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Ask 411 Wrestling 06.11.14: Gloves, Miracles, More!
Posted by Mathew Sforcina on 06.11.2014

Hiya, welcome to Ask 411 Wrestling, and I need your help. Or rather, I'm appealing to your better nature. See, one of my Aussie Wrestling friends, Concrete Davidson, had a nasty ankle injury over the weekend in the ring. Sid Vicious leg-bending-in-way-nature-did-not-intend type injury. So I'd like to help him out, by encouraging you good people to go buy some of his really awesome merchandise, or just chip in a couple bucks directly or just send him well wishes via the Twitters that would be super awesome.

Oh, and I'm Mathew Sforcina, yadda yadda yadda Come see me at Supanova Sydney this weekend. Oh, and Emma too, I guess…

Got a question for me? ask411wrestling@gmail.com is where you send it.

And now the bit that always cheers me up, BANNER!


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Feedback Loop

Obscure Fan Moment: Benoit/Booker/Finlay is obscure, yes, and it's honestly not what I'd go to first, and if anything it's an educated guess. See, I know the moment that made me stay tuned into the wrestling show and thus the moment that made me start watching wrestling (one of Mankind's first matches, one where he was introduced as ‘Formerly known as Cactus Jack') and I know the moment that made me want to become a pro wrestler (HHH/Cactus Royal Rumble 2000), and somewhere between those two I went from being a casual to a hardcore fan. And Benoit/Booker/Finlay and the Best of Seven series was something that really sticks out in my mind so it's a probable thing, but I can't say for sure.

Hogan V Cena: Here's my take on the problem with Cena, as it relates to the Hogan comparisons. I'm not talking about backstage here, I'm focusing solely on the on air product, and also just the Hulkamania Non-WCW Hogan. See, while Cena loses more often than Hogan, Cena (the character) also damages a lot more people than Hogan ever did.

If Hulk Hogan was working a program with a guy, in ring he'd act like that guy was shooting him at point blank range with a sniper rifle, until the fans got behind him and cheered him into his second wind, at which point he almost always won. Cena goes out there and can either be mildly put out or extra sweaty when the guy beats on him until a seemingly random point where Cena Wins Now. But the characters are different and Cena's matches are usually more entertaining in of themselves, so it's a wash there.

The main different and problem I have with Cena's character is how it belittles people. If Hogan had worked Del Rio, he'd talk about how Del Rio's a horrible person, lording his wealth and privilege over hard working Americans (and probably toss in a slight racial slur but nowadays he'd be told not too). Cena laughed off Del Rio and said how he rented all his cars.

If Hogan worked Bray Wyatt, he'd go on and on about how Wyatt's trying to fill the Hulkamaniacs' heads with lies and deception and turning them away from the right path. Cena made photoshop jokes, and while he never dropped the Husky Harris bombshell, that was a real possibility that we had a right to fear happening. That's the problem with Cena the Character. He's this God Among Men who they expect us to sympathise with and to worry he won't get the job done against threats he blows off and treats as jokes. It's fixable, and thus so maddening when they refuse to do so.

The Trivia Crown

I am still an active wrestler. Although many would remember me as more of an enhancement talent in major wrestling promotions, I've won singles and tag team titles from future world champions, future ECW legends and legendary hardcore wrestlers. I was the opponent of a Hall of Famer when he debuted in a major wrestling company and that Hall of Famer did something many people felt very happy when he did that. I've teamed with felines, porn stars, firefighters and once lost a mask to a former US Champion and Tag Team titlist. One more thing: my real first name is the same as the gimmick first name of a man who likes war and did win a major title and another "major" title which is no longer active. Who am I?

So no-one got this at all. So we go to Maravilloso for the answer.

I am still an active wrestler. Although many would remember me as more of an enhancement talent in major wrestling promotions (WWE and WCW), I've won singles and tag team titles from future world champions (Great Muta), future ECW legends (Balls Mahoney) and legendary hardcore wrestlers (Mr. Pogo). I was the opponent of a Hall of Famer (Terry Funk) when he debuted in a major wrestling company (WWE) and that Hall of Famer did something many people felt very happy when he did that (brutally attacked presumed pedophile Mel Phillips). I've teamed with felines (Brady Boone/Battle Kat), porn stars (Sean Morley/Val Venis), firefighters (Curtis Thompson/Firebreaker Chip) and once lost a mask to a former US Champion and Tag Team titlist (Carlito). One more thing: my real first name (Aldo) is the same as the gimmick first name of a man who likes war (Aldo Montoya/Justin Credible) and did win a major title (ECW Title) and another "major" title which is no longer active (WWE Hardcore Title). Who am I?


Michael Ornelas (of 411mania fame!) has this week's question.

What am I? I'm a match that had five competitors. One competitor has held the Tag Team Championship with three of his four opponents. Two competitors in this match were in the very first instalment of the gimmick, but only one of them has won it before. Only one guy in the match never held the World Heavyweight Championship. The guy who won the match has opened a WrestleMania with one of his opponents - a match he won - and he has closed a WrestleMania with another in a losing effort. A ladder, a table, and a chair all came into play in this match, but it was not a TLC match. What am I?

Getting Down To Business

WillyDope starts us off with one of those open ended questions I dread.

Quick follow up question to Andron's asked on 4/28. Has their been any wrestlers to get "hyped up" debuts (and for the sake of this question lets say a hyped debut is anyone who came in through a storyline like "Ruthless Aggression" or WWECW's "New Talent Initiative" or with video packages leading up to their debuts like we've seen for Razor, Carlito, Punk etc) who have gone on to LOSE their debut match?

Depends how you define build up. Does anyone who was in NXT when it was a game show who lost their first match, like Daniel Bryan, count?

Probably the biggest one who technically counts would be Chris Jericho, as there was the Countdown to the Millennium videos building up to his debut, and then he lost his first match against Road Dogg, albeit by DQ.

Cena's debut didn't get any hype leading in, and a lot of hype videos that failed didn't get matches out of it. Jericho seems to be one of a very small number, and almost certainly the biggest, to lose the hyped up debut. Unless a kind reader knows of one I'm forgetting…

Pete Gas Fan asks about Survivor Series 1987.

I have a question about the 1987 Survivor Series: I watched it for the first time about 15 years ago, and was surprised at the result of the 20-man, all-tag team match. The survivors were the Killer Bees and Young Stallions, teams consisting of three jobbers to the stars and one guy who probably would have become one had he not been fired about a year later. I was further surprised by the fact that Jesse and Gorilla did not say anything about this being an upset. After all, Jim Brunzell pinned Bret Hart! If you recall, neither the Stallions nor the Bees did much of note on pay per view before or after SS87 (granted, these were the days of one to four PPVs a year). My question, and I do have one, is: were there any big plans for these guys, or did the bookers just feel like throwing the fans a curve ball?

Yes, Jim Brunzell pinned Bret Hart. And in late 1987, the two teams were part of a strong tag division and roughly even. The booking of the 5 team match, among other things, was to build to the Hart Foundation/Strike Force match at The Main Event a few months later. So Harts take out Strike Force, but then since a heel was winning the main event you let the faces win here and put over a couple strong face teams as well as making the Islanders look like badasses and Demolition look insane, all in one great match. That is, I assume that was the idea.

The Bees and the Stallions didn't have any immediate plans for the future, no, but eventually the tag belts would come off Strike Force and the new heel team would need pretty boy tag teams to beat up on, so why not establish a couple here at a point where it didn't matter short term since the main point of Harts beating Strike Force was achieved already?

Anthler goes back to questions I can't really answer well.

1. Who is credited with innovating the 'knife edge chop'? it certainly couldn't have been Buddy Rogers or Ric Flair, could it?

Buddy Rogers didn't use the chop.

I think that if you specify it down to the Knife Edge Chop, then yeah, Flair was the guy who innovated it. He stole the basic concept from Wahoo McDaniel, who I believe was the first guy to really use an Overhand Chop, but to my knowledge, Flair is indeed the guy who innovated the chop. Hence the wooing is quite appropriate.

Or at least, it WAS the answer until I brought this up with Jed Shaffer and he pointed out that Gorilla Monsoon used chops.

So yeah, he wins then. Unless someone else can correct me there.

2. What was the first instance of a guy wearing the fingerless MMA gloves as part of a wrestling attire?

Happy place, happy place, happy place…

OK, I'm back.

MMA gloves, as they are known today, were brought in by the Japanese company Shooto, and then they transferred to MMA and UFC from there. So technically someone could have used them from maybe 1985, but I'm going to say Ken Shamrock on the basis that it's logical.

3. When did Undertaker start using the fingerless MMA gloves as part of his attire?

The problem with this one is that during the tail end of his Lord of Darkness period into his American Bad Ass run, he wore leather gloves that were fingerless.

So it can be hard to pinpoint the exact moment, but I believe it was after he turned heel by forcing Jim Ross to kiss Vince's ass, when Taker went into Big Evil mode, that's when he began. I think, it's hard to tell with youtube's crappy quality.

OK, let's move to questions I can answer a little more definitively… Connor?

Is the long standing rumor true that Mr Perfect was slated to win the 1990 Royal Rumble until Hogan put the kibosh on it just hours before?


God dammit…

It's certainly a long standing rumor, that's true. And it is part of the general accepted ‘truth' about the event. Thing is, I don't believe it and I've never seen any proof of it. Plus people who wrote about the event using Meltzer and other ‘reputable' sources don't mention it.

See, the logic to the ‘Hogan's a dick' theory here is that winning the Rumble didn't help him, and it would have made Perfect and thus Hogan is a dick. Thing is, by that point they knew they were heading to Hogan V Warrior (hence their interaction in said Rumble) with Hogan V Perfect blowing off before that. And if you're going to put Warrior over Hogan, why job Hogan out leading into that?

But the real reason why I think this is BS and one that most people over look is that they say how Hogan winning did nothing for him. And true, it didn't really help him, but it sure as hell helped the Rumble itself. Today we look forward to the Rumble, it has history and is seen as this great event and it means so much to win it, but back then, it was a newish gimmick match with a midcarder victory in the first one and a winner of the second that left soon after. If the event was to mean anything, big names had to win it. And who's bigger than Hogan? Hogan winning was as much about putting over the Rumble as it was putting over Hogan.

So yeah, I don't think he did make that call, and if he did, no-one's ever produced evidence. Where's Lanny Poffo discussing it? Or HBK or Barbarian or anyone else involved in it? It's a rumor with no basis in fact. And I can see a perfectly logic reason for Hogan to win without him pulling a power play, so… Yeah.

what was the deal at Wrestlemania 5? one of the Rougeau's goes for a body slam on one of the Bushwhackers and either Luke or Butch starts rubbing their crotch


And he's just trying to base himself. When you get slammed, you gotta support your weight somehow, so he's trying to get a good grip and support his weight.

Some answers are just simple and boring.

Why does the Royal Rumble 1992 get so much love? it gets almost universal acclaim these days but aside from a good New Foundation/Orient Express opening match, the rest of the undercard is weak and there have been better Rumbles (1990, 1991)

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and thus you are free to not like the show. But, for the most part, everyone who likes the event tends to just focus on the Rumble match and not the show overall, people who love that Rumble tend to ignore the undercard and focus on Ric Flair's arrival in the WWF as he wrestles for 60 minutes against the best the WWF has and outlasts them all in a nearly flawlessly booked match where he wins the WWF Title and is basically awesome for an hour. That's what most people like, Ric Flair being awesome for long periods of time.

But true, that's not the event as a whole, so people should specify that it's just the match they love, or not…

(Although sorry, but 1990 and 1991 are NOT better Rumbles. I'm all for opinions and freedom of expression but some opinions are objectively wrong.)

And moving quickly on from that snark to J.P who asks about TAKA and... me?

I would like to know about what happened with Kaentai and specifically to a Mr. Taka Michonoku? I know Taka was pushed as the next Japanese Bret Hart, which never happened. I honestly really liked Taka and his style of wrestling.

Taka left WWF in 2001, breaking up Kaientai, in order to rehab a shoulder injury. Funaki lasted a lot longer, before he left in 2010 due to neck surgery. Taka started wrestling again in 2002 for Kaientai Dojo, a company he founded and runs today. He also wrestles for anyone who wants to book him that he can fit in, he also is a regular competitor in New Japan Pro Wrestling. As well as wrestling and running a company, he trains people, while Funaki has a school in Texas.

So yeah, Taka still wrestles often in Japan.

The second question is more business oriented. I know that the WWE is a publically traded company however, I have recently discovered that you have not revealed your degree. As a Vince McMahon I would hire employees that have a background that I would not specialise in. Specifically, in psychology and maybe a business major perhaps an MBA? There are many ways to invoke what is best for business. I know that Triple H for all his shortcomings understands what has is best for business but Stephanie for all her shortcomings does not. I think that Shane McMahon has all the intelligence and foresight to bring the company forward. I honestly want pro-wrestling to succeed as I am an obvious fan.

My degree is a Bachelor of Commerce: Statistics (Operations Research), which is Logistics and Problem Solving degree. Although I haven't used the skills in quite a while, I might go back for a refresher at some point if/when I get rich.

Jeff wants a list of titles.

The WWE had an article up this week about championships that we never knew existed. Would you be able to tell us all the championships that the WWE/WWF/WWE has ever had? Thanks!

Including belts they had due to buying companies, but not listing every title name change (so WWE World Heavyweight Title = WWF Title…)

ECW Championship
Million Dollar Championship
Money In The Bank
WCW Championship
WCW Tag Team Championship
World Heavyweight Championship
World Tag Team Championship
WWE Cruiserweight Championship
WWE Divas Championship
WWE European Championship
WWE Hardcore Championship
WWE Intercontinental Championship
WWE King of the Ring
WWE Tag Team Championship
WWE United States Championship
WWE Women's Championship
WWE World Heavyweight Championship
WWF Canadian Championship
WWF Intercontinental Tag Team Championship
WWF International Heavyweight Championship
WWF International Tag Team Championship
WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship
WWF Light Heavyweight Championship
WWF North American Heavyweight Championship
WWF United States Tag Team Championship
WWF Women's Tag Team Championship
WWF World Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship
WWWF United States Championship

The Roach asks about clothing. But I can answer this one!

This may be a very random question but I've been wondering this for years: When did Hulk Hogan settle on yellow & red as his "official" colors? I remember his early run a champ with the all white combo or white trunks & boots combo with either blue or red knee pads & the all baby blue combo. There was even yellow & white. His black & silver combo from Japan and the red, white & black combos from his AWA run. How & when was it decided that yellow & red would be his colors moving forward?

According to Hulk Hogan himself in his book ‘My Life Outside The Ring', he says…

"A lot of people think Wrestlemania III was the first time I ever bodyslammed Andre, but that was just the first time it happened on national television. On August 9, 1980, at a completely sold-out Shea Stadium in front of almost sixty thousand people- that's when I bodyslammed Andre for the very first time.

It wasn't seen widely on American TV, but it aired in Japan, where wrestling was about the biggest sport in the world. After that, the legend of the power of Hulk Hogan started spreading all over the globe like wildfire.

I'd settled in on the red and yellow colors. I'd perfected the Atomic Leg Drop…"

So, assuming he's right, about that time.

Self Promotion of me vs. Concrete Davidson, you know, guy you should buy stuff off.

And more self promotion!

And Botchamania! Including Game of Thrones spoilers!

JJ asks about a forgotten angle.

What was the purpose of the Nexus helping Kane bury the Undertaker at Bragging Rights 2010? Was there meant to be a feud born out of this?

The original plan was that when Undertaker returned he'd naturally seek revenge on Nexus and demand Wade Barrett at Wrestlemania, Barrett would challenge for the streak. Simple enough booking.

But between Bragging Rights and WM, Taker realised that his days of regular wrestling were done, after surgery meant he'd never have full motion back, and so he had to move to WM only, and then HHH decided he had to fight Taker instead, and so Wade was left out in the cold. Plus Wade suffered setbacks and depushes and the like between the two points, so it eventually became clear he wasn't going to get it anyway.

But yeah, Wade/Taker for the Streak was the plan.

From changed booking to unexplained booking, Travis takes us to WCW.

So I finally got the network, yeah that one, and rewatched spring stampede 99 first thing. I remember how it all went down but did they ever explain why macho man was helping ddp? Because page spent that summer battling nash for the title.

It was more a matter of converging interests. Savage was more annoyed at Flair as president jerking him around and so broke up Flair's chance at winning the belt, and DDP capitalised on it. The next Nitro, they started with a segment were Savage was all "Congrats, but I gave you the title" and DDP blew him off before he was attacked by Steiner.

Over the next couple of weeks, Savage got into a program with Flair while DDP went heel as he desperately kept hold of the title he was handed by using weapons and his wife and cheap shots and the like. And while Savage and DDP weren't drinking buddies, they kept getting aligned as Flair didn't like DDP, so Savage kept helping DDP to screw over Flair.

Possibly they were building to a team up, but once Nash won the title Page dropped back down to the tag ranks with the Triad as Savage and Nash went at it. But at the time, Savage was helping Page just to screw over Flair, who he hated more at the time.

Rahil gets a couple questions answered this week.

What does D.T.O.M stand for on the back of Mr Anderson`s tights ?????

Don't Tread On Me, or rather Don't Tread On Mr. Anderson, given his later t-shirt.

Does the code Hardcore 5150 (Bully Ray) have any special meaning, like Homicide`s notorious 187 for "criminally insane" ?????

You've got that backwards. California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 5150 allows for "a qualified officer or clinician to involuntarily confine a person suspected to have a mental disorder that makes him or her a danger to self, a danger to others, and/or gravely disabled." This has evolved to mean that a 5150 is a crazy person.

187 is the California Penal Code section number describing murder. Both numbers have entered ‘common' vocab via rap music and the like, where 187 is a synonym for murder and 5150 the same for crazy.

Rich has a simple question.

Whatever happened to - Kaicho Ramu?

Kaicho Ramu, a.k.a Chairman/President Ramu is a wrestler you've probably already seen without seeing her, as her gimmick was that she was a little girl possessed by a demon.

She began in 2005 while still in Elementary school, working mostly for 666 which is a legit Japanese promotion. She retired in 2009 to focus on school, her final match coming at the end of 2009 against Tajiri.

Although I, for one, am hoping for a comeback. A four year vet at 18 or so? That's a hell of a start…

Chris wants to know about Andre and his fears.

I am watching the netwwerk and a question popped into my head. Was Andre really scared of snakes?

I've seen a few places claim he legitimately had a fear, but he doesn't seem too put out there, so I wager no, he didn't. At least not to an extreme degree, he may well have had a minor issue with them, but nothing like was claimed.

Carl asks about laziness.

This week's question about tag partners breaking up a pin reminded me of something that's always kind of bugged me. The referee starts counting, the partner more or less just falls on top of the opponent, and the count stops. The opponent is still on top and the guy being pinned didn't get a shoulder up. Why does the count stop? Is it just being lazy or is there supposed to be some sort of rule that no one can touch the guy going for the pin during the attempt?

You're supposed to be breaking the cover by creating space between the two men. I broke up a cover last weekend by grabbing a foot and rolling them over forward. However to actually create distance is hard to do quickly, so what has occurred is a sort of evolution wherein now, apparently, when a ref counts a fall, he or she checks after every slap of the mat to see if anything is interfering in the fall. And a partner smacking their opponent during a cover is now considered interference.

But yeah, it's laziness that has evolved into a legit rule, or as legit as rules get in wrestling.

Edwin asks about Yokozuna.

Few questions for you after watching Raw flashbacks on the Network

1. Back in 93', Tatanka seemed to be in line for a major push after some interactions with Yokozuna (including being knocked on the shelf for a couple months). But don't remember a payoff. Did anything come of this?

Sure did, the two had a house show series in early 1994, in the lead up to Wrestlemania X, Yoko and Tatanka had several matches on house shows and actually drew surprisingly well. Not enough to change any plans or anything, but enough to be a surprise stand out at the time. They didn't get an on-air payoff, no, but the two did work together.

3. They advertised Bret Hart vs Yokozuna to face off in a WrestleMania rematch the weekend of Survivor Series but I can seem to find any footage of this. Did anything come of it?

Which year? In 95 they had some tag matches but I couldn't find a singles match…

One Man's (Important) Opinion

Edwin has his second question here.

2. If Yokozuna would have maintained his weight, how do you think he would have fit in going forward and be remembered today?

WWF wanted to keep him, and there was supposedly an open offer if he could get back to 400lbs. WWF liked him, but at his heaviest he was having trouble passing some states' athletic commissions. So if you assume that he was able to get down to that weight, WWF would have kept him around easy, unless WCW offered him a fat paycheck.

Going forward in WWF, the rumor I keep seeing floated was joining the Hart Foundation as the ‘muscle', and beyond that he'd be in the upper mid card, probably holding the IC title a couple times and generally being a solid freak show style workhorse. He was grossly overweight but he could work after all.

In terms of remembrance, he'd probably be remembered about the same as he is now, except with less negatives with stuff like Heroes of Wrestling, unless the Attitude era led to some big character change (he could finally embrace his heritage and join the Nation of Domination and team with The Rock and/or Mark Henry…) that altered his perception, he would be about the same he is today, really.

Michael Ornelas is back with a couple questions for all of us.

I was watching the most recent edition of SmackDown where they did El Torito vs. Hornswoggle and it got me thinking: what are some generally accepted "great" matches involving little people (if there are any)? I saw El Torito when he was Mascarita Dorada (I think) in CHIKARA, and he impressed me there as well as what he's been allowed to do in WWE. Thanks!

NewLegacyInc's ones.

I'm including this in the opinion section because I'm not THAT sure about my answer, which is "There are no such matches", in that I don't know of any matches that are generally accepted as being awesome but with little people. The stuff Hornswoggle and El Torito is pretty much as close to it as there's ever been, and there's plenty of people who think they've been stupid and unfunny. The six man tag at Royal Rumble 98 is seen as ok by most I think, and the Doink V Jerry Lawler led Survivor Series team match from 1994 is entertaining crap as some have put it. But a truly great match with little people, I'm sure there's been lots in Mexico, but most people haven't seen them.

But am I way off base here? I can't really speak for you, the people here, so speak now or forever hold your peace.

Or at least for a week or so.

Let's say that there's a revolutionary medical advancement that happens tomorrow, and virtually any muscle, spine, neck, or bone injury can be healed back to pretty close to 100%. If you could take any three professional wrestlers that are still alive, but were forced into an early retirement due to injuries, and have them return to action in whatever promotion you like, who would they be, and how would you integrate them back into the current landscape of wrestling after such lengthy absences?

Now, in discussion with Michael, we established that this medical achievement wasn't a miracle in the sense that it couldn't stop father time. So that's the problem with going with Austin, in that sure, he'll be able to compete, but he's 49, he won't be able to compete for long.

So who do you take? I think the first is a gimme, in that this is tailor made for Edge. He's only 40, which is young enough here, and he's got the obvious injury to heal up. As for bringing him back, in the weeks leading up to Money In The Bank, everyone involved in the MITB match keeps getting laid out backstage by an unknown assailant, we only see a flash of black leather once or twice. Final Raw before the PPV, the entrants all band together and demand The Authority stop this guy. Authority, believing it's Bryan who for some reason has lied about his injury, give an ultimatum for him to come to the ring and show himself. He appears backstage and through a modulator, offers a compromise. Authority picks one guy from the MITB entrants, and he wrestles him tonight. Authority's guy wins? He'll unmask. He wins? He gets into match. Authority agree and pick Orton, Shield cost Orton match, Mystery Man enters MITB, Mystery Man wins title, unmasks as Edge, becomes tweener wild card champ who is only out for himself and is a man alone as the Champ. Maybe give him Christian as a manager.

(Christian would be my #2 if he was officially retired, btw.)

Mick Foley is my #2 pick though, more for the fact that I hate how beaten up he is and I want him to be comfortable, I would just have him go through the procedure then go home. But if he had to wrestle at least once, bring him in to partner with Seth Rollins as Authority's gift to Rollins to help him destroy The Shield, reference the Foley/Ambrose feud that wasn't, Foley puts over everyone involved, Cactus Jack jobs to Ambrose at WM31 and then goes home and enjoys his life. Maybe comes back to manage Dewey/Noelle/Whomever if they chose to get into wrestling.

(Man, Charlotte w/Ric V Noelle w/Mick? That would be pretty damn cool…)

Pick 3… There's a problem in that most of the people I want to take have retired but it's unsure as to why/how. But, one man does fit the bill. When Daniel Bryan does come back, The Authority (yes, I know all these run off that angle. But it's the main angle in the biggest company so…) discuss how he's been gone for a while, and he can't just come back and expect title shots and main events. Instead, he's gonna start at the bottom again, and his first match back will be at Summerslam against WWE's newest signee. As Bryan asks who, he gets a lariat from behind as Harrison Harcourt or whatever WWE wants to call Nigel McGuinness beats the hell out of Bryan. He and Bryan then have several long professional wrestling matches that are outstanding. (Given WWE doesn't blade any more, the question as to if the machine can cure Hep B is somewhat irrelevant).

But that's just me. You may well have other ideas. Do please share them below, and we can argue about them next week! Until then, check me out in 4 Player Co-Op and I'll see you later!


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