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Steve Austin Teases Match With Brock Lesnar – Continues to Manipulate Wrestling Fans
Posted by Jack McGee on 04.18.2014

Steve Austin is one of the biggest stars the wrestling industry has had the pleasure of creating. The man was a stand out as Stunning Steve Austin, oozing with potential. He showed more of that in WCW, but wasn't what Uncle Eric wanted and was kicked to the curb. It wasn't until a stop in ECW until people discovered that the man could talk and talk well. Interestingly enough Paul Heyman is part of the reason we're here today to discuss Mr. Austin. He got the call to the WWE, and after kicking the Ringmaster gimmick to the curb; things simply got Stone Cold crazy.

But the light of Steve Austin's career would not burn long in terms of longevity, it burn out rather quickly. Between WrestleMania 14 and 19 the Era of Austin was an amazing thing to live through. Sure he's been back from time to time. General Manager, Sheriff, McMahon family stunner; but unfortunately for us these were never more than cameo appearances. You always hear the phrase, "the day that music died," for many fans that ran with Austin in the Attitude Era, March 30th, 2003 was the day that wrestling died. Stone Cold was gone, and only dreams of the return remained.

Prior to Austin's departure, during the downswing of his run, he was supposed to face the "Beast Incarnate and Defeater of the Streak" Brock Lesnar. It was 2002 when they were to meet, with little build, and the plan was for Lesnar to defeat Austin clean. This led to Austin's famous walkout, because Austin felt this was stupid business. Austin's theory was that the WWE had invested years and money into him, and Austin was still drawing big money. He felt if he and Lesnar were to feud, it should be done properly. Austin respected Lesnar and saw money in him, but also wanted to be treated the right way. He has since admitted that he handled things badly, but he felt he was doing what was best for business.

There is not a long list of "dream matches" left in wrestling. I have mine (HBK vs. Lesnar, HBK vs. Rock, HBK vs. Daniel Bryan, Austin vs. Punk) but the one that I go back too much of the time is Lesnar vs. Austin. The beast that is Brock Lesnar vs. the wild brawling redneck Steve Austin always sounded like a really fun wrestling match to me. Lesnar of course had size, skill, speed and youth, but Austin could brawl and fight dirty. Add in the fact that Austin is very smart when it comes to the wrestling business and I felt that he could get the best out of Brock. Austin is very smart when it comes to the wrestling, this will come into play later.

The history is there; WWE teases the "reality era" of wrestling. Triple H is accepting of playing off of the whims of the Internet and a feud like Austin vs. Lesnar would be the perfect match to do so. Austin has repeatedly stated that he respects Brock Lesnar, and is still close with and respects Paul Heyman. This all makes so much sense, it is so simple, they are both WWE for life and at WrestleMania… this would DRAW MONEY!

But it's never happening…

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Stone Cold Steve Austin, the puppeteer of pro wrestling. The man wrestled his last real match in March of 2003 but has been able to keep his name in the news year after year after year with very little effort on his part. He drops hints, little mind bombs, and with ease manipulates the wrestling fans into dream match talk, into asking about a comeback match. Hell Austin is so valuable that WWE keeps him as a contracted employee because they have constantly feared that someone else will sign him and MAYBE get that one match, or simply have Austin as their spokesperson. Steve Austin collects a paycheck, stays in the spotlight and does it with a few simple words.

This should come as no surprise, but at the age of 49 and not active for 11-years, Steve Austin is the most desired man in all of wrestling. He has a bad neck and bad knees, but has teased that if given the proper time to train and get into the ring to knockoff the rust, he has a match in him….

So you're sayin there's a chance?

Austin must have taken fiddle lessons, because he listened to the dreams of the Internet fans and played them like one when he did the face off interview to hype the videogame with CM Punk. The man himself discussed the wet dream of our little online community, and the panties of the IWC got wet in anticipation of the dream match…

So you're sayin there's a chance?

No, there's not, because Steve Austin is the smartest man in wrestling. He left wrestling and did some movies, and has done well for himself. But he plays to the wrestling fans, because that's his audience. They buy the DVDs, they watch the movies on Spike TV and USA. Steve Austin is still a hero to wrestling fans, so when Redneck Island gets the greenlight, he plays to his fanbase ever so subtly, because they will support his show.

Steve Austin does nothing for nothing; there is always a method to his madness. He wasn't going to WrestleMania 30, then the next thing you know we get the ICONS segment with Rock and Hogan. Austin was a "trending topic" to keep things in modern speak. He and Paul Heyman do a podcast, the mention of a match with Lesnar comes up and the Internet went crazy. Every time there is a chance, a thought, a shred of hope that Austin could return in the minds of wrestling fans, he makes the puppets dance, and it is all according to plan.

Well played Mr. Austin, well played.

Jack McGee is an aspiring investigative journalist with interests covering TV, Movies, Wrestling, MMA and Sports. When not hunting the Incredible Hulk, Jack works on his surfing, his Johnny Utah like throwing motion and origami.


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