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Nate Stein Report - 10/19
Posted by Nate Stein on 10.19.2005

NEWS: Les Thatcher Seminar November 18-20
FR 10/14 - CWF - Lafayette, IN
XCW - Denton, TX
RCW - Rochester, NY
SA 10/15 - EIPW - Connersville, IN
GCW - Columbus, GA
PCW - Arlington, TX
PWA - Ontario
EWF - Marion, IN
WAW - Norwich, UK
UPWA - Wilmington, NC
KSWA - Lawrenceville, PA
NWA PWX - McKeesport, PA
FCW - Halesowen, England
RCW - Palmyra, NY
SU 10/16 - WAW - Wymondham, England
CWF - Lafayette, IN
TH 10/20 - BPW - Middletown,PA
ASW - Somerset, England
FR 10/21 - CW - Methuen, MA
ECCW - Port Coquitlam, BC
ASW - Leeds, England
GCW - Overland, MO
MAW - Milwaukee, WI
HEW - Takeley, England
SA 10/22 - FPWA - Pinellas Park, FL
EWE - Terrace, FL
MWF - Valleyfield, QC
NWA UK/H - Whitehaven, Cumbria
MWF - Attleboro, MA
PWF NJ - Clifton, NJ
EWF - Marion, IN
NWA VA - Roanoke, VA
PWR - Erie, PA
TMW - Knoxville, TN
SWF - Tullahoma, TN
AWA SCW - Madison, IN
SU 10/23 - MAW - Milwaukee, WI
WXW - Allentown, PA
NEW - Rochester, NY
TU 10/25 - ACW - New Port Richey, FL
WE 10/26 - NWA UK H - Hertford, England
CCW - Evansville, IN

Les Thatcher Seminar November 18-20

New Generation Wrestling is sponsoring Elite Pro Wrestling Training at the Spindale House in Spindale, NC from November 18 to November 20. Trainers include Les Thatcher, Dr. Tom Prichard, Tully Blanchard, & Stro. E-mail kc0365@yahoo.com for more info.

Championship Wrestling Federation results
Fri, 10/14 - Lafayette, IN

Crowd: 253
*Chase Richards def. Ryan Thunder
*Indiana Kidd, Jr. def. Black Cat
*Devon Fury def. Tiny Tim
*Rooking Battle Royal: Marc Houston
*Billy Roc def. Shawn Cook
*PT Hussla def. “Wildcat” Chris Harris
*CWF Tag Titles, Lumberjack Match: Guy Lombardo/Brian Roberts def. Quicksilver/Kenny Courageous

Xtreme Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 10/14 - Denton, TX

*Brett Barnes def. Bull
*Larry Conyunga def. Gemini
*Seven Stages of Violence, Stage One: Hugh Rogue def. Drunk Adam
*Jack Drastic/Spudz def. Jeff/Jerry Brown
*Al Jackson def. Kit Carson
*Sidd Murder def. “Iceman” King Parsons

Rochester Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 10/14 - Rochester, NY

Crowd: 100
*RCW North American Title: champion Guardian Angel retained over “Superstar” Rob Schulz, “Mr. Rochester” JC Money, & Charisma
*”Shogun” Alexander Mikado def. Sully
*RCW Western NY Title Contender Match: IB Green def. KI & Triple X
*Big Papa Chill def. OG Hendrix
*RCW Tag Titles Match: Prophets of Pain (Hard Knox/Father Syn) def. Them Hoosier Boys
*Billy Foxx/”Mr. ELD” Marc Krieger def. ”Sweetness” Sean Lane/Kazz
*RCW Western NY Title: champion Kage retained over “Psycho” Jack Hansen
*RCW Hardcore Title: Superbeast def. Sweet Lou
*The El’s def. Doom, Inc.
*RCW Heavyweight Title Match: Shane “The Pain” Murphy def. “Czar” Mr. Czarniak

Eastern Indiana Pro Wrestling results
Sat, 10/15 - Connersville, IN

*EIPW Cruiserweight Title: "Bad Boy" Bobby Black def. "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc
*Troy Van Zant pinned Chris Morrus w/ Russ Ray
*Gay Guy Lombardo def. Apocalypz
*"Dangerous Bull" Don Basher def. Big Jon Deer
*The Hawaiian Hot Bodies (Hotstuff Kris/Cholo) def. The Fallen (Damien Divine/Chris Blayze w/ Jamie Morrison)
*"Wildcat" Chris Harris pinned "Sexy" Shawn Cook

Great Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 10/15 - Columbus, GA

*John Bogie def. Adam Jacobs
*Lee Thomas def. Sean Banks
*Mike Foxx def. Colt Derringer
*Damien Steele def. Lee Thomas
*Disco Inferno vs. Chris Stevens went to a draw
*Kevin Northcutt def. Ben Thrasher

Professional Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 10/15 - Arlington, TX

*Kevin Paine def. Nobe Bryant
*J.T. LaMotta def. Cyclone
*Stephen Murphy def. Luke Bronson
*PCW Cruiserweight Title: James Johnson def. Brandon Collins
*Mace Malone def. Robert Evans
*PCW Tag Titles, Steel Cage Match: The Bluechippers (Jeff/Jerry Brown) def. Damien/Tim Storm

Pure Wrestling Association results
Sat, 10/15 - Ontario

*The 21st Century Fox/Phil Latio def. Michael Von Payton/Misty Haven
*Flex Falcone def. Jake O'Reilly
*Shawn Spears def. Eddie Osbourne
*Elian Habanaro def. Ruffy Silverstein
*Warhed def. Buck 10
*Jessy Jones def. Hayden Avery
*Andrew Davis/Jeff Black def. TJ Harley/Scott Chase
*Trick or Treat Match: Reggie Marley def. Geza Kalman, Jr.

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 10/15 - Marion, IN

*Fallen Dragon def. Hank Calhoun
*Gameboy def. Wildman Rogers
*EWF Midwestern Title: Frank Stein def. Rastakhan by DQ
*”Enormous” Evan Alexander def. Snake
*EWF New Era Title: Hypnosis def. Jay West, The SiKness, & Donnie Tsunami
*Osyris def. JT Zorin
*Bob def. Steve Amani
*EWF Heavyweight Title: champion Anarchy retained over Chip Daley

World Association of Wrestling results
Sat, 10/15 - Norwich, UK

*The Kraft def. "The Dark Angel" Ashe
*The Zebra Kid def. Zak Zodiac
*WAW Tag Titles Match: Bash/Crash def. The U.K. Pitbulls
*Academy Survivor Tag: Rude Boy Roberts
*Destiny def. Melody
*WAW Cruiserweight Title: Jason Cross def. "The Tattooed Warrior" Steve Quintain

UPWA results
Sat, 10/15 - Wilmington, NC

*The Amazing Velvet def. Rufio Rush
*ECBH def. The Dream Lovers
*Zane Dawson def. The Beast
*Steve Michaels def. Darkstarr
*The Ace Crusader def. Dustin Abrams
*Carnage def. Daryll Kelly
*Marc Ash def. Baine
*The US Express vs. The Riders Of The Apocalypse went to a double DQ
*Battle Royal: The Beast won a Battle Royal

Keystone State Wrestling Alliance results
Sat, 10/15 - Lawrenceville, PA

*Ali Kaida/"The Drunken Luchador" Joey Quervo def. The Lost Boyz
*La Lucha def. The Great Toyota
*Mike Malachi def. The Asian Persuasion
*Biker Al def. "Mr. Puniverse" Bob Atlas
*Justin Sane def. "The Enforcer" Shawn Blanchard
*Del Douglas/Shawn Blanchard def. Anthony Alexander/Justin Sane
*KSWA Heavyweight Title Match: champion "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin retained against The Latin Assassin

NWA Pro Wrestling Xpress results
Sat, 10/15 - McKeesport, PA

*Armageddon/Devil Bhudakahn def. The Tri Chi Fraternity/Daron Smythe
*Chris Taylor/Scott Venom def. Sabotage/Teddy Fine
*NWA PWX Three Rivers Title: champion Eric Extasy retained over Seth James by DQ
*NWA PWX Tag Titles Match: champions Quinn Magnum/Brandon K def. Endangered Species
*Bigg pinned Paul Atlas
*NWA PWX Brass Knuckles Title: Nikita Allanov tapped out Devin Devine
*NWA PWX Brass Knuckles Title Battle Royal: Devil Bhudakahn
*NWA PWX Heavyweight Title: champion Scottie Gash retained against Justin Idol, Crusher Hansen, & Mad Mike

Future Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 10/15 - Halesowen, England

*The Judge def. Celt Kennedy & The Bouncer
*The High-Cons def. The Devil's Advocate
*Kevin O'Neil def. Laken Xander
*The British Connection def. Marc Hogan/Blade
*Dragon Phoenix def. Morales
*Last Man Standing Match: Rob Hunter def. A-Star Athlete

Rochester Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 10/15 - Palmyra, NY

Crowd: 200
*Palmyra Street Fight: Fusion def. Big Daddy Watts
*”Superstar” Rob Schultz def. “The Shogun” Alexander Mikado
*RCW Tag Titles: Them Hoosier Boys def. The El’s & Prophets of Pain
*Billy Foxx def. Big Papa Chill
*RCW Western NY Title: IB Green def. Kage
*RCW Hardcore Title: “Psycho” Jack Hansen def. KY, Sully, & Superbeast
*RCW North American Title: champion Guardian Angel retained over “Mr. Rochester” JC Money
*TLC: “Mr. ELD” Marc Kreiger def.”Sweetness” Sean Lane
*RCW Heavyweight Title Contender Battle Royal: Kage
*RCW Heavyweight Title: Kage def. Shane “The Pain” Murphy
*Sweet Lou def. “Right Stuff” Brodie Lee & “Czar” Mr. Czarniak

World Association of Wrestling results
Sun, 10/16 - Wymondham, England

*The Kraft def. "The Dark Angel" Ashe, Dan "The Man" Tempest & Ty Tanium
*Destiny def. Melody
*Bash/Crash/Sam Slam def. Taurus/Johnny Cougar/Robbie Rocket

WAW Academy Title Tournament:
*Dynamo def. "The Catalyst" Scott Fusion
*”Rude Boy” Roberts def. Red Hellion
*”Rude Boy” Roberts def. Dynamo

Central Wrestling Federation results
Sun, 10/16 - Lafayette, IN

*”Sexy” Shawn Cook def. Jeremy Hadley
*The Black Cat def. Jamie Crisis
*Kenny Courageous def. Luis Rajas
*Devon Fury def. Mark Houston
*CWF Tag Titles Match: champions Guy Lombardo/Beast Brian Roberts retained over Quicksilver/Damien Storm
*CWF Cruiserweight Title: champion PT Hustla retained against “Dynamite“ Billy Roc

Buckeye Pro Wrestling
Thurs, 10/20 - 7:45 pm
Wolfie’s Showcase, 2830 Cincinnati-Dayton RD, Middletown, PA

*BPW Heavyweight Title Contender Halloween Horrors Battle Royal
*BPW Heavyweight Title: champion Abyss vs. Nigel McGuiness
*Stretcher Match: Dean Baldwin vs. Cody Hawk
*BPW Tag Titles: champions Foreign Intelligence vs. Lotus/Crazy J

Tickets: $12 Adults, $6 Under 12

Thurs, 10/20
Butlins, Minehead, Somerset, England

Chaotic Wrestling
Fri, 10/21 - 8 pm
Knights of Columbus Hall, 1 Gaythorne RD, Methuen, MA

*CW Heavyweight Title: champion Handsome Johnny vs. “Shooter” Mike Kruel
*CW New England Title, No Count Out Match: champion Thomas Penmanship w/ Danielle Gibbs vs. Chase Del Monte
*CW Tag Titles: champions Logan Brothers (Bryan/Matt) vs. Intellectual Properties (Arch Kincaid/Max Bauer w/ Danielle Gibbs)
*”Hurricane” John Walters/”Latin Fury” Luis Ortiz vs. Valedictorians (Billy Bas/Rob Eckos)
*Featuring Brian Milonas w/ Cherry Payne, Psycho, Fred “Bonecrusher” Sampson, “Big Man on Campus” Craig Stratton, & more

Tickets: $12 in advance, $15 at door

Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling
Fri, 10/21 - 8 pm
Royal Canadian Legion, 2675 Shaughnessy ST, Port Coquitlam, BC

*Juggernaut/Abbadon vs. Scotty Mac/Machette Brown
*NWA Canadian Jr. champion Dropkick Murphy vs. NWA Pacific Northwest champion Aaron Idol
*”Fast” Freddy Funk vs. “Mr. Beefy Goodness” Vance Nevada
*Rebecca Knox vs. Amazing Halo
*Seth Knight vs. “Nasty” Nate Daniels

Tickets: $12 Front Row, $10 GA

All-Star Wrestling
Fri, 10/21 - 7:30 pm
Town Hall, Leeds, England

*Gangrel vs. Dynamic Domino
*Joe E. Legend vs. The Canadian Widow Maker
*Drew McDonald vs. Steve Sonic
*The UK Dream Team vs. The New York Connection
*Minx vs. Miss Luscious

Gateway Championship Wrestling
Fri, 10/21 - 8 pm
Wild Acres Gym, 250 Ashby RD, Overland, MO

Tickets: $8 advance, $10 at door

Mid-American Wrestling
Fri, 10/21 - 8 pm
Sports Connection, 3000 S 13th ST, Milwaukee, WI

*"Latin Sensation" Esteban Molina vs. Mr. Moore
*Egotistico Fantastico vs. Mr. Jordan
*"Too Phat" Jason Dukes vs. Mason Quinn
*No DQ: Bobby Valentino vs. Chuck E Smooth
*MAW Jr. Heavyweight Title: champion Silas Young vs. Dysfunction vs. Blazing Benjamin
*MAW World Title, Dog Collar Chain Match: chamoion "The Human Massacre" Venom vs. Skullkrusher w/ Carmine "The Hustler" DeSpirito

Herts & Essex Wrestling
Fri, 10/21
Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall, Takeley, England

*Ricky Knight/Andy Boy Simmonz vs. Paul Travell/Bash
*The UK Pitbulls w/ Dean Ayass vs. Saul Adams/Jack Storm
*James Tighe vs. Aviv Maayan
*Simply Luscious vs. Skye vs. Lamia
*Ricky Relentless vs. Zak Zodiac
*Dave Dearden vs. Nathan Reigns

Florida Pro Wrestling Association presents “Ring of Horror II”
Sat, 10/22
Boys & Girls Club, 7790 61st N , Pinellas Park, FL

Elite Wrestling Entertainment presents “Second Strike! Relaunch!”
Sat, 10/22 - 8 pm
Temple Terrace Recreation Center, 6610 E. Whiteway Ave, Temple Terrace, FL
813-989-7180, 813-625-1959

*”Iceman” Buck Quartermain vs. “Classic” Colt Cabana
*The Saint vs. Kenzo Suzuki
*Jonas & Jeremiah w/ Uncle Grady/Jacob vs. The Heartbreak Express
*No DQ Match: Erick Stevens/Steve Madison vs. The Market Crashers
*Chris Kanyon vs. Bruce Steele w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi
*Kahagus vs. Altar Boy Luke
*”Sensational” Scott Davis vs. Jerome Hendrix

Tickets: $10 advance, $12 at door

Montreal Wrestling Federation
Sat, 10/22 - 7:30 pm
Chevaliers de Colomb, 70 rue Académie, Valleyfield, QC

Tickets: $5

NWA UK Hammerlock
Sat, 10/22 - 8 pm
Civic Hall, Whitehaven, Cumbria

Millennium Wrestling Federation presents “Halloween Horror”
Sat, 10/22
Attleboro Moose Lodge, 241 Thacher ST, Attleboro, MA

Tickets: $10 advance, $12

Premier Wrestling Federation - New Jersey
Sat, 10/22 - 6:30 pm
Italian American Association, 278 Parker Ave, Clifton, NJ

*PWF NJ Tag Titles Match: champions Long Island Blondes vs. Kid Mikaze/Ken Scampi
*Sick & Twisted w/ Demonica vs. The Outcast Killahs (Oman Tortuga/Diablo Santiago)
*PWF NJ State Title Round Robin: Damian Dragon vs. Pat Masters vs. “Party Boy” Pinkie Sanchez; Rob Eckos vs. Dan Barry vs. Bandido, Jr.
*”Exotic” Kristian Frost w/ TJ Wyld vs. Chris Camaro
*Featuring Jose Perez, Joe Rules, Jai Kronik w/ Peter Van Orton, Alere Little Feather, Tony Burma, & more

Tickets: $10 by reservation, $12 at door

Extreme Wrestling Federation
Sat, 10/22 - 7 pm
EWF Arena, 3400 S. Adams, Marion, IN

NWA Virginia presents “Star City Slamfest”
Sat, 10/22 - 7:30 pm
Star City Skate Center, 140 Hershberger RD, Roanoke, VA

*NWA VA Heavyweight Title: Wayne vs. Blaze IV
*NWA North American Tag Titles Match: champions Shane Falco/Chris Escobar vs. Beef/Billy Gibbs
*NWA VA Tag Titles Match: champions Old School Empire (Mike Booth/Frank Parker) vs. MECW Tag champions Drake Tungsten/Bad News Johnson
*Frost/Grail vs. Maxx Dynamite/Ultra Dragon
*Matty D vs. Big Donnie Dollars
*Johnny Blast/Midnight Mauler vs. Robert Royal/Mike Vaughn
*Lexie Fyfe vs. Kiley McLean
*Featuring NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight champion Fergil Devitt, Chris Dramin

Tickets: $5 advance, $8 at door

Pro Wrestling Rampage
Sat, 10/22 - 7 pm
State Street Tavern, Erie, PA

Featuring PWR Heavyweight champion “Fabulous” Jon McChesney, PWR Cruiserweight champion Zack Practor, Jr., PWR Tag champions Real Smooth, “Ravage” Ryan Miller, Rico Cruz, Adam Cage, Chris Coronus, & more

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling
National Guard Armory, Sutherland Ave, Knoxville, TN
Sat, 10/22

Southern Wrestling Federation
Sat, 10/22 - 8 pm
106 Southside DR, Tullahoma, TN

Tickets: $7 Adults, $6 5 & Under

AWA-Supreme Championship Wrestling
821 W. Main ST, Madison, IN
Sat, 10/22- 7:30 pm

Tickets: $5

Mid-American Wrestling
Sun, 10/23 - 8 pm
The Sports Connection, 3000 S 13th ST, Milwaukee, WI

World Xtreme Wrestling presents “Elite 8”
Sun, 10/23
Mountainville Memorial Association Hall, Allentown, PA

Next Era Wrestling
Sun, 10/23 - 2:30 PM
German House
Rochester, New York

*Tom Czarniak w/Amy Ash vs. Brian Emanon vs. Din Mak vs. CJ Summers
*Dre Gibson vs. Warpath
*Luscious Lily vs. Amy Ash
*Marc Mandrake w/ Ferrari vs. Robert Ezekyo
*The Killer Steves vs. ??
*Featuring Superbeast, Tommy Mandrake, JC Money, Johnny Swift, Matt Bomboy, Tyger Smith, El' Cmar, Kazz, & more

American Combat Wrestling presents “Hellbound”
Tu, 10/25 - 9 pm
Bourbon ST, New Port Richey, FL

*ACW Cruiserweight Title: champion Sideshow w/ Ana Mosity vs. David Mercury
*ACW Tag Titles Match: champions State Line Taurus/Damien Angel vs. Pretty Fly/Suicide
*ACW Internet TV Title: champion T-Bolt vs. Joshua Masters w/ Fetish vs. Sean Hill
*Power Company Twins vs. The Superfans Mark Zout/VinnDetta
*20 Man Battle Royal for #1 Contender to ACW Heavyweight Title: Mark Zout, Pretty Fly, Suicide, The Power Company Twins, Cousin Dale, Cousin Jose, David Mercury, Eddie Taurus, Damien Angel, Big Daddy Pimp, Legion 'Freakin Cage, T-Bolt, Joshua Masters, Sean Hill, Sideshow, Twizted, Reckless, Cousin Earnhardt, George Martell
*Also featuring ACW Heavyweight champion Mosca & more

Tickets: $7

NWA UK Hammerlock
Wed, 10/26 - 8 pm
Castle Hall, Hertford

Coliseum Championship Wrestling
Wed, 10/26
Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, Evansville, IN

Tickets: $10 ringside, $8 GA


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