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Evolutionís Not a Mystery Ė Itís About Making Roman Reigns a Star
Posted by Jack McGee on 04.15.2014

Evolution is not only one of my favorite stables, I think they are really one of the best, at least in recent memory. I loved the Four Horsemen, the Dangerous Alliance, the Triple Threat and of course DX (not that Triple H and HBK version) and the (early) nWo. They all had their place in time, they all did spectacular things in many ways, and they all entertained me. The Four Horsemen were all about Ric Flair and keeping the world title on him, it worked, and it worked very well while making bigger stars of Arn, Tully, Barry, Ole and others. So well that they had their fans, even when they were destroying baby faces without remorse.

When the WWE created Evolution, they certainly mimicked the Horsemen in the best ways possible. Evolution was about building a stable around Triple H, paying tribute to Flair, and hopefully creating stars in Orton and Batista. Evolution did their job very well, because the fans hated them for helping Triple H keep the title so often. Flair played as hybrid JJ Dillon/Ole Anderson role on the group, and it simply worked. Orton and Batista became stars, including the great Orton vs. Foley feud, and the Batista vs. Triple H feud once they did the break. They kept it simple in execution, and there was no mystery, Evolution worked.

Years later Triple H became the COO on WWE; he works diligently with the NXT product and building the future of the company. Batista left due to frustration and has been making a name for himself in Hollywood. Randy Orton was left alone, and while the exact level of his stardom can be debated, he has been loyal to the company and is one of their top stars. Evolution has been gone since 2007 (that bullshit in 2009 when Triple H and Batista feuded with Legacy doesn't count) so why are they back in 2014, and why does it matter? It's simple. WWE was looking to book Batista and Orton for WrestleMania, but they never counted on the support Daniel Bryan would get, they never counted on the backlash against the Batista return, they never counted on the no fucks given for Randy Orton and they never saw Punk's departure coming. Something had to be done, and in this case, going back to the well is it.

Evolution was a WWE creation, it was well done, it was popular and it has star power. The Shield is over, they are great as a unit in the ring, have been the best parts of so many WWE shows and they have that vibe about them. That star vibe when they enter an arena, that vibe when they are beating down some fools. They may not be at Triple H's level, but they feel like big stars. This is why I am so glad that they did not break them up yet. It's not time, it wouldn't have felt organic, it just would have been forced. A feud with Evolution, arguably the greatest stable in WWE history, will put them over the top. They will be looked at as even bigger stars, their hit list will grow, and it will all lead to one thingÖ

No, this isn't about an eventual break up of the Shield, although it may lead to that; this is about the goal of the return of Evolution, making Roman Reigns a star. Do not be surprised by this at all, the evidence is right there before your eyes. Go back to when the seeds were being planted for the Shield break up. Reigns and Ambrose were argumentative and Reigns was made to look like a stronger threat. He got the Survivor Series push, and then the Rumble push; and live crowds ate it up. When it came time for confrontations, Reigns took the lead position instead of Ambrose, it's all there right in front of your eyes. Add onto the fact that in confrontations with Triple H he got to speak up, and then last week got to spear Triple H, he was the centerpiece. Finally, on Raw, Triple H singled him out as he crawled towards him, and then gave him the pedigree. Whether right or wrong, the focus is solely on Reigns; even if his few singles performances have been extremely sketchy.

Evolution is not a mystery kids, it is all about Triple H's next pet project, it is all about Roman Reigns and making him the next big thing. Triple H has done well with NXT and the Performance center, but I promise that his ego is still bruised over the Kharma and Sin Cara situations. He wants to cultivate a star from nothing so that it is his creation. Reigns has the pedigree so to speak, he was an athlete (football player coming in) with no real wrestling training. Triple H created him in developmental, and at Summerslam (the big rumor), he will try to official make him. Reigns has the look, he's not one of the little guys that have been getting the shine lately. WWE still wants those larger than life superstars and Triple H thinks Reigns is that guy.

It's what's best for business, at least in Triple H's eyes.

Jack McGee in an aspiring investigative journalist with interests covering TV, Movies, Wrestling, MMA and Sports. When not hunting the Incredible Hulk, Jack works on his surfing, his Johnny Utah like throwing motion and origami.


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