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WWE News: Christian Has Surgery, Alumni\'s Father Passes Away, More   (09.19.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Some more Wednesday news...
Christian Not Taken Off TV Due to WWE/TNA Agreement   (09.06.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
There\'s a different reason…
Why is Christian Being Kept Off of WWE TV?   (09.05.2012) - Larry Csonka
What’s the deal?
WWE News: Updates On TNA/WWE Lawsuit, Flair Negotiations And More   (08.23.2012) - Joseph Lee
Christian will make another appearance in TNA...
Christian\'s Peep Show Returns on Smackdown   (07.16.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Who will his guests be?
Title Match Set for Next Week\'s Raw   (07.16.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Based on a vote...
Christian Talks About Holding the IC Title, Missing Time Due to His Ankle Injury   (07.02.2012) - Larry Csonka
Christian speaks!
Christian Says He Wants a Lengthy Career   (06.21.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
No plans to retire soon…
WWE Double Books Christian in August   (06.21.2012) - Larry Csonka
What’s the deal?
More on Christian’s Appearance With TNA Over The Weekend   (06.13.2012) - Larry Csonka
More details on the appearance…
WWE News: Christian Unhappy at Slammiversary, Multiple Scripts For Raw Tonight, More   (06.11.2012) - Larry Csonka
Even more WWE news…
Christian is at TNA Slammiversary   (06.10.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Dixie tweets a pic…
Various News: Update on Christian-TNA, R Truth Possibly Injured, More   (06.09.2012) - Larry Csonka
More Saturday news…
[VIDEO] TNA News: TNA Website Advertising Christian, Joey Ryan Interviews John Morrison   (06.09.2012) - Joseph Lee
Captain Charisma returns to TNA...
UPDATED: Will WWE’s Christian Be At TNA Slammiversary?   (06.08.2012) - Larry Csonka
He\'s not appearing for WWE this weekend...
WWE News: WWE Teases Heel Turn For Christian, Lilian Garcia Replaced At House Shows   (06.04.2012) - Joseph Lee
But she\'s only gone for a short while...
[VIDEO] TNA Posts VIdeo Of One Of Their Greatest Moments   (06.01.2012) - Joseph Lee
Christian Cage debuts...
ESPN Covers Christian Interview Discussing the NHL Playoffs   (05.31.2012) - Larry Csonka
Some mainstream exposure for Captain Charisma…
WWE News: Christian Discusses His IC Title Win, Over the Limit Videos   (05.21.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Why did he challenge for the Intercontinental belt?
Christian Dedicates WWE IC Title Win To Randy Savage   (05.21.2012) - Ashish
Christian tweets about win...
Details On Christian\'s Appearance For FCW Tonight   (05.18.2012) - Larry Csonka
He won\'t be wrestling...
Details On Christian\'s Appearance For FCW This Friday   (05.16.2012) - Joseph Lee
He won\'t be wrestling...
WWE News: Christian Interview, Rock’s Next Movie, More   (05.04.2012) - Larry Csonka
Plus an update on Mark Henry…
Christian Advertised For WWE House Shows This Weekend   (05.02.2012) - Larry Csonka
Is Christian ready to return?
WWE News: Update On Christian’s Return, Miz’s Status in the Company, More   (04.26.2012) - Larry Csonka
Plus some WWE.com stats…
WWE News: Eve’s New WWE Role, Christian Update, More   (04.24.2012) - Larry Csonka
Plus WWE and Youtube seem to be a good combination…
Update on Christian\'s Return To TV   (04.22.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
When will he be back?
WWE News: Chris Jericho Gets Stitches, Christian Talks About His Future   (04.20.2012) - Joseph Lee
What kind of entrance does he want at Wrestlemania?
Various News: Christian Talks Unfinished Business, New Date For Roddy Piper Movie Screening, More   (04.19.2012) - Larry Csonka
Plus The Houston Chronicle covers Lucha Libre USA…
Christian Returns to Action in England   (04.19.2012) - Larry Csonka
Christian is back!
WWE News: Rosa Mendes Gripes Again, Christian to Feud With Big Show, More   (04.11.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Some more late-night WWE news...
Various News: WWE Releases Daniel Bryan ‘YES’ Shirt, Christian to Visit FCW   (04.06.2012) - Larry Csonka
More Friday news…
WWE News: Updates on Christian and Alberto Del Rio, WrestleMania Fan Updates, More   (03.30.2012) - Larry Csonka
The news keeps on coming…
More On Christian And Alberto Del Rio Being Off Wrestlemania   (03.28.2012) - Joseph Lee
They may still be on camera...
Why Was Christian Pulled From WrestleMania?   (03.27.2012) - Larry Csonka
The latest details inside…
Former TNA Employees Discuss Christian Cage Leaving The Company   (03.26.2012) - Larry Csonka
What were their feelings?
WWE News: The Latest on Developmental, Details on Layla’s Return, More   (03.23.2012) - Larry Csonka
More on WWE developmental…
Christian Says His Last Injury Was the Most Frustrating of His Career   (03.20.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Christian discusses the details behind the injury...
[VIDEO] Christian Makes His Smackdown Return   (03.18.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Check out Christian\'s Peep Show segment...
David Otunga Tweets Photo from Elimination Chamber   (02.19.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Inside the ring...
UPDATED: WWE Star Hints at Return Tonight (POTENTIAL SPOILER)   (02.19.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
WWE.com picks up the story...
WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Back, Edge Appearance Hoax   (02.08.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Some more news...
Update on Christian\'s Injury Status   (01.17.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
When is he expected back?
WWE News: Styles Talks ECW, Christian’s Return, Extreme Rules Update, More   (12.21.2011) - Larry Csonka
Even more WWE news…
Injury Update on Christian   (11.14.2011) - Larry Csonka
What’s the deal?
Jim Ross Tweets Updates About Christian and Jerry Brisco   (11.10.2011) - George H. Sirois
Good news for both of them…
Injury Update on Christian   (11.10.2011) - Larry Csonka
What’s the deal?
Christian Possibly Injured at Smackdown Show   (11.09.2011) - Jeremy Thomas
‘Solidarity Rally’ Set for This Monday’s RAW   (10.08.2011) - George H. Sirois
Spearheaded by Christian...
Various News: Smackdown Tonight, Dennis Rodman Signing, Christian Interview, More   (08.09.2011) - Larry Csonka
More news…
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