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Speculation on What WWE Could Offer For TNA\'s Tape Library   (07.29.2014) - Joseph Lee
If it came to that...
Various News: Hulk Hogan Appearance on Saturday, Scott Steiner Celebrates a Birthday   (07.29.2014) - Larry Csonka
Happy Birthday to Big Poppa Pump!
Hulk Hogan Comments on a Potential Return to The Ring, His Reconciliation With Warrior, More   (07.28.2014) - Larry Csonka
He also praises Rollins, Ambrose, Reigns and Bryan…
WWE News: Cesaro Reportedly Told To Stop Doing The Giant Swing, Brock Lesnar Appears To Ignore A Fan, More   (07.26.2014) - Joseph Lee
Plus Hulk Hogan reveals who he wants his final opponent to be...
Report From WWE Comic-Con Panel With Hogan, Bryan, Heyman and Sting   (07.24.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Sting\'s appearance, their thoughts on KENTA and more...
Hulk Hogan May Be Involved at Summerslam   (07.24.2014) - Larry Csonka
Details inside…
More Pictures From WWE’s Comic-Con Panel With Hogan, Heyman and More   (07.24.2014) - Larry Csonka
Check them out…
WWE News: Darren Young Injury Update, Usos Comment on Battleground Match   (07.24.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Plus Hogan set for a conference call...
WWE News: Hulk Hogan Media Call, The Rock on The Today Show, More   (07.23.2014) - Larry Csonka
Plus a new Cesaro interview…
WWE News: Hogan and Flair Advertised For House Show, Triple H and Kenta Pic   (07.18.2014) - Larry Csonka
Where can you see Flair and Hogan together?
Hulk Hogan Was a Big Deal in Japan During WWE’s Recent Tour   (07.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
Japan is filled with Hulkamaniacs… BROTHER!
WWE News: Hulk Hogan Hosting Raw in August, More Cuts Likely Coming   (07.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
More WWE news…
WWE News: Hulk Hogan Set For Montreal Comic-Con, New Article on WWE Network Subscribers, More   (07.16.2014) - Larry Csonka
Hulk Hogan, Lita and Trish Stratus are all headed to Montreal…
Hulk Hogan is Excited For Raw – Praises John Cena   (07.14.2014) - Larry Csonka
On Twitter…
Hulk Hogan Comments on Earthquake in Japan   (07.12.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Hogan thought it was Andre the Giant…
WWE News: Hulk Hogan Hypes Big WWE Announcement For Osaka, New Logo Spotted On DVD   (07.11.2014) - Joseph Lee
Whatcha gonna do, Japan?
Hulk Hogan Comments on WWE Heading to Japan   (07.09.2014) - Larry Csonka
See what the Hulkster has to say…
WWE News: Hogan Contract Details, More on Decision to Put World Title on Cena   (07.04.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
How quickly was the decision made?
WWE News: Usos/Wyatts Feud To Continue, Hogan Congratulates Cena, More   (06.30.2014) - Joseph Lee
Plus Paige gets revenge on the King...
WWE News: Report on Hulk Hogan Signing in Massachusetts, New Money in the Bank Preview   (06.29.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
A new champion will be crowned…
Mick Foley Reveals On Facebook Why He Likes Hulk Hogan   (06.27.2014) - Joseph Lee
The Mickster, brother...
WWE News: Hulk Hogan Pumps Up US Soccer Team, Released WWE Tag Team Could Reunite, More   (06.26.2014) - Joseph Lee
Plus some news on indy wrestler Steven Walters...
Hulk Hogan Wants WWE Legends House to Film at His Restaurant   (06.26.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Hogan volunteers his restaurant’s services…
Harley Race Says Hulk Hogan Was A \'Way Above Average\' Wrestler   (06.24.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
\"Hogan gets good and bad raps\"...
Various News: Zack Ryder Left Off Of Long Island Show, Vince Russo To Be Interviewed By Steve Austin, More   (06.23.2014) - Joseph Lee
Plus news on Hulk Hogan...
Various News: WWE Still Considering Hulk Hogan For Legends House, Sting At PCW Today   (06.21.2014) - Joseph Lee
They want a big name for the show...
WWE News: John Cena In New Fruity Pebbles Promotion, Hogan Comments On RAW, More   (06.10.2014) - Joseph Lee
Are you on Team Fruity or Team Cocoa?
Bully Ray Talks About Hulk Hogan Leaving TNA, the Original Plans on a Match Between Him and Hogan, and More   (06.08.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Ray enjoyed working with Hogan for the Aces & Eights storyline...
Several Wrestlers Make Time\'s \'Most Obsessed Over People\' List   (05.29.2014) - Joseph Lee
With fifteen in the top 100...
Swerves In Wrestling: Good Or Bad?   (05.29.2014) - Justin Watry
From Hulk Hogan joining the nWo to Samoa Joe joining the Main Event Mafia, swerves have been part of wrestling for years. But do they help or hurt the business, and are they even necessary? 411\'s Justin Watry takes a look!
Hulk Hogan Currently Leading Poll On Who Should Be The Next RAW General Manager   (05.27.2014) - Joseph Lee
Who do you think should get the job?
WWE News: Summer Rae and Layla to End Feud with Match on PPV, Hulk Hogan to Appear on WWE Legends House, and More   (05.24.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Triple H was at NXT last night...
Highlights of Hulk Hogan\'s Return to London on Smackdown This Week   (05.24.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
The Hulkster runs wild in the UK…
Hulk Hogan and Stephanie McMahon Discuss Warrior\'s Passing, WrestleMania in the UK and More in a New Q&A   (05.20.2014) - Larry Csonka
Some highlights inside…
WWE News: Stephanie McMahon & Hulk Hogan Visit The Daily Mirror, New Clip From WWE’s Greatest Factions DVD   (05.19.2014) - Larry Csonka
The DVD comes out next week…
Hulk Hogan Tweets About Upcoming WWE Smackdown Appearance in London This Week   (05.18.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
\"I hope somebody crosses the line...\"
Robbie E. Says He\'s Already Forgotten About Hulk Hogan   (05.17.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
TNA talent talls about Hogan and AJ Styles leaving...
WWE News: Hogan Advertised For Raw, Weekend House Shows   (05.16.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Some European tour news...
Next Week\'s WrestleMania Rewind to Focus on Hogan vs. Savage   (05.16.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
From WrestleMania V...
WWE News: Hulk Hogan\'s Status For Next Week\'s Raw, Renee Young Joins NXT Announce Team   (05.15.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Will Hogan be on the show?
Harley Race Recalls His Last Conversation With Owen Hart   (05.14.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Plus the story of his King gimmick and more...
Dixie Carter Receives a Gift From Hulk Hogan   (05.09.2014) - Larry Csonka
I’m glad those crazy kids still get along…
Another Big Name Being Considered For Legends House 2   (05.08.2014) - Joseph Lee
It will feature a new cast...
Hulk Hogan Says The Shield Needs Someone to Watch Their Back   (05.06.2014) - Larry Csonka
The Hulkster speaks…
WWE News: Why Hogan\'s Going on Japan Tour, Darren Young Injury Update   (04.30.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Plus why is talent being asked to name finishers?
Various News: The Hardys Comment On Their Match With The Briscoes, News On Why Hulk Hogan Was Added To Japan Tour   (04.26.2014) - Joseph Lee
The Hardys fight the Briscoes tonight...
WWE News: Stephanie & Linda McMahon Interview, Hulk Hogan Heading to Japan For WWE   (04.24.2014) - Larry Csonka
Hulk Hogan speaks on his return to Japan…
Hulk Hogan May Go Mercenary For The Expendables 4   (04.23.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
A new rumor puts him in the next film...
Various News: Hulk Hogan Films More Interview Footage About Warrior, Latest GFW Promo, More   (04.19.2014) - Joseph Lee
Plus Daniel Bryan posts a photo from his honeymoon...
Various News: Former OVW Star Works Smackdown Taping, Why Did WWE Book Hulk Hogan For Their London Taping?, More   (04.17.2014) - Joseph Lee
Plus the opening video for tonight\'s Impact...
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