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One More Match? Brock Lesnar Is The Ideal Opponent For A Steve Austin Return
Posted by Greg De Marco on 04.18.2014

On a recent edition of his "Steve Austin Show" podcast, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin admitted to being interested in a match with Brock Lensar. The possibility was more interview banter for Austin and guest Paul Heyman—who happens to be Brock Lesnar's storyline "advocate." The idea of Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar, however far-fetched it may be, threw the Internet Wrestling Community for a loop, which is exactly what Austin and Heyman predicted would happen.

But there are two key elements of the world of professional wrestling not lost on me, and they both apply to this situation:

You Never Say Never...

It's long been said that you "never say never" in the world of professional wrestling. Bret Hart returned to the WWE after a long absence, and even shared an embrace with Shawn Michaels on Raw (even if The Montreal Screwjob was a work, they still had real animosity!). Sting is finally in the WWE fold, after years of saying he'd never shake hand with Vince McMahon. Could we eventually say the same about "Stone Cold" Steve Austin never wrestling another match?

Austin himself has said that he could physically wrestle in a match—but he can't justify the training it would take (3-months minimum) to get ready for a match, and only wrestle one. On the flip side, wrestling more than one doesn't really make sense. Austin is approaching 50 years of age, and he's best used, if used at all, as a special attraction. And that attraction would be a huge box office draw.

But again, you never say never, right?

The spotlight has always loved "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and while the said can't be said for Austin's feelings in return, he obviously wants to get into it again. How do I know that?

For starters, he keeps bringing it up! Austin loves to talk poetically about a potential return to the ring. You don't do that unless you really want to do it. A second reason is well documented—he keeps coming back! He's made plenty of returns since his final match, and each one brings out that "old feeling" from when Austin was at his peak. He's managed to keep himself relevant, so even the newest fans are familiar with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Hell, he was arguably the most over of the three legends kicking off WrestleMania XXX, alongside The Rock and Hulk Hogan.

There's Always Some Truth To It...

How many times do you have to hear someone joke about you before you believe it? That's because there's always some truth to it. So if your spouse casually jokes about hooking up with your best friend...be a little worried. They may never do it, but that doesn't mean they don't want to!

The same can be said for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Steve Austin joked about the temptation of returning to the ring to face Brock Lesnar. This tells me he does want to do it. Maybe he isn't sure he can physically do it. Maybe he isn't sure if he should physically do it. But he obviously wants to.

Plus, Austin is a business man. One viewing of his WWE Network "Beyond The Ring" documentary will tell you that. He knows what's up, and he knows that Austin-v-Lesnar would be a huge draw, "best for business" as some would say. There's also the built in history between both men, especially the "memorable-for-all-the-wrong-reasons" WrestleMania XX match!

Plus, I also think he knows that Brock Lensar is the ideal opponent for a return to the ring. CM Punk fans might not like this next statement, but he's right. Austin-v-Punk, the other recently teased temptation for "The Texas Rattlesnake," isn't a great match-up for Austin physically. Punk's style is a little faster and sometimes reckless. While stepping back into the ring with any opponent is a risk for Austin, you still want to minimize that risk. Lesnar's slow, methodical style, referenced during his victory over The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX, is the prefect counterpart to Austin's style, which is basically the mold for the current "WWE Main Event Style."

Steve Austin is no dummy, he knows that a match with Brock Lesnar would be a huge WrestleMania 31 draw.

So Will It Happen?

And therein lies the million dollar question—literally, the million dollar question! This is a million dollar match, a rare dream match that could actually take place in a WWE ring.

But will it?

I honestly believe it will…not. The physical risk involved plus the effort required for Steve Austin to return for one match will eventually overwhelm his desire give in to temptation and step between those ropes as a wrestler again. I'm not 100% sure he can even pass the physical—but if The Undertaker can, I'd imagine Austin can, too.

But if there's any way this is possible...any way to make "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. "The Best Incarnate" Brock Lesnar a reality, then I have but one thing to say:


You Decide: Should "Stone Cold" Steve Austin give into temptation and face Brock Lensar, presumably at WrestleMania 31? Will he?


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