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Truths And Lies 04.08.14: WWE/TNA Week In Review
Posted by Justin Watry on 04.08.2014

Christmas is over.

That is how the day after WrestleMania feels. All the anger, frustration, hype, anticipation, excitement, drama and wrestling builds up to one day every single year. That as last night. Inevitably, the feeling sinks in: Now what? The presents have been opened. Milk and cookies have been given to Santa. Now what? WWE has spiced things up by offering up an eventful Raw the night after, but that is more due to the fans in attendance. Come Tuesday morning, it will be the same feeling: Now what?

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Note: I will happily respond to comments, as long as they do not have insults or cuss words. Sadly, most still do not grasp the very simple concept months later. Here are some of the best from last week!

Note x2: Some comments will be from last week's Fact or Fiction. Apparently, the 'big guns' were brought out for the WrestleMania preview edition, and that included an invite sent my way. All jokes aside, here we go!

Note x3: Outside of the WWE WrestleMania XXX (and Raw if I do it) review, this entire column was finished BEFORE Sunday. Keep that in mind.

seanlang: Best part of Mania is that Hulk Hogan will be hosting

He belongs there. I am writing all of this BEFORE WrestleMania XXX, but no matter what happens on Sunday, his name should be connected to the milestone event.

False Positive: "As if it matters, the rating/viewership for Raw WITHOUT Daniel Bryan went up. No surprise there."

Of course, that's ignoring that it was heavily-promoted show with advertised celebrity guests and hyped-up appearances from special attractions...but keep acting like Bryan is such a huge factor one way or another.

Um, did you actually read what I said? Here is a direct quote:

Ratings going up or down will not be related whatsoever to Daniel Bryan being off television.

Vince Jordan: You should have put a link of that column from the other site (about fans jumping on fads). I would have read it.

I do. Every single week. At the end of each column is my "Self Promoting Finale" with links to my other columns. Or you could, you know follow me on Twitter (cheap plug!)...or yes, Google it. They are out there for the world to read. Now in the worst transition ever, enjoy this video of John Cena with the Bella Twins:

Today's Tom Sawyer: "Depending on what happens with the NCAA March Madness tournament this weekend, there may not be a Raw section next week. If Wisconsin advances to the Finals (picked Florida from the start), then I will watch the game on Monday and Raw sometime on Tuesday. Thus, no Raw section would be written in the column."

Or you could, I don't know, watch Raw live, do your job properly and then watch the Wisconsin game? Seeing as the post-Mania Raw is one of the most important and craziest of the year. While I appreciate the effort to spare the readers from some of your ramblings, I can't help but feel that not covering post-Mania Raw because of another sport is a dereliction of duty.

Or I do as I choose. At last check, fake username and no avatar "Today's Tom Sawyer" was not my boss and had no bearing on what I can or can not do. If Wisconsin wins, I will watch the game live and then Raw the next day. Since I stay away from WWE spoilers and would not be online at all during that time frame, nothing would be ruined. Still hear the crowds chanting. Still get surprised by any debuts or returns. Still enjoy every minute of it as it if were airing live...

Edit late Saturday night: Lucky for you, Wisconsin lost. My ramblings are below. I will be watching Raw live on Monday night. Unlucky for all of us in Wisconsin, it was a heartbreaking loss. My Florida pick also was wrong - losing earlier on Saturday. Not a good day.

JaySin420: "Bar Rescue on Spike TV drew 1.65 million viewers last Sunday night. - TNA Impact Wrestling was 500,000 viewers below that on Thursday."

That's almost as funny as how your columns used to get over a hundred comments....this one was has 34. Here's my bold prediction- Your shtick is getting as tiring as your writing.

Well, it was 56 comments, but hey - 2008 called; they want their comment back. Trust me, I have been reading exact thing this since 2008. Still do. The emails, tweets, messages, etc. make me laugh every time somebody says something similar. It has been ongoing on a daily basis for six years. SIX YEARS! Yet, here I am...and here you are reading MY column, and in the past week alone - I counted nearly 10 different columns with my name attached. See you again in 2015, 2016, 2017, and so on.

GirthMoon: "Kevin Steen, Roderick Strong, and ACH attend WWE tryout. - Nope. Not true. "

I thought they did attend. Saw lots of articles saying that all three did, and that Steen in particular impressed officials. Can you clarify this, Justin?

Also, why not link to articles of yours when appropriate? I know you say to google your name, which I have done in the past, but it took a lot of hunting to find an answer. I seem to remember you answering a similar question in the past with a "why should I? Google it" kind of answer, but my question is why shouldn't you? You say it took you 12 seconds to find an article of yours. It would take a similar amount of time to link to that article, so why not do it?

The entire "Ask Yourself" section is sarcasm. Mocking the amount of false reports posted around the internet. I figured that was pretty clear by now, hence my reply to the WWE tryout report. In this instance, multiple reports online always pop up saying WWE is not interested in ROH or indy talent...and then they are consistently at tryout camps and on the main roster or tearing it up in NXT. Solid reporting, huh?

I have the links at the end of every single column. Right there, clear as day in front of the world to read. Outside of that, Google is the best outlet. As noted many times, when I publish something, I delete the file/document from my laptop. I have no more use for it, so why keep it? Once it is posted, there it is.

Oh, and I like to say "Google it." There is that part too.

Bad Spellers Untie: Have people seen the Lose "Weigth" with John Cena thing? If that was a TNA guy doing that, It would be splashed all over Watry's article.

Funny user name. Hopefully, the spelling mistake was intended. If you followed me on Twitter, you would have noticed that I posted the John Cena picture on Wednesday.

Watry Logic: TNA has just over 1 million viewers last week. Watry's Twitter account has 54 followers. Therefore, TNA > Watry

Actually, I had 524 Twitter followers at last glance. Not sure where the 54 number came from. Why do I get the feeling the last two comments were from the same person that was creeping on my Twitter account last week? Just a hunch. I like this song, so I will post it. Why? Because I can.

Blodger42: Watry's first sentence was cringe-worthy enough to avoid his answers all the way down.

EDIT: Jesus Christ, the answer to number 4 is a complete abomination to the whole column. Truly and utterly unprofessional. Turning the question into a shill for your sister. Get rid of this guy already!

My biggest fan! I love the classic "I refuse to read your stuff...but will actually read your stuff. GRRRR!" comment. I love those.

I was asked about indy wrestling. Instead of lying, I gave my answer (do not care about non-WM events) and decided to give my sister's new fashion blog a shout out because I had to fill space.

Rick: Who cares about Daniel Bryan? I'm tired of being heaped into the supposed yes movement crap. It's as bad as saying "what." Triple H was right, the fans just want something to cheer. After the yes movement gets what they want, they will turn on Bryan.

I actually wrote a column on this two weeks ago (on a different website) and do not entirely disagree with you. Fans love the underdog. Fans love the 'chase' to the title. Fans love watching someone scratch and claw their way to the top of the mountain. Once they reach that height, some of the fun and support goes away. Hopefully, Daniel Bryan does not see any fan backlash, but do not think it is impossible either.

Defective: The Shield will break up at Wrestlemania. It's almost too perfect for them NOT to.

I am writing this BEFORE WrestleMania, so we shall see. Seems WWE can wait a bit on the break up. No doubt will be lost in the shuffle at WM with all the big main event stuff going on and almost be forgotten about an hour later. Why do that?

What a rascal that Watry is!: Plugging his sister fashion blog on a wrestling website?! Classic Watry!

Since everybody hangs on my every word, I figured it would be a nice gesture. As expected, it worked.

ranman: Im lovin watry more and more. Comments section lit up w his name. He must love it. Keep it up watry!

Thank you! Six years going on strong now; nothing is changing. Appreciate the praise. I love you and all my readers...I LOVE YOU!

*There were tons of great comments last week. Lots of fun stuff discussed. However, a few choice words made it impossible to warrant an actual reply. Oh well...*

Truths: TNA Impact Wrestling (4/3/14)

Note: My commitment to covering this show full-time ended in January. However, I will watch from time to time. For those curious, I will be tuning in again sometime around late April or early May

Truths: WWE Smackdown (4/4/14)

No need for a review. Two short matches and The Hulkster showing up for five minutes. Things will get back to normal next week. It was mostly just a Hulk Hogan appearance to try and grab television ratings mixed in with WrestleMania hype videos. While on the subject, I am perfectly fine with WWE doing this every year before WM. If you want to make Mania feel like a true once in a calendar spectacle, this is the stuff you need to focus on. Show the festivities. Show the autograph signings. Show the Hall of Fame hype. Show all the fans in town. Talk about how amazing Mania is going to be on Sunday. Perception is reality. If you treat it like a major event, it will fee like a major event.

Truths: WWE WrestleMania XXX (4/6/14)

Note: Since it is the biggest event of the year, this will be a lengthy read. You have been warned!

1. The WWE Network worked all night. - I truly believe that WrestleMania XXX a night of 'conspiracy theories' not only being proven wrong but completely shut down. First up was that the WWE Network would crash during the biggest night of the year. Needless to say, everything worked on my end. Minor audio issues during the pre-show and a quick hiccup during the third match aside, the quality held up all night. Props to WWE.

2. I enjoyed the two hour pre-show. - The discussion panel was well done, as was the tag team title match. I am not a big fan of The Usos, but they were really the only choice to win on Sunday. All four teams did their thing, and it was pretty good. This belonged on the pre-show and got the time it deserved to deliver. Cesaro breaking away from Jack Swagger (and Zeb Colter) after the match seemed like the bigger news and played into the show later on.

3. The opening segment was epic. - Yeah, it went over 20 minutes. Yeah, the stadium was the Superdome, not the Silverdome. Yet through it all, seeing Stone Cold and Hulk Hogan shake hands and have a beer was amazing. Having The Rock come out to confront his two legendary WM opponents was just the icing on the cake. Memorable stuff here. As they say, only at WrestleMania...

4. Triple lost to Daniel Bryan. Clean. In the opening match. At WrestleMania. - As noted above, this entire event felt like the night where 'conspiracy theories' came to die. First up was the obvious. "Triple H would never wrestle in the WM opener. His ego is too big! He will not lose to Daniel Bryan! He will bury him, and it goes on and on." I think the HHH hate has jumped the shark, honestly. It got old years ago. The man has repeatedly lost in WM main events and both behind the scenes and in front of the camera plays his role well. Can we lay off the blind hatred for awhile? I am not sure what else he has to to prove his critics wrong. I assume fans will always bash Triple H for one reason or another, but it just no longer holds any weight. He made Daniel Bryan look like a million bucks for 25 minutes and more than held up his end of the bargain.

5. Daniel Bryan defeated Triple H - So simple. Beat him to earn a title match, just as the story dictated since last summer. Through all the ups, downs, changes, non-changes, plans, whatever, the end result was 'best for business.'

6. The Shield won in convincing fashion. - Again, this was the right call. The Attitude Era guys in Kane, Billy Gunn, and Road Dogg lost cleanly to three new potential main event wrestlers in Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns. Now, the New Age Outlaws can end their little comeback, while Kane can do whatever it is he does. In 20 years, fans can look back at see three new guys all but crush three guys from the previous era. Right call.

7. Big Show lost. - That was really the only thing I wanted out of the Andre The Giant Memorial battle royal. Build up the Big Show. Make him seem like the favorite. Talk about how huge he is. Showcase him during the build. Do all that needs to be done to 'put over' Show in the leadup to WrestleMania XXX. Then when the bells rings, somebody tops him. Like a lot on this show, it really felt like WWE ushering in a new era and moving past the Attitude Era stars.

8. Cesaro won the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal. - Excellent choice. Very good move. Break away from Swagger and officially turn face. If it was not official already. Just like the six person tag with The Shield, this felt like WWE ushering in a new crop of guys to replace the Attitude Era. Cesaro gave Show the big body slam over the top rope, got a handshake afterwards, and posed with the trophy. The company has always highlighted Mr. Cesaro and his strength; only fitting I suppose.

9. With the story being told, John Cena had to win. - Forget if you are a Bray Wyatt fan. Forget if you are a John Cena fan. Forget if you had no favorite here at all. With the actual story being told about John Cena and his legacy, he had to win. Once that tagline was put on the line, it was the right call. The man just lost three straight PPV matches and was bound to get one soon. This works for Bray Wyatt as well because...

10. Bray Wyatt looked like a star at WM. - He got the fancy entrance. He got the live musical performance. He got the crowd singing. He all but dominated his match. He wrestled JOHN FREAKIN' CENA at WrestleMania for 20 minutes! Bray Wyatt may have 'lost' technically, but he won last night. His future is bright, and like many other matches, sometimes the loser actually comes out looking better. I would love to see this feud continue another month or so.

11. Brock Lesnar ended The Streak! - Wow. Speechless. I already plan on writing a few different columns this week on just this one subject, so I will save my thoughts for the later (on another website). For now, we can just focus on the aspect of Brock Lesnar. What do fans want in him as a part-timer? Feel free to discuss in the comment section. What do YOU want? Whenever Brock wins a PPV match, there is backlash because he is a part-timer and should not be winning. Then when he loses a PPV match, there is backlash because he is Brock Lesnar and should never lose. Well, which is it? Do 'we' want Lesnar to win his rare matches during the year or just come back to lose? Pick a side folks. He has now defeated Triple H at Extreme Rules, CM Punk at Summerslam, Big Show at Royal Rumble, and The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX. The man is on a roll and truly looks like a beast.

12. The Undertaker lost. - No idea what to even write. I am in shock. Been watching wrestling for over 20 years. Right there, THAT may be the most shocking moment of all-time. This can official end the 'conspiracy theory' of some kind of heat between the two. Also, remember this the next time something is supposedly sooooooo predictable with the outcome not even in doubt. I am guilty here. We all are. Never say never folks. Not that it ever meant much, but this PPV really did end the idea of the old "stand tall on Raw, lose at the PPV" formula. John Cena stood tall on Raw and won. As did Daniel Bryan. As did Brock Lesnar and others. I did not put much stock into it before, but some will do predict winners based on how the final Raw goes. You know what happens when you assume...

13. The Divas division needs a shake up. - Would a Total Divas cast member win for the reality show? Well, so much for that 'conspiracy theory' happening. Or the love 'conspiracy theory' on Brie Bella winning because of the Daniel Bryan story. Oops. Or the three month (and ongoing) thought that WWE wanted the Divas Title off AJ Lee because of CM Punk leaving. Yep, another one shot down! I picked Tamina Snuka to win on Sunday but had no faith in that actually happening. AJ Lee is head and shoulders above everybody else. Bring in Kharma. Have Lita return. Do something with Emma or call up Paige. Whatever. It is time for SOMETHING to happen in the Divas division.

14. I enjoyed the Randy Orton title reign. - For all intents and purposes, he was the WWE World Champion since August. He carried it well. No desire to see him with the belt(s) again for at least a year or two. Good job. Just best to turn the page for 2014.

15. Batista tapped out in the WM main event. - Lots of 'conspiracy theories' with Batista. Did he return just for the title? Was it in his contract to win at Mania? What was he promised? How does his movie premiere (in August) come into play? For the most part, all of that garbage was shot down. Batista tapped out clean in the middle of the ring to close WM. I know many wanted Randy Orton to take the deciding fall, but we already knew Daniel Bryan could beat him. He did so repeatedly on Raw and PPV since last year. No need to prove Bryan can pin Orton. Everybody already knew he could. This was about Daniel Bryan getting past the man who took his spot (in story line at least) in Royal Rumble winner Batista. Made the moment that much better. Hats off to both Orton and Batista, as well and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. These four could not have done any more to make this night special for Daniel Bryan.

16. Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Title in the main event of WrestleMania XXX. - Was the wait worth it? Did everybody the ultimate payoff? By hook or crook, Daniel Bryan became WWE World Champion in front of 75,000 fans and at the biggest event of the year. No bigger than that right there folks. He would supposedly never get signed by WWE. He did. He would supposedly never get pushed. He did. He would supposedly never win any title belt. He did. He would supposedly be the first to cash in Money in the Bank and lose. He won the World Title. He would supposedly never win the 'real' top prize in the WWE Championship. He did. He would supposedly never beat John Cena at Summerslam. He did...clean. He would supposedly never main event WrestleMania. He did and just became WWE World Champion in a moment for the ages. Congrats to Daniel Bryan! Well deserved.

Lie: This event was disappointing. - Yet another 'conspiracy theory' shut down. The build was less than stellar. The card was not very good. WrestleMania XXX would not live up the hype. Cynicism on top of negativity! Must be so much fun to live like that, huh? Too bad for all of you. Hope next year's WM31 delivers in California...

WWE hit a home run on Sunday night. Maybe not THE best WM event ever but right at the top of the list. This not me over rating it or using hyperbole either. Epic opening segment. Great HHH/Bryan match. The Shield being dominant. Cool moment for Cesaro body slamming Big Show. Twenty minutes of Brat/Cena. Unreal finish to The Streak. Divas Title (meh) match. Then concluding with a picture perfect moment of Daniel Bryan winning the top prize in the industry with 75,000 fans cheering. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Truths: WWE Raw (4/7/14)

1. Raw was extremely fun for the first 45 minutes. - A Daniel Bryan title celebration and a six person tag team match with The Wyatt Family winning? Sign me up. I will take that every single week. With a hot crowd and energetic atmosphere, things got off to a wonderful start.

2. Calling up so many NXT wrestlers at once is problematic. - Ask Rusev who showed up at the Rumble nearly three months ago only to FINALLY have his Raw debut match tonight. Ask Xavier Woods hanging out with R-Truth somewhere. Heck, ask Emma for that matter! WWE teased Bo Dallas and Adam Rose coming to the main roster soon. I hope WWE has a plan. Just bringing up talent to Raw/Smackdown without any rhyme or reason is pointless. Please have a direction with these guys. Need one more example? Ask Bo Dallas...who was on the main roster last year for a cup of coffee.

3. It was cool to see The Ultimate Warrior inside a WWE ring again. - Very cool. His theme music always gets me pumped up, and yeah, he rambled on. Guess what? That is Warrior. Nice Raw moment a little promotion for the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony airing on USA Network late Monday night. Short yet effective.

4. Paul Heyman did all the talking for Brock Lesnar. - As he should. Paul Heyman was his usual great self on the microphone, and Brock Lesnar stood there looking intimidating. The act works because it is so simple and believable. On Monday afternoon, I received a ton of emails wanting to ask me about WMXXX. To my surprise, a couple were okay with The Streak ending AND explained why Brock Lesnar was the right choice. It shocked me, but after reading through the emails, the argument was definitely compelling. Stay tuned (on another website) for later this week to read why maybe, just maybe Brock Lesnar was actually the perfect person to beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Not only that, but Cesaro became a Paul Heyman Guy later on in the evening. My, oh my. Face turn? Heel turn? What is going on here?!?! Are we supposed to cheer the manager who just gloated and bragged about his client ending The Streak? Huh? If anybody can make that pairing work properly, it is Paul Heyman.

5. Paige debuted on the main roster and won the Divas Title. - Wow! While I did half expect this, it was still legitimately surprising. About time the Divas division has something interesting going on. Last week, I speculated that AJ Lee may be taking time off or even leaving the company. When she retained at Mania, I figured I was wrong. Well, here we are. Paige shows up and becomes Divas Champion in her first Raw appearance. A new era is here folks. The next crop of talent have arrived. Get ready!

Lie: Triple H won the WWE World Title in the Raw main event. - Nope. For the second night in a row, Bryan got past HHH. Further shutting up all the ridiculous 'conspiracy theories' still floating out there about The Game. Thanks to The Shield of all people! I will say I am NOT in favor of giving away the Bryan/HHH rematch a day after Mania, but it was hardly even a match. Regardless, Daniel Bryan is STILL your WWE World Champion. He made it past day one ladies and gentlemen. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Very entertaining. Nobody can say WWE is predictable or boring right now. The company just capped off a huge weekend with very good (sold out) shows that got the wrestling world buzzing. Just an incredible span of two days in WWE. I know that is because of WrestleMania season, but I hope it continues...

Ask Yourself

The next time you read an online report, ask yourself if the story actually makes sense...or is your typical gossip with no truth whatsoever. Just from the past week or so, let's take a look:

Sting update! - The update is that he may or may not be headed to WWE. In other words, it is the same headline since 2003. Over ten years of the exact same rumor. Thanks for clicking though...see you all next week with the exact same 'update' on Sting.

WWE prepared to eject unruly Hall of Fame fans in attendance? - Good! I wrote about this last year after WM29 weekend. Google it. If you want to act like a drunken fool, there are plenty of other places in New Orleans to do that. WWE is well within their right to kick out "fans" who have no concept on how to act in public for such an event. I will not be able to watch the ceremony until Tuesday or Wednesday. Look forward to it!

ESPN to cover WrestleMania XXX and Summerslam as a part of the rumored WWE-The Coach deal? Wow, that is very interesting IF true. Not sure how Jonathan Coachman would have anything to do with this, BUT I did see a WWE WM XXX feature on ESPN Saturday morning with archived footage from an interview years ago with some new footage added in. That counts for something I suppose.

TNA Impact Wrestling viewership dropped from last week. - With a tag team tables match. With a straight jacket match. With The Beautiful People teaming up again. With a four way TNA Title main event. Why cut back on pay-per-views again? What is the point of Sacrifice in three weeks again? Whatever, none of it matters anyways. Oh, do not worry. The viewership drop must have been because of the NCAA March Madness tournament, right? Remember that is the next excuse in line! Oh wait, there was no March Madness on. Oops! Let me check the "Weekly Excuses for TNA ratings" handbook and get back to you...

Dixie Carter returning to TV next Thursday! - Well, that took long. On one side, you have WrestleMania XXX coming off 75,000 fans in attendance and their annual global phenomenon with an excellent show with a perfect finish. On the other side, TNA responds with...Dixie Carter.

Ezekiel Jackson announces WWE departure. - Well, good thing WWE only pushes guys with big muscles. Are we officially done with that theory after Mania or still clinging to it?

WWE Network has just over 667,000 subscribers so far. - Not doomsday but not very encouraging either. Offering up WrestleMania XXX was their 'all-in bet.' That was it. Not much more WWE can do going forward to entice potential customer. Either people subscribed by now or they did not. After six months, I assume some will cancel, making the number lower than 667,000. By the end of the year, WWE is going to need a whole bunch of subscribers from places outside of the United States to make up for that, plus some. Remember, the company needs one million just to break even. Until THAT takes place first, they see zero profit and sit in the red on this entire project. Going to be very tough.

Jeff Jarrett announces Global Force Wrestling promotion! - Not a fan of the name, but "TNA" is terrible too. The real question is if Jarrett can get a good television deal and/or quality talent signings. At least now we know this is wrestling related, and all the naysayers dreading something else can go sit in the corner.

Rob Van Dam returned to WWE on Raw. - Nice to have RVD back. I assume this is on the same part-time, 90 day type of deal he did last year. That is fine. Come in. Have good matches. Do quality work and get out before getting stale or being lost in the shuffle.

Big Show vs. Cesaro set for Smackdown. - I know what I WANT to see happen. WWE has my full trust right now, here is to hoping for the best...

The Shield vs. The Wyatts will be on Main Event this week. - Wow, WWE is still going all out for network subscribers. pretty big match. Last week's episode of Main Event on ION drew over 1.4 million viewers. Not sure if that was ever reported, but that was the viewership. You can find that news on my Twitter feed posted last Thursday.

CM Punk did not show up at WMXXX or Raw the night after. - Neither did Sting for that matter despite (again) all the rumors. Can all the chatter officially stop that Punk leaving WWE was a "work" this whole time? He quit. Move past the denial stage and accept it.

Picture of CM Punk and Kofi Kingston in New Orleans - Um, no. It was an old picture taken last year, and New Orleans are not even the city in the background! Hey, how about we take five seconds to properly research something? Or just keep on copying and pasting whatever the other websites are doing like a big long assembly line of false reports?

Segment with Stone Cold and CM Punk to close WMXXX? - *reads original source and laughs* Was the National Enquirer busy? It is beyond a joke that websites still credit Mr. Exclusive with stories after being wrong nearly every single time. No shocker that PWTorch, PWInsider, ProWrestling.net, or even the Wrestling Observer did not touch this story with a ten foot pole. How about next time simply NOT blindly copying and pasting something you all know deep down is NOT true? The sad part is a lot of fans still (for some reason) read the Stone Cold/CM Punk story over the weekend, believed every word hook, line, and sinker and were then disappointed when nothing happened on Sunday night. I truly do feel bad for them.

Have any more examples? Please share them below in the comment section. Until then, just remember the next time you click on an article to ask yourself first how much will be truth and how much will be fiction.


Next week, I will be posting MY Top 30 Matches In WrestleMania History! Be prepared.

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