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WWE House Show Results 12.27.13: Indianapolis, Indiana
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 12.28.2013

Credit: Kyle Garner and Prowrestling.net

I haven't been to a non televised WWE event in around ten years so this was a long time coming. I have been to almost every event that has come through Indy for the decade and this event marks number ten. I sat in the first row off of the floor of Bankers Life Fieldhouse for the event. The best seats I have ever had to an event.

1. Dolph Ziggler beat Ryback. Ziggler came out first to a very good reaction from the live crowd. Ryback actually got some good heat when he first came out. Ziggler played to the crowd with his t-shirt for a couple of minutes while Ryback had a WTF face the entire time. This match surprised me greatly with how entertaining it was. Ryback dominated the early parts of the match, with Ziggler getting a little offense then Ryback hitting a HUGE meathook clothesline and a LONG delayed vertical suplex. Ryback actually attempted a frog splash off the top rope and told the crowd "the big guy wants to fly." He missed and ziggler hit a superkick for the win.

We then got a taped Bad News Barrett promo after the match. He says that he has some good news. That Peyton Manning has set record after record this season. Then he said that he has some bad news. He says that Peyton Manning has set those records with the Denver Broncos, not the Indianapolis Colts.... Ouch that one hurt.

2. Natalya beat AJ Lee (w/Tamina) in a non-title match. AJ came out first to a decent reaction from the live crowd. Natalya came out to a great reaction from the crowd. She was more over than I ever thought she would. Before the match started, AJ stated that since we are in the holiday spirit, that she was giving herself a present and that this match was not for the championship. The two had a very good live match that the crowd was somewhat into. A lot of people around me were commenting throughout the match that AJ was all skin and bones, to which I would disagree with wholeheartedly. AJ locked in a lot of submission moves and Natalya got to the ropes on all of them except for the black widow that she got up and turned it into a nice powerslam. She then locked in the sharpshooter to get the submission victory (by the way, Natalya is B-E-A utiful live and in person, just sayin).

Miz TV was set up next and Miz came out to a good reaction from the live crowd. The women around me absolutely loved him. He came out and complained about his set up being underdone and then called out Kofi Kingston which led to a heated conversation between the two. Vickie Guerrero then came out and made a tag team match with them and the Prime Time Players.

3. The Prime Time Players over The Miz and Kofi Kofi Kingston. This match was kind of confusing because the live crowd really didn't know who to root for. The crowd chanted for Kofi most of the match. The Prime Time Players really didn't get that much of a reaction besides the Dog Bark chants for Titus during the match. Miz got worked on most of the match and refused to tag Kofi in. Kofi had to force a tag and came in like a ball of fire and hit a massive cross body which is so cool to see live. He eventually was looking to tag Miz back in but Miz dropped from the apron and left like he did on Raw a couple of weeks ago. The PTP got the win and then helped Kofi up and let him join in the Millions of Dollars dance. It was an okay match that the crowd was a little confused over.

4. Bad News Barrett beat Tyson Kidd. Barrett came out to crickets while Tyson came out to a lukewarm reaction from the crowd. This match was one that the crowd just wasn't into at all with most of the people around me getting up to get food and drinks. That is a big shame because I really like the Bad News Barrett character and feel like Kidd is one of the most promising young superstars on the roster. But Barrett got the win with the Bull Hammer elbow while Kidd was in mid-air.

We then were told that the next match was the 6 man tag match between The Wyatt Family and The Usos and Daniel Bryan. This is the first time that I have seen the Wyatts live so I was really looking forward to seeing this match. We then saw them carry the different pieces of the steel cage out which was really cool to see them set up around the ring.

5. The Usos and Daniel Bryan beat The Wyatt Family in a six man tag team steel cage match. Dang, the Wyatt family entrance live was AMAZING. Television does not do it justice. It was awesome to see the size of all three of these men. Rowan was wearing black instead of the usual green getup and Harper started out wearing a flannel shirt instead of his usual white tank. The Usos then came out to a very good reaction and their entrance was pretty cool live as well. The roof of Bankers Life Fieldhouse came unglued when the music of Daniel Bryan came over the arena. WWE needs to make this man their number one guy. The reaction he got was amazing.

The cage match was very entertaining and very fast paced throughout. Jimmy Uso got out of the cage first very early into the match. Bray Wyatt then exited through the door and went to his rocking chair and watched the remaining members of his family in the ring. Rowan and Harper got a whole lot of offense in and dominated. Then Jay Uso and Rowan went over the cage at the same time leaving Bryan and Harper in the cage. As Bryan was about tot exit the ring through the cage door, Wyatt shut the door on him which led to the Usos attacking both him and Rowan. After they were separated, Bray got a steel chair from the ring announcer and prevented Bryan from getting to the ground, The Usos again attacked them which led to Bryan getting out for the win, which again made the Fieldhouse explode. Great fast-paced action before the intermission.


6. Big E Langston beat Damien Sandow and R-Truth in a Triple Threat to retain the Intercontinental Title. Sandow came out first and kept on asking us if we realized that he was the uncrowned champion. R-Truth then came out to a surprisingly good reaction from the Indy crowd. Big E is a HUGE man live. Sandow is also a whole lot bigger live than I expected. The match started with Sandow running to the back leaving Truth and Langston to fight it out. Sandow then came back about five minutes later to break up a pin attempt. After that he went under the ring not once, but twice. The second time, both Langston and Truth pulled him out and attacked him. Truth and Langston then fought until Sandow once again recovered and came in and pulled Langston out and shoved him into the post of the ring on the outside. Sandow got a couple of great near falls on Truth until Big E came in and scored the Big Ending on Sandow for the win. Truth and Langston then shook hands and celebrated with the crowd.

Fandango and Mark Henry had a Dance Off. The fans voted on a dance off instead of a match, which I thought was stupid until Mark Henry pulled out his inner Michael Jackson and did a rendition of Billy Jean for the audience. Fandango then attacked Henry from behind and shoved him to the outside. Summer Rae then proceeded to kick Henry in the side while he was on the outside of the ring. Fandango then attempted a leg drop but Henry recovered and hit his Worlds Strongest Slam on him. Afterwards Henry finished his dance of Billie Jean and the crowd loved it.

7. CM Punk beat The Shield in a handicap match. As soon Punk's music hit, the place again went nuts. Not as much as they did for Bryan, but still a solid reaction. I was a little disappointed in the audience to be honest with their reaction. Punk should be getting a lot more of a reaction. The Shield got a decent reaction and came down from the opposite side of the arena than they usually do. After the match got started and the bell rang, Rollins was immediately heckled by a woman sitting in the front row. He played a great heel and hopped off the apron to talk smack to the woman. After he got tagged in, Roman then played off the woman until Rollins got back on the apron. He still played to the woman and asked her that if she wanted a piece of him that she should hop the rail to do something. This back and fourth was great and funny to watch.

Rollins then attempted a cross body that Punk rolled through into an Anaconda Vice. Very nice spot right there. Ambrose was great in this match and had some great heel tactics throughout. He mocked Punk by sitting cross legged in the middle of the ring and telling Punk to do something to make him believe that he was the Best in the World. Punk then built some great offense with his kicks and hit a great elbow that got the crowd hyped. As Punk was about to give the GTS to Ambrose, Reigns came into the match and almost speared Ambrose, but was able to stop before. The distraction got Punk enough time to kick him in the back of the head and hit the GTS on Ambrose to send the crowd home happy.

Notes: This event was very fun and very entertaining throughout. I really enjoyed myself and felt like this event was very well done and had great star power for a live event. There was no return date announced to the crowd in Indy which I didn't like. But the event was awesome besides that.

Biggest Pops
1. Daniel Bryan (By far, not even close)
2. CM Punk
3. Dolph Ziggler
4. The Usos
5. The Miz (before leaving the tag match)

Most Heat
1.The Shield (Seth Rollins mostly)
2. Fandango
3. Damien Sandow
4. Bad News Barrett (after his Peyton Manning promo)
5. Bray Wyatt


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