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5 Bold Predictions: WWE Money In The Bank 2014
Posted by Greg De Marco on 06.29.2014

Starting as a match at WrestleMania 21, Money In The Bank is a term that still evokes emotion from many WWE fans—hardcore and casual alike. It's the briefcase that launched the careers of Edge and CM Punk, gave us The Miz's WWE Championship run, laid the foundation for the "Yes Movement," caused a great moment at ECW One Night Stand and sent the Daniel Bryan fans into a downward spiral at last year's SummerSlam.

This year is very different, as for the first time in history the WWE World Heavyweight Championship hangs in the balance. Its' not the first time the title has been defended, mind you—but it'll be literally hanging from the ceiling!

So, precisely what is going to happen at WWE Money In The Bank on Sunday? Well, for that question you should check out our Roundtable Preview! [Link]

Because contained below are bold predictions for the event. Not likely to happen, these are indeed B.O.L.D.: Bull-headed, Outlandish, Lascivious, and Deplorable. But if one hits, I can promise you'll never hear the end of it!

Now then, let's have some fun...

Cesaro Is Your New WWE Champion

With the injury to Daniel Bryan and the company's stock taking a 350-million dollar tumble, John Cena seems like the safe and obvious choice here, with Randy Orton as a back-up.

But desperate times call for desperate measures, and two factors have made me change my own mind about who is winning this match.

The first is the WWE Battleground pay-per-view. Taking place only three weeks after Sunday's event, this provides the company with a great opportunity to test someone as champion. Since Roman Reigns is invariably tapped as the future of the company, he shouldn't be used as a transitional champion here. Plus I think his win comes at a WrestleMania. Same with Bray Wyatt, who should see his world title reign be used as a vehicle to slowly build up a mega-face. But Cesaro? He can benefit from any run, and won't look bad when he loses.

I think there's something to the rumors of Brock-Cena at SummerSlam, and I can see it being for the big belt. But Cesaro can close that title to Cena at Battleground, in a triple threat that also involves Randy Orton. Orton can cause Cesaro to lose, protecting him in the loss.

Bray Wyatt Is Your New World Heavyweight Champion

Okay, so how many of you noticed that I said Cesaro is your new "WWE Champion" above? That's right, my boldest of predictions is that the WWE is splitting up the championship once again. The roster is so loaded right now, it makes perfect sense.

Bray Wyatt as a heel world champion who guards his title like Gollum's Precious is a money storyline, and it can build up a face to take the title from him come WrestleMania season (if not at WrestleMania itself). If Brock Lesnar does become WWE Champion at SummerSlam, he can have his part time schedule and the company still has a world champ to use.

Of all the new stars, Bray Wyatt is the man to strap a rocket to right now. He's that over, and he's going to have to turn face in the next 12 months. Capitalize on him as a heel now, then you can do it again as a face later.

You heard it here first!

It's so simply to think that one of the belts can fall or someone can grab one and fall down—leaving the other one still hanging above the top of the ladder.

Kofi Kingston Gets His Biggest Win Ever—A Briefcase!

Kofi Kingston is one of the most underappreciated WWE Superstars of this generation. He's insanely over. He's amazing in the ring. He oozes charisma. And he always delivers something memorable in situations like the Royal Rumble and Money In The Bank.

Well he won't this year!

Not because he can't, but because they can't risk him being injured during the match.


Because he's winning the damn briefcase, that's why!

Kofi Kingston winning the briefcase would be a great moment in Boston, where he grew up after moving to the United States from Ghana when he was one. In front of friends and family, Kofi becomes a hero when he brings down the briefcase.

Kofi Cashes In Amazing Fashion...And Loses

We all know Kane did it first (do we all know that?), but Kofi will do it best. Kofi Kingston is going to cash in his newly won briefcase at what appears to be an opportune moment.

And it won't work.

During Sunday's main event, all eight men will seemingly be taken out of the match, down and out on the floor. Kofi's music will play and he'll sprint to the ring, cashing in and heading up the ladder. He'll make it up top when Roman Reigns crashes Kofi's crashing, causing his first trip to be unsuccessful.

Kofi will then continue in the match but ultimately not win either of the championships in the end.

Cody Will Out Creepy Dustin

I don't believe Stardust is a long-term gimmick for Cody Rhodes—I see him reverting back to the Beautiful Disaster for his eventual heel run. But he's shown some early flashes of greatness as Stardust, and he's about to turn it up a notch this Sunday.

Goldust is a legendary figure in the WWE, and much of that is thanks to his creepy sexual antics during the attitude era. I mean, he once wrestled in a freaking diaper!

I don't know what it will be, but Stardust is getting' creepy on Sunday, and it'll be fun. I suspect the victim will be one Ryback.

Because Ryback.

You Decide: What are your bold predictions for Money In The Bank???

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