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Evolution Schematic 08.22.06: Kane (Part 3)
Posted by Mathew Sforcina on 08.22.2006

Writer's Notes

Well, apart from the teaser there, obviously.

Next week should be interesting, with me all over the place, in Hidden Highlights, Randle's MY News Report, The Payload, ES…Still not really enough though. Maybe I could secretly kill and replace O'Dog…

Anyway, onto our continued look at the ‘career' of Kane. Parts 1& 2, covered his confusing and twisted life up until he true debut to the world of Pro Wrestling free of the shadows and false names.

But not free of the fire…

Phase 8b- As I said, He's Alive. And kicking much ass.

As Taker tried to come to terms with what he had just learned, that Kane was alive, powerful and really very angry, Kane waited. As Paul Bearer taunted Taker, and demanded that Taker fight Kane, Kane beat up anyone he came across, be it The Hardy Boyz, the British Bulldog, Ahmed Johnson in his first official match, anyone.

The first true/major/important/on PPV test of Kane's prowess came at the 1997 Survivor Series, where Kane was set to fight the first man to take it to Kane and knock him off his feet, Mankind, who had come back after Kane destroyed Dude Love, Mick reverting in order to deal with the Monster.

Didn't do him much good, as Kane beat Mankind with a Tombstone, under a red light, Roxanne.

A brief word about Kane's "Mystical Powers". Kane, and Undertaker, are not gods. They are not mystical beings. They are merely one very screwed up and one very well trained athletes, respectively. Their ‘abilities' to control fire is merely mind games. Very, very good mind games, but mind games never the less. Of course, knowing that it's not real, knowing that Taker isn't really dead and that Kane couldn't make your pants burst into flames, despite knowledge being half the battle, doesn't help much, since if you try to ignore the mind games, you end up missing out on important chances at taking them down while they be all mind gamey. So people tend to accept the mind games, and hope for the best. Hence, Kane's first PPV match being under a red light, while technically possibly some strange, unusual display of his powers, was merely Kane demanding and getting it from the production team. Simple.

Kane continued his path of destruction, while Paul Bearer continued his path of yelling at Taker to accept the challenge. They tried the direct approach, Kane coming in at the next In Your House PPV during the Jeff Jarrett/Taker match, Kane ending up giving the match to Jarrett via DQ when he chokeslammed him in an effort to remove him so he could get to Taker. But that didn't work, since Taker refused to fight Kane, since he was focused more on WWF Champ Shawn Michaels and the WWF Title. So, Kane and Paul tried a subtler approach.

Phase 8c- The brothers…reunited?

A week before Taker was set to fight Shawn for the WWF Title at the Royal Rumble PPV in a Casket match, Kane seemed to have a change of heart. He threw off the yoke of Paul Bearer, and saved Taker from a DX beat down, and the two shared a gesture. Then, at the show itself, as Taker was being attacked by DX, The New Age Outlaws, Los Boricuas and the casket, the fans demanded Kane show himself.

He obliged. He came down, took out everyone, did his arms pose, failed to get any pyro, then turned on his Brother, destroying him, letting Shawn Michaels win the match and then, along with Paul Bearer, set fire to the casket, although Taker wasn't in it…

Phase 8d- Fooled you!

So, while Paul yet again began to call out the Undertaker, Kane went after, according to Paul, "the only man big and tough enough to stop Kane", Vader. After destroying a Vader clock with fire to prove a point, Kane, following his daddy's orders since, for the first time in his life things were going well, beat Vader at No Way Out Of Texas, then beating in Vader's head with a wrench for shits and giggles.

But eventually, Undertaker relented, agreed to fight Kane, and the match was set for Wrestlemania.

After Tombstoning Pete Rose who was annoying and such, Kane came face to face with his half brother, both men playing mind games hard. The match was hard hitting, if not technically crafted, with several key moments, including one where Kane, obviously enjoying the fact that he was getting the upper hand on his bastard brother who burnt him, pulling Taker up at 2. This was the true mistake, as despite Taker's plancha missing Kane and hitting the Spanish Announce Table, Kane couldn't keep Undertaker down long enough, and 3 Tombstones later, Kane was pinned for a bare 3 count.

To say Kane was happy would be, well, such a bald faced lie as to be silly. He did get some revenge after the match, beating down Taker and Tombstoning him on a steel chair

Phase 8e- Do over! DO OVER!

Despite losing, Kane, or rather Paul Bearer, demanded another match, since Undertaker only just got the pin and couldn't do it again and was a coward and got beat down and that Tombstone on the chair must have hurt and so on and so forth. Taker, his queasiness against fighting his own flesh and blood dissipated since it felt good, agreed. A week after Kane losing to Taker at Wrestlemania, he lost to Taker again at a UK PPV event, Mayhem in Manchester. So Paul Bearer, knowing his power and control and Kane's momentum was slipping, challenged Undertaker to an Inferno Match, where he who sets his opponent on fire is the winner, with fire all around the ring. While this was a logical match to create given the wrestlers' pasts and powers, it still threw both men to some degree. But they went at it regardless.

Kane was lucky when he fell out of the ring in such a way that he didn't get set on fire, thus meaning Undertaker was trapped in the ring.

Kane was then unlucky when Vader returned and began to brawl with him.

Kane was then really unlucky when Taker hit his trademark "Goodbye Cruel World" tope on both men.

Kane was then black cat under a ladder over a broken mirror I the shape of an upside down horseshoe unlucky when Taker knocked him out.

He then woke up to find his arm was on fire. And while this meant he lost the match, he was more concerned with his arm being on fire.

Eventually Kane got it put out, and no serious damage was done, beyond minor burns. But Paul Bearer, knowing that Kane at this point wasn't a match for The Undertaker just yet, convinced Kane that the loss in the Inferno Match was Vader's fault. So a Mask vs. Mask match was signed. And despite Vader trying to extract pay back with a wrench, at Over The Edge 98, Kane pinned Vader with the Tombstone to win Vader's mask, this loss setting Vader down his "fat piece of shit" path.

But for Kane, it was onwards and upwards. A week or two prior to taking Vader's mask, Paul Bearer had told the world of how he had bedded Mrs. Calloway and how Kane was his son. This only reinforced Kane's loyalty, and Paul rewarded this greatly, with an ally.

Phase 9- Kane & Mankind, The Masked Mutilators.

After Over The Edge, Dude Love had been fired for not beating Austin by Vince. Cactus Jack wanted nothing to do with the WWF at the time. So Mankind returned, screwed over Austin and Undertaker by helping Kane out, thus getting Mick rehired, since Taker was now also in Vince's bad books since he helped Austin retain the WWF Title at Over The Edge. Since Mick had reverted to the Mankind persona, Paul saw an opening, took it, and convinced Mick to join forces with Kane, once again be under his management. Kane and Mankind formed an odd bond, but what it lacked in niceness it made up for with success. Kane got his first major legit win over The Undertaker thanks to Mankind, thus also earning Kane a title shot at King Of The Ring. The two also rose in the Tag Title Ranks, but Kane became focused on Austin, wanting the WWF title, going so far as to talk (with the help of an electrolarynx) to Austin, and vowing to set himself on fire should he fail to beat Austin, in what had been booked as a First Blood match.

The obvious unfairness of this (A guy who wrestles in a mask and full body outfit vs. a guy who wears blank trunks only) can be, of course, attributed to Vince McMahon being a dick. The mysterious lowering of the Hell In A Cell Cell (used earlier in the Undertaker/Mick match) can also be attributed to this.

Undertaker ‘missing' Kane, and blasting Austin with a steel chair to bust him open however, is debatable. But it did mean one thing.

Phase 10- Kane, YOUR WWF Champion.

Kane entered Raw the following night as WWF Champion. He then accepted Austin's challenge for a rematch, promptly ate a Stunner during it and lost the title 24 hours after winning it.

Phase 11- Kane, OUR Former WWF Champion

Kane was surprisingly calm about this, Paul Bearer obviously working overtime to keep him in line. Or was he? For while Paul may have thought he still had Kane under his control, Kane had been got to be someone else.

The Undertaker.

It's hard to say how Taker managed to get to Kane, but probably he made arguments based on their common Mother and how she wouldn't have wanted them to fight, and how Paul was just using him, and how his Big Brother wanted to help him, and how he got him the WWF title but Paul let him lose it. And so on, in those periods where Paul was unable to be with Kane, be it in the dressing room, in the hotel room, in the bathroom, wherever. So while the two were not instantly working together, the two were slowly but surely getting there, the loss of the World Title annoying but not that bad.

After all, he would have gold back around his, uh, shoulder soon enough, as a couple of weeks later he and Mankind defeated the New Age Outlaws to win the WWF Tag Titles. This immediately led to the tag match that had been signed for Fully Loaded, Austin and Taker (who weren't really getting along, since Austin suspected Taker and Kane of being in bed together [ewww], rightly with hindsight, and the two were set to fight at Summerslam for the belt) vs. Kane and Mankind was turned into a Tag Title Match. Austin and Taker, despite not getting on, did manage to win the tag belts, Kane falling to Taker rather easily, given his past ability to withstand pain like his half-brother.

But a couple of weeks later, in a historically unique fatal 4 way match on Raw (unique given that in the match were the WWF Champion (Austin), the IC champ (The Rock), the European Champ (D'Lo, subbing for an injured Owen) and the tag champs (Austin and Taker)), Austin & Undertaker defending against Rock & D'Lo, The New Age Outlaws and Kane & Mankind, Kane and Mankind regained the tag titles when Kane pinned The Undertaker very easily, with a single chokeslam.

However, the duo was short lived, as Kane grew increasingly distant from Paul Bearer (who had not been seen recently) and Mankind, who asked what was up and got beat down in reply. Thus, after the two fought in a Hell In A Cell match on Raw that solved nothing, Mankind was forced to defend the tag belts against the New Age Outlaws at Summerslam by himself, lost, got thrown in a dumpster…and was then attacked by Kane.

But the end of the show was the key, as Kane watched the Taker/Austin main event, and after Austin retained, he and Taker stood side by side and watched Austin. The Brothers had officially reunited.

Phase 12- B.O.D, Take One.

Vince, seeing the obvious plan, used it, forcing Austin to defend his WWF title against both The Undertaker and Kane at Breakdown in a Triangle match, although to create an air of "The Deck Isn't Stacked, Really", the rules stated that the Champion had to be pinned or pin someone, i.e. Undertaker and Kane had to pin Austin to win, Austin could pin anyone. In theory, this meant Austin had an easier time, since he had 2 chances to win vs. the Brother's one. In reality, it meant Kane and Taker teamed up to beat down Austin, thus ensuring his defeat.

Except that their alliance and brotherly love didn't extend to being happy for the other to be champ. Both wanted the belt, and hence when one had a pin, the other broke it up. Eventually, after Austin almost had the match won, the two brothers made up, then hit a double chokeslam.

Made a double pin.

And hence…there was no champion.

Vince didn't care since Austin wasn't the champ. But, in order to prevent Taker and Kane (who's desire to please Taker was becoming less and less powerful) from destroying him and the WWF, he made the match for Judgment Day, Kane vs. Taker, for the vacant belt. And to really piss off Steve Austin, he was the guest ref and would have to declare a winner or be fired. Taker and Kane didn't care and beat him up anyway, but the match still went on.

Kane wanted that belt. And since Taker was now in his way, he went back to the guy who last managed him, and asked Paul for help. He agreed, and during the match, Paul came out.

And promptly tried to screw over Kane.

Kane had none of that and went after Paul, but Taker took him out, then Austin took HIM out, and the match ended with no new champ and a fired Austin. But for the main purposes of this story, Kane had been turned upon, and for the very first time in a long time was alone. And... popular?

Phase 13- The Big Red (Corporate) Machine

The alone part was soon to be changed however. For while Paul Bearer and Undertaker had reunited under the banner of cool demonic evil, Paul was still Kane's legal guardian, or at least was until he signed this power over to Vince McMahon, who then began to force Kane to do his bidding or else, thus Kane was forced to technically join the Corporation, although it hadn't really fully formed yet by the time Survivor Series came around. Kane, probably under orders, lost the second round match to The Undertaker (both men getting a bye) then cost Taker the semi-finals match by chokeslamming Rocky, thus allowing The Rock, the chosen one, to advance and end up winning the tourney and title.

However, Kane was still a bit of a loose cannon, and hence at Rock Bottom he cost Taker the title again, this time helping Austin. Of course, neither man was in Vince's good books so he didn't mind who won. But pretty soon he got Kane back under his thumb, with threats of back to the mental wards if he didn't tow the line.

Kane's run in the Corporation was…mixed at best, as while he did help out on occasion, his anger would often lead to hindering the Corporation's plans. Although sometimes the Corporation screwed him over, like in the 99 Rumble, where after he was dominate the Mental Ward Workers came out and Kane eliminated himself to deal with them.

But then came a new development.

Phase 14- Kane's in Love!

Chyna joined the Corporation, after she got tired of being the silent eye candy of DX. Almost immediately, Kane was to be thrown out and sent back to the mental home. But Chyna intervened, convinced the guys to give Kane one more chance, a chance he would be successful at. The two had a relationship of sorts, Kane willing to follow anyone who told him what to do, and Chyna needing serious back up to help fight DX, given that they were pissed off at her.

She chose wisely it seemed, as at St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Chyna and Kane defeated HHH and X-Pac in a tag match. Although it also seemed a mistake when in an attempt to burn HHH in the lead up to the HHH/Kane match at Wrestlemania, Kane burned Chyna by accident, although the concern and feelings Kane felt afterwards was obvious, as he nursed Chyna.

But at Wrestlemania, everything came to a head, although first the San Diego Chicken attacked Kane, or rather, Pete Rose dressed up like the San Diego Chicken attacked Kane. After a Tombstone to remove that problem, HHH and Kane fought, with Chyna nowhere to be seen at first, although she ended up coming out later, and helping Kane win. By DQ, when she hit him with a chair, seemingly rejoining DX.

By the end of the night, however, Chyna and HHH were in the Corporation, and Kane was out, alone, and lost. But one small, greasy-haired punk would very quickly change that…


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