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411's LIVE Raw Coverage 06.13.05 | Kane Vs Sylvain Grenier; Kane's Post-Match Celebration Is Interrupted
Posted by Alex Obal on 06.13.2005

Match #4: Kane vs Sylvain Grenier

While Sylvain is hanging up his jacket in the corner, Kane attacks from behind and slugs away. Kane uses a cross-corner whip and a sidewalk slam. Kane chokes Grenier on the second rope. Kane gets a slam and continues to slug away in the corner. Kane gets a headbutt, and our hosts put over Kane's unending quest to get over the whole Lita thing. He charges into an elbow in the corner, though, and Grenier gets a missile dropkick... and Kane immediately sits up. Uh-oh. Grenier runs into a big boot. Kane lines up the chokeslam and hits it with AUTHORITY. Then he goozles Grenier and chokeslams him again. This gets a big pop. Kane shakes his head and picks up Grenier up with a third goozle and kills him dead with a third chokeslam. Senior Official Earl Hebner counts the academic three.

Winner: Kane via pinfall (2:45)

But before Kane can light the corners on fire, Lita's music hits, and she walks out onto the ring apron. Lita apologizes for not letting him go out with a bang, but she think she's used to leaving people dissatisfied. Lita's not out here to insult him; she's out here to tell him two very important things. She needs some help for the first thing, so she calls for Gene Snitsky. She clears the air: It wasn't his fault. It was Kane's. Kane was who put her in danger, so she owes Snitsky a ton of gratitude, because the thought of having some demon spawn baby running around with some useless husband sulking is so horrifying that she wants to thank him. So she yanks his beard and kisses him. ["Slut!"] Snitsky: "My pleasure. Hahaha." Kane is shaking his head.

Lita's second thing has to be done right too, so she calls for her fiancé, Edge. They've been talking. They're not going to wait until Vengeance when Edge beats Kane; they're going to get married live on Raw next week! She wants the whole world to share this with her, because a moment like this is once-in-a-lifetime. Edge mocks Kane's T-shirt that calls him a monster. "Next week, after Lita and I get married, we're gonna celebrate. And I'm gonna show her the real one-eyed monster." Once again, they make out on the stage as Kane is seething in the ring.

Ric Flair & Triple H are walking down to the ring. HHH isn't happy, so JR predicts that hell will break loose. That could be a pretty safe bet.

Ad Break.


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