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Complete TNA Impact Taping Results [SPOILERS]
Posted by Chris Lansdell on 08.10.2010

Here's a report on tonight's TNA Impact taping, courtesy Mike Johnson and PWInsider:

Dark Match:

Robby G (Rob Eckos) with Cookie (Becky Bayless) defeated Jeremy Buck. G and Cookie were doing a takeoff of The Situation and Snooki on the Jersey Shore.


The 8/19 edition of Impact opened with Eric Bischoff announcing that Rob Van Dam has been hospitalized with likely head and spinal trauma, 115 stitches and possibly punctured organs. Bischoff said that after meeting with Van Dam's doctors and Dixie Carter, they have decided to vacate the TNA title. A tournament with the top 8 contenders will start tonight with the finals being held at Bound for Glory.

Bischoff said that Van Dam has a home in TNA and they will be happy to welcome him back if and when he is able to recover.

Ric Flair and Fortune came out. They have a new hand signal. Flair said he's hired Matt Morgan as his bodyguard. He said EV2.0 are undisciplined animals and don't deserve to be in his business. He said people can say what they want but they are all in TNA to stay. AJ Styles said EV2 couldn't let things go. They wanted one last shot of glory and now they got what they deserved. He said no one has wrestled more for TNA than him and this is the house that he built. TNA President Dixie Carter came out and said Styles may have built this house, but she owns it and now its "their house." Out come a bruised and battered EV2.0. She said that Flair may be the dirtiest player in the game but not the smartest. Last week, EV2.0 didn't have contracts but this week,...and pulled out contracts for all of the former ECW stars to sign. Flair began going off on EV2.0 and Carter. Tommy Dreamer told Flair he may be the living legend, but if Carter didn't tell him to wait, EV2.0 would hit the ring and kick their asses. Dreamer said Dixie let them acknowledge the past but now its time to let go and move forward. He told Flair he needed to let the past. Hogan and everything go because now its all about TNA. Foley and Flair began going back and forth on the mic. The idea here was that Foley convinced Flair to come to TNA and now regrets he ever did so. Flair challenged them to fight. Foley and Dreamer said when Dixie tells them they can fight, then they will because they are men of their word and work for Dixie. Dreamer warned Abyss that EV2.0 was looking for him because of what he did to RVD. Dreamer then announced he had all the respect in the world for AJ Styles until last week when he jumped on him so now they are going to fight later for the first time and its going to be extreme.

Jeff Hardy pinned Rob Terry with the swanton.

Hardy and Abyss were brawling because Hardy attacked him looking for revenge for what happened to RVD.

Ken Anderson pinned Jay Lethal with the Mic Check. They shook hands after the match. Good stuff.

TNA Knockouts champ Angelina Love pinned Madison Rayne. Velvet Sky came out and she and Love brawled with Rayne and the Motorcycle woman before the bell. Sky distracted Rayne to set up the finish. Velvet and Love shook hands after the match and raised their arms but were laid out by the heels.

Kurt Angle forced X-Division champ Douglas Williams to the anklelock. Short but lots of good wrestling here.

Sting and Kevin Nash came out. Nash said that he's been called a cancer but the reality is that after 20 years and 28 operations he's not here for the money but because he loves pro wrestling. Nash said that he's not going to be told to step aside and if someone wants his spot, they have to take it. Nash said the cancer isn't him but the smoke and mirrors in the back. Nash said the company is close to turning the corner and setting the world on its ear. Nash said he's tired of the garbage and he wants the truth. Jeff Jarrett came out and said the truth is Nash hasn't cared about anyone but himself for 20 years. Jarrett warned Sting that he knows his skeletons and could expose them if he wanted to. Jarrett praised what Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff did for the company. Jeff said he was going to the ring with a chair to kick their asses. Hulk Hogan came out and said if Jeff is going to the ring, Hulk's going with him. Hogan told Nash and Sting they are jealous of the spotlight being on the young guys and not them. Hogan dared Sting to put the bat down and be a real man. Sting tossed it out. Hogan and Jarrett came to ringside. They hit the ring. The lights went out and when they returned, Fortune was beating down all four of them.

Pope Dinero pinned Matt Morgan. The finish saw Morgan miss the running kick into the ringpost on the floor and crotch himself. Pope hit the Elijah Express on Morgan into the post then pinned him.

AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer for the first time ever. They go back and forth. Styles busts open Dreamer's cut. Dreamer comes back and hits a DDT. Fortune makes their way to the ring but EV2.0 come running in from a side door. There's a big brawl all around ringside. Abyss runs in from the crowd and hits the Black Hole Slam on Dreamer. Styles scores the pin. There's a long Fortune vs. EV2.0 brawl to close the show before they are separated. Fun!


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