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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of WWE Smackdown (8.29.14)
Posted by Justin Watry on 08.29.2014

Fair is fair. On Wednesday night, I decided to write a review of the latest TNA Impact Wrestling trainwreck. Tonight, I did the same for WWE Smackdown. Not quite a trainwreck but a far cry from the excellent shows from earlier this year. In my opinion, the Blue Brand has taken a hit in both match quality and story line advancement. Their recent ratings/viewership decrease backs me up on this. How was the Blue Brand tonight? Well, we will get to that. First, a few cheap plugs...

As noted at the bottom, I will participate in my first (and last?) ever interview Tuesday night for the NoDQ website. Be sure to check that out. The "tell all" is sure to be interesting. You can blame the guy who asked me to do this if it turns out bad...or thank him if if turns out well. Plus, my NFL Super Bowl prediction will be revealed in a few days in my latest Truths and Lies column. Exciting times, I know. Okay, enough stalling. Bring on the wrestling!


Spoiler-Free - As usual, I was spoiler-free going into WWE Smackdown. Why fans read movie, television, or (in this case) wrestling spoilers and then watch the product is beyond me. Makes zero sense and automatically takes away the fun before it even begins.

Roman Reigns VS Bray Wyatt: Opening Match - A wrestling match starting a wrestling show? Amazing concept. Nice to see all three members of The Wyatt Family together tonight. No reason for them to be separated just yet. Maybe down the line but not in August 2014. Reigns looked good out there with Bray, but you knew a flunky finish was coming. I did not care too much for Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, Big Show, and Mark Henry getting involved after the DQ ending. Even though I knew it was coming, the whole scene after the bell was pretty "blah."

Seth Rollins VS Rob Van Dam - Exactly what you would expect. Both show off their trademark moves, but Seth Rollins pins RVD clean in the middle of the ring. One, two, three. Another nice win for the young star carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase. If this is end of Rob Van Dam's current deal in WWE, job well done! See you again in January during the 30 man Royal Rumble match.

Paige Defeats Emma - Hey Emma, how is that NXT dance working out for you? Right. Paige picked up the victory pretty quickly. That was okay. The nonsense with AJ Lee afterwards was indeed nonsense, but you know what? I will take nonsense with AJ and Paige feuding for the WWE Divas Championship over anything else in the entire division.

Rusev VS Jack Swagger - Fairly enjoyable. I was not a fan of giving away a gimmick match without any notice. Somehow, these two have been able to deliver a great chemistry out in the squared circle. Rusev winning was the right call, as he should not lose for awhile. The problem is Jack Swagger loses again (due to Bo Dallas interfering). Also, now that Swagger officially transitions into a feud with Dallas, who comes out on top there? Either Dallas loses or Swagger loses. Going to take some wonderful story telling to get out of that. Even with all those negatives, Rusev/Swagger was fun...as was Lana during the match. She is MONEY!

Six Man Tag Team Main Event - Eh, it filled up 20 minutes and ended the evening on a high note. I am just unsure how a Mark Henry/Big Show pairing will do in the year 2014. Must admit the agility from Show early on was impressive. Roman Reigns wins with a spear on Luke Harper. Good guys stand tall; everybody goes home happy.


Stardust - The worst thing on WWE television. It is not even close. Goldust, I can take or leave, but Stardust has been a bust since week one. I have made that very clear and will continue to say it. Can we have CODY RHODES return soon? I am not even a big Usos fan, but this is just terrible. Whoever convinced Cody Rhodes to play this character was wrong in doing so...and if it was Cody Rhodes himself, he needs to move on. He tried. It failed.

Sheamus Defeats Damien Sandow - Or is it Miz-dow now? Whatever, Sheamus wins. We learn it will be Cesaro vs. Sheamus for the United States Championship at WWE Night of Champions. Yet no Cesaro around. The Miz was mocking Sheamus for some reason, which introduced us to the IC Champion Dolph Ziggler for all of 10 seconds. Keeping up with this all? Yeah, me neither. Sorry, the mid-card titles are not worth as much as they should be.


Wrestling Twice In One Show - *sigh* This is why I did not like Rowan, Harper, Henry, and Show getting involved in the opener. Right when I saw it, I knew the main event would be changed to a six man tag team match with Reigns and Bray competing again. Guys should NOT wrestle twice in one show, unless a rare, rare, RARE circumstance calls for it. This was not one of those cases.

Overall: Pretty good show. Wish I had more to say, but that is Smackdown these days...

Interview With ME Tuesday Night!

Twitter: @JustinWatry

A few days ago, somebody sent an email my way looking to interview me. Yeah, to interview ME! At first, I laughed it off and had no interest. Just seemed liked a backwards idea. I have interviewed many different wrestlers in the past but ME?!?! Made no sense. After a follow-up email and learning more details about the project, I reluctantly agreed even if it does seem strange on the surface. I figured why not? Who am I to turn down the request? Be on the look out for an exclusive first time ever interview with me (!) Tuesday on the NoDQ website.


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