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411 Weekly Indy Report W/ Nate Stein
Posted by Nate Stein on 09.28.2005

NEWS: Indy Wrestling Film Looking for Talent
Wild Samoan Training Center Scholarship
Extreme War Training With Tommy Dreamer
TH, 9/22 - IWM - Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
FR, 9/23 - GCW - Overland, MO
WOHW - Hudson Falls, NY
XCW - Denton, TX
SAT, 9/24 - ECWA - Bear, DE
FPWA - Pinellas Park, FL
PCW - Arlington, TX
OCW - Newark, OH
IWR - Riverview, MI
EWF - Marion, IN
GCW - Cape Girardeau, MO
EWA - Baltimore, MD
IPW:UK - Orpington, Kent
IWW - Dublin, Ireland
TH 9/29 - NWS - Long Branch, NJ
RAW - Halifax, Nove Scotia
FR 9/30 - AU - City of Industry, PA
CCW - East Haven, CT
WLW - Sedalia, MO
NWS - South River, NJ
CWA - Montreal, QC
SWF - Tullahoma, TN
SAT 10/1 - 1PW - Doncaster, England
MPW - Jerseyville, IL
FMW - Odenton, MD
CPW - Knightdale, NC
NWS - Manville, NJ
MWF - Valleyfield, QC
PCW - Arlington, TX
NMW - Springfield, IL
EWF - Marion, IN
IWI - Cincinnati, OH
NWA PWX - McKeesport, PA
TMW - Knoxville, TN
SUN 10/2 - CAPW - Cleveland, OH
MAW - Milwaukee, WI
CCCW - Springfield, IL

Indy Wrestling Film Looking for Talent

From Donavan Franken,
“I am the casting director for a movie that is going to be loosely based on the backstage happenings of the WWE. We have signed some big names in the wrestling world for the major roles; however, there are some minor roles as well as "walk-in" roles left. We would like very much to use independent wrestlers to fill the remaining roles due to their knowledge & expertise of the ring, not to mention their genuine love for the sport.

“I am going to be in the Paintsville, KY area on October 3-5, 2005. I realize this may be a bit of a drive, but I am coming to Paintsville from Montreal, Canada. Due to the long distances, I am not able to come to the States often, so I tried my best to pick locations convenient for everyone who wants a chance. If chosen to participate in our film, the wrestler's air fare will be fully covered & a food & lodging stipend will be awarded to he or she, as well as monetary reimbursement for their time & work.

“Please pass the word around to any wrestlers you know of that might be interested in this wonderful opportunity, & I would be happy to correspond with them personally. Thanks for your time & cooperation.

Donavan Franken

Wild Samoan Training Center Scholarship

The Wild Samoan Pro Wrestling Training Center is announcing that Afa the Wild Samoan will offer a scholarship to a lucky young athlete who has the dream to enter into professional wrestling. The scholarship is a $4,000 value & will be awarded to one lucky man or woman between 18 & 35.

The scholarship will be awarded to the athlete who has the most heart, desire, endurance, & athletic ability. No prior training experience is required, however independent workers are welcome to enter. Experience or not, everyone has the same chance to become the winner.

The requirements are simple. You must be in that age group, be in excellent physical condition & have a certificate stating so from a licensed physician. You must take part in a tryout offered by The Wild Samoan Pro Wrestling Training Center on Monday, October 10 at 5:30 pm in Allentown, PA. There is a small entry fee of $200 to enter. There will be only one winner from those that enter, the entry fee will be deducted from your total tuition if you join the program, so there is nothing to lose. Enrollment is limited & on a first come first basis.

Afa Says: This scholarship is my way of keeping the dream of a young athlete alive & for me to continue to live up to the title of "DREAM MAKER" that was given to me by GENE SNISKY.

Extreme War Training With Tommy Dreamer

On Saturday, 10/8, Tommy Dreamer will be holding a clinic before Extreme War in Cleveland, OH. To register, cost is $40 for the first 20 people, contact extremewar@aol.com or 216-571-4WAR.

IWM results
Thurs, 9/22 - Portage La Prairie, Manitoba

*Zach Mercury def. Kevin Chevrolet
*Kory Kobash def. Gibby Guerrero
*Jon Cutler vs. Shane Madison went to a no contest
*Danny Duggan def. Bobby Jay
*Jim Neidhart/Jon Cutler def. Shane Madison/TJ Bratt

Gateway Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 9/23 - Overland, MO:

*Mason Hunter def. Michael Strider
*Cabal def. Jynx & European Legend Pierre Abernathy by DQ after Steven Kennedy interfered
*Trent Stone/Dan Walsh def. Sean Vincent/Rebecca Raze
*Cabal/Jackal/Gary J def. Jynx/Steven Kennedy/
Pierre Abernathy
*Cameron Cage def. Kevin X
*D.N.S. def. “Nightmare” Nick Tyson/Michael Serious
*GCW Heavyweight Title, 2/3 Falls: champion Kory Twist retained over OuTtKaSt
*GCW Light Heavyweight Title Match: champion Dingo retained against Jerry Lynn & Billy McNeil

World Of Hurt Wrestling results
Fri, 9/23 - Hudson Falls, NY

*WOHW Cruiserweight Title Match: champion "Superfreak" Reed James retained over Timmy Wright
*The New Fantastics (Bobby Flamingo/"Mr. One Night Stand" Steve Kruz) def. Pedro Gonzalez/Hound Dog
*Diablo Santiago def. Sgt. DeRocca
*The Islanders def. Shane Alden
*"Millennium Millionaire" Scott Scarsdale def. The Texas Outlaw
*JP Black def. Swinger Sidusky
*WOHW Hardcore Title Match: champion Punk retained against Pierre Vachon
*WOHW All Titles Defends Match: Heavyweight champion Nick Neighborhood/Chuck Deep def. Damage, Inc (TV champion "Mr. Spotlight" Jeff Starr/Shockwave) - Deep won Starr’s TV Title

Xtreme Championship Wrestling
Fri, 9/23 - Denton, TX

*Spudz McKenzie def. Bull
*XCW 24/7 Ironman Title Match: champion Khan retained over Davidian Guy
*Jack Drastic def. Dusty Wolfe
*Sidd Murder pinned Ricky Jackson
*Larry Canyunga def. Brett Barnes
*XCW TNT Title Match: Action Jackson def. champion Jared Steele by DQ

East Coast Wrestling Association results
Sat, 9/24 - Bear, DE

*Charlie Haas def. Low Ki
*Scotty Charisma def. Vic D. Vine
*Chase DelMonte def. Andrew Ryker
*Mike Kruel def. Ace Darling
*Cheetah Master vs. Freak Nastty went to a No Contest
*Mark Milonas def. Johnny Maxx
*Chick Magnets def. Mega
*Mr. Ooh La La def. Japanese Pool Boy
*O.C. Boyz/Jim Kettner def. Valedictorians/Carlton P. Hightower

Florida Pro Wrestling Association results
Sat, 9/24 - Pinellas Park, FL

Thanks to Alan Wojcik, alanwojcik.com:
*Suicide/Evan Starsmore def. Aaron Epic/Erick Stevens
*”Country Girl” Lorelei Lee def. Amy Action & Bliss
*Powers of Pat (Pat Powers/Pat McGroin) def. James Morrison/Havok
*No Rules, No Limits, Anything Goes: Sideshow w/ Ana Mosity def. Pretty Fly
*AWF Austral-Asian Title Match: champion Dean Draven retained against “Latin Sensation” Ricky Romeo
*FPWA Tag Titles Match: champion Jerome Hendrix def. Black Knight w Lady Luck
*Submission Match: WiKid w/ Ana Mosity tapped out VinnDetta
*The Entourage (Heater/Killian/”The Best Ever” Sonny Maivia) def. “The 400 lbs. Monster” Torcher w/ Arson
*FPWA FL Title Match: champion Dagon Briggs w/ Se7en def. Stash
*FPWA Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Superfan” Mark Zout (as Sting) vs. Black Knight went to a no contest

Professional Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 9/24 - Arlington, TX

*Wally Darkmon def, King Richard w/ Squire Link
*PCW Cruiserweight Title, Ladder Match: champion “Jiggle-O” James Johnson retained against Robert Evans
*”Bluechipper” Jeff Brown def. Damien by DQ
*PCW Heavyweight Title Contender Match: Shadow def. “Main Event” Mike Foxx & Kevin Paine
*PCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Grip Reaper” Tim Storm retained over Mace Malone

Ohio Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 9/24 - Newark, OH

*Beastmaster def. Sargon
*Carlton Kaz def. Rick Carter
*OCW Cruiserweight Title Match: Unknown def. Jonny Attitude & Vic Montana
*Chad “Too Badd” Allegra def. Ryan Sinn
*Virus/Jason Thunder vs. Jose Lito, Jr./El Raza vs. Lones Oaks/“Wild Card” Jack Diamond went to a no contest
*Scotty Sabre def. Christian Vaughn
*Roger Ruffen def. JT Hogg
*Robby Starr def. Wrath Chyld by DQ
*”Big Guns” Jeff Cannon def. Sherman Tank

Independent Wrestling Revolution results
Sat, 9/24 - Riverview, MI

*”Bloody” Harker Dirge tapped out JJ Carson
*”Old Timer” Jeff King ko’ed Frankie the Face w/ a sleeper
*House of Truth (Jeff Brooks/Chris Korvis) def. Popular Electronics (Gameboy/Jimmy Shalwin) & Darkskin Productions (Jerome Pruit/Tommy Johnson w/ Babypowda)
*”Dark Omen” Elvis Elliot/Mike Kelly def. The Family (Vinnie & Sonny Scarboni)
*Phil Atlas/El Reverso def. Klunk the Klown/Badunkadunk
*Showtime Battle Royal: Homeless Jimmy
*Eddie Venom/”Sweet” Stevie Lee def. The Threat (Anthony Rivera/Breyer Wellington)
*IWR Tag Titles, Falls Count Anywhere Match: champions Wylde Stallyns (Johnny Dynamo/Jack Thriller) retained over Bump-N-Uglies (Josh Movado/Bubba Mackenzie)
*”Hardcore Drifter” Homeless Jimmy def. Brad Martin
*IWR King of the Indies Title Match: “Tenacious” Zach Gowen def. “Amazing” N8 Mattson, Eddie Venom, & Gutter

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 9/24 - Marion, IN

*EWF Midwestern Title Match: champion Rastakhan retained over Chance Laredo by tap out
*”Untouchable” Steve Armani def. Hypnosis
*Nadia def. “Mr. Passion” Wildman Rogers by DQ
*Johnny & Donnie Tsunami def. “Indy Kid” Jay West/The SiKness
*Rebel Rumble: Noah Lott

Gateway Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 9/24 - Cape Girardeau, MO

*Jackal def. “European Legend” Pierre Abernathy
*Cameron Cage def. Cabal
*Trent Stone def. Gary J
*Jynx/Steven Kennedy def. “Nightmare” Nick Tyson/Michael Serious
*Sean Vincent/Rebecca Raze def. D.N.S.
*GCW Light Heavyweight Title Match: champion Dingo retained over Dan Walsh & Billy McNeil
*TLC Match: OuTtKaSt def. Kevin X
*GCW Heavyweight Title Match: Cameron Cage def. Kory Twist & Jerry Lynn

Eastern Wrestling Alliance results
Sat, 9/24 - Baltimore, MD

*Prep Club def. Legion of UnGood
*Chris Nightmare def. Jason Stone
*EWA MD Title Match: champion Zach Matthews retained over Steve Desire
*EWA Tag Titles Match: Jim Christian/Jax Craven def. Jaw Breakers
*Ruckus def. DJ Hyde, Tank Thomas, & Shawn Bishop
*Devom Moore def. Jimmy Starz, Drew Gulak, & Bruce Chan
*Eagle vs. Stevie Riggs went to a no-contest after Jim Christian & Derek Frazier interfered

IPW:UK results
Sun, 9/25 - Orpington, Kent

*Paul Robinson pinned Ross Jordan
*Andy Boy Simmonz def. James Tighe
*”Wonderkid” Jonny Storm pinned Dave Moralez
*Spud def. “Sadistic” Jack Storm by DQ
*Jake pinned JC Thunder
*IPW:UK Title Match: Jody Fleisch def. champion Martin Stone by DQ
*IPW:UK Tag Titles, TLC Match: champions AK47 retained over The Chav Army

Irish Whip Wrestling results
Sun, 9/25 - Baldoyle, Dublin, Ireland

*Vic Viper pinned Steve Mulligan
*Ballymun Bruiser/Forbes Kelly def. Popeye/Bingo Balance
*”Ladies Hero” Dave Zero pinned Bam Katrazz
*”Mad Man” Manson pinned “Sensation” Sean South
*”SOS” Seamus O’Shaunessy pinned George McFly
*”Heretic” Red Vinny vs. Sean “Maxer” Brennan went to a time limit draw

National Wrestling Superstars
Th, 9/29
Anacon Hall, Monmouth University, Long Branch, NJ

Featuring Luna Vachon, Short Sleeve Samson, Big TNT, Taino Valez, & more

Tickets: $10 advance, $13 at door

Real Action Wrestling
Th, 9/29 - 7:30 pm
Mi'kmaq Native Friendship Center, Halifax, Nova Scotia

*The Dice vs. Jason Holiday
*Cinder vs. Paco Loco
*Tony Armstrong vs. Zero
*Vinny Glyde vs. Scott Savage
*Gary Williams vs. Lincoln Steen
*Featuring Trash Canyon, Sarah Dunsworth, Terratomb, & more

Adrenaline Unleashed
Fri, 9/30
Industry Hills Expo, Grand Arena, 16200 Temple AVE, City of Industry, PA

Featuring “Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, Shannon Ballard, Shane Ballard, Davey Richards, Hop Sing Lee, Extreme Wrestling Superstar Messiah, Human Tornado, Johnny Goodtime, WWE Superstar Aaron "Jesus" Aguilera, Melissa Morgan, "Old School" Oliver John, Navajo Warrior, "XXX" Lawrence Tyler, Al Katrazz, WOW Womens Superstar Erica Porter, International Japanese Star Passion, Hawaiian Lion, & more

Tickets: $25 Adults ($20 w/ discount flyer), $12 Children/Seniors ($10 w/ discount flyer)

Connecticut Championship Wrestling
Fri, 9/30 - 8 pm
East Haven Academy, 200 Tyler ST, East Haven CT

*Mikey Batts vs. “Sudden Impact” Dylan Kage
*Talia/April Hunter vs. The Diva Killaz
*Ron Zombie vs. Tony DeVito
*CCW Northeast Title Match: champion Jose Perez vs. Homicide
*The Outkast Killaz vs. The Canadian Superstars vs. Cheech/Cloudy vs. Mikaze/Blade
*2/3 Falls: Jay Lethal vs. Slyk Wagner Brown
*Nocturne vs. “Big Guns” Frankie Arion
*Featuring Monsta Mack, Ariel, Mark Gore, Anthony Michaels, & more

Tickets: $15

World League Wrestling
Fri, 9/30
Convention Hall, Sedalia, MO

National Wrestling Superstars
Th, 9/29 - 7:45
South River VFW, 31 Reid ST, South River, NJ

Featuring “Psycho” Sid

Tickets: $18 adults, $15 children/seniors

Championship Wrestling Association
Fri, 9/30 - 9 pm
Bogeys World, 3250 Cremazie Est, Montreal, QC

*”Phenom” Phil Stamper/Lucky vs. Shayne Hawke/Ace Jordan
*Featuring CWA Heavyweight champion “Paranoid” Jake Matthews & more

Southern Wrestling Federation
Fri, 9/30 - 8 pm
106 Southside DR, Tullahoma, TN

Tickets: $7 Adults, $6 5 & Under

1PW presents “A Cruel Twist of Fate”
Sat, 10/1
The Dome, Doncaster, England

*AJ Styles vs. Abyss
*Raven’s Rules: Sandman vs. Raven
*AWA World Title Match: champion Steve Corino vs. Al Snow
*Jonny Storm/Jody Fleisch vs. Low Ki/Chris Sabin
*Blue Meanie vs. Tracy Smothers
*Doug Williams vs. Austin Aries
*Featuring Tommy Dreamer, D’Lo Brown, & more

Midwest Powerhouse Wrestling
Sat, 10/1
American Legion Hal, Jerseyville, IL

Fort Meade Wrestling
Sat, 10/1
The Pavillion, Ft. Meade Army Base, Odenton, MD
410-385-3346, 301-677-7758

*Tables Match: Ruckus vs. Derek Frazier
*Holy Rollers (Earl “The Pearl”/”Ramblin’” Rich Myers vs. The Slackers (Chad Bowman/”Lunchbox” Dino Devine
*Featuring Jerry “The King” Lawler, Axl Rotten, The Patriot, “Outlaw” Kip James (aka Billy Gunn), Andrew Ryker, Josh Daniels, Bruiser, Romeo Valentino, The Holy Rollers, Chad Bowman/Dino Devine, & more

Tickets: $20 Ringside, $15 GA

Carolina Pro Wrestling
Sat, 10/1 - 7:30 pm
Knightdale Rec. Center, Knightdale, NC

*CW Anderson/Brad Anderson vs. Ricky Morton/Madd Maxx
*Brad Attitude vs. George South Jr.
*Brad Thomas vs. George South Sr.
*Jason Jones vs. Shamus Maloney

National Wrestling Superstars
Sat, 10/1
Manville VFW, 600 Washington Ave, Manville, NJ

Featuring Psycho Sid, Kevin Sullivan, Balls Mahoney, Doug Gilbert, & more

Tickets: $18 adults, $15 kids/seniors

Montreal Wrestling Federation
Sat, 10/1 - 7:30 pm
Chevaliers de Colomb, 70 rue Académie, Valleyfield, QC

Tickets: $5

Professional Championship Wrestling
Sat, 10/1
PCW Arena, Arlington, TX

*Mike Foxx/Tim Storm vs. Steve DeMarco/??
*Mace Malone vs. Nobe Bryant
*”Jiggle-O” James Johnson vs. Adrian Sensation
*Featuring PCW TV champion B.J. Turner, The Bluechippers, Shadow, the Dark Circle, & more

New Midwest Wrestling
Sat, 10/1
The Warehouse, Springfield, IL

*60 Man Dual Ring Royal Rumble
*Shane Matthews vs. Billy Morgan
*Michael Shard vs. “Party Boy” Ray Hez

Extreme Wrestling Federation
Sat, 10/1 - 7 (all ages) & 10 pm (over 18)
EWF Arena, 3400 S. Adams, Marion, IN

*EWF Heavyweight Title Match: champion Anarchy vs. Noah Lott
*EWF Midwestern Title, Submission, Anarchy Rules: Rastakhan vs. Matt Shock
*EWF Tag Titles Match: champions Team Zorin vs. The Tsunami’s
*Career vs. Mask, Ladder Match: Fallen Dragon vs. Hypnosis
*Hardcore Housekeeping Match: Sybil Star vs. Wildman Rogers
*Dog Collar Match: Hank Calhoun vs. Chip Daley

Intense Wrestling, Inc.
Sat, 10/1 - 8 pm
IWI Arena, 3509 Warsaw Ave, Cincinnati, OH

*Syren vs. Camron Star
*Featuring Justin Sane, Jomott, Brett Michaels, Flapjack, Ike Jones, Sebastian Steel, The Blue Tiger, One Eyed Willey, Johnny Diamond, Cleotis Dudley w/ LuLu, & more

Tickets: $7

NWA Pro Wrestling Xpress
Sat, 10/1
3104 Walnut ST, McKeesport, PA

Next Generation Wrestling
Sat, 10/1
Peoria Athletic Club, Peoria, IL

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling
National Guard Armory, Sutherland Ave, Knoxville, TN
Sat, 10/1

AWA-Supreme Championship Wrestling
821 W. Main ST, Madison, IN
Sat, 10/1 - 7:30 pm

Tickets: $5

Cleveland All Pro Wrestling
Sun, 10/2 - 4 pm
Turner’s Hall, Cleveland, OH

*Chris Hamrick vs. Justin Idol
*Unknown/Virus vs. Carlton Kaz/Adam Cage
*M-Dogg 20 vs. Shiima Xion
*Chris Cronus/The Deviant vs. Xtreme Violence
*JT Lightning/Raymond Rowe/Bane vs. Lare Rockne/Ryan Reicz/Jason Scott
*Taylor vs. Zack Storm
*Portia Perez vs. She Nay Nay
*Da Munchies vs. Brandon X/Jabari
*Johnny Blaze vs. Dirty Sanchez

Mid-American Wrestling
Sun, 10/2 - 8 pm
The Sports Connection, 3000 S 13th ST, Milwaukee, WI

Capitol City Championship Wrestling
Sun, 10/2 - 5:30 pm
2715 S. 11th ST, Springfield, IL


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