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Ask 411 Wrestling Special Edition: All The Streaks (Part One)
Posted by Mathew Sforcina on 08.14.2014

Hey there, welcome to Ask 411 Wrestling, the only column that gives you what you want all the time, for given values of ‘what you want' and ‘all the time', those values being ‘not much' and ‘very seldom'.

I am Mathew Sforcina, which shouldn't come as a shock to you. And next week, I won't be Mathew Sforcina, in that I'm taking the next two weeks off, which should come as even less of a shock because I'm a lazy sod I'm an entitled idiot I have a busy life at times. Filling in for me will be Ryan Byers, 411mania's resident utility writer and guy who always knocks this out of the park and makes me look bad.

… Maybe I should reconsider. Eh, too late now, he's got the question list.

But if you have a question specially for him, you can email him at ryanonrasslin@hotmail.com and maybe he'll answer it.

This week, we do the first Ask 411 Wrestling Special Edition. Some questions I get are somewhat huge, and in those occasions I'll do one of these, with the intent being to make them reference pieces. You'll see what I mean below.

And then this got really, really, REALLY far away from me. Hence the daylateness, I had hoped to do more than this by now. But, I'm going to post when I can't do no more, and this will become the first ongoing Ask 411 project. I'll come back whenever I can and update/continue it. I'll probably regret this, but anyone who has an event they think should be here, let me know and I'll add it.

The first person who says ‘TNA Weekly PPVs' gets a boot to the head.

But before that, RIP Robin Williams. And banner, I guess.


Check out my Drabble blog, 1/10 of a Picture! Or not. I wouldn't blame you for not liking me right now.

Me On Twitter~!

Feedback Loop

Why Luger Choked at Summerslam: I've heard a couple different theories, but the one I tend to subscribe to is that they had lost faith in him as a Hogan substitute, and thought that screwing him over and then building to winning the Rumble to get around the ‘one shot' stip might get the groundswell of support. Didn't work but that was the thinking.

Crush as the back up: We never got official confirmation that Crush was in line, it's just that the idea keeps popping up. And unlike the Tito was almost Bret thing, it isn't just the guy saying it, but no-one there at the time has gone on record on it. It's just a piece of long term IWC ‘fact'.

Rock/Goldberg: I'll say this, Goldberg did not come out looking as strong as he should have considering what WWE wanted out of him. Where you place the blame for that is up to you, but I don't so much blame Rock as I do think the way he played his role was a factor. You may well disagree and think Goldberg was screwed anyway. It's certainly a defensible position, and it pretty much comes down to personal taste and opinion there.

GFW on Spike: My thinking there is predicated on the idea that Jeff Jarrett has dealt with them before, so I'm assuming he has some sort of relationship. And if he can go in and talk to people he knows and says ‘I can give you roughly the same ratings for a fraction of the cost', they may well take it. Or maybe they refuse to have wrestling again, I'm just being rarely optimistic here.

El Torito's height: He's supposedly 4'5, so just taller than Hornswoggle.

The Trivia Crown

I've been recognized as a world champion in different places, even being the first person to win one of those world title belts. I lost that same belt to someone closely related to moderately famous villain in a movie about wrestling. I once accompanied (and helped to win) a former world champion and Hall of Famer in a match against another world champ Hall of Famer just because of supposed xenophobia by the latter. One of my signature wrestling moves is being used regularly by a former NXT titlist. I've competed in sports apart from wrestling and I have a connection of The Rock and Duke Droese. Who am I?

No-one got it, so here is Maravilloso with the answer.

I've been recognized as a world champion in different places (USA, JAPAN, MEXICO), even being the first person to win one of those world title belts (CMLL'S FIRST WORLD WOMEN'S CHAMPION). I lost that same belt to someone (XOCHITL HAMADA) closely related to moderately famous villain in a movie about wrestling (FORMER WIFE OF SILVER KING, WHO PLAYED RAMSES IN NACHO LIBRE). I once accompanied (and helped to win) a former world champion and Hall of Famer (JERRY LAWLER) in a match against another world champ Hall of Famer (BRET HART) just because of supposed xenophobia by the latter (LAWLER ACCUSED BRET HART OF PREJUDICE AGAINST JAPANESE PEOPLE). One of my signature wrestling moves (BULL'S ANGELITO) is being used regularly by a former NXT titlist (FORMER NXT WOMEN'S CHAMPION PAIGE). I've competed in sports apart from wrestling (GOLF) and I have a connection of The Rock (MY WRESTLING NAME ‘BULL') and Duke Droese (MY MENTOR WAS DUMP MATSUMOTO). Who am I? BULL NAKANO

I'll give you this week's, and I'll try to make it a little easier.

Who am I? I'm known by a few names, the list including a reference to an old friend, a trademark and a number. I've wrestled in defence of the past, to try and get into a gimmick match that has only happened three time, and in a match that saw my opponent have to vacate his title. I've teamed with someone who originally ripped me off, and had to change the name of one of my moves in a company due to PGness. A uni grad, a former member of law enforcement and a guy who's rickrolled us all at least once, I am who?

Hand Picked, Lightly Killed, Loving Frosted With Glucose

So what's the question then? Matthew has it.

Big fan of your column, had my own question for a while to ask. As we all know the Undertaker had his Wrestlemania undefeated streak. But who else has or had an undefeated streak at these PPVS. An appearance in the Royal Rumble match or any kind of Battle Royal at these shows should also count as a win or a loss. So who else has never lost a match?

What follows is a long list of shows, all the ones Matt asked for. So, here's my method.

I go to historyofwwe.com, as well should you, or failing that Wikipedia, and I get the full lists of every edition of a PPV. Then I list every winner on the main show (pre-post shows don't count) and add them up, then add in draws, and then I go through each in turn and if applicable list their first loss. I will then collate the answers below. The first section will be all the undefeated people, guys and girls with only wins or draws to their name. Then there will be the second section of guys and girls with wins, and then listed their first loss. This is to prevent anyone going ‘What about wrestler X?' It should make sense when you read it.

For now, this is correct August 14th, 2014, and woefully incomplete. If you see a mistake or you think an event belongs here, let me know, please.

Records are listed as Wins-Draws-Losses, with losses only marked as either ‘none' or ‘one or more'.

WWE King Of The Ring

Section Awaiting Completion

WWE Royal Rumble

Section Awaiting Completion

WWE Summerslam

Section Awaiting Completion

WWE Survivor Series

Section Awaiting Completion

WWE Wrestlemania

4-0-0 Rob Van Dam.

3-0-0 Animal, Ax, Hawk, Sable.

2-1-0 Rick Rude.

2-0-0 Chyna, Dean Ambrose, Mr. T, Rikishi, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Shane McMahon, Tatanka, Terry Funk, Virgil.

1-2-0 Bad News Brown.

1-1-0 Vader.

1-0-0 AJ Lee, Akebono, Alundra Blayze, Arn Anderson, Butterbean, Cesaro, Chuck Palumbo, Crpl. Kirshner, Diamond Dallas Page, Dory Funk Jr., Dusty Rhodes, Floyd Mayweather, Genichiro Tenryu, Goldberg, Kerry Von Erich, Koji Kitao, Lawrence Taylor, Little Beaver, Marc Mero, Maria Menounos, Michael Cole, Mo, Pat Tanaka, Rick Steiner, Sabu, Sapphire, Sato, Scott Steiner, Snooki, Tama, Terri, The Boogeyman, The Fabulous Moolah, The Haiti Kid, The Red Rooster, The Sandman, Tom Zenk, Tommy Dreamer, Tully Blanchard, Vickie Guerrero, Wendi Richter.

0-1-0 Billy Jack Haynes, David Sammartino.

21-0-1+ The Undertaker (WM30).

8-1-1+ Hulk Hogan (WM6).

8-0-1+ Bret Hart (WM2), John Cena (WM24), Kane (WM14), Triple H (WM12).

6-0-1+ Edge (WM23), Randy Savage (WM3), Shawn Michaels (WM5).

5-1-1+ Owen Hart (WM14).

5-0-1+ Steve Austin (WM13), The Big Bossman (WM15), The Rock (WM15).

4-1-1+ Ted Dibiase (WM4).

4-0-1+ Chris Jericho (WM2000), Christian (WM18), Earthquake (WM17), Randy Orton (WM21), Rey Mysterio Jr. (WM19), The Big Show (WM15), The Ultimate Warrior (WM5).

3-2-1+ Brutus Beefcake (WM2).

3-1-1+ Davey Boy Smith (WM3).

3-0-1+ Batista (WM23), Chris Benoit (WM2000), CM Punk (WM23), Daniel Bryan (WM28), Jim Neidhart (WM2), John Bradshaw Layfield (WM13), Kurt Angle (WM2000), Razor Ramon/Scott Hall (WM18), Ricky Steamboat (WM4), Smash (WM7), The Iron Sheik (WM2), The Miz (WM30), Trish Stratus (WM18), Yokozuna (WM9).

2-1-1+ Andre the Giant (WM3), Cactus Jack/Mankind/Mick Foley (WM2000), Jake Roberts (WM3), Jim Duggan (WM4), Roddy Piper (WM1).

2-0-1+ Akeem/One Man Gang (WM4), Brock Lesnar (WM20), Eddie Guerrero (WM2000), Greg Valentine (WM1), Hardcore Holly (WM14), Jack Swagger (WM29), Lex Luger (WM10), Mark Henry (WM14), Matt Hardy (WM2000), Melina (WM25), Nikolai Volkoff (WM2), Rick Martel (WM4), Santina Marella/Santino Marella (WM28), Scotty 2 Hotty (WM14), Torrie Wilson (WM25).

1-1-1+ Don Muraco (WM3), Hercules (WM2).

1-0-1+ Adrian Adonis (WM3), Ahmed Johnson (WM12), Albert (WM19), Alberto Del Rio (WM27), Alicia Fox (WM25), Bam Bam Bigelow (WM4), Beth Phoenix (WM25), Billy Gunn (WM14), Bobby Heenan (WM5), Bobby Lashley (WM22), Booker T (WM18), Brian Knobbs (WM8), Bull Buchanon (WM17), Bushwhacker Butch (WM17), Bushwhacker Luke (WM17), Butch Reed (WM4), Charlie Haas (WM20), Chavo Guerrero (WM19), Cody Rhodes (WM26), Danny Davis (WM4), David Otunga (WM30), Diesel (WM12), Dino Bravo (WM4), Doink the Clown (WM10/17), Dolph Ziggler (WM26), Drew McIntyre (WM26), Fandango (WM30), Farrooq (WM13), Grandmaster Sexay (WM14), Haku (WM5), Headbanger Mosh (WM14), Headbanger Thrasher (WM14), Hillbilly Jim (WM4), IRS (WM8), Jazz (WM19), Jeff Jarrett (WM11), Jerry Sags (WM8), John Morrison (WM24), Kelly Kelly (WM25), Ken Kennedy (WM24), Harley Race (WM4), King Kong Bundy (WM2), Kofi Kingston (WM25), Layla (WM25), Luna Vachon (WM14), Mabel/Viscera (WM2000), Marty Jannetty (WM5), Maryse (WM25), Maven (WM18), Michelle McCool (WM25), Mickie James (WM25), Molly Holly (WM18), Mr. Perfect (WM6), Ric Flair (WM8), Sgt. Slaughter (WM7), Sheamus (WM26), Shelton Benjamin (WM20), Spike Dudley (WM18), Taka Michinoku (WM2000), Tazz (WM2000), Test (WM15), The Barbarian (WM7), The Dynamite Kid (WM3), The Great Khali (WM28), The Honky Tonk Man (WM4), The Hurricane (WM18), The Junkyard Dog (WM2), The Mountie (WM8), The Road Dogg (WM14), Typhoon/Tugboat (WM17), Tito Santana (WM2), Victoria (WM19).

0-1-1+ Paul Orndorff (WM1).

ECW Anarchy Rulz

1-1-0 Tony DeVito.

1-0-0 Amish Roadkill, Angel, Danny Doring, Jazz, Joel Gertner, Kid Kash, Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Raven, Tommy Dreamer, Tony Mamaluke.

0-1-0 Chris Chetti, Nova, Simon Diamond.

1-0-1+ Jerry Lynn (99), Justin Credible (00), Little Guido (99), Rhino (99), Rob Van Dam (00), Steve Corino (99), Yoshihiro Tajiri (00).

ECW Guilty As Charged

3-0-0 Rob Van Dam, Yoshihiro Tajiri.

1-1-0 Balls Mahoney, Simon Diamond.

1-0-0 Angel, Axl Rotten, Buh Buh Ray Dudley, Cyrus, D-Von Dudley, Mike Awesome, Rhino, Sid Vicious, Taz,

0-1-0 Chilly Willy, Johnny Swinger.

2-0-1+ Amish Roadkill (99), Danny Doring (99), Justin Credible (01).

1-0-1+ C.W. Anderson (01), Jerry Lynn (00), Lance Storm (99), Mikey Whipwreck (00), Nova (00), Super Crazy (99), The Sandman (01), Tommy Dreamer (99).

ECW Hardcore Heaven

2-1-0 Hack Meyers.

2-0-0 D-Von Dudley, Johnny Grunge, Raven, Rocco Rock, Shane Douglas, Yoshihiro Tajiri.

1-1-0 Chad Austin, Justin Credible.

1-0-0 911, Bam Bam Bigelow, Chris Chetti, Chris Jericho, Dudley Dudley, Jason Knight, Jimmy Snuka, JT Smith, Kid Kash, Masato Tanaka, Rhino, Snot Dudley, Stevie Richards, Super Crazy, Nova.

0-1-0 Broad Street Bully, Dino Sendoff, Don E. Allen, Fatu, John Kronus, Perry Saturn, Samu, Sid Vicious.

5-0-1+ Taz (95).

3-0-1+ Little Guido (99).

2-0-1+ Buh Buh Ray Dudley (96), Rob Van Dam (96), Sabu (97), The Sandman (00), Tommy Dreamer (94).

1-1-1+ Axl Rotten (94), New Jack (95).

1-0-1+ Jerry Lynn (99), Lance Storm (00), 2 Cold Scorpio (94).

0-1-1+ Cactus Jack (95), Mustafa Saed (95), Terry Funk (97).

ECW Heat Wave

4-0-0 Rob Van Dam.

3-0-0 Spike Dudley.

2-1-0 Mustafa Saed, New Jack, Shane Douglas.

2-0-0 Chris Candido, John Kronus, Nova.

1-0-0 Dean Malenko, Don E. Allen, Ian Rotten, Jazz, Jerry Lawler, Kid Kash, Luna Vachon, Masato Tanaka, Mr. Hughes, Perry Saturn, Rhino, Sal E. Graziano, Super Crazy, Tarzan Goto, Terry Gordy, Tony Stetson.

0-1-0 L.A. Smooth, Sammy the Silk.

4-0-1+ Mikey Whipwreck (96), Sabu (94), Taz (95), The Sandman (97), Tommy Dreamer (94).

2-0-1+ Axl Rotten (95), Chris Chetti (97), Jerry Lynn (98), Justin Credible (99).

1-0-1+ 2 Cold Scorpio (96), Amish Roadkill (99), Balls Mahoney (97), Bam Bam Bigelow (98), Big Dick Dudley (98), Buh Buh Ray Dudley (97), Danny Doring (99), Hack Meyers (94), Johnny Grunge (95), Pitbull #1 (94), Pitbull #2 (94), Rocco Rock (95), Yoshihiro Tajiri (99).

0-1-1+ Terry Funk (94).

ECW Living Dangerously

3-0-0 Super Crazy.

2-1-0 New Jack.

2-0-0 Chris Chetti, Nova, Rob Van Dam, Spike Dudley.

1-0-0 Al Snow, Bam Bam Bigelow, Bill Wiles, C.W. Anderson, Dusty Rhodes.

0-1-0 Vic Grimes.

2-0-1+ Balls Mahoney (98), Lance Storm (99), Tommy Dreamer (00).

1-0-1+ Jerry Lynn (99), Justin Credible (98), Little Guido (98), Masato Tanaka (00), Mike Awesome (00), Sabu (99), Shane Douglas (98), Taz (98).

ECW November To Remember

3-0-0 Lance Storm, Little Guido

2-0-0 Pitbull #1, Rhino, Spike Dudley, Stevie Richards.

1-0-0 Bill Alfonso, Chilly Willy, Dean Malenko, Jake Roberts, Johnny Swinger, Kevin Sullivan, Konnan, Louie Spicolli, Malia Hosaka, Mike Awesome, Mustafa Saed, P.N. News, Rey Misterio Jr, Road Warrior Hawk, Salvatore Bellomo, Steve Corino, The Blue Meanie, Tony Mamaluke, Vito LoGrasso.

0-2-0 Chris Benoit.

0-1-0 Broad Street Bully, Don E. Allen, Jim Neidhart.

5-2-1+ Sabu (96)

5-1-1+ 2 Cold Scorpio (96), Tommy Dreamer (93)

3-0-1+ Taz (94)

2-2-1+ Rob Van Dam (96)

2-1-1+ The Sandman (97)

2-0-1+ Balls Mahoney (97), Chris Candido (98), Johnny Grunge (95), Mikey Whipwreck (94), Nova (99), Pitbull #2 (97), Rocco Rock (95), Shane Douglas (96), Terry Funk (93).

1-0-1+ Amish Roadkill (98), Angel (00), Axl Rotten (93), Buh Buh Ray Dudley (97), Danny Doring (98), J.T. Smith (96), Jerry Lynn (97), Johnny Gunn (93), Johnny Hotbody (93), Justin Credible (97), Kid Kash (96), Masato Tanaka (99), Mr. Hughes (94), New Jack (97), Simon Diamond (99), Tommy Rogers (97), Tony DeVito (00), Tony Stetson (93), Tracy Smothers (98).

0-1-1+ John Kronus (95), Perry Saturn (95).

WCW Bash at the Beach

Section Awaiting Completion

WCW Battle Bowl

2-0-0 Vader.

1-0-1+ Brian Knobs (93), Cactus Jack (93), Dustin Rhodes (93), Jerry Sags (93), Johnny B. Badd (93), King Kong (93), Paul Orndorff (93), Ric Flair (93), Rick Rude (93), Rip Rogers (93), Road Warrior Hawk (93), Shanghai Pierce (93), Steve Austin (93), Sting (93), The Shockmaster (93).

WCW Beach Blast

2-0-0 Sting.

1-1-0 Dustin Rhodes.

1-0-0 Davey Boy Smith, Greg Valentine, Johnny B. Badd, Lord Steven Regal, Nikita Koloff, Paul Orndorff, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Scotty Flamingo, Too Cold Scorpio.

0-1-0 Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, Steve Williams, Terry Gordy.

1-0-1+ Barry Windham (93), Brian Pillman (92), Marcus Bagwell (92), Ron Simmons (93), Steve Austin (92).

0-1-1+ Rick Rude (92)

WCW Clash of the Champions

Section Awaiting Completion

WCW Fall Brawl

Section Awaiting Completion

WCW Halloween Havoc

Section Awaiting Completion

WCW Hog/Road Wild

4-0-0 Stevie Ray.

3-0-0 Booker T, Chris Benoit.

2-0-0 Goldberg, Perry Saturn, Ric Flair, Steve McMichael.

1-0-0 Billy Kidman, Jay Leno, Johnny Grunge, Juventud Guerrera, Madusa, Meng, Rocco Rock, Shane Douglas, Sid Vicious.

3-0-1+ Hollywood Hulk Hogan (98), Rey Mysterio Jr (97).

1-0-1+ Alex Wright (98), Buff Bagwell (97), Curt Hennig (98), Dean Malenko (96), Diamond Dallas Page (97), Eddie Guerrero (96), Kevin Nash (97), Konnan (98), Randy Savage (97), Rick Steiner (96), Scott Hall (97), Scott Norton (97), Scott Steiner (96), The Giant (96).

WCW Mayhem

2-0-0 Bret Hart, Goldberg.

1-0-0 Asya, Bam Bam Bigelow, Crowbar, Dean Malenko, Diamond Dallas Page, Ernest Miller, Kevin Nash, Mancow, Meng, Mike Sanders, Norman Smiley, Perry Saturn, Rey Mysterio Jr, Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Vampiro.

0-1-0 David Flair, Kimberly Page.

1-0-1+ Billy Kidman (99), Buff Bagwell (00), Chris Benoit (99), Evan Karagias (00), Jeff Jarrett (99).

WCW Slamboree

Section Awaiting Completion

WCW Souled Out

3-0-0 Chris Benoit.

2-0-0 Big Bubba Rogers/Ray Traylor, Booker T, Lex Luger, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner.

1-0-0 Bam Bam Bigelow, Big Vito, Bret Hart, Brian Knobs, Eddie Guerrero, Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett, Johnny the Bull, Larry Zbyszko, Lizmark Jr, Masahiro Chono, Oklahoma, Super Caló, Tank Abbott, The Wall, Vampiro.

0-1-0 Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

3-0-1+ Billy Kidman (00).

2-0-1+ Buff Bagwell (98), Chris Jericho (97), Kevin Nash (97),

1-0-1+ Chavo Guerrero Jr (99), David Flair (00), Fit Finlay (00), Juventud Guerrera (99), Norman Smiley (00), Ric Flair (98), Scott Norton (98).

0-1-1+ The Giant (98).

WCW Spring Stampede

Section Awaiting Completion

WCW Starrcade

Section Awaiting Completion

WCW Superbrawl

Section Awaiting Completion

WCW/WWE The Great American Bash

Section Awaiting Completion

WCW Uncensored

Section Awaiting Completion

WCW World War 3

1-0-0 Akira Hokuto, Bull Nakano, Raven, Sister Sherri, Sonny Onoo.

2-0-1+ Chris Jericho (96), Kevin Nash (96), Scott Hall (96), Stevie Ray (95), The Giant (95).

1-1-1+ Rick Steiner (96), Scott Steiner (97).

1-0-1+ Big Bubba Rogers (95), Billy Kidman (98), Booker T (95), Curt Hennig (97), Dean Malenko (96), Diamond Dallas Page (95), Eddie Guerrero (95), Ernest Miller (97), Johnny B. Badd (95), Kensuke Sasaki (95), Lex Luger (95), Meng (95), Perry Saturn (98), Randy Savage (95), Steve McMichael (96), Sting (95), The Barbarian (96), Ultimo Dragon (97), Wrath (97), Yuji Nagata (97).

WCW Wrestlewar

3-0-0 Ric Flair.

2-0-0 Animal, Barry Windham, Dustin Rhodes, Hawk.

1-0-0 Big Josh, Buzz Sawyer, Dick Murdoch, Eddie Gilbert, Itsuki Yamazaki, Johnny B. Badd, Mami Kitamura, Nikita Koloff, Norman the Lunatic, Robert Gibson, Scotty Flamingo, Sid Vicious, Steve Armstrong, The Great Muta, The Junkyard Dog, The Super Invader, Tommy Rich.

0-1-0 Stan Hansen, Vader.

3-0-1+ Michael Hayes (90).

2-0-1+ Brian Pillman (91), Jimmy Garvin (90), Rick Steiner (91), Ricky Morton (92), Scott Steiner (91), Sting (91).

1-0-1+ Bobby Eaton (90), Butch Reed (91), Johnny Ace (90), Kevin Sullivan (89), Larry Zbyszko (92), Lex Luger (89), Ricky Steamboat (89), Ron Simmons (91), Shane Douglas (90), Terrence Taylor (92), Tom Zenk (91), Tracy Smothers (92).


Again, this is very much a work in progress, so suggestions and/or corrections below please. I'll go work on this for a couple weeks, while you enjoy Ryan's excellent work. Until then...


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