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5 Bold Predictions: WWE Extreme Rules 2014
Posted by Greg De Marco on 05.04.2014

The event has held many names, but the first pay-per-view special event after WrestleMania usually serves as the place where scores are settled, where the backlash from the WWE's biggest event of the year takes place.

This year is no different, while we only have one rematch at Extreme Rules, we have several matches set-up in the wake of the New Orleans spectacle. This event also takes fully out of WrestleMania season as we begin to develop our summer storylines.

So, what's going to happen at WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday? Well, for that question you should check out our Roundtable Preview! [Link]

Because contained below are bold predictions for the event. Not likely to happen, these are indeed B.O.L.D.: bull-headed, outlandish, lascivious, and deplorable. But if one hits, I can promise you'll never hear the end of it!

Now then, let's have some fun...

Evolution Defeats The Shield

Now trust me, this isn't what I want to see happen. The Shield, kept together and turned face, are the future of the WWE in more ways than one. They recently granted their first Make-A-Wish, showing their power as a marketable babyface trio. The crowd response before their face turn was impressive, and it's even better now. Moral of the story? They are over to a huge degree.

That said, Triple H proved something with the Road To WrestleMania. Things in the modern day WWE—the "reality era" if you will—sometimes take longer than what we're used to. I know we have rumors of some time off for Batista, a Triple H injury and the logical WWE World Heavyweight Championship rematch for Randy Orton. But all of those things can wait until after Payback.

Evolution ain't winning clean, but they are winning—this time. The Shield gets their big win in June, in a stipulation match at Payback.

Daniel Bryan Doesn't Lose (The Titles), But Doesn't Win (The Match)

The biggest complaint I've seen about this match is "Kane isn't a credible world title contender!" Well, we live in a world where wins and losses don't matter in wrestling. Kane is a multi-time world champion, a living legend in the WWE, and a partially supernatural being. He has a reputation as a monster, and is a threat in every match he's a part of.

However, you complainers might end up with a solution. For June.

With my prediction that Evolution and The Shield will go for round two at Payback, so too will Daniel Bryan and Kane. There's no reason to slot anyone else into the match. Kane could lose this match via disqualification and easily end up with a title shot, but it makes more sense for Daniel Bryan to be disqualified or counted out. That can't happen in an Extreme Rules match—a stipulation basically forced by the name of the event. Given the rules, a no-contest is most likely in my book. Either way, it allows Stephanie McMahon to book a rematch for Payback…one that sees Daniel Bryan retain his championship in front of a raucous Chicago crowd.

Bray Wyatt Defeats John Cena, Clean, In The Main Event

This prediction isn't overly bold—everyone seems to think that the WWE will give Bray the win here. Despite the steel cage, it's easy for The Wyatt Family members to interfere. They might, but they won't factor into the finish.

Much like The Shield, Bray Wyatt represents the future of the WWE. He's an insanely talented in-ring performer, and he's the best character on wrestling television today. Bray is the real deal in the WWE, and he will be a WrestleMania main event level talent in the not too distant future.

Bray is getting stronger each week—in the storyline sense. Bray also seems to be getting better each week—outside of kayfabe. His promos are always spot on, and his in-ring style perfectly suits his character. The cult leader from deep in the woods (you'll find it, just follow the buzzards) is on the fast track to the top.

John Cena has been positioned as the gatekeeper to that top, and a win over him means you're ready. Bray is ready. This likely means another match at Payback, where Cena wins the feud so he can move onto something else. But on this night it will be Bray Wyatt and Sister Abigail getting the 1-2-3 on Superman.

And given the results I boldly predicted above, this match goes on last. Because despite the heel going over, New Jersey will be happy with the result.

Cesaro Isn't The Sure Thing At Extreme Rules As Rob Van Dam Picks Up The Win

Most everyone expects Cesaro to pick up the win in his triple threat match with Jack Swagger and Rob Van Dam. But with the involvement of Zeb Coulter and Paul Heyman, I fully expect things to get a little out of control in what could be a show-stealer.

With Payback coming up on the first of June, Cesaro and Swagger could see their feud come to a close in Chicago. That means Cesaro doesn't need to pick up the win here. In Rob Van Dam you have a great one-off opponent for WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, and a win for him keeps him close enough to the main event to remain credible.

Plus, have you seen the rest of my predictions??? I have far too many heels going over—only makes sense to have the match's only true face pick up a win!

I'm Afraid I've Got Some Bad News...For Wade Barrett

From the start of the Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender Tournament, the overwhelming favorite to win was Cesaro. Well, Cesaro is on the outside looking in after being taken out of a prior match. Wade Barrett now receives that championship opportunity opposite Big E.

Barrett has tons of momentum coming off of his in-ring return as "Bad News Barrett." His in-arena segments have gone well, and he's currently racking up the wins.

But why is all of this a chance to discount Big E. He didn't have a set WrestleMania story, since he was in the 20-Man Over The Top Rope Andre The Giant Battle Royal. Without an opponent, this tournament was discovered, giving him less to do during the 7-mathces held to determine his opponent..

This tournament would have made one hell of a King Of The Ring card, but it played out on Raw—and it was a great way to reintroduce Bad News Barrett, the in-ring performer. But I just don't think Big E is done yet. Barrett's held the Intercontinental Championship before, and he doesn't need it again.

Big E, on the other hand, is somewhat stale. A good match and a big win could go a long way for Big E, a man who just doesn't "seem" done with his championship.

You Decide: What are your bold predictions for Extreme Rules???

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