena's career; forgive the following generalizations, but this is the kids/marks against the adults/smarts and the ultimate good vs evil battle. The former will naturally be pro-Cena, pro good guy, pro storybook hero, etc. The latter will be pulling for one of the best bad guys in the business at present and be pro-villian in the same way many people liked Darth Vader more than Luke Skywalker, or Bane better than Batman, if you catch my drift. I'd have no problem whatsoever with Cena main-eventing for yet another year, but it's refreshing to see them try something a little different with him this year. What an opportunity for Bray too; at Summerslam we thought they'd probably throw the gimmick on the scrapheap. Now he's facing John Cena. At Wrestlemania. WWE is strange like that. Tough to call a winner, but I think Bray just about takes it via interference before Cena gets his revenge at the next PPV.

Winner Bray Wyatt

Justin Watry: Toughest match of the night to call. No doubt, I have flip flopped about 15 times in the past minute alone. Back and forth. Not that it matters, but I just deleted a full three sentences explaining why John Cena was going to win, only to write three sentences about why Bray Wyatt would win, only to just delete it all. Again! Honestly, flip a coin. The story in itself is about John Cena winning and showing he still has what it takes to secure his 'legacy' in WWE. However, you could easily twist that into Bray Wyatt making his own legacy by defeating Cena on the grandest stage. Then it goes back to Cena who has not won at a PPV event since November 2013. Wow! If you ask me today, my answer is John Cena wins but Bray Wyatt looks strong in defeat. Think of Triple H vs. Sheamus from 2010. If you ask me an hour later, I will answer Bray Wyatt wins and gives WM a heel victory to change things up. Ask me again on Sunday, and I will likely change my mind again. Regardless of who comes out victorious, this feud can continue and should be entertaining both in and out of the ring.

Winner Bray Wyatt

Robert S. Leighty Jr: I have high hopes for this match, and I think this could be the sleeper match of the night. Like always Cena will work his ass off at the biggest show of the year, and Wyatt will be super motivated as well considering he is facing Cena at Mania. The build to this has been great and I am torn on who is winning this thing. You never bet against Cena at Mania, but at the same time Cena seems to love taking the next big thing and doing what he can to get them over. For some reason though I think Cena wins here and then we get a rematch at Extreme Rules in some crazy stipulation match.

Winner: John Cena

Mathew Sforcina: Let's see, on one side is a new guy on the scene who, despite some rocky months, is set to explode as a major player in the company with just one good solid putting over, a guy who can talk, with a decent finisher, a couple bodyguards, lots of upside, and basically just one big win away from making it. On the other hand, you have a guy who's been around for years, needs a major character overall or at least some time off, who can really put a guy over and who can afford to lose this one. So, you know, odds, overcoming and all that.

Your Winner and STILL SuperCena: John Cena (5 Knuckle Shuffle)

James Wright: This is a spot on the card that I could see Cena filling for years to come with great success. For all the accusations of not being able to wrestle and lack of moves, Cena has always brought his best on the grand stage and so he is the perfect big name to put against an emerging superstar in the company to, win or lose, raise their stock even further going into the post-Wrestlemania season. It also seems like it has been long enough now for Cena to finally bow out from the title picture for an extended period of time since their are several guys positioned to get shots that need the space. As far as the match itself goes, I reckon the story told will be superior to the Taker vs. Brock match, but the action itself will not be. In the end I see Wyatt overwhelming Cena, possibly with Cena getting his win back at Extreme Rules.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Ryan Byers: Yes, it's John Cena, and everybody on the internet is going to make their ridiculous "Super Cena, LOL, Spoiler: Cena wins!" comments. However, WWE and Cena both have proven that they're willing to put somebody over him under the right circumstances, and I think that you've got the right circumstances here. The interplay between these two men has been so great and the feud has been built in such a way that it would be nonsensical for their rivalry to end after only one match, particularly given WWE's relatively thin main event roster. In order to keep the feud going beyond one match, the best way to approach things is a victory by the bad guy, so that the babyface can chase getting his win back. That, of course, means . . .

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Jack Stevenson: I'm convinced Bray Wyatt can beat a rattled, self-doubted John Cena, but on Raw this week we saw the all-conquering perennial world champion return, which is bad news for the Family. I still Bray's in with a chance, WWE seem to be taking him very seriously indeed and a Wrestlemania win over Cena could push him into the main event scene permanently, but Cena gets vengeance when he's looking for it, and he doesn't lose at Wrestlemania unless the Rock is involved somehow. God, I hope the Rock doesn't get involved somehow. Regardless of who wins, I think this is going to be the best match of the night, a thudding power battle and proof if proof were needed that Wyatt doesn't need Daniel Bryans to have great matches.

Winner: John Cena

Derrick Cannon: I'm still debating whether or not John Cena will pull off a victory with Wyatt emerging victorious in either outcome. John Cena could possibly win the match but he could do so in a way that is incredibly unsettling and uncharacteristic. If John Cena were to turn heel this would be the clearest path that any rivalry of his has had the potential to do so. That said I'm picking Bray Wyatt as I'm not to entirely sure that the WWE feels it necessary at this point in time to turn Cena heel although they might show a more intensely driven John Cena than at past Wrestlemania events.
Winner Bray Wyatt

Sean Garmer: This has been the best booked feud on the card mainly because Bray Wyatt has told a story about Cena through his promos and he finally got Cena to wake up at the end of RAW and realize he might have to tap into a dark place inside of him to get the job done. So, ultimately if Bray Wyatt gets Cena to turn into the "monster" he proclaimed on Monday night then Bray wins regardless of the actual outcome of the match. I would think the Wyatt Family would pester Cena by interfering and causing Cena to increasingly get upset and we see Cena do something drastic to win. We could also see Wyatt Family get ejected early on like in Bray's match with Bryan. Then we get to see what these two can really do, until The Family eventually come out again only with the ref knocked down, Cena gets blindsided leading to a Wyatt victory and we get some stipulation match next month. As I said before, Cena could win and in storyline it is still a win for Bray. The problem is those kids don't see that, all they see is their hero John Cena getting the win. I think Cena putting over Bray here and then getting his win back at Extreme Rules sends a message that Bray Wyatt is indeed "here" and the madness will continue for John Cena.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

 photo UndertakervsBrockLesnar_zps4cea0f35.jpg

Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman
Streak Match

Wyatt Beougher: Seriously? Short of Lesnar going into business for himself and just shoot killing the Undertaker, the Streak is going to live on. (Spoiler alert: that's not going to happen, because Brock likes money.) The best we can hope for here is a match as good as Batista/Undertaker from Wrestlemania 23.

Winner: The Undertaker

Tzor Simovic: Although the build to this match has not been good enough, this is a potential show stealer match and I expect a very physical fight that will go on for a long time as Brock will have most of the offense. I don't think Brock has any chance to break the streak, actually i don's that anyone has. The streak in my opinion should be broken at some time but i don't see that happening. The best have tried to do it and they all have failed, i would love Lesnar to be the one who breaks it since he is my favorite superstar, but i predict Taker to win this one and also I predict that the streak will never be broken.

Winner: The Undertaker

Dino Zucconi: Any other event, and this would be a ridiculously awesome match. Since it's not, however, this one's easy (and that's because I'm part of the camp that feels that the Streak should not end).

Winner: The Undertaker

Alex Crowder: This could be a mediocre match or a surprise hit. Most people do not expect this to be another classic like many of his previous matches. I know Lesnar had some subpar matches with Triple H, but this is The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. I'm expecting a match somewhat reminiscent of the John Cena match upon his return without the weaponry. Maybe, they'll even make the match No DQ. Nonetheless, this could end up surprising people. I'm going put my faith in these two to give a valiant effort making a better than expected match. I only wish the build wasn't so mediocre, especially with all the history these two have.

Winner: The Undertaker

Mike Chin: I really hope these guys can work a convincing near fall or two into this match, so I can have at least a moment of suspended disbelief. That said, we find ourselves in the uncomfortable spot of witnessing Brock Lesnar--for the first time ever--playing the role of overwhelming underdog. 'Taker is undefeated at Wrestlemania, and WWE has done next to nothing to instill doubt in this match's outcome.

Winner: The Undertaker

Mike Hammerlock:Brock's beatdown of Taker on Monday night was too little too late. This is easily the least interesting Undertaker WrestleMania match since Mark Henry. No way they end the Streak for this. I just watched Undertaker-Edge from WM24 the other night and it would be criminal to have the legend that match helped build fizzle out with a mediocre clash like this. Don't get me wrong, both these guys are supremely talented and I'm sure they'll deliver something good in the ring. If we're lucky, Taker and Brock will remind us you don't need garbage cans full of plunder or a steel structure to stage a brutal match. A ***½ or **** match should be in the offing. Can't complain about that, but it would fall short of the standard Undertaker has set in recent years. To a degree, the build has been so forgettable the match itself has almost no chance of being epic. And the outcome is beyond doubt. The WWE does many foolish things, but no chance it will end the Streak here. In fact, maybe the WWE does something smart on Monday night and sets up Undertaker-Cena for WM31 in 2015. Then we can spend a year in anticipation of seeing the Streak put in serious jeopardy.

Winner: Undertaker

Daniel Wilcox: The winner here is not in doubt. What is in doubt is whether this match can live up to the quality of the Undertaker's last half a decade of WrestleMania matches that includes matches with Edge, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and CM Punk, all of which have received a wealth of critical acclaim from the the 'rasslin' fans on the 'net. A lot of people liked the Batista match that proceeded those encounters as well, though I'm not a massive fan. The fact remains that Brock Lesnar as a worked is a lot less versatile than any of the others mentioned nor is he as accomplished a story-teller. Great story-telling is what's helped the Undertaker's streak matches exceed expectations and that's what will be needed here. I'm going in with low expectations but I would not be at all surprised o seem them work another great match. The only surprise here would be a Lesnar victory, but that just isn't happening. Unfortunately the build up for this match has been lacking and that means most people are not looking forward to this as much as they would have if it was booked immediately after the pair's chance encounter at a UFC event way back when, but that could turn out to be a blessing in disguise if people's expectations are lowered beforehand. The Streak lives on.

Winner: The Undertaker

Michael Weyer: They can work a great match together, they have several times before. Even older and injured, they can pull it out and it should be fun to see Brock taking on the Dead Man, UFC brawling against that harsh offense. Brock wants to finally erase the memories of that terrible bout ten years ago and should do a great job with it here. But come on. It's the Undertaker at WrestleMania, we all know how it's going to end and yet another face is added to the Streak.

Winner: The Undertaker

Justin Watry: The Undertaker will win in the match of the night. Now, let me clarify something about this feud that has (as usual) gone over everybody's head. Brock Lesnar is going to lose at WrestleMania XXX. The Undertaker is going to win at WrestleMania XXX. No matter what WWE did, that was never going to change. Lesnar could have attacked Taker for 12 months straight with a steel chair, and nobody would have picked Lesnar to win. Lesnar could have destroyed Taker with an F-5 every single week for the past month, and guess what? Nobody would pick Lesnar to win. Here is a little spoiler for all of you: The Undertaker is going to win at WrestleMania 31 next year too. No matter what WWE does in the next year and with whoever his opponent is, nothing will change that. Sting? Bray Wyatt? John Cena? Roman Reigns? The entire WWE roster?!?! Taker will win. The Streak is not about if "insert wrestler's name" can beat The Undertaker at WM. That is not the selling point. We already know the outcome, so do not focus on that. The selling point is seeing The Undertaker wrestle once a year to extend The Streak at WrestleMania. Right there folks, THAT is why he returns, and THAT is why he wins every single year.

Winner: The Undertaker

Robert S. Leighty Jr: No way Taker is losing this one, but doesn't mean I can't enjoy the ride. I am interested to see how Brock's style works with an advanced, though still tough, Undertaker. Taker will take a major beating in this one, but in the end The Streak continues.

Mathew Sforcina: ... What's the point? Only three things can beat Taker at Wrestlemania. CENAWINSLOL, Taker himself deciding to do what no-one else will and putting over Bryan, or Father Time if he chooses to make Taker crumble to dust mid match. None of those are in play here.

Your Winner and STILL Undefeated At Wrestlemania: The Undertaker (Hell's Gate)

James Wright: This is the first year since Undertaker started having these 'epic' matches that I have had no doubt that the Undertaker will maintain the streak. I just can't see Lesnar beating him on this one, it wouldn't do anything for anyone, then again neither would the Undertaker losing to Cena and yet I'm still on the side of believing that this is how it will end. I've always been on the side of the streak having to end, but even I don't want to see the streak go down to someone who barely wrestles five matches a year for the company. The match itself will most likely be highly physical, although you have to wonder how long Undertaker will rest for between each spot since his matches with HHH had a lot of down time and Lesnar is a way more physical presence. Still I have faith that they will have put together something great and without the pressure of the streak ending I will just sit back and watch the spectacle.

Winner: The Undertaker

Ryan Byers: There has been a lot of debate about the streak online this year, and, if you haven't noticed, most of it seems to focus on whether the streak should EVER end as opposed to whether Brock Lensar should be the guy to break it. If that doesn't tell you where fans' minds are headed, I don't know what does. I don't want to drag out my comments on a debate that has been had and had again, so I'll keep this brief: I'm in the camp that leans towards saying the streak should never end, and, even if you were inclined to end it, Brock Lesnar is not the right guy to do it. I love Brock as a performer, but he's a part-timer and fairly beat up/long in the tooth to the point that you're not going to get much return on your investment if you put him over in this match. This is especially true in light of the build for the match, which has been disappointing in that no real personal issue between the men has been established as it could have been and that Brock hasn't even been established as that much of a threat to Undie or his streak. In short, it's looking like Brock will be just another victim.

Winner: The Undertaker

Jack Stevenson: This isn't particularly original, insightful analysis, but Taker's clearly going to win. The only human who even has a hope of ending the streak is John Cena, there's no way someone like Brock Lesnar can do it. Paul Heyman's done a terrific job at making it seem possible, but it isn't. Obviously. I don't think this is going to go all that well as a match either, but both men have surprised me before. If we get a match on the level of the Batista one from a few years back I'll be happy.

Winner: The Undertaker

Derrick Cannon: If this were a legit fight there is no feasable way that the Undertaker would emerge victorious. With this being an entertainment spectacle I truly expect the Undertaker to emerge victorious in a fashion that highlights the styles of both competitors. I'm predicting that the Undertaker will make Brock Lesnar tap out after a series of finishers and counters of finishers. This match will be incredibly intense and the Undertaker emerging victorious but exiting in Wrestlemania 27 style is not unlikely.

Winner and 22-0: The Undertaker

Sean Garmer: Even though Paul Heyman has tried his hardest to make this match seem in doubt, I've never thought Brock was going to be the one to beat the streak this year. WWE waited too long to have Lesnar get the upperhand and that point I don't think it changed anyone's opinion on Lesnar's chances. They do have an opportunity to have Lesnar dominate Taker in the match itself, which would show Taker's age and Taker has to by some miracle pull out a victory. Even though we know the final outcome it is going to be a nice to see how they take us along for the ride in the match itself.

Winner: The Undertaker:

 photo DanielBryanvsTripleH_zps35bb818a.jpg

Winner Gets into WWE Championship Match: Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan
Singles Match

Wyatt Beougher: I'm torn on this, because I was in the camp that immediately thought Triple H would be winning the WWE World Heavyweight titles as soon as they started planning to unify them, AND he was the second Undisputed champion, so it wouldn't be completely unheard of. However, the WWE can't be so ignorant of, or so spiteful towards, their own fans that they'd Wrestlemania with a match that literally no one wants to see, can they? In a perfect world, Bryan just hands Triple H his ass for 10-15 minutes, which Hunter can't handle, and he eventually grabs a sledgehammer and beats Bryan within an inch of his life. Bryan wins by DQ but is unable to wrestle in the main event, prompting HHH to come out at the start of that match and insert himself into it.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (via disqualification)

Tzor Simovic: I am an overbooking fan, so I will go with this, I predict that both Bryan and HHH will proceed to the main event and so we will have a fatal fourway match for the undisputed WWE Championship. This could happen with a double pinfall or with HHH winning Bryan by cheating and then Hogan or Mr. McMahon making an entrance to announce the fatal fourway. HHH having a match after so long just to go down by Bryan cleanly and to stay out of the main event would not be good enough for him. While Bryan being defeated by HHH and him not participating in the main event obviously is not an option. The match should be long and very physical since their feud has gotten personal and has been going on for a long time. Another great build to this story that goes back to Summerslam, although there were times of bad booking for this storyline, lately they have done it perfectly and the crowd is excited for this match.

Winner: Both HHH and Bryan proceed to the main event

Dino Zucconi: Part of me really loves the idea of Triple H beating Bryan, and then going on to win the title. Like, I really love that idea a lot. However, I love the idea of Daniel Bryan closing the show as champ just a bit more. I expect this match to be really good, but not quite great, and will probably get a solid 20 minutes. Can Trips put someone over clean as a sheet? Of course not! And really, I hope there *is* some cheating involved in Bryan beating Triple H.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Alex Crowder: If the Triple H that sold Bryan's attack so brilliantly from Raw shows up, this could be amazing. I think Triple H is actually feeling a lot of pressure to live up to Wrestlemania. Lately, Triple H has heard all the talk of him not showing up in his recent matches. I think Triple H has something to prove, and will do so by making Bryan look incredible. Triple H is treating Daniel Bryan like he is Cactus Jack. The Cerebral Assassin will show up in this match and especially after the match. I sense a sledgehammer beat down in Bryan's near future.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Mike Chin: I'm half expecting a swerve, and that Hulkamania-related shenanigans will lead Daniel Bryan to the main event despite succumbing to The Game. Let's go with simpler logic, though, and assume WWE and Trips do the right thing, giving D-Bry and his fans the unmitigated moment we've deserved for the better part of a year.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Mike Hammerlock: After all the frustration padded into the Daniel Bryan story during the past year, a lot of fans just want to see this thing brought in for an easy landing. Tap out HHH, score a pin in championship match and we all get our big YES! moment. Everyone goes to bed happy. DO NOT DO THAT. I think the WWE gets that if this is going to be an epic story, it requires an epic conclusion. Daniel Bryan marched through hell to get here, but now he's fighting Satan. As bad as it's been, it's about to get worse. Trips needs to bring every bit of game he's got, in the ring and out of it. Bryan should take a horrific beating. We should fear Daniel Bryan is actually the story of the Little Engine That Couldn't. This match should be a big ball of euphorius interruptus. One of the problems the WWE has had during the past year is the bad guys haven't been scary. Daniel Bryan's fought bureaucracy more than actual power. Given the organization of this card, we've assumed Bryan has to triumph here to set up the main event we all want. I think that will get turned on its ear. Instead we should get a reminder that the bad guy is supremely powerful. I'm thinking HHH knocks the tar about of D-Bry, who then rallies only to lose thanks to an epic screwjob (do not rule out Brie Bella pulling a backstab).

Winner: Triple H

Daniel Wilcox: There's lots of different ways this could go. There are countless routes we could take, but the outcome has to be the same by the time the credits roll on WrestleMania XXX. One scenario is a non-finish leading to both Daniel Bryan and Triple H being inserted into the main event. Another scenario is Triple H losing to Daniel Bryan and adding himself to the title match anyway because he's a dick like that. And another scenario is Triple H beating Daniel Bryan via nefarious means only for Hulk Hogan/Vince McMahon to make the main event a Fatal Four Way. Personally? When it comes to the pay-off of an angle that's been dragging on for eight months, I would always apply the K.I.S.S. methodology of Keep It Simple, Stupid. Whichever route they take in the end, I'm adamant that at some point in the evening, Triple H will put over Daniel Bryan by submitting to the Yes Lock, adding another name to list of talent he has put over at WrestleMania that includes major successes for Chris Benoit, John Cena and Batista.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via submission

Michael Weyer: Say what you will about HHH but with a few exceptions, when it's WrestleMania, he brings his A-game big-time. He knows this is a battle everyone has waited for and he's going to show us why he got attention in the first place, matching up with Bryan in a wild battle that promises interference and brawling but still two great wrestlers going at it. I know some have doubts he'll job but HHH has to know what the fans want here and if he wants to avoid a full-scale riot across New Orleans, there's only one thing to do. That is to tap out and put Bryan into the main event and reward us for all those months of failed promises and outraged arenas.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Nick Sellers: So, the time has finally come for Daniel Bryan. Picture it now; the hype-video will have been played, Justin Roberts will announce that the next bout is scheduled for one fall and the winner will go on to the main event. Daniel Bryan's music starts...and from that point on, it's going to be an absolute fucking blast. The noise, the yessing, it's going to be absolutely magnificent and for those of us who aren't there in person, we'll be seething with jealousy that we didn't make the trip. This is part one of what you just know is going to be one of THOSE nights; One of those nights that reinforces you're such a massive pro-wrestling fan and despite it's many, many faults, moments like these make it all worthwhile. This match in its own right will be excellent, and Triple H will absoluely play his part. HHH for the post-match beatdown, leading to a "will he even make it to the main event?" type of scenario, only for Bryan to triumphantly return to battle and the rest, as they say, is history.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Justin Watry: Look at Triple H's win-loss record at WrestleMania. Go ahead. Take a look. Even in 2014, I will never understand the hate this man gets. I never understood it. He has repeatedly done what is 'best for business' - both on screen and now behind the scenes. On Sunday night, the man will lace up his boots again and do what he excels at. Deliver a heel performance of a lifetime and make the face look like a million bucks at WM. With a rabid, invested crowd and 10 minutes to work with, I expect nothing but a great match with HHH and Daniel Bryan out there. Obviously, The Yes Man will be victorious, but I am very intrigued to find out what happens post-match. Do we get HHH pummeling Bryan with a sledgehammer to weaken him for the main event? Does Vince McMahon come out and escort The Game from the building? Or Hulk Hogan maybe? That will make way for...

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Robert S. Leighty Jr: There is no way the WWE is going to end Mania with HHH vs Batista vs Orton, so Bryan is getting into the Title Match somehow. The question is will HHH be joining them to make it a 4 way? I may be gullible, but I do believe much like he has in the past at Mania, HHH will do what is best for business and put Bryan over. That doesn't mean that HHH won't have his presence felt in some way during the Title match. The match itself should be fantastic and HHH will do all he can to keep up with Bryan knowing they can deliver a classic.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Mathew Sforcina: Ever since this match's stips were announced, I knew I was picking draw, and they both get in. But while a wishy washy result like that would be in keeping with character, I'm upgrading this to a slightly better result, with HHH cheating outrageously (like power cuts, every tangentially related Authority member, MZR, Jake Roberts, whatever) and winning, and then Hogan, using the powers that being Host apparently give one (see Rock, WM27), adds Bryan to the main event and gives him his endorsement. So that's... Something.

Your Winner and NEW Main Event Participant: Triple H (ALL THE HEEL OVERBOOKING)

James Wright: Now we get to the really important stuff. I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the WWE for turning what seemed like a dire event into one of the most compelling cards I have seen for the last few years, at least in terms of anticipation for the main event matches. I remember when this match was the last thing fans wanted and now it is probably the most important and desired on the card, of course this is all resting on Daniel Bryan actually beating HHH. I think most are treating this as a foregone conclusion because it seems to stand to reason that Bryan should win here and then win the title, why would the WWE not capitalise on that moment? But then again remember when we all predicted Bryan beating Wyatt and then winning the Rumble for that exact same reason, so we shouldn't underestimate what the WWE are willing to pass up for what they see as a more 'sure thing', even when they couldn't be more wrong. Despite this though I have to go with my heart, and my heart says Daniel Bryan all the way.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Ryan Byers: If you don't have Daniel Bryan win this match, you're going to have a main event championship match at Wrestlemania which is a triple threat match with THREE HEELS going at it. You can believe that Daniel Bryan might not be walking out of New Orleans with the WWE Championship belt over his shoulder, but if you believe that WWE is going to allow three bad guys to fight over their top prize on the biggest show of the year, you've been drinking far too much of that HHHaterade. Granted, Trips might do something nefarious like hitting Bryan with a sledgehammer or giving him the Pedigree after the bell just to add a little bit of extra drama to that main event, but as far as the match result itself I don't see how you can do anything other than back the Yes Movement.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Jack Stevenson: Triple H isn't winning here. His Wrestlemania record is littered with high profile losses, and as has been mentioned WWE aren't going to headline with an all rule-breaker Triple Threat which the fans are certain to defecate on. I could see a non-finish to set up a Fatal Four Way, I could see in my worst nightmares a Triple H victory which somehow still allows Bryan into the main event, but Hunter's been brilliant these last few weeks, he clearly knows the story he's trying to tell, and his role in it to put Bryan over and get out of his way.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Derrick Cannon: I fully expect this to be a back and forth match, with Daniel Bryan finally getting one over on the game. Daniel Bryan has had a long and arduous rode that will culminate in the following triple threat match. Daniel Bryan will enter the triple threat match but his condition will definitely not be the best which should only add to the fans emotions if Daniel Bryan emerges victorious in the triple threat.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Sean Garmer: I don't see anyway that this doesn't become a Fatal 4 Way. It actually makes too much sense for it not to happen and since Bryan has been all about overcoming odds why not have him overcome the ultimate odds to win the title. I think somebody will get involved and help Bryan win. This causes Triple H to insert himself into the match because he was wrongfully beaten. This match will take us through all the peaks and valleys, but WWE would be too stupid not to have Bryan at least get through this match and then you can do whatever in the main event.

Winner: Daniel Bryan by any means, but both men wind up in the main event

 photo WWEChampionshipTripleThreat_zps0862c880.jpg

WWE Championship Match: (Champion) Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. ?
Triple Threat Match

Wyatt Beougher: As I said, I think HHH loses his match against Bryan but leaves Bryan unable to continue for the main event, which CONVENIENTLY allows him to interject himself. From there, we get the plodding, deliberate match to end Wrestlemania that NO ONE wanted. As they hit the go home sequence where everybody is hitting their finishers on each other for another bunch of near-falls, out comes a heavily bandaged Bryan, who slips in, murderdeathkills Evolution with buisake knees, and picks up the win to send the crowd home happy and give them a Wrestlemania moment for the ages, with 70,000 fans "YES"ing in unison.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

Tzor Simovic: If my previous prediction is right, this should be a Fatal Fourway match. I predict Bryan to win, simply because this is what it best for business, if WWE wants to start a new era now along with the WWE Network, Having 80,000 people chanting YES along with Bryan would be a Marketing perfection. I don't see any reason why Batista or Orton should win the title, while HHH winning it would make sense and it would continue his feud with Bryan. This should definitely be the longest match of the card and the crowd will be super hot for Bryan. The match itself should be awesome and we should expect many finishers and nearfalls. The coronation of Bryan as the Undisputed WWE Champion after so long, would surely be one of the best moments in WWE's recent history.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Dino Zucconi: While I'm nervous that Batista did in fact only come back to wear the WWE title again, I don't care. I'm ignoring all "logic" (which really never has a place in wrestling, anyways), and sticking with my prediction all those months ago: Daniel Bryan ends WrestleMania as champion.

Winner... and NEW WWE World Champion: Daniel Bryan

Alex Crowder: This match is difficult to predict. I do not trust WWE fully to make the right decision. I actually would not be surprised if Randy Orton somehow retains the championship. I also expect Bryan to not show up immediately due to an earlier beat down making the fans even hotter, for when he comes down. Still, I'm going to disregard WWE's usual stubbornness. Daniel Bryan will come down, and the fans will come unglued. Triple H may even interfere attempting to screw Daniel Bryan again. In the end, WWE needs to put the Championship on Daniel Bryan. Imagine the scene as the entire crowd chants yes after him winning the championship.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

I'm picking Bryan to win because I feel it's the only fitting conclusion to the past year of angles and to the thirtieth annual Wrestlemania and, when push comes to shove, WWE has a pretty good record of doing right by its fans at the biggest show of the year.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Mike Hammerlock: Immediately upon seeing HHH beat Daniel Bryan thanks to the use of nefarious means, the crowd in New Orleans is going to get ugly. It will be a cauldron of discontent. The audience members should be thinking to themselves, "I guess this is where we make good on the ... or we riot' promise." Trips should be egging them on, mocking them for whining when because they didn't get their way, proclaiming this is his world and we're just spectators. That's when we should hear the words, "Now wait just a minute there, brother!" Hulk Hogan's got very little to do at this WrestleMania. He's been shilling the network and has yet to find himself in any sort of real storyline. I submit that a 60 year-old man doesn't get dressed up like he's going to a gay pride parade for nothing. He's going to step in, declare the Authority has gone too far and insist Mania goes no farther until Bryan gets put in the main event to clear up this injustice. That's roughly when #OccupyWrestleMania starts trending worldwide. If they really book it right, the stadium starts rocking a NO! chant that gets so loud it makes Vince (or perhaps Shane, who's supposedly going to be there) come out and turn the championship match into a four-way.

At least I think we're going with a surprise four-way finale. Ideally they make it an elimination match to amp up the drama. Orton could viper Batista, HHH could purposefully back off as D-Bry pins Orton, then Bryan could get the big victory over Trips for the belts. That would be sort of awesome. Regardless of how they book it, Batista needs to spend maximum time laying around and minimum time blowing spots in the ring. They could have Triple H eat the pin in a straight up four-way match, which would prevent Orton and Batista from having to do the job. I think that would be needless "protection," but I suspect that sort of reptilian brain thinking still thrives inside the WWE. Orton then could run a program with Bryan in a quest to win back the belts he never lost. Batista could vent his frustration on some unlucky mid-carders, with the Authority turning to him after Orton fails to best the goat-faced boy. Yet enough about the twists and turns during the event. No matter how we get there, only one guy is winning this match.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Daniel Wilcox: Without meaning to repeat a lot of what I discussed concerning the Triple H/Daniel Bryan match, the best way to go here is to keep things simple regardless of whether this ends up being a Triple Threat or a Fatal Four Way. There are people who think McMahonagement would dare go with a Triple H/Orton/Batista main event, and to some extent you could see the appeal just to witness the proverbial hitting the fan, but this has to be the culmination of Daniel Bryan's struggle to finally reach the pinnacle and walk out as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I don't think there's a member of creative or a professional wrestling booker past or present anywhere in the world that thinks any other outcome is a good idea. I'm not even a particularly big Daniel Bryan fan, but seeing any other outcome would cause such utter outrage that even I, in a maniacal fit of rage, would probably roll my eyes, tut and possibly even refuse to order Extreme Rules. Oh what's that, it's free on the WWE Network? Of fuck it then, might as well watch that too. Daniel Bryan wins or we riot write a strongly-worded letter to whomever it may concern that will probably be tossed aside just like the hopes and dreams of millions of little goat-faced troll supporters everywhere as Hunter the Barburrier kills Bryan dead with a KICK WHAM PEDIGREE! All hail the King, there is only one.

Winner: And NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan

Michael Weyer: And so we come to it at last. Over three months since the crowd hijacked the Rumble, after countless articles online and tirades, after full-scale fan screaming and trashing, this is finally it. Argue how it happened, whether it was all planned from the start or not. The fact is, this is the plan now, this is what is happening. Orton and Batista will give us doubts, they'll spark up the match with the fears either will win and that will add to an already exciting match. But after all this build, all the hype, the major articles in mainstream magazines, the popularity beyond wrestling, the only logical outcome to all this is what is going to happen. Daniel Bryan standing in the ring holding the WWE championship as 70,000 people chant "YES! YES! YES! YES!" Vince McMahon is no idiot and to have a moment like that, a moment that can live in WWE highlight reels for decades to come, is too much to pass up and why on this night, Daniel Bryan reigns atop the world.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

Nick Sellers: Let's steer away from Bryan for a second; Orton's title run has been so lacklustre that it's easy to forget he's even the Champion going into this match. It certainly doesn't feel like it. His qualities as a solid worker are indisputable, but he possesses no charisma whatsoever, always looks uncomfortable with a microphone in his hand and I just don't buy him in such a role. If they're going to give him them moniker of "face of the WWE" then he needs to be promoted as such; He needs mainstream talk show appearances (even if they're staged). He needs to be rocking a suit any time he isn't wrestling. You need footage of him flying in the corporate jet. Having dinner with the McMahons, shaking hands with politicians, kissing babies, you get the picture; He needs the full-on red carpet treatment. It's not necessarily Randy's fault, but from a kayfabe perspective we're getting none of that. Instead of suits and limos, we've essentially just got a bloke who walks around in his t-shirt and tights and carries the two belts in an awkward, uncomfortable way as if he doesn't really know what to do with himself. Ironically, Batista would actually be so much better in that role despite being a lesser worker in the ring. His heel work has seen him recapture some of that spirit from 2010 and I'm glad they enforced that change. But forget those two, this is all about one man and one man only. Following on from my comments in the HHH/Bryan section...let's face it, when Bryan wins the title they are going to fuck up the booking of him horribly. It's inevitable. It always happens. But none of that matters, because when he does get his moment -and I have total confidence that he will- it's going to put him in the Hall of Fame one day. His reign could flop spectacularly after this, but one day he's going into the Hall of Fame because it's going to be an absolutely brilliant moment. And I know I'll sound like a complete mark and a complete brown-noser of Daniel Bryan, but for someone who quite clearly works his bollocks off in a bastard-hard profession and company to succeed in, he deserves nothing less.

Winner: Daniel Bryan. It's the only option.

Justin Watry: ...the main event of the evening! I do appreciate everything Randy Orton has done with the WWE World Title since August. It has been a fun ride, but it all ends at WMXXX. Thus, we are going to leave him out of the discussion. Ultimately, this comes down to Batista or Daniel Bryan. As noted earlier in the week, the outcome hinges on what was agreed upon back in 2013 and on the road to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out. If Batista was told he would return, win the Royal Rumble and get the WWE World Title, then that seals it. Maybe not in the contract officially; that seems ridiculous for WWE to even think about. However, maybe a handshake agreement or some kind of promise beforehand. Since there is still plenty of time until August 1st, I will be picking Daniel Bryan. WWE can have the best of both worlds: A classic WM moment AND Batista walking around with the title in the summer time. For the company to add the HHH/Bryan stipulation, give him a week long WWE.com feature, and make all this effort, there can only be one end result. That is what many have wanted since last summer - Bryan celebrating with 70,000 fans chanting 'Yes!'

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

Robert S. Leighty Jr: The atmosphere for this one will be insane no matter if it is Bryan (likely) or HHH being the 3rd guy in the match. If Bryan the crowd will be behind Bryan from the opening bell, pining for their hero to finally get the title he deserves. If HHH gets in and Bryan doesn't we may have a riot on our hands, and that is why Bryan has to be in this match. Orton and Batista should play their parts well enough, but at the end of the day, this show is about Daniel Bryan.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

Mathew Sforcina: So, like I said, Bryan vs 3/4 of Evolution. And it'll be declared Elimination when he pins Bryan. And then No DQ after he pins Triple H. And then... And then...

Imagine the heat! Imagine how much more popular Bryan will be if he gets screwed over again, and then finally gets his big win at Extreme Rules? Or even better, Payback! That's much better than blowing it here, right? You want to get everyone who didn't sign up for the Network to sign up to see Bryan really win the big one, which he'll do later on, and it'll be better, right? Right? Right? Screw it.

Your Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan (Knee Plus to Orton, Lebell Lock to HHH, Small Package to Batista)

James Wright: The other reason I had to vote for Bryan to win was because if HHH wins, bar this title match being with three former Evolution members facing off, it would be a disaster. After all it would be three (unliked) heels in the main event of Wrestlemania, a dream for the Heel Report sure, but a terrible piece of storyline booking to say the least. What's more the fans will crap all over everything if HHH beats Bryan and then if he somehow managed to win the title then it would be the worst thing as it would show his true colours and be a terrible sign for the future. After all not only would this show that HHH doesn't think the fans should have any say in what occurs, but he also has no faith in his own 'made men' in Orton and Batista either, he wants to be the boss and the champ and everyone else can suck it. That is the most unhealthy attitude ever. Thankfully there is NXT, NXT tells us that this is unlikely to be the case. If you look at the promotion for NXT as of late HHH has been all over it, this is clearly his baby, and if you look at the list of champions and general makeup of the roster, sure there are some big guys, but overall smaller guys with good in-ring talent have been the ones making waves, and you have to believe that HHH is behind that, so hopefully, hopefully he is also behind Bryan winning on Sunday. As for Vince McMahon he is all about the money and media recognition and at this point Daniel Bryan is getting that in spades, although I wouldn't be surprised if we see Batista with the gold in time for Guardians of the Galaxy this summer.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Ryan Byers: There's a pretty classic, pretty old school way to book this, which maximizes your positive reaction and helps the "guy wrestles two high level matches in the same night" angle make more sense, and it's so logical that I think they almost have to do it. Daniel Bryan defeats Triple H earlier on the card. Triple H does something nefarious after the bell to lay Daniel Bryan out. Daniel Bryan's status for the championship match later on the show is questionable due to his injuries, and he doesn't come out at the start of the match, leaving Batista and Orton to work a singles bout for a while. Then, after about ten minutes, Daniel Bryan hobbles to the ring from the locker room, perhaps even with a concerned Brie Bella telling him that he needs to stay back. Bryan shakes it all off, makes a hot comeback on both of the former Evolution members, hits both of them in the face with his knee, and pins Randy Orton to become the new WWE Champion. As noted, this virtually guarantees two huge pops for the match, one for Bryan's run-in and one for his championship win. It also makes it believable that Bryan could win here after a competitive match with HHH, as he wouldn't have to work a full second bout. (My alternative to this would be D-Bry gets some meta-revenge by beating Triple H in eighteen seconds in the first match.) Also, it does the best in terms of setting up rematches, as Orton has a legitimate beef because he was caught off guard by somebody who had not been in the ring for the bulk of the match, while Batista has a claim to another title shot because he was not the one pinned. It all makes sense, but, most importantly of all, it results in . . .

Winner . . . and NEW WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan

Ryan Byers: If you think Daniel Bryan isn't winning at Wrestlemania you're willing WWE to be the level of stupid you perceive them as, rather than what they actually are. Yes, they've made numerous errors during Bryan's rise to the top, but in spite of all of that a beautiful situation has fallen into their hands and they're going to capitalise on it. Bryan's going to win the WWE Championship in the main event of Wrestlemania in front of 70,000 adoring fans and 14 year old me who used to get inordinately angry when people on the internet would call him an overrated vanilla midget will shed a tear of joy.

Winner . . . and NEW WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan

Derrick Cannon: This match is a long time coming or at least all summer, fall, winter, and early spring in the making. I expect this to be the conclusion of Randy Orton's run as the WWE champion, and quite possibly the authority story line if for a short time. Batista winning the match would not have the same amount of passion as a sea of yesses that a Daniel Bryan victory would create. I expect Daniel Bryan to emerge victorious at the conclusion of a match that will be extremely emotional and will pave the way for the next mega star in professional wrestling. The era of the technical wrestler is officially here, and this match will officially cement that status through the reign of Daniel Bryan.
Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

Sean Garmer: It has been almost 15 years since the last Fatal 4 Way main event at a Wrestlemania and I don't think Triple H walks out as champion again. Randy Orton's title reign has been largely forgettable and almost an afterthought to the whole Authority vs. Bryan storyline and it would be dumb at this point for Orton to hold onto the title for another month. This leaves Batista and Bryan. Batista by all accounts was going to win the title had the crowd loved him upon his return, but different things happened and the crowd forced WWE's hand to give Bryan a shot. WWE could do so many things here, even having Stephanie or Vince or apparently now the new idea is to even have CM Punk screw Bryan out of winning the belt. I think all of that would be idiotic and asking for the crowd to turn on WWE. I don't know that the casual audience will continue to enjoy the carrot dangled in their faces, only for WWE to take it away every time. I think WWE just needs to pull the trigger and see what happens once Bryan has been the champion for a few weeks and see if Bryan gets hotter or grows stale with the crowd. Yes, logically the fun is always in the chase, but not when you've pretty much murdered the chase in the lead up to your biggest show of the year. I think WWE has a bigger chance of hooking all these casual fans that are tuning in solely for Wrestlemania by doing what they've done with all the other guys that are supposed to be the "hot ticket" and you let Bryan have his moment at Wrestlemania. If it doesn't work out you can have Batista win the belt at Extreme Rules, or Money in the Bank, or whatever the other PPV is leading into Summerslam. But WWE has to give Bryan his chance to prove himself and let the WWE Universe either enjoy Bryan as champion or not.

Well, that's all the time we have today. Let us know what you thought of our predictions in the comment section and don't forget to share your picks for the PPV as well. See you all again in May.

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