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Evolution Schematic 10.31.06- The Dangerous Alliance (Part 1)
Posted by Mathew Sforcina on 10.31.2006


Today, it's kinda hard not to see Paul Heyman as a leader. As a boss. Yes, he has had to eat some crow, buckle down, and serve under people. He's been reduced to a GM under Vince, an agent for a wannabe football player, an announcer, and today running an ECW that Vince wants. But deep down, regardless of what he is now, we tend to view him as "The Guy Who Made ECW". The crazy mad genius. The Kool-Aid Dispenser, the guy who led a bunch of rag tag off casts and made something that is still talked about today.

And, to tell you the truth, he's pretty much always been like this.

But to understand his motives now, as part of the establishment, one has to go back. Beyond this WWECW. Beyond his stint with Smackdown. Beyond the WCW/ECW Alliance. Beyond ECW (mostly). Back to when Paul was just a lowly commentator turned manager and that's all. Back when he was one of the many lowly peons in WCW.

For in WCW, Paul E. Dangerously, as he was known back then, showed us just a glimpse of what he would do. He showed the world just what sort of mind he had ticking away under that receding hair line, possibly due to mobile phone emissions.

And he did it with one hell of a Dangerous Alliance.

Origins- 7 Great Talents. One Group. Where to begin?

It was late in 1991. WCW, before Monday Nitro, before 12 PPVs a year, before even the merest hint of 3 guys from Stamford forming an Order. A company in slightly desperate need of a direction, given the fact that Flair had just jumped ship and Luger was Champion. Inside the company, there were 6 employees, all looking for that big break, not happy with their current roles, despite some being quite well off, relatively. There was one about to jump ship to WCW from WWF, who was unhappy with how WWF had treated him and wanting to teach the world a lesson on just who he was.

There was ‘Stunning' Steve Austin, WCW TV Champion. After winning the belt in June of 91 of Bobby Eaton, Steve, with the lovely Lady Blossom by his side (she was beautiful, weren't they?) was still champ, thanks to the TV belt's strict 10/15 minute time limit rule.

There was Bobby Eaton, the man Steve had beaten for the belt. After losing the title, and losing the rematches, he got involved with the York Foundation, fighting them for most of the year after refusing to join them. But he obviously felt that he deserved better.

There were the then WCW Tag Team Champions, Larry Zbyszko and the legendary Arn Anderson. The Enforcers, as they were known (Arn gracious enough to lend his nickname to the duo) had won the tag titles in a tournament after Scott Steiner was injured and the Steiners were forced to vacate them, the duo beating Rick Steiner and Bill Kazmaier in the finals thanks to the timely use of a weight during Bill's weightlifting demonstration broke ribs and hence allowed the duo to win the titles. But they were unhappy. They felt they weren't getting any respect.

There was Madusa, having come over from AWA to find that WCW, despite their claims, had little to offer in terms of opposition and true talent to fight. So she was unhappy.

Outside the company, Rick Rude was pissed off. He had failed to win the WWF World Title off a man he had beaten in the past, the Ultimate Warrior. Viewing himself as a failure in the company, not even insulting Big Boss Man's mother helping his mood, he decided to jump ship, when someone called him up and made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

And then there was Paul E. Dangerously. He had been an announcer with Jim Ross on the NWA and then WCW TV Programming, until he was fired for being too ‘wimpy', according to WCW, and/or too ‘controversial', according to him. Today, everyone would know not to piss off Paul Heyman. But back then, Paul E. was just a minor threat. What could he do?


Debut- The pieces falling into place.

The wheels were truly set in motion on October 27, 1991. On that day, WCW held their Halloween Havoc PPV, and several things occurred.

One, before the PPV really got underway, outside Eric Bischoff (then an announcer and general underling) was playing valet parker and was welcoming several people to the PPV. However, when Barry Windham, who had been teaming regularly with Dustin Rhodes, arrived, he was ambushed by Arn and Larry, and they ended up slamming Barry's car door on his hand, breaking it.

Two, Bobby Eaton put an end to his problems with the York Foundation with an emphatic win over Terry…sorry, Terrance Taylor.

Three, Steve Austin retained the TV title despite eating a top rope bulldog from Dustin Rhodes thanks to the 15 minute time limit expiring.

Four, a mysterious WCW Halloween Phantom easily and quickly beat Tom Zenk with a reverse neck breaker.

Five, the Enforcers retained their World Tag Titles over the US Tag Champions, the Patriots, Todd Champion and Firebreaker Chip.

And then…

Lucky Six, Eric Bischoff brought out Paul E. Dangerously, who had demanded TV time. Dangerously came out and complained about getting fired, and how WCW was scared of him. As well they should, since he found a loophole. WCW had fired him as an announcer. But he still had his Manager's License. And with that, he would bring revenge down on the company that fired him, starting with the franchise of WCW, Sting. And his first weapon of destruction? The Halloween Phantom, a.k.a Ravishing Rick Rude.

This got people talking.

So a few weeks later, people were abuzz with interest. Sting, being the perennial all round good guy (except when he's a selfish prick), accepted the challenge and agreed to defend his US Title against Rude at the next major show, the 17th Clash Of The Champions.

The fans cheered when Bobby Eaton, all round trust worthy guy (although some people were beginning to suspect something, given his past as a bastard and the subtle shifting landscape of the company) beat another all round good guy, Firebreaker Chip (although he…actually he was a good guy). Although using the turnbuckles to wind Chip was a bit, well, mean.

Then Sting, preparing for his US Title defense, got his final Big Gift Box. See, Cactus Jack and Abdullah The Butcher, working for someone, had been tormenting Sting for months with these giant boxes filled with themselves. But this promised to be the final one. So, just as Sting was about to open it, a fancy carriage came out from the back and out emerged Madusa in a harem girl outfit.

Now, I don't know about you, but if I was expecting a gift and I somehow received Madusa in a harem girl outfit, I'd be pretty happy with the deal. Hence, I for one do not blame Sting for being distracted. Hence, when Lex Luger, WCW Champ, came out of the box and brutally clipped Sting's knee, I don't consider Sting an idiot. Merely male and alive.

Sting wasn't THAT badly hurt, but he was hurt enough that he considered going to the hospital. But he knew he had a US title defense. But Bobby Eaton, bastion of sense, told him as the medics check on him that he would have plenty of time. Go to the hospital and get it checked out, Bobby said. Sting saw the sense, and allowed himself to be loaded onto an ambulance and taken to a nearby hospital.

Then, a little while later, Steve Austin successfully defended his TV title against PN News, with Lady Blossom by his side (for what would turn out to be the last time).

Sting's condition was listed as unknown, although an orderly did give Eric Bischoff (who had gone with Sting to the hospital) a thumbs up, although that could have meant anything.

And then, The Enforcer's past misdeeds came back to bite them in the ass, as Dustin Rhodes found a mystery partner to replace the injured Barry Windham in their title shot against Arn and Larry. And in this match to end the two ‘teams' long standing rivalry, Dustin brought out…Ricky ‘The Dragon' Steamboat.

One ***** match later, and WCW had new World Tag Team Champions.

Paul E. then reminded everyone that should Sting fail to turn up for the match, Rude would win the US Title be default.

Sting then, once he found out about this, stol…'borrowed' an ambulance and broke all…drove in a safe, careful but speedy way back to the arena. Thankfully for him, Paul E. was feeling proud of himself and decided to talk to the fans a bit to explain to them why he was so smart and they were so dumb, and how Rude would win the belt by forfeit and not even break a sweat. Alas, his talking gave Sting enough time to BARELY break the 10 count and the match took place.

Thankfully for Paul E. and Rick, they had a Plan B: Hit the leg.

When that didn't work immediately, they went to Plan C: Hit the leg then have Paul shatter phone over Sting's head.

That got two, so they went back to Plan B, Sting in his anger going after Paul and opening his leg to Rude to nail, pin and win the title.

And then, as Eric arrived back to the arena after driving in a safe, caref…ignoring the speed limit, Paul E. babbled as he was want to do when happy. He made sure everyone understood the set up, explained it for the really slow people, insulted everyone he could think of, and officially announced that the Dangerous Alliance was here to kick ass, take names, and do whatever the hell he wanted.

And that set off one hell of a year.

Writer's Notes

I really did NOT want to make this so short, but there's a bit of thunder and lightning about and hence I have to cut this short in order to make sure my comp survives. Still, at least I'll give other people a chance to get a blurb up in the top section now.

See you soon loyal peons!


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