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Looking at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on WWE Monday Night Raw (6.23.14)
Posted by Justin Watry on 06.23.2014

What an epic week it is sure to be! Right of Honor returned to pay-per-view last night. WWE Raw just went off the air. This Wednesday is the season premiere of Big Brother on CBS, which continues on Thursday (sorry folks, no TNA Impact Wrestling for me). Then we get Smackdown on Friday and the Money in the Bank PPV on Sunday. Oh yes, I am ready! Okay, no more blabbering about nothing. I think I wasted enough space. When finished with this, go read my new column already posted. For now, bring on WWE RAW using my classic Good/Bad/Ugly format to recap!

The Good
Opening Segment Excellence - All my years of being a Vickie Guerrero fan. All my years defending her being on television. All my years of talking about how great she is. All my years hyping up her promo skills. Ladies and gentlemen, that is my payoff. What a segment! I am tired of the authority figure nonsense, make no mistake. That ran its course months ago. However, Stephanie McMahon is looking fine these days, and Vickie has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine. Look no further than my praise of her segments last week. Back to tonight - wow, was that Washington DC live crowd on FIRE! My long-time fandom of Vickie was vindicated, and now I sit back as everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. Ahhh...how sweet it is.

Luke Harper Wins - Nice new theme. If Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are separating from Bray Wyatt, it makes sense. Harper beating Jimmy Uso so quickly was questionable, but there was Rowan/Jey up next, so it all just kind of blended into a longer segment.

Erick Rowan Loses - Nothing really wrong here. Nothing great either. Just did not get into it. I expect a good tag team title match on Sunday at Money in the Bank. On Raw though, it was a split. Usos were left laying afterwards. Then Bray Wyatt cut a promo on collecting all the gold at the PPV. At least I think that is what he was talking about. I can never be sure. Solid work here.

Rusev/Lana Promo - Just a short yet effective way to take advantage of being in Washington DC.

Sheamus/Roman Reigns Backstage - Good segment. Hype the RAW tag team main event but remind viewers of the PPV WWE World Title match also. Interesting Sheamus was basically set up to be booed where as Reigns continues to be treated like the 'cool guy' in the room. It works.

Triple H/Seth Rollins/Rob Van Dam Talk - Couple of points: 1. Kudos to Triple H for putting over everybody in the match as being a big deal, even though we know better. Even though he made a joke about Rob Van Dam, it did play into the next part. 2. Seth Rollins and even RVD did a great job on the mic. Very surprising that came exchange came off well. Since Rob got in a rebuttal about HHH, the earlier joke was forgotten. 3. Said it before and will again. RVD is the near perfect use of a par-time legend in 2014. Shows up, does his thing on the big stage, loses more often than not but retains credibility and has the option of recharging his batteries every few months.

Rollins VS. RVD - Would have liked a clean finish...but I figured Dean Ambrose was lurking around somewhere. Especially when HHH left him out of the MITB lineup. Good intensity here and quality tease for Sunday night. Later on in a backstage segment, Ambrose was added to the match on Sunday. Can only assume it will come down to Rollins or Ambrose winning the briefcase, right? Unless one of the others suddenly steps up.

Bad News Barrett VS. Dolph Ziggler - The mach was highly entertaining, so that is why it gets placed in the "Good" section. On the whole, I am just unsure of what the IC Championship is supposed to do. Build future main eventers? Title defended weekly or almost weekly? Fill 20 minutes of in-ring action you know will be passable? Okay, Bad News Barrett retained over Dolph Ziggler...BUT both are in the MITB ladder match for a belt(s) above the IC Title. Please somebody explain to me the purpose of the IC Title in 2014.

Thank You Vickie! - I promised myself I would not cry. Very cool sendoff with Eddie Guerrero's music playing and FINALLY getting some payback on Stephanie after taking so much flack. Going to miss Vickie being in WWE. Hope she returns. Very under rated talent.

John Cena Interview - Usual rally promo six days before the pay-per-view from John Cena. Mock it all you want, but this is exactly the type of thing your top star SHOULD do leading into every major event.

Main Event Match - Rematch from Smackdown, which was seen by over 2.7 million viewers on Friday. Obviously with all the performers involved, you knew it would be worth watching again though. Leading into Money in the Bank, it was your standard "throw them all in a tag bout six days before the PPV" situation. I am okay with that. It gets all the wrestlers in the main event of Raw and gives the live crowd a final match worth investing into. Really thought Cesaro and Roman Reigns stood out the most. Good for Sheamus winning. Doubt he will on Sunday, so that fits. Could have done without Kane being inserted late. Yeah, he was due a WWE World Title match but meh. Roman Reigns spears Kane and stands all.

The Bad
Naomi Defeats Alicia Fox - What a mess. I WANT to enjoy the WWE Divas matches and segments. I WANT to! Sadly, that has not been the case as of late. Paige defends her title against Naomi at MITB. Surely, Cameron will be at ringside for this.

Stardust/Goldust - The backstage segment was funny. I admit it. I am just beyond past the point of caring about them as a tag team. Get to the breakup...and let Cody Rhodes be, um...CODY RHODES!

Jack Swagger VS. Kofi Kingston - Filler is filler. Jack Swagger makes Kofi Kingston tap out.

Damien Sandow VS. Big E - *sigh* Seriously, what was that? The entire segment made me long for the days of two hour Raws. How I miss them. Thankfully, Lana was out there.

The Ugly
Bo Dallas Defeats Titus O'Neil - Time for the next step now. We get it. Oh, those bo-tter fingers...

Alberto Del Rio/Cesaro Interview - Paul Heyman was the best part of this, and he is not even in a match Sunday on PPV. Del Rio has next to no chance on Sunday. I THOUGHT Cesaro was a favorite but not so much at the moment. We shall see...always up for a good surprise.

BIG Problem For The MITB Winner - A big problem is coming. Big! Regardless of who wins the briefcase on Sunday, they will be facing a massive hurdle during the next 365 days. I wrote about it in full detail over on another website (Jay's Ways column). Posted yesterday. Go find the column.

Self-Promoting Finale
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Thanks for reading. What did YOU think of WWE RAW tonight?


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