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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of TNA Impact 8.27.14
Posted by Justin Watry on 08.27.2014

What an episode of CBS' Big Brother! Each and every week, it gets better and better. My prediction has been a final two of Derrick and Victoria for awhile now. However, if Donny and Frankie keep on sliding by, it is theirs to take. This particular jury does not seem like it will hold a grudge for the final vote, so my guess is a "good person but BB16 schemer" wins. Cody perhaps? Oh, right...TNA Impact Wrestling...

Since I already promised my Jay's Ways readers (NoDQ website) that I would watch TNA this week, I figured I may as well write about the nightmare. Since giving up on the WWE RAW 'Good, Bad, and Ugly' reviews, I have been debating on which show to review next - TNA Impact Wrestling or Smackdown. Well, TNA barely won out. Maybe next time will be Smackdown? Do not worry. This will NOT be a weekly thing. Just kind of a one-off I felt like doing tonight. Enjoy.

Lashley VS. Tommy Dreamer - Besides the obligatory "Kenny King looks like a fool" spot, Lashley destroyed Tommy Dreamer. Good. Now can we move on from Dreamer and the ECW chants? Please? It is 2014, right?

HAVOK - Fine by me. The Knockouts division needs a few new/fresh faces. Look forward to Havok debuting next week.

Bobby Roode Speaks - Can this guy head to WWE already? Seriously, if he never makes it to the big leagues, it will be a shame. Darn shame. When he was speaking about the title, working his way through the roster, and standing there LOOKING like a star, all I could imagine was him in front of 5 million viewers each week in front of a sold out building on RAW, on the most watched cable network on TV, hyping up WrestleMania to be bought by one million pay-per-view buyers. Instead, reality came back to bite me. Booby Roode is still in TNA. Oh well... *sigh*

Main Event Match - Did anybody get an entrance tonight? Good grief. These things are filmed weeks in advance for a reason! That was disappointing. It completely ruins the flow of setting up the actual match. Solid bout from Team 3D, Hardyz, and The Wolves. As expected, the bell to bell action was fun. Team 3D won the first match, so they are up in the series and can select the stipulation for the second match. You know, because TNA needs more gimmicks. Sadly, the entire tag team title series is worrisome. See below.

Opening Segment - I was going to praise the opening segment with Kurt Angle because it was short, simple and to the point. Then MVP came out with Kenny King and Lashley to ramble on about New York City. Cheap heel heat at its finest (as referenced)...and oh look, here comes Tommy Dreamer slowly walking to the ring in workout pants and a t-shirt! How intimidating. Of course, Kenny King is made to look like a fool in no time. No surprise there. Then Angle makes it Lashley vs. Dreamer TONIGHT in a street fight. Another stipulation match with no hype whatsoever in a year filled with them. Par the course for TNA in 2014.

Madison Rayne VS. Taryn Terrell - No entrance for Taryn, the supposed new "it girl" in TNA. Half of an entrance for Madison. Ouch, must be a big #1 contenders match then. Definitely sends the wrong message. While the Knockouts are usually the best part of TNA television, there was just no energy to this all. Not much to care about. Crowd did not react to much. There was no anticipation beforehand. Plus, the champion Gail Kim was not even out there. Taryn won, and logic would say we have our first BFG match. Taryn vs. Gail for the title, perfect! Nope, it will be next week. Of course, it would be. Everything else is on FREE TV in TNA. Silly me for thinking about actually making money on a PPV for a change. Silly me.

X-Division Cluster - Nobody got an entrance. None of them have a character/personality for the TV audience. Most of the guys have hardly had a win in MONTHS! Yet, there they all are flying around the ring doing flips within minutes. No doubt, great effort. I appreciate it. However, it is the same song and dance every time. Yep, another "reboot" of the X-Division that has happened the other 67,683 times in TNA. Low Ki won, and I yawned...

Eric Young Speaks - Nope. TNA tried and failed big time here. The EY Experiment was a total bust. Next week should be the official end of it all. Roode beats him, and Young goes back down to the mid-card where he should have been all along. Sorry. We all know it is true.

EC3 VS. Rhino - EC3 debuted in TNA nearly a year ago, and I still have idea if he is any good or not. He has great facial reactions and has a good look. Yet, here we are still with cheap finishes, short matches with rest holds and/or overbooked messes with goon Rockstar Spud hanging around. Exactly why his 'wins' over Sting and Kurt Angle proved to be pointless. We should be past this stage by now. Yet in August 2014, EC3 can not even defeat Rhino. Instead, he beats him down with a chair for his aunt. Really? Come on. Make me CARE about EC3 (heel or not), before I simply lose interest in him.

The Great Sanada VS. Austin Aries - Poor James Storm, poor guy. All the momentum in the world in early 2012. However, just as I wrote about at the time, TNA was flushing it down the toilet. Funny how things work out...or in Storm's case, do not work out. The Great Sanada/Japan/Great Muta junk does nothing for me. None of this does. Then there is Austin Aries just kind of hanging around, even though he is one of the best wrestlers in the company. Wonder when his contract is up. Like AJ Styles, Kaz, Daniels, Chris Sabin, etc were. Notice a pattern?

Chris Melendez - All respect in the world to him. All the respect in the world. The segment was awkward though with Kurt Angle and everyone just standing there after a commercial break. Mr. Anderson and his usual unfunny humor. Bully Ray bragging about training him yet having a "not-so-good" track record with his students. The fact that Chris Melendez is an official member of the roster just furthers my skepticism on this all. We shall see.

Bound For Glory - Is this pay-per-view still happening? Are tickets on sale yet? Is it going to be live or on tape delay? Have there been any matches announced? Also, TNA is seemingly taping weeks/months of TV in September; how is that going to work with BFG in mid-October?!?! How sad I even have to ask these questions six weeks away from the "biggest" TNA event of the year. Just sad. In the promo, TNA showed Jeff Hardy. Is he allowed to leave the country for Japan? Bully Ray was shown as well. Is he actually going to be there? Will the Team 3D Hall of Fame induction still take place? Does anybody still care about the TNA HOF? I have never seen a company put so little effort into their PPV events than TNA has continually through the years.

Tag Team Title Series - Davey Richards is now injured. Bully Ray just had his contract expire. Devon is on a part-time deal. Jeff Hardy is rumored to have an expiring deal in the next few months, while his brother Matt is also on a part-time deal. I assume the end game is to 'put over' The Wolves, which was fine. I am just unsure any of this accomplishes that like TNA thinks it will. Plus, now we see injury/contract issues may prevent the payoff to actually happen come Bound for Glory or whenever. On top of that, as I mentioned, this is just putting a band aid on the broken leg that is the non-existent TNA tag team division. Team 3D will not be around in a month or two. The Hardyz are not going to be around going forward. Who are the newly 'put over' Wolves going to feud with in October? Or November? Or December? Nobody. It will be right back to square one.

Sam Shaw Story - I. Do. Not. Care. Gunner, Shaw, military mentions, everything. Worst story line in wrestling today.

Self-Promoting Finale
On Tuesday night, somebody sent an email my way looking to interview me. Yeah, to interview ME! At first, I laughed it off and had no interest. Just seemed liked a backwards idea. I have interviewed many different wrestlers in the past but ME?!?! Made no sense. After a follow-up email and learning more details about the project, I reluctantly agreed even if it does seem strange on the surface. I figured why not? Who am I to turn down the request? Although nothing is 100% confirmed just yet, be on the look out for an exclusive first time ever interview with me (!) next week sometime on the NoDQ website.


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