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The Wrestling 5&1 5.03.14: Brie Bella vs. Lana
Posted by Tony Acero on 05.03.2014

What A great return to form last week, as we were able to talk about all the stuff I missed between Mania and last week. With my being back on track, and some excitement going on in the ring – as well as school being OVER in two weeks, I'm excited to focus moreso on the column. You couple that with me finally finishing my second book of poetry AND some big changes coming to the 411, I'm all kinds of motivated as of now. Anyways, let's get to the column!


Let me let you guys in on a little secret: I'm the RAW recapper for this very site. I know, I know…not really a big ass secret. But what some of you may not know is just how hard I work for you guys. For the first thirty minutes of RAW or so, I am on a bus on my way home. I have to turn on my hotspot and find a live feed to do the first 30 minutes of RAW so that none of you and other readers miss anything. It gets difficult at times, with an extremely choppy feed, but I do what I gotta do. Why bring this up?

Well, the feed is typically from across the pond via Sky Sports, and up until recently, I was completely unaware that they splice up the show differently on some occasions, and even go so far as to remove certain spots they seem uncouth. I had no idea. This past week's RAW had Bray Wyatt pull one of the more creepiest and coolest spots in recent history, and due to the way that it was chopped up on my side of things, it came off as only slightly stellar. Within that first segment, I had two separate commercial breaks, causing a hell of a disjointedness that made the moment – which could have been suspended in air – only fleeting. A commenter claimed that I may have missed the levity of the situation due to the different way in which the show is aired, and after the recap, I took it upon myself to watch the moment in its entirety.

And holy shit balls was he right. I still hold true to the fact that I think a) the song has been overused as of now and b) Wyatt laughed a bit TOO much, but honestly those are minor quibbles in the grand scheme of things as this was so full of awesome sauce, no past could handle it. Honestly, so much depth to the moments. From kids themselves – Cena's followers – essentially becoming sheep, but not of Cena's, of Wyatt's. It was surreal and freaky as all hell. Kids are scary in their own right, but when they sing something in unison…run. Cena sold the moment well, agonizing in the ring like a broken down hero that finally saw his only weakness come to the forefront of the battle.

I could harp on how easily Cena killed the momentum of said segment later in the show (honestly, ya couldn't lead into the PPV with that hesitancy?) but let's focus for a minute on the reality that Wyatt has officially surpassed "flash in the pan" status and risen to the heights of Mankind – flirting with the levels of The Undertaker. I won't put him there quite yet, he just got to the party, but he deserves a nod of respect for not only being different, but being evergrowing. His ability to adapt and grow as a performer in the ring and outside of it should not be ignored. I'll get more into the match itself with the preview below, but I wanted to give Wyatt the top spot.

Your Turn: Has Wyatt already jumped the shark, or are you still on board?

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WeeLC Match
El Torito vs Hornswoggle

I'll keep this prediction…short.
Winner: El Torito

2-on-1 Handicap Match
Alexander Rusev vs Xavier Woods and R-Truth

I did enjoy the WWE trying to let us have hope for Truth and Woods with their little spot on RAW, but we know who wins here….WE DO!

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Big E vs Bad News Barrett

As much as I love Big E, I think he's losing the belt tonight, and it's a damned shame because for a minute there, he was looking to be primed for some goodness. The short-sighted booking of the WWE has had him watch TV from the backstage area for a few weeks, and although it makes sense – there's also a bit more he could have done. The silver lining here is that it appears Wade Barrett may FINALLY be getting something resembling a serious push. He has taken the Bad News Barrett character – which could have been dead on arrival, and should have been to be honest – and took it to new…heights (see what I did there? With the podium and stuff? No?). Barrett has had a string of good matches, particularly within the tournament – and this Sunday should be no different. In terms of Big E, he could survive losing the belt. He's young, has plenty going for him, and just needs a little something new to bring him to the forefront of the show. I have high hopes for both these men.
Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Bad News Barrett

WWE Divas Championship Match
Paige vs Tamina Snuka

Paige continues her rampage on the Divas division and beats the AJ replacement that has no chance in winning.
Winner: Paige

Singles Match
Bray Wyatt vs John Cena

Oh, this is a toughie. I strongly feel that Wyatt could use a win moreso than Cena ever could, and with Cena getting his Mania win, this may be Wyatt's time to shine – but the cynic in me listens to Cena's little promo regarding the "escape" of Wyatt's evil from the cage, and I just don't see it going our way. I want to believe that they see something in Wyatt worth harnessing and encouraging, but for whatever reason, they are really stretching the importance of Cena's tie with the fans – which should technically be unbreakable – and that leads me to believe that they may allow Cena to overcome yet again. Here's to hoping I'm wrong.
Winner: John Cena

Six Man Tag Match
Evolution vs The Shield

I think there are two camps here; one that is so overjoyed with awesomeness at the prospect of this match, and those who don't seem to care in the least. I'm definitely in the first one. The Shield has been tearing up six man tags since they got to the stage, and haven't had a bad one yet. This isn't Wyatt vs Shield – the same mystique simply isn't present, but it doesn't mean that this is bad by any means. In rare form, this reteaming of Evolution is something absolutely necessary, in my opinion. Orton was so close to not mattering, it wasn't even funny. Batista's pants were getting tighter as weeks went by. This helps both men and adds a certain "coolness" that has been missing from both for a long, long time. I don't see Evolution winning here – and if they do, it hopefully means that this storyline simply isn't done. I feel The Shield will get the win, and Evo will be upset. If the rumored Reigns vs Trips match is coming in August, they have time to trade wins in a variety of ways. The first one, however, looks to be going to The Shield….and to think I thought only a couple of days ago the complete opposite.
Winners: The Shield

Extreme Rules Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan vs Kane

I think this is a foregone conclusion, but they've built the match up the best they could considering the circumstances. Bryan has had a hell of a time since Mania, that's for sure. Poor guy. I'm still not sure how I feel about including Brie in all of this – it seems tacked on – but Bryan did well enough explaining it, and she was an integral (albeit it dumb) inclusive tool in the story on RAW. Kane's little under the ring pull was cool for what it was, and they're going full bore with the Kane is a Monster thing – which is altogether necessary to make us think he has a chance – which he doesn't. We'll see Bryan win the match and move on – to who, I don't know, but thanks again Kane, for doin your part.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Your Turn: Your Predictions?

Yes, I'm aware the Steph pic wasn't all that great last week, but I honestly can't tell you all enough how little the photos used mean to me – you all know what these females look like. In that aspect, I tried to do better this week. It's Brie's final week before she steps into the bottom row for a battle of supremacy! Will you get her there or will this blonde bombshell cut her out?

And now…..

Voting ends Wednesday night and you can vote once every hour!

It's sure to be a game of good cop/bad cop as Harry and Tony entertain your calls and breakdown the happenings of WWE Monday Night Raw! Join hosts Harry Broadhurst (commentator for Real Action Pro Wrestling and Black Diamond Wrestling) and Tony Acero (411Mania.com, The Greg DeMarco Show) as they provide immediate reaction and analysis of wrestling's biggest show—WWE Monday Night Raw. The wrestling week peaks on Monday night with WWE Raw Reaction—only on Powerhouse Radio!

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Le sigh….

About the author:

Tony Acero is currently a student at Cal State University of Long Beach. He is double-majoring as a Creative Writing and Literature major. His first book, Through The Looking Glass, was published in April, 2012. School's Out is a short story that found the author arrested due to the severity of its content. Both can be found on amazon.com.

Tony joined 411Mania in April 2010, and currently contributes in both music and wrestling. Tony is an avid drinker of Mountain Dew and Jack Daniels. He is a writer who hardly takes himself seriously, yet has an innate ability to create moments that are both human yet fearful in his writings.

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Greg DeMarco is a graduate of Virginia Tech (Bachelor's in Business Management) and Arizona State (Master's in Higher & Post-Secondary Education). He works in online higher education. Greg started in improv comedy in 2001, making his stand-up debut in 2004.

Greg first appeared as a ring announcer for Rising Phoenix Wrestling in Phoenix Arizona in 2006 and served many promotions in both on-stage and back-stage roles for over six years, most notably Ring of Honor in 2010. He began writing for 411Mania in October 2010, founded The Greg DeMarco Show in May 2011 and opened WrestlingSmash.com (and Wrestling Smash Radio) in January 2013.

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Until next week...


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