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Greg DeMarco’s 5 Bold Predictions: WWE SummerSlam 2014
Posted by Greg De Marco on 08.17.2014

As you know by now, I'm back in a new role here at 411Mania, coming at you with two opinion pieces each week. One benefit? My 5 Bold Predictions are back, bay-bay!

(I know, I provided a few this year. But with my new format and new writing schedule, you'll get ‘em for each WWE PPV. No need to thank me, you're more than welcome!)

WWE SummerSlam emanates from the spacious Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, the sixth straight year the WWE's third largest event of the year has called that arena home.

And yes, I said third largest. Right behind WrestleMania and the granddaddy of them all: RawAfterMania!


Okay, I'm kidding.

Precisely what is going to happen at WWE SummerSlam on Sunday? Well, for that question you should check out our Roundtable Preview!

Because contained below are bold predictions for the event. Not likely to happen, these are indeed B.O.L.D.: Bull-Headed, Outlandish, Lascivious, and Deplorable. But if one hits, I can promise you'll never hear the end of it!

Now then, let's have some fun...

Brock Goes SMASH on Cena, Putting The Face of WWE On The Shelf

Make no mistake about it, John Cena is the face of the WWE. He's been at the top of the company since for the past decade, making bags of money for himself and the McMahon family (and, I guess, eventually Nikki Bella in their divorce!). He's got it all—charisma, movie star good looks, and popularity.

Yes, popularity.

He's also got a budding movie career. He might not supplant The Rock as wrestling's greatest export, but he does seem to have what it takes to spend more of his time on the big screen instead of wrestling's big stage.

Cena isn't getting any younger, and he's likely still nursing a lot of injuries. So why not give him some time off, right? Let Brock Lesnar...who if you don't know, ended The Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania 30...SMASH and destroy John Cena at SummerSlam. And do it in the most brutal fashion: after he takes Cena's belt.

That's right, Brock beats Cena and heads for the stage, only to turn around and completely maul the company's top draw. It gives Cena a month off, and continues to turn Brock Lesnar into the monster he needs to be...when he jobs to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31.

Eat. Sleep. Conquer. John Cena.

Bray Wyatt Adds A Little Zayn-iness To His Family

Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho didn't set the world on fire at Battleground, they're likely to make up for that at SummerSlam. The build for this match has been less than inspiring to most, finally picking up a bit during Monday's Raw. Bray and Jericho are both insanely talented—both in the ring, and on the microphone.

The stipulation for this match is a little odd if you ask me. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan barred from ringside? After Jericho already beat Bray with them at ringside? Umm…okay?

For me there has to be an ulterior motive for this stipulation, and I believe that's to debut a new member of the Wyatt Family. And who better than Sami Zayn???

Zayn has the facial hair to pull off the membership, and the story pretty much writes itself. In fact, it was written in the winter of 2014 when Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt Family. Well, sort of. Zayn could debut as part of the family, taking orders from Bray like the others. But it'd be Zayn who questioned things, and started getting pushed around. Obviously he'd put up with it for a little too long, before turning face and getting the WWE Universe behind him in the process.

With Rey Mysterio likely on the outs with the company, Zayn can easily fill in the underdog role—seemingly the role he was born to play. Start that at SummerSlam!

Nikki Bella Is "Breast for Business"

Despite rumors of Triple H attaching himself to this match as the special guest referee (he seems busy with other things to me), I think the real catalyst for this match is Nikki Bella. So far that I believe Nikki Bella will turn heel on Brie and give the match to Stephanie McMahon.

I know it's not the BOLD-est of predictions, but it does set into the larger picture. I've joked that we'll see Triple H & Stephanie McMahon vs. Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella at WrestleMania 31. While that's entirely possible, I think the storyline COO is building to himself versus John Cena at 2015's biggest event. And Nikki could play a large role in that build.

It would be hard to ignore the association between John Cena and Nikki Bella thanks to their involvement in Total Divas, so the heel turn would add that level of intrigue to the fall and winter months. We'd go weeks without a comment from John Cena, stories of their relationship being torn apart (because that's what John Cena needs), and moments of doubt from Nikki in her SummerSlam decision. The culmination is when Nikki finds the ire of the COO (and his "lovely" bride), only to see Superman come to the rescue.

So while it may not be the heel turn we'd all like to see out of the John & Nikki relationship, it's the likely one to happen.

And I can't take credit for "Breast For Business," that goes to Steve Cook, giving life to the new catchphrase on Friday's Business as Usual podcast where I joined he and Larry Csonka for a little SummerSlam preview! (Cheap plug!)

Eva Marie Costs Paige And AJ Lee The Divas Title

Since the Nikki Bella heel turn isn't that bold, I have one that definitely fits meets the outlandish, lascivious and deplorable portion of the description: Eva Marie, YOUR new Divas Champion!

You see, Eva has two wins over AJ Lee, which in any wrestling organization makes her the #1 Contender! And Paige? Well in Eva's mind she's already been proven a fraud: she beat AJ Lee thanks to a surprise challenge, then lost to AJ in a surprise challenge. Once everything was even? Paige lost again.

But like I said...Eva Marie owns two wins over AJ Lee, and here's the proof!

Given those two wins, Eva Marie will march down the aisle, much to the delight of 20,000+ in Los Angeles' Staples Center, insert herself into the Divas Championship Match, and leave SummerSlam as your NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWE Divas Champion.

You heard it here first, kids.

The dawn of a new Eva—err, Era...

Randy Orton Versus Roman Reigns Won't Suck

There's a growing concern online (or should I say, "Amongst the Internet Wrestling Community"?) that Roman Reigns isn't ready for the push he's receiving, and that his match with Randy Orton at SummerSlam will prove that fact. Along with that goes the concern that Reigns will be pushed down our throats regardless, since the WWE has anointed him the Chosen One—not you, Jeff Jarrett…sorry Slapnuts!

Couple that with reports that Reigns and Orton haven't exactly put together great matches throughout the house show loop, and the reports that Orton is taking the blame for those poor performances. For once Randy Orton isn't the one being protected, and it's all thanks to Roman Reigns.

It wasn't long ago that Reigns was the guy everyone wanted to see succeed. As a member of The Shield along with Dean Ambrose and current Money In The Bank briefcase holder Seth Rollins, Reigns was electrifying crowds with his high powered offense, getting his Spear, Seated Dropkock on the Apron and Superman Punch over with every level of wrestling fan. Since The Shield split three months ago, Reigns has been exposed as somewhat limited in the ring, mostly due to inexperience.

Despite this, he's still insanely over with the casual audience, and allowing him to carry on The Shield persona—complete with the best ring entrance since The Brood—has given him some time to develop into his own character…although I still can't for the life of me figure out why they still make him wrestle in a vest!

Roman Reigns is far better than the internet gives him credit, but I share in the concern that Randy Orton isn't the best opponent for his first feud. Orton is at the level on the card necessary to elevate Reigns, but Orton uses a slow and methodical move set that won't make Reigns look very good in the ring, and Orton isn't exactly the type of talent who can really sell Reigns' offense.

But Randy Orton and Roman Reigns have had some great outings, and placed in the middle of the card they can work the "WWE main event style" complete with brawling outside the ring, a table/barrier breaking spot, and more.

I think this match will play out in a way that pleasantly surprises some people, and would love to know what agent is assigned to book it.

Their 2014 encounters aren't memorable, but they had a pretty good one back in 2013.

Since I still feel bad about that Nikki Bella heel turn prediction not being crazy enough, I'll return to form and make a bonus bold prediction—the same bold prediction I made all last fall!

Seth Rollins...CASHES IN!

No one in their right mind would cash in against Brock Lesnar, unless the match ends in a double knockout with Lesnar falling on top of John Cena. And that would fall on the list of "worst ways to follow-up ending The Streak," and ain't happening. Neither is a successful cash in, in any way, against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

So instead, allow me to completely contradict my first prediction—that's what being outlandish is all about!

In this scenario, Brock Lesnar still destroy's John Cena, leaving him lying in a pool of his own "blood, vomit and urine." But it gets a little more out of hand (if you can get more out of hand than blood, vomit and urine). Brock doesn't let up, doesn't let Cena stop for air, and eventually takes out everyone—the referee, ring announcer, commentary team, and nearly Paul Heyman.

Security ends up intervening—and it's the Streak Ending Brock Lesnar, so it takes like 40 of them—and Lesnar is involuntarily removed from the arena. Triple H is in a state of shock, as Plan C hasn't exactly worked out. Plus you have fans wondering why SummerSlam is about to end over twenty minutes early, further questioning their decision to spend their hard earned $9.99 on this here pay-per-view event.

Enter Seth Rollins, the man with the plan. Well, ok—the man with the briefcase! Rollins cashes in after beating Cena down further with his briefcase, and as Cena gets to his knees Rollins finishes him off with a curb stomp. There's no kicking out for John Cena here, as he was just on the receiving end of an ass kicking at the hands of The Beast Incarnate, BROCK LESNAR.

Bing bang boom, Bob's your uncle and Seth Rollins is your NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The Streak Ender is protected, the world title isn't on a part time performer and Money In The Bank is somewhat restored after a rough 2013.

It could happen!

My Real Predictions
I didn't get a change to participate in the Roundtable, so here are my actual predictions for SummerSlam:
Dolph Ziggler pins The Miz to wn the Intercontinental Championship
Seth Rollins defeats Dean Ambrose in the Lumberjack Match
AJ Lee defeats Paige to retain the Divas Championship
Roman Reigns pins Randy Orton
Bray Wyatt beats Chris Jericho
Rusev wins the Flag Match against Jack Swagger
Stephanie McMahon beats Brie Bella
Brock Lesnar captures the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena

If you heard Larry's podcast, I changed the result of the Intercontinental Championship match. That's because, on paper, I had far too many heels going over.

Time to be a fan—enjoy SummerSlam!

Greg DeMarco is a wrestling fan of over 30 years and has also worked on the independent circuit as a promoter, announcer, character and booker. Greg a weekly contributor at 411Mania.com, applying his opinionated style to the world of pro wrestling on Sundays and Thursdays.

He began writing for 411Mania in October 2010 and has been pissing readers off ever since!

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