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411's Roundtable Preview: WWE Money in the Bank 2014
Posted by Sean Garmer on 06.28.2014

 photo 411RoundtablePic_zpsa9f026c3.jpg


This year's edition of WWE Money in the Bank, will be known as the PPV where a new WWE Champion was crowned, seeing as Daniel Bryan had to be stripped of the belt due to injury. Hopefully, you have already ordered the WWE Network so that you can watch Money in the Bank and future WWE PPV's for $10 a month. If you haven't, I guess there's always PPV or other means to watch the show as well. As has become tradition for many years now, Money in the Bank will also be where a possible future WWE Champion will be decided in a Money in the Bank Ladder match. Plus the Tag Team Titles and Divas Championship is on the line as well. So, let's get on with those match predictions.

The Staff

Michael Weyer, Shining A Spotlight

Justin Watry, Truth And Lies, Good & Bad

Mike Hammerlock, The Wrestling Zone 8-Ball

Daniel Anderson, Games Fact or Fiction Organizer, Cooperative Multiplayer Podcast

Wyatt Beougher, Wrestling Zone Columnist, MMA Fact or Fiction Organizer

Jack Bramma, Ring Crew Reviews

Andrew Shillinglaw, WWE Superstars Reporter

Gary Vaughan Jr., Wrestling 2 the MAX Podcast

Paul Leazar, Wrestling 2 the MAX Podcast

Sean Garmer, WWE Roundtable Organizer, Wrestling 2 the MAX Podcast, Games Top 5 Organizer, Cooperative Multiplayer Podcast

 photo MoneyintheBank2014Poster.png

 photo GoldustampStardust.jpg

Goldust & Stardust vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel
Tag Team Match

Michael Weyer: Ugh. I mean, it should be a good match, maybe better than we think but this entire "Stardust" thing really isn't fitting Cody well. I'd love if it signals a heel turn as the guy is great there but still seems they're dragging it out. I'll go with the Rhodes boys for the win but hoping we see Cody sans makeup soon, guy deserves better than that.

Winners: Goldust and Stardust

Justin Watry: Not picking Curtis Axel to win. No way that is happening. As for Stardust and Goldust, while the backstage segment on Raw was funny, I am ready for the breakup. I have been ready for months now. Just seems like filler to get to the eventual feud between the brothers. There were rumors awhile ago that Goldust is signed through Summerslam. Maybe that is what we are waiting for? August. Whatever, just get to the point and let Cody Rhodes be CODY RHODES!

Winners: Goldust and Stardust

Mike Hammerlock: What do we call the new Rhodes brothers incarnation? Gold Star? BroDust? Lamé? The world needs to know. They'll be winning this match. RybAxel has made strides, but they've gotten all the rub they were going to get from this storyline. I'm kind of hoping the Rhodes boys get the Ascension after this.

Winner: Cody and Dustin

Daniel Anderson: I really hope this will be the last feud before the Rhodes get another shot at the tag titles. I see the Rhodes winning here, but then getting beaten down afterwards to stretch the feud to after Summerslam. I would really like seeing a Goldust and Stardust vs. The Wyatt Family for the tag belts after Summerslam.

Winners: Goldust and Stardust

Wyatt Beougher: RybAxel are secretly one of the best parts of the show every time that they're on-screen, and the Dust Brothers could easily become one of my favorite tag teams if they keep them together. Like everyone else, I assumed that this was all building up to Cody turning on Goldust, but I'd very much like to see the Rhodes brothers disband amicably, whether it's because of Dustin's contract expiring or just both of them moving on to pursue other interests. This is going to be a fun match, and the outcome is going to be entirely dependent on where they decide to go with the Rhodes brothers - if they want the break-up, expect RybAxel to pick up the win; if not, then the Dust Brothers should go over. I'm hoping for the latter.

Winner: The Dust Brothers

Jack Bramma: Rybaxel is one of my favorite acts on the show that has zero chance of ever going anywhere beyond glorified enhancement talent, at least while they are together. They seem to improve more and more as each week and month passes, but they're troll characters are more amusing than threatening. Cody is having the run of his life the past 2 years or so – the baggers, Rhodes Scholar, the love-stache, his performance in MITB, the Rhodes Brothers, and now Stardust. Here's hoping that Cody gets his due and the Dust Brothers get another run rather than break-up two weeks from now and feud.

Winner: All that Glitters are Stars and Gold

Andrew Shillinglaw: I feel like I'm the only person in the world that doesn't like Stardust. I feel like it's a total step down for Cody, who would be a PERFECT candidate to win a briefcase this year if they were using him correctly. Either way, the good thing about Cody is that he fully embraces whatever he's given. He did the same when he was wearing the facemask. Because of that, Stardust has been entertaining as much as I want to hate it. Stardust and Goldust will take this and get their win back on RybAxel. It's booking 101, folks.

Winner: Stardust & Goldust

Paul Leazar: I'm sure this match will just be more of the same we got with their match when Stardust debuted a couple of weeks ago on RAW. Goldust and Stardust will get the win here for sure.

Winners: Stardust & Goldust

Gary Vaughan Jr. I'm quickly becoming a fan of Stardust. Sure, he is a stranger version of Goldust, but at least he isn't a complete carbon copy. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would debate me on that statement, but it's just my honest opinion. Stardust is just fun to watch. Then when you add some classic Goldust, you have a tag team made in Hollywood. At the moment the Rhodes brothers, or you might call them Team Goldy, are on a hot streak. Rybaxel on the other hand are hot and cold. If you ask me, Goldust and Stardust are going to clearly win their match against Rybaxel. It simply just makes sense and it's what the fans want to see.

Winners: Goldust & Stardust

Sean Garmer: Stardust is an inventive way to prolong the Goldust and Cody break-up until Battleground or whenever they want to pull the trigger on Cody turning on Goldust to setup a brother vs. brother match at Summerslam. I've really enjoyed the Stardust character and how Cody has embraced the character and made it his own. The brothers should win here to solidify that Stardust should be Goldie's partner and let's see if the team is given any sort of legs, or if this is just a quick turn for Cody.

Winners: Stardust & Goldust

 photo UsosvsWyatts.jpg

(Champions) The Usos vs. Wyatt Family
Tag Team Championship Match

Michael Weyer: Nice to see the tag belts get attention here, tricky picking winner. Yes, the Usos are good but the Wyatts need more of a push and getting the titles would be a good step for it. I see a wild match to fire up the crowd, Usos doing their best but in the end the freaks get the gold to push them more for their unique air and a rising act in the company.

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: The Wyatts

Justin Watry: Toss up here. Everyone assumes The Usos lose the tag team titles here, but I am not so sure. The Ascension keep working dark matches at the television tapings. With those two getting close to a main roster spot, the tag champs will surely have to be faces (Usos). However, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper DID just get new music. Just a small thing, I know...yet could mean so much more. Such a tough predictions - not the easy pick it seems on paper. I will go with new champions but with absolutely zero confidence. Usos just may retain here.

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: The Wyatts

Mike Hammerlock: Like the MITB matches, this should get a fat allotment of time, which means this could be the tag team match of the year. I have been waiting for the Usos to get a high profile match like this for a couple of years. I expect them to be dynamite. The Wyatts too. In terms of who gets the win here, I think it should be the Usos. The challenge with rebuilding the tag division is making it seem like the folks on top are special. The Usos haven't gotten their signature moment yet and this could be it. Harper and Rowan will have more chances down the road.

Winner: The Usos

Daniel Anderson: This match is a tough one to pick. The Wyatt Family needs something to do, but I have a feeling this is a little too soon to give them the belts. I see this being a close match with the Wyatts either cheating and barely losing, or getting DQed. However it happens, I do not think we will be seeing a Tag Title change until Summerslam.

Winner: The Usos

Wyatt Beougher: The Usos will have been tag team champions for 118 days when Money in the Bank rolls around, which is already two weeks longer than the Rhodes Brotherhood held the belts. And I don't mean to take anything away from the Usos, because as a kid, I would've absolutely loved these guys - exciting in the ring (in a tag format - their singles matches are less so), cool face paint and tattoos, a fun entrance - and I don't mind them a bit as an adult. But I'm an unabashed mark for the Wyatt Family, and I think if they want to salvage any of the Family's momentum after Cena continually embarrassed them for the past three months, giving them the tag titles would be a good start. Giving Bray the WWE World Heavyweight championship would be even better, but since I don't see that happening, I look for Harper and Rowan to pick up the win here.

Winner and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: The Wyatt Family

Jack Bramma: As I run through the card, I'm predicting a bunch of heels to take everything of import – the belt, the tag belts, the MITB briecase. It's highly unlikely that all of those come to pass, so some of them just can't come true unless the WWE sets a record in sending the fans home unhappy. In the handicapping though, I think it's much more likely for The Wyatts to take the tag straps than Bray to take the belt, even if I'm predicting both. The Usos are kind of stuck in neutral with no natural feuds or opponents; they are just filling in as Cena's backup when necessary. The tag division has hit a bit of a slump ever since the NAO took the belts and Cody and Goldust hit the skids. A good way to get the division back on track would be dominant heel champs and having the Usos chase or more likely, the re-established Polka Dot brothers. Against my better judgment, I'm sensing a Wyatt Family sweep tonight.

Winner: The Wyatts

Andrew Shillinglaw: I love Luke Harper. I have loved Luke Harper since his days in CHIKARA. I also think that he plays his role just as well as Bray Wyatt, but nobody gives him the credit that they give Bray. But just look at him. He's got creepy eyes like nobody I've ever seen. Rowan plays his part astoundingly well and has improved a great amount, but I just wanted to use this stage to flaunt my Harper hero worship. The Usos are also great. They're easily the golden boys of the division. This match will be very, very good. I do think that the Usos hold on though, leading into a tiny program with Stardust and Goldust who eventually win. That's what I'm saying.

Winner: The Usos

Paul Leazar: I feel like this should will be a really fun, well worked match too. There is a bunch of history behind this match as well for folk who watched these two teams tear it up in NXT as well, but even if you didn't, I feel like RAW gave us a pretty good incentive to care somewhat about this match. I feel like this match could go either way, but at the end of the day, I think the Wyatt's take the belts here, but this will by no means be the end of this "feud".

Winner: Wyatt Family

Gary Vaughan Jr:. The Usos have looked really good as of late. Jimmy and Jey Uso have stepped up their game to a new level as they've continued on with their hot run in WWE. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan plan on being the brick wall that will stop the momentum the Usos have had for some time now. I expect plenty of high spots and nasty falls during this match. When the dust settles, I believe the Rowan and Harper will be wearing tag team gold.

Winner: Wyatt Family

Sean Garmer: This should be a very good match and I hope they give it time to stand by itself, because with these four involved the match could steal the show. They have done so much with the Wyatts recently and even going back to WWE pulling a "Dusty Finish" on a house show with The Wyatts, you have to imagine WWE plans on them becoming Tag Champions at some point. I think this would be the time to have Bray be proud of his followers after a terrific match and the decimation of The Usos on this night.


 photo PaigevsNaomi.jpg

(Champion) Paige vs. Naomi
WWE Divas Championship Match

Michael Weyer: Pretty forgettable overall, Paige is doing better as champ but don't see this becoming something really memorable. Paige retains, the match is there and at least the ladies are doing something besides crappy reality TV.

Winner and STILL Divas Champion: Paige

Justin Watry: Paige retains. She just needs a new, fresh opponent to make the Divas Division interesting. If AJ Lee is not an option, there are not that many enticing options. No thanks to Cameron. No thanks to the Bellas. Alicia Fox just had her chance. Maybe Layla? I wonder what Emma is doing these days....you know that big dance craze from her NXT days? Yeah. Any word on what Kharma is up to?

Winner and STILL Divas Champion: Paige

Mike Hammerlock: Paige was fun in NXT. In the WWE she bores me to tears. Near as I can tell live crowds are ignoring her. It happens sometimes when you get hotshot straight into a belt. People want to figure out that you're the next big thing not be told that you're the next big thing. Rocky Maivia went over like a lead balloon, but he managed to have a strong second act. Meanwhile Naomi and Cameron seemed destined for a split up. Too bad, that entrance is money. Yet it would create an instant feud if Naomi wins the belt, one that's way more interesting than anything Paige has been doing.

Winner: Naomi

Daniel Anderson: I really wish the Divas division was something that was worth watching. Right now it just feels like they are throwing matches out there to kill the crowd, champion or no champion. Anyway, I see Paige retaining here in a match that few will remember 5 minutes after it is over.

Winner and STILL Divas Champion: Paige

Wyatt Beougher: Paige has to win this match, and she has to look strong doing it. She's already lost non-title matches to Alicia Fox and Naomi, and aside from a couple of dominant wins against Cameron and one against Tamina, she hasn't really been made to look like a strong, dominant champion. With Summer Rae back from shooting The Marine 4, Sasha Banks ready to be called up from NXT, and Alicia Fox doing some of the best work of her career, there's really no shortage of challengers for Paige, so wasting her in a face-face match-up because Aksana injured Naomi and she couldn't get her one-on-one shot against AJ seems counterproductive. More than likely, this will end with Cameron costing Naomi the match, and the Funkadactyls will split off to do their break-up angle and Paige will move on to face another challenger, one who they'll hopefully give a little more build and story.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Paige

Jack Bramma: Paige because.

Winner: Paige

Andrew Shillinglaw: Paige seems to be getting the same treatment that AJ did. It's the Smackdown vs. Raw approach to feuding. A random diva shows up. The two feud. Paige wins. On Monday, the cycle restarts. The WWE booking staff refuses to give the divas anything of substance, and you cannot convince me that Alicia Fox randomly breaking up with announcers and pouring soda on herself was compelling. Either way, Paige takes this handily.

Winner: Paige

Paul Leazar: I feel like this match should be pretty good, which will hopefully get some people that didn't watch NXT to care about these two extremely talented Divas. Paige to retain via a DQ when Cameron decides to stick her nose into the match.

Winner: Paige (via DQ)

Gary Vaughan Jr. If you are anxiously anticipating this match, you are either a huge fan of one of these Divas or you just like matchups with the least amount of build up possible. WWE has been treating the Divas division like a red headed step child. That's why we are getting a Divas Championship match with so little heat. The saving grace for this match is the two Divas involved in it. Paige is a rising star that is slowly growing right before our eyes. Naomi is a relentless Diva with the right amount of wrestling ability to have a really good match. Together, I believe this match will be a proving ground for both competitors. I look for some great moments to come out of this match, but I don't believe the match will get enough time to be anything special. Paige should retain her title, despite the fact that Naomi winning would not be a bad thing for WWE.

Winner: Paige

Sean Garmer: I'm actually interested in this match because it is the first time that Paige has been given a title defense against a Diva that truly matches her talent. Naomi and Paige could put on a pretty decent match if WWE decides to give them time. However, I imagine that they are not just involving Cameron in this feud for show. Cameron's spat with Paige on commentary will probably lead to her attacking Paige out of jealousy during the match, which costs Naomi her title shot, and perhaps we see the Funkadactyls feud as a result.

Winner: Paige (via DQ):

 photo MITBLadderMatch.jpg

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Bad News Barrett, Rob Van Dam
Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Michael Weyer: Kofi is pretty much in the Shelton Benjamin role now of the guy to steal the show with crazy spots and should do well with it, especially with Ziggler and RVD. Barrett's injury robs him of any chance but let's face it, it's coming down to Rollins vs Ambrose anyhow. While it would be good to have Amrbose win, I see it going to Rollins to continue his heel turn and push him more for a title match with Cena. Either way, it should be a wild match, plenty of fun spots around and remind us why MITB is a big deal.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Justin Watry: Conventional wisdom says there are only two men who could win the Money in the Bank briefcase. Trust me, I follow the KISS Method and am NOT really a fan of fantasy booking, shocking moments, and pointless swerves. That junk is often done for all the wrong reasons. In this case? Logic points towards either Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose winning. Well, in a rare move, I am going for a stunner. Dean Ambrose has made it clear he is just showing up to cause chaos. In other words, his sole purpose is to cost Seth Rollins the match. Despite the gusto shown on Raw from Rollins, I believe Ambrose will succeed in costing his former stablemate the match. In the process, he also costs himself the match. Think of Mick Foley/Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble in 2004. Now, that begs the question: If the two favorites lose, who actually wins? I have no clue. Maybe you give Bad News Barrett a serious run. Maybe Dolph Ziggler gets another shot, just as CM Punk did with two MITB briefcases in a row. Hey, Jack Swagger is talent and a former World Champion. Long story short, my prediction is Ambrose costs Rollins AND himself the match...leading to a Battleground showdown while somebody else grabs the briefcase. Keep in mind I wrote last week in a column (on another website) that no matter who wins the briefcase, they are facing a BIG PROBLEM during the next 365 days. Big problem!

Winner: NOT Seth Rollins & NOT Dean Ambrose

Mike Hammerlock: I'd be happy with anyone but RVD winning. Like the title match, this should be an outstanding affair. Given that the card is almost bereft of matches a few days before the event takes place, you've got to figure this gets a ton of time. As I mentioned in my column earlier in the week, Rollins and Ambrose might turn into a match within a match. I'm also curious to see if someone jumps in at the last minute to replace Barrett (reportedly injured and possibly unable to compete on Sunday at the time I'm typing this). The win likely comes down to the two former Shield guys. Ziggler, Swagger and Kofi would all be bold choices. I'd fear they'd get Sandowed, but I'm in favor of moves no one saw coming. This probably counts as the match they hope will make the IWC happy while they once again force-feed us Cena in the main event.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Daniel Anderson: Because of my opinion on who is winning the belt, I am looking forward to this match more than I am the other one. I have trouble seeing Kofi, Swagger, or RVD winning the briefcase. That leaves Rollins, Ziggler, Barrett, and Ambrose. Out of those four, Ziggler is at the point now where he probably will never win, Barrett is injured, so Ambrose and Rollins are left. Out of those two, I see Rollins coming out on top to continue the Authority vs Shield storyline with the Shield fighting for the briefcase.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Wyatt Beougher: And this is where my letdown will likely begin, especially if HashtagBeeEnnBee is really as badly injured as the rumors are intimating. I figured this was Barrett's match to win, not only because he's more over now than he's been at any point since John Cena single-handedly squashed the Nexus, but also as karma for having to job repeatedly to Irish Albino John Cena for the past month. If he truly is injured, then I think Rollins probably wins the match, gives his shot to Orton, and we get a replay of the ending of last year's Summerslam this year. This should be the more fun of the two ladder matches, as it features a younger average age (even with RVD dragging the average up by about 46 years, just as he'll drag the overall quality down quite a bit) and guys like Ziggler and Rollins who are willing to kill themselves to make others look good. I'm praying for some #GoodNews on Sunday.

Winner: Bad News Barrett

Jack Bramma: This is a slew of guys and Rollins, Ambrose, and BNB. My money would have been on Barrett before his shoulder injury. He may still compete, but probably can't take big bumps or spots likely and that all but eliminates his chances of winning the briefcase. There is still easily the possibility that Ambrose and Rollins cancel each other out, but that would leave one of the also-rans as the briefcase holder. RVD again? Ziggler again? Swagger again? Kofi never? Hell, it's more likely that Rollins wins the briefcase and cashes in at the end of the night to win the belt than either RVD, Ziggler, Swagger, or Kofi winning the briefcase, in my perspective.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Andrew Shillinglaw: This ladder match has a TON of potential here. Hopefully Barrett will be in it and that shoulder injury of his isn't too bad. I don't know the full extent of it. But really this match is full of dudes who can work and are willing to take risks, and for something like this that's what works as long as it's structured well. Your upside potential here is really big so hopefully it lives up to it. As far as a winner goes? It's hard to tell. Smart money is going to go on either Ambrose or Rollins, with whoever doesn't win chasing the other for the briefcase for a few months. I personally think that WWE believes Rollins needs the most help to keep his momentum going, so to speak. That's why they paired him with the Authority and put him in this role. Also, classic wrestling logic dictates that the heel should chase the face. I'm going with Rollins after Ambrose almost takes it.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Paul Leazar: Before Barrett's injury, I'd say we had three choices that they could be bantered about, which would be Rollins, Ambrose, and Barrett. With the injury, I really think it comes down to Rollins & Ambrose coming out with the briefcase, with Ziggler and RVD we dark horse candidates. I'm sticking with Rollins in this by some form of shenanigan, but this could either way really.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Gary Vaughan Jr.: You can go ahead and scratch off Jack Swagger along with Kofi Kingston as potential winners. Both superstars have no place in a hunt for the WWE World Heavyweight title. Rob Van Dam and Dolph Ziggler have a shot at the briefcase, bit even these two guys are ling shots to win. That only leaves Ambrose, Rollins, and Bad News Barrett. With Wade Barrett suffering an injury right before the pay-per-view, his stock has plummeted despite his status as one of my favorites to win the match. Thus, we are left with both Ambrose and Rollins. Both competitors would make sense as a briefcase winner. Though, only one of them has the best role for the briefcase. That man is Seth Rollins. As a member of The Authority, Seth can use the briefcase in multiple ways and it would make more sense storyline wise. In all, we should get a great match; along with some crazy Kofi moment somewhere in the match.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Sean Garmer: Swagger, Kofi, and RVD have no chance here. They are just there to add numbers and help create an exciting match. Considering how WWE has treated Dolph Ziggler, as the guy that is worthy of the opportunity, but will never win the big prize again. So, that leaves Bad News Barrett, who until his recent injury might have been the most logical winner and perhaps had the most to benefit from the briefcase. However, since we don't know the extent of his injury, I'm going to say it will between the two former Shield members. Ambrose wanted into the match to cause problems for Rollins and he may also have just said that to smoke screen that he will wind up the winner. But I just think this seems to be the next step for Rollins push as a heel, have him win the MITB briefcase as an ace in his pocket just in case Orton doesn't win the Championship later.

Winner: Seth Rollins

 photo WWEWorldTitleLadderMatch.jpg

John Cena, Roman Reigns, Kane, Cesaro, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio
WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match

Michael Weyer: So a good mix of guys in there. Let's say Del Rio and Sheamus are out, they've had their chances. Cesaro is a possibility, on the rise but still a bit early. Orton just had it and while another reign can be interesting, especially when Bryan returns, doesn't seem likely he gets the belt back right off. Kane is another strong contender to push the Authority but still not sure he needs yet another run. That leaves us Wyatt and Cena. Had they not been jobbing Wyatt out so much to Cena the last few months, I'd say he had a shot, the guy is getting over well and WWE can use a major new heel. However, it just feels way too early and not the right circumstances for it. And so we have Cena and I hear the groans and moans about him champ again but let's face it, the guy is the most dependable choice around. Like it or not, he gets attention and moves merchandise and is more stable as champ than most other choices. With Cena back on top, they can bide time until Bryan returns, at which points Bryan vs Cena will be a major money match. So suck it, haters, the Champ is back on top.

Winner and NEW WWE World Champion: John Cena

Justin Watry: Get ready for a long answer. You have been warned folks! Let me break it down in order of who has the worst chances all the way to the winner...

Kane - Um, no.

Alberto Del Rio - I doubt he wins. Cross him off the list.

Sheamus - Eh, he is due for a heel turn but not unnecessarily. The man is in a good spot as United States Champion, wrestling good matches, and getting regular television time. While Sheamus could always jump back into the main event scene, it does not feel like the right time.

Randy Orton - Not a BAD choice...but only if he drops the WWE World Title back to Daniel Bryan soon. Finally finish that whole thing up. Since that seems like a long shot, Mr. RKO does not seem like a smart bet.

Roman Reigns - Come on. This guy is supposedly the next big thing and headed for a huge role in WWE. That seems like a Royal Rumble victory leading to a WrestleMania title shot. Not a ladder match win for a vacant championship. Even if you are the world's biggest Roman Reigns fan, you have to know he has a bright future as THE MAN! Not now though. Not now.

Cesaro - Raise your hand if you are a big Cesaro fan. Raise your hand if you dream all day long about him winning the WWE World Championship. Now, raise your hand if you want his very first title reign to come at Money in the Bank. Now, keep that hand raised if you want him to just drop it to Daniel Bryan or Brock Lesnar less than two weeks later. See my point? If I am a fan of Cesaro (and I am), I am most certainly NOT rooting for him to win this Sunday. When he finally does become champion, it has to be a HUGE deal. Basically, read what I just wrote about Roman Reigns.

Bray Wyatt - Read above. Bray Wyatt becomes WWE World Champion! All of his fans celebrate! The younger fans quiver in fear! He is taking over the company! His faction with all the gold will run all over WWE! Yet, all signs point to Bryan or Lesnar becoming the champion in a month or two...which means Bray's first big championship run is transitional. Yippee? Hooray? I think I will pass. In other words, read what I just wrote about Cesaro.

John Cena - Just last week, I wrote that John Cena is the LAST guy I could see winning at Money in the Bank. Scratch that. John Cena is the PERFECT guy to win the WWE World Title...if the plan is for Brock Lesnar (or Daniel Bryan) to win the strap at Summerslam in August. Again, if those plans are set in stone, do you REALLY want Bray Wyatt in that spot? Would you REALLY want Cesaro to get the title and drop it a month later? Would you REALLY like it if Roman Reigns got the belt(s) just to transition it to Brock Lesnar weeks later? No! Like it or not, Cena fits either situation. If Bryan is healthy and is planned to get his title back, it makes all the sense in the world for him to face Cena in a Summerslam rematch. If things go the other way and Brock Lesnar is going to get the title, guess what? Cena can have a one or two month transitional title reign, before dropping the gold to THE BEAST in August without losing any credibility whatsoever. Need I even mention the Extreme Rules 2012 classic? Exactly. Both are big money pay-per-view draws and more than fit the bill of a WWE Summerslam main event.

Winner and NEW WWE World Champion: John Cena

Mike Hammerlock: What possessed them to put Kane in this match? Did you hear the giant yawn from the audience when he came out at the end of Raw? Best for business my ass. The match itself is fascinating. We've got two guys who under no circumstances should win: Kane and Del Rio. There's two guys who'd feel like reruns: Cena and Orton. There's one guy who'd be mildly interesting: Sheamus. And finally we have three guys who'd be all kinds of awesome: Wyatt, Reigns and Cesaro. The WWE could thrill us or it could piss us off. We should get a good match. It features seven guys who can really go ... and Kane. I'm a firm believer that transitional champs no longer make an ounce of sense. You use the belt(s) to certify a guy as a main eventer, and to tell a great story. Cesaro presents a chance to tell a great story if he has the belt and the most Paul Heyman guy of them all, Brock Lesnar, returns looking to be champion. However, I expect them to make the most conservative choice possible based on a fundamental misunderstanding what actually is best for business. It's going to be all kinds of awkward when Boston boos the crap out of the hometown boy.

Winner: John Cena

Daniel Anderson: This is a hard match to call. Not so much because anyone can win, but more because I have a feeling who is going to win, and I hope I am wrong. I want Wyatt to win (I would love seeing him do some promos with the briefcase to add to his mind games), and Cesaro coming out on top would be fun too. Sadly, I do not see either one of those two winning. Kane, Sheamus, and ADR are out too in my mind. That leaves Reigns, Orton, and Cena. Sadly, when it gets to this point, it is going to be Cena coming to the rescue (at least to the rescue of the lazy writers) with Reigns getting a teased win.

Winner and NEW WWE World Champion: John Cena

Wyatt Beougher: This will probably be the point where all of my hopes and dreams for the WWE actually making moves to promote youth and talent will be irreparably crushed. Give the belt to Reigns or Bray or Cesaro (disregard what tWatry wrote - even a transition reign for one of these guys is better than another Cena win), and people will look back at this event as something special. Give it to Cena or Orton or ADR or Sheamus or especially Kane, and it'll be just another show with more of the same from the WWE. Unfortunately, we're much more likely to get the latter, as I find it very hard to believe that John Cena doesn't win the title here. The only other guys who I think really have a shot are Alberto, because he's basically the transitional champion to end all transitional champions in the modern WWE, or Orton, because Orton. Hopefully I'm completely wrong and my heart pick (Bray) wins, but my head is telling me that he's got...*cues up Mr. McMahon's music* NO CHANCE IN HELL...of winning.


Jack Bramma: I think ADR, Sheamus, and Kane have no chance. I'm not even sure why they continue to act like Kane is a threat in these types of matches. Before he beat Ambrose last week, his last pinfall victory was over Miz back in October. His last PPV victory was with DB in Hell No against Rhodes Scholar at... ROYAL RUMBLE 2013! Yes, that's right, Kane hasn't won a PPV match in 18 months. If we look at singles, it's even worse – his last singles PPV victory was against Zack Ryder in May 2012, over 2 years ago. Cesaro could be interesting, especially if they turn him face to go against heel Brock, but it seems too soon for all that. Same for Reigns as I mentioned in FoF, number 1 faces usually win their first titles in singles matches by pinfall or submission and in this match, that's an impossibility. Reigns' time will come later. That leaves Orton, Cena, and Bray. Orton almost has to be the odd man looking out given that he already won MITB last year and won a ladder match to unify the belts last year. There just can't be that much interest in seeing that angle again. Cena is... well, he's Cena. He wins all the time the time in matches like this and is always there as a reset or return to normalcy. Instead, I'm going with Bray. There are many interesting possibilities if Bray wins and not as many if Cena or Orton wins. If Dragon is healthy enough, a DB-Wyatt title match, Cena-Brock, and Reigns-Trips SS card could be epic. Even if DB isn't healthy enough, the Fed would still have Bray drop the belt to Cena at Battleground setting up Brock-Cena for the belt. While I don't think that would be best for Bray, it gets the WWE their SS main even they want and keeps Bray in the limelight in the meantime.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Andrew Shillinglaw: The problem here is that the unpredictability is too predictable. Nobody here is ready or worth it which really brings you down to Orton or Cena, and I think the Orton run is done. Sheamus is just upper midcard and probably will be until the end of time. Wyatt, Cesaro, and Reigns are all getting great exposure here, but it's too soon for all three of them. I think it's Cena, with a reeeeeeal outside shot for Kane depending on when Bryan is set to return. This is the one of the two ladder matches that I'm not looking forward to. Sadly, Cena probably takes this.

Winner: John Cena

Paul Leazar: My feelings about this are that WWE could be booking two different ways here. If the plan to still put the WWE World Heavyweight Title on Brock Lesnar exists, then Orton or Cena (with Cena being the more likely option) will come down with the straps. If it isn't, then pretty much everybody but Del Rio & Kane have an equal shot of coming out with the belts. To me, the option with the most creative directions to go in would be to give the belts to Bray Wyatt, but we know how WWE books, and I don't imagine the plan has changed to much for them. I'm taking the slightly more risky (yet still sorta safe) option of Orton coming out with the straps somehow, but for all we know, this result still comes out as a crap shoot to me, which always makes Money In The Bank that much more thrilling to watch.

Winner: Randy Orton

Gary Vaughan Jr. The two odd balls in this match have to be Kane and Alberto Del Rio. Neither of those talents will even get close to holding the title belts. Though, the rest of this cast is very hard to navigate a winner, because all six competitors are strong candidates. You could argue the case that Roman Reigns and Cesaro are too early for a major title run. Which I would tend to agree with that, with both talents having plenty of time to reach that peal in their career. Sheamus a great shot at being the next champion, but feel like his potential as champ is not as strong as it is with a few of the other talents in this match. Therefore we are left with Bray Wyatt, John Cena, and Randy Orton are all I have left to choose from. Each competitor would do just fine with the belts; despite my personal boredom with Orton as the champion. Since this choice is difficult to predict, I'm going to go with my wildcard choice Bray Wyatt. If this does happen, my predictions will have The Family covered in gold by the end of the night. Honestly, I'm starting to like the thought of it the more I think about it

Winner: Bray Wyatt:

Sean Garmer: What I do like about this match is that we have quite a few legit contenders in this one, as opposed to the other ladder match. Everyone but Kane and Del Rio have a shot here. Sheamus will try hard and might have a moment, but he isn't winning. Cesaro looked to be the frontrunner but WWE seems to have cooled on him a lot recently. WWE have pushed the hell out of Reigns as of late, but I think between Kane, Orton, and even an interfering Triple H, they will make sure Reigns doesn't win the Championship. This leaves us with John Cena and Randy Orton who are the safest choices of all. Then there is Bray Wyatt, he is a true wildcard here. WWE could realistically even have Wyatt win and then have him lose it to Cena or someone else, depending on how the crowd reacts to him before we get to July 15. However, we know how WWE books and they rarely think outside the box.


Overall Thoughts & PPV Interest Level (from 1 being the worst to 5 being the best)

Michael Weyer: My interest for this PPV is: I'll say 3.5. This will shape up the next several months for WWE with Bryan out and give us a better idea what to expect. The ladder bouts should be good with nice spots and the tag title match has promise but otherwise, a rather forgettable show. Shouldn't be bad to watch on the Network but not really worth spending so much money on unless you really want to see WWE's plans for the future.

Justin Watry: My interest for this PPV is: I will go with a 3 right now but get closer to a 5 by Sunday afternoon. Truth be told, the build for this pay-per-view did not excite me very much or have me jacked up. Luckily though, the Money in the Bank gimmick sells itself and is sure to deliver. Two great ladder matches. One MITB briefcase and a guaranteed new WWE World Champion. Plus, Daniel Bryan being on the pre-show adds some intrigue to his wrestling future. Regardless (no matter who wins either match), there will definitely be interest heading into Raw the next night.

Mike Hammerlock: My Interest for this PPV is 4 I'm a sucker for MITB matches. They're always good. A bad MITB match is like dating an ugly bikini model. There aren't really any ugly bikini models. In the case of this year's MITB, we get a championship match and a briefcase match. That's like dating two bikini models. Usos vs. Wyatt Family promises to be a hot match too. Paige vs. Naomi could even be a decent divas match. Overall, I'm pretty pumped about this one, though I fear they're going in an obvious direction with the championship.

Daniel Anderson: My interest for this PPV is: I'll say 3. I normally really look forward to this PPV, but this one feels like a quicker build than most. I understand that Bryan's injury has thrown some plans off, but, until recently, there were no other matches than the ladder matches. I probably wouldn't get the PPV if it wasn't for the Network, but, since I have it, I will watch it and not feel disappointed if it is an average PPV.

Wyatt Beougher: My Interest for This PPV is 4 I'm very curious to see how the WWE books this show. Since the Shield debuted on the main roster, there's been a marked youth movement, and putting the title on someone not named Cena, Orton, ADR, or Sheamus in the main event would be a nice continuation of that. Or do they revert to their default panic mode booking, put the belt on Cena, and hope for the best? Beyond that, I'm also excited about the MITB briefcase match, the tag title match, and the Dust Brothers/RybAxel match, and I don't think the Divas title match will be awful either. Considering that's literally the entire main card at this point, I don't think the WWE has done too badly building this card. Now the execution is all that matters, and while I'm going into the event with my interest at a four, by the time the main event rolls around, it could realistically be a one or a two. Here's hoping for the best, which doesn't include a Cena win, as much as that's the most obvious conclusion.

Andrew Shillinglaw: My interest in this PPV is: I'll say a 5 I love Money in the Bank every single year. I will watch and I will watch happily. Especially now that it's included in my Network subscription. There's some potential here, especially in the briefcase match, and I'm thinking we get an added Rusev/Big E showdown as well. Should be a solid three hours of wrestling entertainment.

Paul Leazar: My interest in this PPV is a: 4 I'm always excited for Money in the Bank. It has consistently been one of the better PPV's WWE has put on for the last three years, and despite a lack of an undercard, this one looks like it'll live up to that standard. I do wish we got more build up for this though, but at the same time, you can't be too mad because you know that the D-Bry injury has sent these guys scrambling trying to piece their booking plans back together. I'm only shorting it a point because I do wish the build to some of this was better, but how can you not be interested in this show? The briefcase always makes the WWE more interesting and we are guaranteed a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

Gary Vaughan Jr.: My interest in this PPV is a: 3 I'm looking forward to Money In The Bank, but not because of a great card. Honestly, it's just because I anticipate two great ladder matches. Outside of that, I'm not really jumping out of my chair to see any of the other matches on the card. Even the Pre-show segment of Daniel Bryan isn't that exciting to me. Bryan is injured and it's not like I'm going to get a surprise match out of him. My hopes are not high for this pay-per-view, but I am anticipating a better show than I've built up in my own mind. This card is weak outside of the two big ladder matches. So, I think we will get a very average show. Therefore, my interest is right around 50/50. Yes, that's the beautiful gray area WWE likes to hang out in as well.

Sean Garmer: My interest in this PPV is a: 4 Two very interesting and intriguing ladder matches. Then you have a good Divas match on the card, plus what could be a memorable Tag Title confrontation as well. I'm sure they will add more filler besides Goldstar vs. Rybaxel, but the top four announced matches do enough for me here.

Well, that's all the time we have today. Let us know what you thought of our predictions in the comment section and don't forget to share your picks for the PPV as well. See you all again in July for Battleground.

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