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Rev Theory Releases Backstage Photos from WrestleMania 30   (04.13.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
A look backstage at the event...
Randy Orton\'s Theme Music To Be Performed Live at WrestleMania   (04.04.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Rev Theory will be there...
WWE News: Network Programming For WrestleMania, Hogan Appearance with Cena and HBK, Orton Off House Shows   (03.28.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
What WrestleMania week events will be on the Network?
WWE News: Randy Orton Comic Con Appearance, Joe Manganiello Talks Raw Appearance, More   (03.26.2014) - Larry Csonka
Plus the Miz praises Santino…
Next Week\'s WWE Raw Main Event Announced   (03.24.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
A partial preview for WrestleMania 30...
Scotty Riggs Says John Cena\'s Matches Are Sickening   (03.17.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Plus he thinks Orton isn\'t allowed to be himself...
Second Set of WWE House Show Results 3.15.14: Austin, Texas   (03.16.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Get another look at the event…
CM Punk Louisville Comic Con Appearance Canceled   (02.26.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Randy Orton\'s going instead...
New Match Set For Raw   (02.16.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Not an unexpected one...
WWE House Show Results 2.07.14: Oakland, California   (02.08.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Mark Henry returned to the ring...
Steve Austin Comments on the Fan Reaction to John Cena & Randy Orton’s Royal Rumble Match   (02.06.2014) - Larry Csonka
Stone Cold speaks...
Randy Orton Told to Speed up Promo on Last Night’s Raw   (02.04.2014) - Larry Csonka
Find out why inside…
Main Event Set For Smackdown   (02.03.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Another Elimination Chamber preview...
WWE News: Notes on Big Show\'s Match at Orlando House Show, Randy Orton Reportedly Takes a Shot at CM Punk   (02.02.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Was Orton commenting on Punk walking out?
Dean Ambrose Says He\'d Like to Feud With Randy Orton   (01.31.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
Plus the early days of the Shield and more...
Tremendous Tirades 01.20.14: Monday Night Raw   (01.20.2014) - Steve Cook
This is a show that was a show and it was there. I get yelled at when I say that, but what do you want from me?
Second Set of WWE House Show Results 1.18.14: Cincinnati, Ohio   (01.19.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Get another look at the event...
Second Set of WWE House Show Results 1.17.14: St. Louis, Missouri   (01.18.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
Get a more detailed look at the event...
WWE House Show Results 1.10.14: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania   (01.11.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
John Cena faced Randy Orton in the main event…
WWE House Show Results 01.03.14: Fayetteville, North Carolina   (01.04.2014) - Jeffrey Harris
John Cena faced Randy Orton in the main event…
WWE News: Orton On Playing a Heel, New Diva Arrives in NXT   (12.23.2013) - Jeremy Thomas
Orton enjoys being a heel more...
Backstage Photos of Randy Orton – The Champion of Champions   (12.16.2013) - Larry Csonka
Following the TLC PPV...
[VIDEO] Free Match: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett Tables Match   (12.15.2013) - Jeffrey Harris
From TLC 2011...
Note on Main Event Title Scene for WWE House Show Following TLC 2013 (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)   (12.14.2013) - Jeffrey Harris
Find out what is scheduled following the PPV...
WWE News: Former OVW Stars Who Made Good, Cena and Orton Not Advertised for January Smackdown Tapings   (12.05.2013) - Jeffrey Harris
Orton and Cena not advertised for two sets of Smackdown tapings…
Update on What WWE Will Call The Unified Titles After TLC   (12.04.2013) - Larry Csonka
Likely not Unified Champion…
Truths And Lies 12.03.13: WWE/TNA Week In Review   (12.03.2013) - Justin Watry
Is it true that TNA is holding live events at high schools? Was there really an hour long main event on Smackdown? Did the contract signing on Raw get you excited for TLC? All this and much more from the past week in professional wrestling!
WWE News: Rumors on Possible Finish to TLC Main Event, Yahoo! Article Speculates on Possible Return of The Undertaker   (11.30.2013) - Jeffrey Harris
Will the titles be unified at the TLC PPV?
WWE News: Randy Orton Grants A Wish, Edge Talks About His Theme Song, More   (11.29.2013) - Joseph Lee
Plus the latest edition of WWE Inbox...
Main Event Set For TLC PPV   (11.25.2013) - Jeremy Thomas
A double title match...
WWE Teases Cena/Orton Continuation For Tonight   (11.25.2013) - Jeremy Thomas
Plus a reference to McMahon\'s appearance last night...
Who Will Be Randy Orton’s Next Challenger?   (11.25.2013) - Larry Csonka
Orton could have a big problem…
[VIDEO] WWE Free Match: John Cena & Randy Orton vs. Entire Raw Roster   (11.17.2013) - Jeremy Thomas
WWE House Show Results 11.12.13: Newcastle, England   (11.13.2013) - Jeffrey Harris
Randy Orton faces The Big Show ahead of Survivor Series…
More WWE News: The Perfect Paul Heyman Guy, How Long Will Cena And Orton Be Champions?, More   (11.08.2013) - Joseph Lee
Plus, El Torito photo-bombs classic WWE moments...
WWE House Show Results 11.06.13: Belfast, Ireland   (11.06.2013) - Jeffrey Harris
Big Show faces Randy Orton ahead of Survivor Series…
Current WWE Booking Plans for Daniel Bryan (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)   (11.02.2013) - Jeffrey Harris
Where does he go following Hell in a Cell?
Early Card For The Survivor Series PPV (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)   (10.29.2013) - Larry Csonka
This is what’s being planned thus far…
UPDATE: Two Segments Set For Tonight\'s Raw   (10.28.2013) - Jeremy Thomas
What\'s going to open the show?
Main Event Plans Following Hell in a Cell Changed   (10.10.2013) - Jeremy Thomas
Who will Randy Orton be feuding with?
WWE House Show Results 10.05.13: Rochester, New York   (10.06.2013) - Jeffrey Harris
Who was in action ahead of Battleground?
WWE House Show Results 10.04.13: Syracuse, New York   (10.05.2013) - Jeffrey Harris
Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton faced off...
WWE News: Plans for Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan Feud After Battleground, New Battleground Promos (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)   (10.05.2013) - Jeffrey Harris
What’s next for the WWE championship after Battleground?
Early Plans For CM Punk at WrestleMania 30 Discussed   (10.02.2013) - Jeremy Thomas
Who would he face?
[VIDEO] WWE Top Ten: Viper\'s Vicious Moments   (09.28.2013) - Jeffrey Harris
Randy Orton\'s most despicable moments...
WWE House Show Results 09.27.13: Denver, Colorado   (09.28.2013) - Jeffrey Harris
Daniel Bryan faced Randy Orton in the main event…
[VIDEO] WWE Free Match - Randy Orton vs. CM Punk - Last Man Standing Match   (09.26.2013) - Larry Csonka
From Extreme Rules 2011…
[VIDEO] WWE Free Match – John Cena vs. Randy Orton - WWE Title Match   (09.26.2013) - Larry Csonka
From Hell in a Cell 2009…
[VIDEO] WWE Free Match – Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Triple H - WWE Title Match   (09.26.2013) - Larry Csonka
From WrestleMania XXIV…
[VIDEO] WWE Free Match – RVD vs. Randy Orton - Intercontinental Title Match   (09.26.2013) - Larry Csonka
From Armageddon 2003…
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